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Nikon Z9 announcement tonight?

The Nikon Z9 could officially be released tonight after midnight EST (October 5th). I am still trying to confirm this information. I am also not sure if this will be the official announcement to the public or just an internal presentation to dealers. Some stores in Europe already have the Nikon Z9 on their website […]

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New Nikon Z9 monster specs leaked, announcement expected in the next two months: Nikon basically combined the D6 and D850 and made it mirrorless…

As I already reported, several photographers are already testing the Nikon Z9 and we are starting to get some additional information on the upcoming flagship. The Z9 was at the Olympics and there are plenty of images floating online with erased EXIF data. For now I will not post any of them online since I […]

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Nikon Z9: 45MP and 30 fps?

From the very beginning, I have been getting conflicting information on the sensor size of the upcoming Nikon Z9 professional mirrorless camera. Nikon only told us that it will be a “newly developed high-resolution stacked FX sensor”. The rumor was that three different sensors were tested: 45-46MP, 50MP, and 60MP. The latest info I received […]

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The Nikon Z9 camera is scheduled to be tested by multiple photographers in August

The Nikon Z9 camera will be tested by several different photographers in August. Expect to see surfing photos and videos from Mexico and more… This timeline matches with the expected/rumored release in November>December. Once the Z9 is sent out for testing, we will get another wave of leaks and rumors. Stay tuned. The Nikon Z9 is […]

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The Nikon Z9 is rumored to be announced in November/December

Just a quick update: I received information from one of my good sources that the Nikon Z9 is rumored/expected to be announced in November/December timeframe. Here is what we know so far about the Z9:

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Nikon Z9 dimensions and size comparisons

Here are several Nikon Z9 dimension calculations and size comparisons made by readers – click for bigger view (if I have missed any, please add them in the comments section):

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Nikon Z9 – the day after

→ B&H already listed the Nikon Z9 on their website (see also this article). → Ricci posted a new video that includes a high-resolution front photo of the Nikon Z9 camera showing some additional details. → Brad Hill talks about the Nikon Z9. → Nothing else worth reporting here really – use this post to […]

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Nikon Z9 professional mirrorless camera development officially announced

As I already reported, Nikon just announced the development of their long-rumored Z9 professional mirrorless camera. The only details provided are: newly developed FX-format stacked CMOS sensor new image-processing engine support for 8K video recording various other video specifications The rumored Nikon Z9 specification can be found here. Full press release:

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