Nikon Df camera listed as discontinued at authorized dealer

I am not sure if this is a mistake, but the Nikon Df camera is listed as discontinued at BuyDig (an authorized US dealer). All Df versions seems to be in stock at other retailers.

I expect a new “Df-like” camera to be announced for Nikon’s 100th anniversary in 2017.

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  • HD10

    Df II soon!

  • manattan

    With Panasonic and Olympus announcing 2017 cameras maybe Nikon is too.

  • Michiel953

    If only the Df2 were what the Df promised to be, but wasn’t.

    • Thylmuc

      It appears thyough that everyone has their own divergent opinion on what is wrong with the Df.

      • Michiel953

        I know. I had one for half a day. Iffy ergonomics (that weak excuse for a grip!), disappointing AF points spread, baffling user interface with all the dials and locks (could get used to that), D4 sensor disappointing if you’re used to 36 Mp.

        For the rest? A very nice camera.

      • For me, everything is right about the Df, my favorite Nikon ever.

        • Mike Banks

          Same here. My D800e is hardly used, my Df is just so fast to use and fun.

          • Haha, I also have the D800E which is seeing less and less use due to the Df, apart from when I’m doing studio work or landscape work that is. But for the normal go-to- camera, the Df is awesome. I’ve installed a K3 focusing screen which I love 🙂

  • nwcs

    Discontinued for a while probably. They surely have an inventory of them and stopped production a while ago. Probably just a formality without any real impact for now.

  • Spy Black

    Unless it starts popping up elsewhere, that’s probably an error.

    • I’m willing to bet it probably isn’t. I know certain suppliers have given up trying to get hold of it so I’m not at all surprised to see the suggestion it’s now completely out of production. Maybe the Japanese earthquake damage brought about an earlier than planned end of life…

  • A DF2 with the D500 / D5 AF and I will be a very happy Nikon user!

    • catinhat

      … in a D810 body with D5 sensor 😉

      • Kamen Minkov

        I know that this can’t happen, but I’m still secretly hoping…

  • Nemmondom Meg

    If they have brain, that df would be mirrorless, an exact copy of Fuji t2 just with Nikon technology.

    • jonebize

      Digital FM2, baby. With a dope ass viewfinder

      • +1

      • This would make the most sense.

        But you got to remember, you’re talking about Nikon here. They do what THEY want, hence the failure of the Df. If they listened to real photographers for once they might release something that was as exciting as the D700 was back when it was released.

      • Thylmuc

        or, even more radical, just a digital back for that series of cameras. Or the F3. Or even the F2.

        • Bradley Rose

          Digital Back for the original F with the missing light sensor ability added if used with the classic standard prism finder would be the ultimate option.

    • jake337

      I hope not. Unless they can manage 1500+ images per full battery.

      • Nemmondom Meg

        I would gladly take few spare batteries.

  • Chris

    What I would like to see in a DF2:
    Mirrorless, no rear screen (Leica M-D), leaver to cock the shutter, similar size to an FE/FM, AF, wi-fi, no video, long battery life, shutter dial with an ‘A’ setting, large viewfinder ( 0.8x), interchangeable view screens, 20-24mp.
    What do you think……….

    • Having tried Fuji’s offerings twice, as far as I’m concerned you can set fire to mirrorless. It’s all about weight for me – what the Df did really well was give us a mini D4 without the AF. If a Df2 came with a similar sized body, D4 or D5 sensor and AF to match with an improved grip, I’m sure they would sell millions. Not everyone wants video or 10fps that a D4/5 body brings but above all I definitely don’t want a camera body that weighs 1.5Kg.

      • etr_brony

        spot on, well said Russ

    • catinhat

      Some people find rear LCD very useful, I do. That way if I screw up I can see it right away. Those who never screw up don’t need it obviously 😉 Maybe they can provide an extra sliding panel to cover the rear LCD for $99.95. Lever to cock the shutter, hmm, maybe they should provide a rewind knob for the imaginary film too.

      • If the camera is mirrorless, there is way less need for a rear LCD, since what you see in the viewfinder is the photo you’re taking. Also, you could use the EVF for previewing your photos in-camera.

    • Nemmondom Meg

      Definitely back screen, and flexible one. Or not slr like viewfinder, but fleible like an angle finder. That case they can omit back display. Increased battery life, cheaper product yeyyy.

    • Hernani Jon Onyok Cañete

      you have to rub the lamp 3 times before you make a wish

    • Espen4u

      A split/microprism focusing screen for MF and a better AF-module was all that the Df needed. A smaller/slimmer body would also be a good thing for a follow-up.

      • jonebize

        Yeah, it’s too big. And you’re right about the split focusing screen! !

      • Thylmuc

        you can’t have it both. AF functionality requires light that can no longer be directed to the viewfinder which accordingly turns to dim for microprisms, I’d guess.

        other than that, I tend to disagree. What the Df urgently needed was less superfluous featuritis. No menu at all, for example (there is a Leica without menu Screen, so it really is feasible), complete classical operation via knobs and wheels.

    • jonebize

      Yeah, keep it simple, and have interchangeable view finders that are as beautiful as the old ones. EVF’s don’t look good to me yet.

    • Vincent

      0.83x viewfinder magnification will be better 😉
      DSLR not mirrorlessBrass top and bottom
      Weight less than 600g
      No video
      At least 51 AF points
      Camera strap will not block the finger
      No lock on shutter dial
      Attach MD-12 winder up to 8 fps
      No top LCD display

    • Chris

      Good comments guys,
      I think the common theme is simplified, compact and light weight, yet with great image quality. My idea of the manual shutter cocking is probably a step to far, but I think hi FPS is missing the mark as well – I’d be happy with 3fps if it saved weight, this is not a speed camera but a camera for slower more thoughtful use.
      Super quiet shutter ??
      Bigger viewfinder would be great 0.8-0.85x – have you looked through a 1980’s film Nikon – its amazing.
      The reason to drop the rear screen is to reduce weight, thickness and cost – but would need new tech EVF with zero lag and high res, if you keep the OVF then probably need a rear screen.

      Maybe if we all wish together…….

  • pjpo

    I would love for the new Df to be their mirrorless or hybrid camera using F-mount and design like a FM or rangefinder SP. We’re already seeing with Sony that mirrorless design isn’t creating smaller lenses in many cases. Do it right, and I’d sell off my A7rII. This would be perfect for the 100th anniversary and moving into the next century.

  • etr_brony

    really enjoy using my df, hoping a df2 is on the way

  • jonebize

    On what basis do you expect the DF2 on that date?

  • Neopulse

    My vision of the DF2, still and has remained:

    1) Updating viewfinder magnification by default
    2) Optional focus screens with purchase that won’t void your warranty
    3) Use the updated Dx sensor
    4) A better button and dial layout
    5) (Optional) A system that helps with manual focusing better.

    Things like video to me are unnecessary.

    • jake337

      Dx sensor? Hell no!

      The whole point of the Df was that D4 image pipeline in a small , retro, body.

      • Neopulse

        Jake337, what I meant was Dx sensor (D3, D4, D5) not the “DX” APS-C sensor.

        • jake337

          Oh. I see.

          • Neopulse

            No worries, I should have specified. I see often the Dxxx and Dx terms here that I didn’t think I needed to write it out. Honest mistake

    • Spy Black

      On 1: Viewfinder magnification and brightness would be great. I have no problem manually focusing with my F2 and FTN bodies, but it’s difficult with my D600 (which appears to be the same prism as the Df) seems dim in comparison and has a lower mag compared to my film Nikons. I have a K3 screen installed, and it certainly helps, but the mag and brightness don’t.
      On 2: Agree
      On 3: I’ll assume you mean use the updated FX sensor.
      On 4: Buttons and layout don’t bother me.
      On 5: See 1 above.

      An AF system from at least the D750 is needed also.

      • Neopulse

        To me the AF chances are would be a more spread out 51 pt AF system with 3-D Tracking perhaps if it is to take the $3,000 price point (obviously a guess on my part). The biggest importance to me is the viewfinder though. An anon here told that the viewfinder was just as bad as the D800 at the time with no difference and that he/she hated it for manual focusing. So I really hope they make it worthwhile the update. And yeah on the utilizing of the D5 sensor in it.

  • Strange. The Df is the only remaining Nikon camera that can mount any Nikkor lens in fully working condition that was ever produced. A camera for vintage lens lovers. It would be sad to see it go.

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