New “Df-like” camera rumored for Nikon’s 100th anniversary in 2017

On July 25, 2017 Nikon will celebrate its 100th anniversary. I was told that Nikon will announce a special "Df-like" camera and lens.

The current lifecycle of the Df line is supposed to be 3 years, so the math kind of adds up (the Df was announced on November 4th, 2013). The problem with rumors so far out in the future is that everything is still in the planning/development stage and probably no final decision has been made yet.

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  • Thinner, better focus system and better “classic” controls and I will pre-order my second Df. It’s still my most used camera, despite its shortcomings.

  • Thylmuc

    Oh, what a nice opportunity to repeat my request for a digital back for the F3 or F2. All of the above discussions would also dissolve into vapour, since there would be no more arguing re. the functions of the camera ;-).

  • Gerdy

    Nikon F7 and New Nikon DF ?? I hope .

  • to make a perfect shot the df is just perfect! don’t tell me about fudji or leica with the electronic view, it’s just bullshit!! if you need more than a df your pictures are just amazing, so look again to your pictures and see: are they really amazing?

  • Shin Ken

    A camera that looks and shoots like a classic F would be a dream.

    Hoping it won’t end up a confused mess like the DF. Give us the small footprint, dials that do what they’re supposed to do, and simplicity. Give us a single good AF point instead of the thirty-some crummy ones like the DF or even take it out altogether.

    Bring back the F

  • I was almost ready to get the DF. The thing is though, it is ugly in a couple of places. (note that I didn’t say that it was “ugly all over”).

    1. Right where the “nikon” label is and where it morphs (or rather doesn’t morph) into the mirror prism. Ugly. 2. the scroll dials on the front. Ugly. 3. The area around and underneath the “depth of preview button”. WTF is that?

    I would have preferred a more “classic” classic look. I know what you were trying to do, but the looks have failed. I think it should habe been even MORE retro. Right now it doesn’t know what it is. It’s a cross between modern and retro. And I can’t bring myself to spend AU$2.5 grand on *any* ugly camera.

    In theory it would have been nice. Other than aesthetics, I would have also liked to see a 1/8000 second shutter.

    And lastly, I know it is your lightest full frame SLR camera, but I think you need to cut some further weight from it. Maybe if it was 600-650 grams, I might buy it (if the styling was tweaked better). Why? Well, a lot of people are using it for street photography, right? Well I think a good weight for that is a camera that doesn’t weigh more than 400-500 grams. If I were you, I would actually consider using a carbon fiber body. I think it might even sound quieter that way too…

    Now if you can pull that off in a full frame SLR camera, it’s worth every penny.

    I was seriously considering this camera — for about 6 months. But I ended up getting an F100 instead for 1/10 the price (mainly to see if I could handle a similar weight). And compared to my humble D3300, it is probably a bit too weight for me. I love full frame, I love the brighter viewfinder, but I have traded up a lot of weight for that…

    Right now I have actually gone in completely the opposite direction, i.e. a film rangefinder… full frame at almost half the weight.

  • Larry L

    I take the D5 sensor, the largest viewfinder possible, and an all metal, sealed rugged body. The rest is not that important to me.

  • jonebize

    I really want something smaller than the Df (FM2 or F3HP size) with a huge, bright viewfinder and a focusing screen you can swap out. I don’t even care if it has autofocus. I just want a digital FM2 or F3HP so badly. But it -has- to be smaller than the Df. I need something I can carry day in and day out.

  • Visitor

    I shoot only with Nikon MF lenses and what I want is a better viewfinder and the ability to change screens. I love my Df and will definitely consider upgrading to the Df 2 IF it is actually an upgrade.

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