Rumors from Japanese magazine: Nikon Df2 to be based on the D750 (24MP sensor)

I recently received this page that was published in a Japanese magazine a few weeks ago. The article suggests that the Nikon Df2 DSLR camera will be based on the D750 and will have a 24MP sensor:

Articles in Japanese magazines on upcoming Nikon products (CAPA & Impress) have not been very accurate in the past.

For all Japanese speaking readers - if you can spot some additional information in the article, please post in the comments section and I will update this post.

Update - here are some of the translations I received (thanks!):

"There's not much regarding specs in the article except a mention of a Df2 and D770 (mid-bottom). However, I'm pretty sure this article is old because the first sentence of the middle column says, "First, a D5. It should definitely arrive since it's already in development." And the headline above it says "No D400 but two D750 based models to arrive." These two sentences indicate that this article was written before the D5 and D500 were released."

"The article says the D750 successor (D770?) will have a fixed LCD screen and 1/8000 shutter speed. Although I don't use the swivel screen much, it seems strange to take it away, especially if it's going to have better video capabilities... The article claims (I think - hard to read the edge there) there will be a "Nikon 2 VX1", a mirrorless camera with APS-C sized sensor. Can they actually fit APS-C sensors behind the CX mount?"

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  • It clearly said autumn 2016 at the top of the page so it’s an old article.

  • Swordman

    The perfect DF2 for me would have a full metal body with changeable digital backs. In fact, you could have a few of them:

    1. FM2 style, with a changeable back and no autofocus.
    2. FM2 style, with a changeable back + autofocus.
    3. F3 style, with changeable back, changeable viewfinder and no autofocus.

  • Nikon should just scrap this camera and make a full frame range finder without an AF motor like Leica.. I Have a DF and you cant shrink it enough to make me want to buy another without AF.. has to be a whole new system. They could even go the mirrorless route with it and have focus peaking with a full manual system. Right now I have an X Pro 2 and shoot it mainly in Manual with focus peaking.. AMAZING!

  • Nikon, Scrap the DF make a Rangefinder Mirror less with only MF like Leica. Make it EVF based and just add focus peaking.. WIN

  • My issue with the DF is that it attempts to emulate the characteristics of an early F-series camera but goes way overboard. The F3, for example, is a very simple SLR with a small, slim body, and many photographers still prefer these types of cameras over bulky full frame DSLRs.

    Given the miniaturisation of technology in cameras like the Leica M10 and the Sony A7 series, I don’t believe it would be a stretch to create an F/FM/FE/FA sized SLR with a split prism for manual focus that had a digital sensor in it and no display on the back.

    I own the Nikon FA pictured below. It was released in 1983 and had matrix metering and aperture priority, and it meters as well as my Canon 5D Mark III and I’ve made some of my favourite recent portraits on it, without the aid of a display and autofocus.

    I can totally understand how modern features are very, very useful, but sometimes it’s nice to grab a simple, small SLR that just gives you simple tools to photograph with and doesn’t do too much of the work for you. I’ve come to really enjoy this aspect of many film cameras.

  • Marc W.

    Is it me, or does that lens say 35mm 1.8G. I know the 50mm 1.8G has the same letting on the front, but it looks like a “35”

  • Brad Armstrong

    Is there any new news? I would LOVE a baby F5 (speed 5 with F5’s AF and a light assist sensor for low light af) perhaps 7 FPS but with manual controls that include Auto iso position on the dial and an available split focus screen for manual focus lens. 24 mp sensor but with bsi would be fine. Add even better low light performance and that would be my dream DF

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