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First Nikon Z8 camera teaser from China? *UPDATED”

I just found those Nikon Z8 camera teasers at the NikonZ8 Facebook Group (click for larger view): Update – it seems that this was a false alarm. The teaser is for Nikon Optics, not for Nikon Imaging. Close, but no cigar.

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Nikon Z9 teaser #4: blackout-free EVF

The fourth and final teaser for the Nikon Z9 camera is now out:

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Nikon Z9 teaser #3 commentary

Here is some commentary from Ricci and Matt on the third Nikon Z9 teaser:

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Nikon Z9 teaser #3

The third Nikon Z9 teaser is out: The new teaser shows the Z9 fast shooting mode. A reader downloaded the video, imported it in Premiere and slowed it down enough to count – that burst is 35 frames. The burst lasts for 1.7 seconds so that’s a pretty solid confirmation of the Z9 shooting at […]

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Nikon Z9 is expected to be announced next week (October 28)

A new Nikon Z9 teaser is expected tomorrow (Wednesday) and the official Z9 announcement should be next week. The date I keep hearing is October 28th (I always add a margin of error ±1 day). At least one, possibly even two new Z-mount lenses will be announced together with the Nikon Z9 camera. Stay tuned […]

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Nikon Z9 teaser #2 is here

Nikon just published their second teaser for the upcoming Nikon Z9 camera (the video already leaked online earlier today):

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Is that the second Nikon Z9 teaser?

Is that the second Nikon Z9 teaser? Update – the video is now removed from Instagram but several readers already uploaded it online:

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Nikon officially announced…. a Z9 mirrorless camera teaser

After I stayed up the whole night waiting for the Z9 mirrorless camera to be announced, I woke up this morning to a new… Z9 mirrorless camera teaser. So my report yesterday was for a new teaser, not the real announcement which is why I was getting conflicting information. Expect the final official Z9 release […]

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