Nikon’s lens-only instant rebates are back *UPDATED*

Update: the rebates were extended for March.

As previously reported, the once-a-year Nikon lens-only instant rebates are now live at Adorama, B&H and Amazon - check all the listings, different retailers offers various freebies (filters, etc.) with many of the lenses.

Adorama also offers a free "1 year drops & spills warranty" on almost all lenses - look for the button shown above in the product listing to add the warranty to your cart for free.

Nikon DSLR cameras

Nikkor lenses

FX prime lenses:

DX prime lenses:

FX zoom lenses:

DX zoom lenses:

Here are the details:

B&H Nikon lens rebates


B&H Nikon DSLR combo rebates


Adorama Nikon lens rebates


Adorama Nikon DSLR combo rebates

All rebates are set to expire on February 28th, 2015.

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  • Sir_Vival

    Fairly weak – the 85mm 1.8 was $100 off last year =/

    • Lens
    • fanboy fags

      it was $400 twice last year actually! I was just about to snipe it to upgrade my 1.8D but after trying the G the AF is too slow for my fast shooting style so I passed. I was considering the 1.4G but actually Im waiting till summer to see if sigma will release an 85 ART and then im in.

      • Global

        The 85/1.4G is even slower than the 85/1.8D — so do NOT follow that upgrade path. The 1.4G is studio, not moving things.

        I do wish that Nikon would implement a “Fast/Slow” switch on lenses that would adjust the AF speed — maybe they could call it the “Sports/Art” switch and punch Sigma in the gut. Right now, some Sigma lenses can be adjusted this way by the Sigma dock, but thats IT. I want a switch. But wouldn’t it be cool to go from super fast AF to super precise AF at a flick of the switch?

        Sigma — if you’re listening — please implement this.. as Nikon never will! 😀

        • Troto

          You want stick or auto?

          • Global

            Switch. As mentioned. Just like a passenger ejector seat. Or was that a button? Button might work. 😛

    • Global

      This isn’t weak — there are actually more lenses on sale this year than last year, and they are for equal or more off than before. So its a good sale.

      I think 3 lenses are the exception (had an extra $50 off last year):
      85/1.8G as you mentioned,
      10-24/DX, and

      But considering there are about 20 lenses on sale, that’s not a reason to call it “weak.” Its actually very strong. Or at least decent. Last year there was only about 15 lenses on sale!

      • TylerChappell

        Last year I remember the 10-24 DX lens being $680, I almost bought it, but it still felt pricey. And then Canon had to go and come out with their $300 10-18mm lens, so I really wish Nikon would come out with a newer, cheaper one, possibly with VR, or permanently reduce the price all together by a few hundred bucks since people also have the option of Sigma’s 10-20mm f3.5.

        • Global

          Yeah, but I think Canon was intentionally tweaking Nikon’s nose with the 10-18/crop ($300) and the ten times more expensive fullframe 11-24/4 ($3,000).

          Canon priced this way and positioned itself like this SPECIFICALLY to try to steal the “wide-angle” reputation away from Nikon (which Nikon has held for a solid 10 years now, in digital). Canon finally realized that’s where its weak. Now its not.

          It would be hard for Nikon to match, but they probably will eventually. That being said, these two companies are slow as mud… It might take another 5 to 10 years before Nikon issues a response. Nikon might have its own agenda right now (just as primes have been for the last couple years).

  • Being Human…

    what??? nothing on the 20mm 1.8G????

    • Troto

      no 35mm f 1.4 either

      nor 70-200 f 2.8

      • Infinite Vortex

        The AF-S 70-200mm f/2.8G is $300 off… check the picture or better, check one of the web sites.

      • Global

        The 35/1.4G, I think can get a discount if purchased with body. But this really is odd, because of the pressure from Sigma. The 24/1.4G and 35/1.4G should be on super special right now… or just plain permanently dropped in price!

        • Spy Black

          The 35mm f/1.4 was never that great a lens to begin with (even the Samyang is overall better), and with the advent of the Sigma it’s not worth a dime as far as I’m concerned. The 24mm is even worse, and if the Sigma matches the quality of it’s stablemates, it’ll crush that lens as well.

          The Nikkors are two utterly overpriced optics.

          • Leg Lift

            Agreed. Both are distinctly canine.

            The vignetting and corner softness on both is so bad that the f1.4 designation is laughable.

      • The Nikon 35mm f/1.4G lens is also discounted: currently $180 off at Amazon and Adorama (B&H still has it listed for the full price $1,796.95) – see updated links in post.

    • Spy Black

      Too new. Everyone wants one. Like you. 🙂

      • AM I Am

        It’s on rebate in Japan. I really was expecting it to be on rebate here in the U.S. as well.
        Have to wait another year I guess, …..or travel to Japan.

    • Global

      Too new. And too good. Check back in 3 years.

  • Mark

    Some of those “regular prices” on the camera bodies are way off

    • Myles

      Can’t say I’ve ever seen a D7100 for $1700. Try half that.

      • dclivejazz

        They must be referring to original kit prices.

    • Wade Marks

      It is confusing, but those prices are for the camera body plus a kit lens…

      • Scott

        The 610 is accurate for body-only price.

  • Miguel

    As am selling all my Nikon gear to move to Fujifilm, these rebates just kills my selling prices :/. Im sure im the only one here wishing these rebates go away quick.

    • HF

      Really? I just sold my Fuji gear as it didn’t come close to my Nikon gear. Good luck.

      • Eric Duminil

        Interesting. I love both my Nikon and Fuji gear.
        May I know what you sold, and why?

        • HF

          I like to try out new gear and read a lot about Fuji, so bought the XT1, 56/1.2, 35/1.4. After shooting for some time I felt the grip awkward and too small, so bought the Arca-Swiss grip (now the weight wasn’t that much different compared to a D750 or D610 any more). I took it to several longer trips and my initial joy passed away;
          -Buttons are too small for me, direction pad buttons are not pronounced enough (back button focus and changing focus point is much faster on my D610 or D810)
          -Using the camera for some time I felt the retro-controls to be too slow to change settings for me. With my DSLRs I can change with one hand fast and reliably without having to take my eye from the VF or my left hand from the camera
          -ISO values are overstated (I needed a twice longer shutter speed compared to the D810 for the same exposure)
          -IQ is good, but lacks fine detail. To really get the best out of the sensor, I needed to resort to CO7 or PhotoNinja (increases workflow with many pictures). Then, noise is well controlled at higher ISO but isn’t that much better than that of the D7100 downsized (we have this camera at work and compared both)
          -File size is very large, 35-40MB for 16MP files
          -I was at a point, when I needed to decide whether to buy additional lenses. But although IQ is very good, lenses are very expensive compared to what I get form Nikon (1.8G lenses, for example, light weight and very good IQ, for less than what I had to pay for Fuji). Equivalent lenses are in addition not smaller or much better than what I get from Nikon (56/1.2 vs. 85/1.8g, or 50-150/2.8 vs. 70-200/4, 35/1.4 vs. 50 1.8G, remember, that the larger sensor gives you an advantage in lp/ph which requires top lenses for the crop sensor).
          -AFC is nowhere close to Nikon
          Overall, I decided tat it is not for _me_ at this stage. Many love Fuji, which shows that they are doing right and appeal to a lot of photographers. I will have a look again in one to two years.

          • Eric Duminil

            Thanks a lot for the explanation.

          • Troto

            great feedback! (minus platitudes… like others)

          • mikeswitz

            If Adobe would just step up to the plate…..

          • Global

            I wish you would send a letter to FUJI explaining these things (just like you did for us). Some of them are on point, which they need to hear for a n X-T2.

            On the other hand, Fuji is doing such good things, and so fast, while keeping photographers in mind, that they are worth supporting!

            Nikon suffers these kinds of quirks (consider the “grip” on the Df) now and then, and the more competition, the better. It pushes Nikon along.

      • Miguel

        Yeah well for my needs specifically there was no need to keep owning Nikon. Im not a sports photographer or a studio photographer. I most do travel/food photography. And its not like Fujifilm is better than Nikon or vice versa, but for my situation yeah im better off with Fuji. I still have to sell my D800, 24-70 and 105 to sell

        • lord eels

          well Fuji is not going to make your photos any better. whatever plateau you are currently slogging through, will still have to be survived. Enjoy the new system G.A.S., but your shitty photos will still be shitty.

          • Miguel

            I’m just not going to waste my time with you.

            • lord eels

              well keep suckling zach arias’ balls. I hear he has a same goatee on them.

            • Miguel

              Hahaha that actually made me laugh. Go talk shit to someone else bro, cuz you dont phase me.

          • Just a side bar. My D810 is big and heavy so I’m not carrying it right now. Oh, I am carrying an iPhone. I can shoot pictures with that. Right now. The Fuji is light and small, so in that respect, it’s more like an iPhone. You can’t take a picture if you don’t have any type of camera with you. If you prefer to carry the Fuji instead of the much heavier and bulky DSLR, go for it.

            • lord eels

              your Fuji is not that smaller. it still needs a camera bag, especially for all those primes. in fact you probably use the same exact camera bag.

            • Global

              Smaller, lighter — its enough reason for someone to choose a Df, instead of a D810. The X-T1 is even smaller than the D7100. So pretty good:


            • lord eels

              in absolute terms, it’s a still a big system camera, you still need a camera bag, you are still the “camera guy” while using it.

            • preston

              To all the reasonable people here – please stop feeding the troll.

            • Andrew

              My eyes are on the Coolpix A to see what the next version will bring though I would not consider it as a main camera. I have high hopes that Nikon will step up the design of this camera to be more in line with the Nikon 1 V3.

        • Global

          Legitimate perspective, considering not sports. Travel & food can 100% be done with Fuji, with EXCELLENT results and actually a bit more compact kit.

          Good luck. If you have a professional website or nice portfolio, I suggest you advertise your gear on DPReview or NikonRumors Forum or something with a link to your eBay or whatever. A lot of people would rather buy from folks who care about gear & photography.

      • Global

        Next time you guys should just EXCHANGE, and save your money…….. Im pretty sure you could post a thread in the NikonRumors forum and set up a trade. 😀

        • HF

          Not a bad idea 😉

    • Troto

      drinking the z arias fuji cool aid? : )

      • Miguel

        No not really, yeah he’s a cool cat and i dig his work. Just that for my needs im better off with fuji.

    • I guess they should have asked you first.

    • lord eels

      enjoy those shit raw files and weird colors.

      see ya BITCH!

  • Fadil Polisi

    How long are the savings going to last….until May???

    • I think they will extend the lens rebates for March and then they will be gone.

      • Troto

        any whiff of D900? : )

        • no

        • Shaun V.

          I truly hope Nikon continues the high mega pixel count cameras along the D800 line, with a D820.

          Here’s hoping for a D900 with a D4s sensor and a D5 autofocus system! 🙂

          • peter w

            Just one step away: you can buy your 1000D any time.

      • Leo Djiwatampu

        Based on your experience, do they usually extend until March?

        • Yes, they usually do – Nikon wants to sell as many lenses as possible before the end of their financial year.

          • Awesome! I would like to get something, but it’s good that I don’t have to spend $$ right away. I’ll wait until around mid March.

  • fanboy fags

    “regular prices” on these lenses are off. the 85mm 1.4G sold for $1600. I checked it just a few days ago. this is very deceiving and not as it seems.

    • Troto

      yup! inflate and then discount…. very mall store

      • Andrew

        Retail stores have weekly sales. When the week ends, the prices go back up. They are not inflating the price; they are simply ending the sale.

        Sometimes, after a sale, the following week a store may have a bigger sale. This is how they get different types of buyers. So if they offer $100 off the list price one week, they may offer $200 off the list price the next week.

        As a shopper, all I care about is the savings I am getting. The advertising message may vary from store to store. Some stores may advertise “take an additional $100 off our sales price this week only” while another store may advertise “lowest price of the season, save $200”, both sales messages are ethically acceptable.

    • TheInfinityPoint

      No, the 14-24 has always been $2k. Just use any price history chart and you’ll see it has always been $2k.

      • Troto

        they have yanked prices up… i was tracking 35mm f 1.4, that was 1619 yesterday… its 1796 today

        was not checking 14-24… have one

        • Robert

          That price is just at B&H. Adorama and amazon still list the 1619 for the 35mm. B&H won’t sell many at that price!

          • That’s why I said to check all stores: they also have different freebies.

        • Are you sure you looked at the U.S. version? Often they display the grey market price first.

          • Troto

            yup. usa = 1796, imported = 1549

            hopefully a pricing glitch that IT will fix on Monday : )

      • reader2

        No it was $1500 back in 2008/2009.

        • TheInfinityPoint

          Yeah I meant for the past couple years, since Nikon started enforcing MSRP prices.

        • Global

          Same here.

      • Global

        Uh, I bought the U.S. version 14-24 new, unused for $1500… soooo. Of course that was 5 years or so ago.

    • are you sure you were not looking at a grey market listing?

      • No. They were the take home prices for Adorama, BH , Amazon just a day ago. The “list” price could’ve been higher I guess but the price you could see before adding it to the cart was $1599. Been watching that one for awhile.

        • Guest

          Mike is right. I bought the 85/1.4 last year for $1,600 (it wasn’t part of the rebates). It feels like the prices were inflated just to be discounted.

          These prices are nice if you were already planning to buy them, but they’re not discounted to the point you’d be missing out if you didn’t pick them up now.

      • Joven

        Mike is right. I bought the 85/1.4 last year for $1,600 (it wasn’t part of the rebates). It feels like the prices were inflated just to be discounted.

        These prices are nice if you were already planning to buy them, but they’re not discounted to the point you’d be missing out if you weren’t already planning on buying one of them

      • nek4life

        I noticed this before. B&H and Amazon sell them below the MSRP, then they raise them back up to the MSRP before applying the discounts. The Nikon 105mm usually sells for $899 on those sites, but now it’s brought back up to Nikons MSRP before applying the rebate. Looks like this is the case with the 1.4g lenses as well and possibly more. You still ended up saving money, but not as much as if they left the same prices they had yesterday then applied the discount.

        • that probably means there was another small rebate that expired yesterday

    • Yeah, that “trick” with the 85mm 1.4G has me hesitating. At $1400 or less I was ready to go. At $1500 I can stick with my 1.8G or sell it ; upgrade to the Sigma 1.4. Or pick up the non-art Sigma 50 1.4 and also pre-order the Sigma 24mm 1.4 Art.

    • Andrew

      It is not deceiving for a retailer to have a $100 off sale one week and then offer a $200 off sale the next week. These sale prices are typically discounted off the list price.

  • TheInfinityPoint

    Ahhhhh….must….resist….buying…24-70!! I’ve been needing it for a while now, but seeing as how Nikon will most likely replace it soon I better hold off and rent for now…

    • Shaun V.

      Don’t resist that urge! Get the 24-70 “cheap” while you can. It will be a LONG time before the rumored 24-70 VR goes on rebate. And when it does, considering Nikon’s recent pricing polices, it will probably be a $1000 more. Get it while you can!

      • Max2010

        I really like mine, I paid $1300 used

      • whisky

        at one point, before B&H conspired with Nikon to price fix the MAP, they sold the 70-200mm VR I (USA edition) for just $1396.00. there was a lot more flexibility before MAP.

        • Shaun V.

          $1396.00….Wow, what a steal! I’d buy one new today in a heart beat, even accounting for inflation!

          70-200 VR I $1396.00 – 70-200 VR II $2096.95

          80-400 VR I $1599.00 – 80-400 VR II $2296.95

          24-70 $1686.95 – 24-70 VR (Don’t want to know)

          Anyone else see a pattern here?

          Personally, I am extremely curious what Sigma will bring to the table.

      • TheInfinityPoint

        Nikon does sometimes put rebates on even their new lenses (just not this time in the case of the 20mm f/1.8G). I’m holding out more because of the VR and hopefully more improved optics (not that the current 24-70 has terrible optics). Anyway, I forgot to mention I also have a 28-70mm f/2.8D so for the moment I will survive :P.

  • Daniel Vilanova

    Those rebates look like our brazilian rebates: Everything for half the double.

    • Troto

      lol. thought that was only for tourists in Rio

      • Daniel Vilanova

        No .. tourists in Rio pay only double. There is no half price. 🙂

  • jstevez

    24-120mm F/4 not part of the sale? It must be selling very well, I guess is the lens people are buying for their new D750.

  • mdhare

    So.. new to Nikon lens only rebates. While the 50 1.4G is indeed $20 off what it was last week, was the game the same last year? What I mean is did Nikon inflate the 50 1.4G last year by ~$75 before they sold it for $100 off?

  • John Doe

    I have to keep repeating this to myself: “Don’t do anything impulsive, don’t do anything impulsive…..”

    • Troto

      cure — figure out functions you’re not using in your current gear 🙂

  • sickheadache

    WTF? D810 is reg. Priced 4596.95????? What they be smoking? Some of these prices? A lot of these regular prices are a Fail…who did this? Nikon you need a proof reader..Fail.

    • D810-D5200_user

      The bundle w/ lenses is this price, not the body only version…

      • yes, this price is for a kit – see the links in my post

  • The rebate lists are kind of fun to look at. It lets you know when a manufacturer has more lenses or bodies for sale than buyers.

  • John Doe

    Trying to decide whether that 35mm 1.8G FX lens is worth spending $500 to upgrade from my older, smaller 35mm F/2 D version.

    • darren

      Take the 28 1.8 slightly better, the wider the better and with D810 you can easily crop 1.2 mode to 35 mm…;) Uncropping isnt so easy;)!

    • Captain Megaton

      The AFD is a pretty terrible lens, but its a steep price for the new AFS version. I would say it would be worth it if a) you use a 35mm prime a lot (say 30% of total camera use) and b) have been dissatisfied with the sharpness/vignetting on the AFD.

    • peter w

      Same choice a year ago. The old one is not very nice at all at F2.
      If the new Nikkor 35 F1,8FX hadn’t been ‘wiggly’ (is that English?) in the focus ring, I’d have chosen that one.

      I choose the Sigma 35F1,4. Far more weight, and somewhat more expensive than I intended… but what a joy!
      For me this hadn’t been nescessary thought, I think the new Nikkor is closer to the Sigma in IQ (I tested it shortly).

      don’t click the links, if you don’t want to see what I did with them

      35 F2 AF-D, F2:

      Sigma 35 F1,4, F1,4:

  • Wade Marks

    I’m really surpised that at this point there have no discounts on the Df. It must be selling well relative to production numbers, or at the very least Nikon wants to preserve its status as a kind of specialty collectible model.

    • I was surprised too – it also means no replacement is coming soon. The D4s price dropped and we already had some D5 rumors.

    • Captain Megaton

      The Df is a relatively low volume, low profit margin item. Nikon isn’t interested in giving them away at blow-out prices.

      • low volume maybe, but I think the Df is a high margin camera

      • Wade Marks

        I would argue that the Df is a high profit margin item. It reuses the sensor from the D4, the AF from the D610, and offers a simplified feature set with no video. In fact I would venture that the Df has one of the highest profit margins of all Nikon cameras.

        • I agree, the price is just too high. I just wish they put the 51 AF system in it.

        • Captain Megaton

          It’s one of the last Nikon cameras still made in Japan (+cost), it’s got a lot of metalwork and machining (++cost), and its made in small quantities (+++cost). Compared to the D810, the profit margin must be a lot smaller.

          The camera with probably the biggest profit margin currently is – I’d guess – the D610.

          • Wade Marks

            Admittedly, all we can do is speculate.

            However, in general, with most companies and most products, the more expensive something is, the bigger the profit margin. I would be shocked if the biggest profit margin for Nikon is the D610.

            As for the Df…I’ll grant you that it’s more expensive to manufacture in Japan. However, the machined knobs and stuff may cost a bit more, but with modern machining I can’t imagine it would be that much more. I don’t know the quantities and so I cannot assess impact there.

            All in all, the Df is a great camera…but when most compare it to the the other FX cameras…The D810 at only a small amount more, The D750 at less, and the D610 for about half the price…they will conclude that the other cameras are better values and that the Df seems overpriced.

            Perhaps the Df has a cult like following, like some products…so perhaps Nikon is able to move some still. But my thesis all along is that if Nikon doesn’t lower the price now they will have to have a firesale later.

  • itsmyname

    I wouldn’t have bothered with those discounts..

  • darren

    Sadly not valid within Europe…;)!

  • saywhatuwill

    It figures. If I had waited a couple months I could have saved $185 on the two lenses I bought and if I had waited on the D810, $485! That’s a large chunk of change there.

    • Andrew

      When you look at how much the D3x was selling for a cool $8,000, at least its replacements – the D800 and D810 at $3,000 represents a $5,000 gift. Surely we can expect Nikon to make money elsewhere 😉 So that money you could have saved on your recent lens purchases was welcomed revenue for Nikon.

      I know you are aware that these sales specials are meant to get folks to buy now and that is why they have these financial incentives. And sometimes they get us to buy an item we have wanted, but would not have bought – but the price break was sufficient to get us to act. Oh, if only we could predict the future – we will all be rich 😉

      • You simply cannot site D3x as comparison. It is a different beast altogether. A sensor only does not make a camera and so the cost is just a part of camera price.

        • Andrew

          Well, if we explore your statement some more and respond to it, the D3x most likely was sold at $8,000 because of the cost of the sensor. Now I think that was a bad marketing move by Nikon because they would have sold a lot more of those cameras at $5,000 and I believe made a lot more profit.

          Had the D800 been released at between $4,500 and $5,000, my guess is that most people would have considered it as a great price because we all know that it is the D3x replacement. In fact the minute the D800 was released, the D3x was soon discontinued (I believe within 3 months). When the D800 was release, the global economy had experienced some contraction and so it had to have been priced as low as Nikon did. But another factor in the low price was I believe the fact that the image sensor cost must have dropped significantly and thus permitted Nikon to hit the $3,000 price point for the camera. Look at the D610 selling at $1,499; this is proof that full frame sensors no longer cost what they used to.

          So the fact that the D800 was priced at least $1,500 less than what would have been expected is a great savings for photographers though granted, many would not have been able to afford it at the higher price given the state of the global economy.

          Anyway, please do not think that I am justifying higher prices for the lens or camera. I was simply trying to lessen the pain of losing out on a potential savings of $410.

          • By the same argument D4s deserves the price of 3000 some dollars ; or Df deserves the price range of 5000 dollars?
            Like I said before , only sensor does not make the price of camera.
            Besides that I wholeheartedly agree that nikon priced D800 at a very pleasantly surprisingly low price. Maybe they learnt from D3x . Or they decided to cover the difference through lenses.

  • whisky

    given the depreciation of the yen, these rebate prices feel like they should be everyday prices. not feeling the same bang for the buck as in previous years. JMO.

  • Matt Prokosch

    Do you think the D750 with the 24-120 bundle will be $3000 after the February 28th or should I pull the trigger now and buy it?

    • I really don’t know – I think they will extend the current rebates for March.

  • Few updates on the rebates: Adorama also offers a free “1 year drops & spills warranty” on almost all lenses – look for the button shown above in the product listing to add the warranty to your cart for free see links in post for more info.

  • Update#2: Not part of the rebate program, but the Nikon 35mm f/1.4G lens is currently $180 off at Amazon and Adorama (B&H still has it listed for $1,796.95) – see the new links in post.

    • John

      It does look like the 35mm & 85mm f/1.4 G lenses got a price increase just before the rebate.

  • Joshua McLaughlin

    Wow! I just sold 2 lenses at the right time. 85 1.4G I sold for $1300 and 50 1.4D for $250 a couple days ago. I still have the 105 macro so I will be sitting on that until these rebates go away.

  • Neopulse

    These rebates are pretty badass. Thanks admin

  • Mongo

    Picked up the 35mm 1.8 FX version.

    Current owner of the 35mm f/2 and corner performance leaves something to be desired. At the original price of $600, I felt the 35mm 1.8 was overpriced. At $500 it is slightly more acceptable only because i am using this focal range more often.

    • peter w

      lots of fun with it
      (urh, I mean lots of creative and professional succes 😉 )

  • ss

    The Bower 14mm F/2.8 is also $80 off and is like 279.99 or something. It’s the one with the focus chip. For that price I picked one up today. Going to get the 35mm as soon as it comes off back order.

    NR – do you think it will be off backorder before the rebates end?

  • More hidden Nikon lens rebates – the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens is now also $20 off (post update).

  • Photobug

    TC 24e & TC17e also with rebates if you buy DSLR at B&H. Rebate varies on TC.

  • saywhatuwill

    Was the 35mm f/1.4G really $2000 before this sale? I thought it was $1795 which is where it’s at now after the rebate? I’m confused.

  • AB

    Gotta love how the 20mm f1.8 isn’t included but the 28 mm is.

    • true

      still too new

  • nikonfanboy

    Hi Admin, any news on when the 70-200mm F2.8 would be renewed? I am tempted to get it now, but worry that it will be renew soon since it’s past due (from history it seems like it is updated every 5 to 6 years)

  • How soon after each new f/1.8 G prime was announced, did it get a $50-100 rebate? I’m trying to decide whether or not to play the waiting game for the 20mm f/1.8 G…

  • Stephen Bischoff

    The discount price on the Nikon 70-200mm f/4 VR is incorrect. The discount is only $200 on all three websites.

  • Amy U

    Amazon’s price doesn’t show the rebate for the 14-24. ??

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