New Nikon D3300 and D5300 firmware updates released

Nikon released new firmware updates for the D3300 and D5300 DSLR cameras where they fixed an issue that sometimes resulted in incorrect exposure for the first photo taken in live view. Here are the download links:

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  • Exciting ! Now, I can only wish for a direct print button.

  • Boby

    “Fixed an issue that sometimes resulted in incorrect exposure for the first photo taken in live view”

    Not really necessary, though.

  • nwcs

    Fabulous! I’ve been waiting for an update to the D5300 firmware. Now the Nikon Hack people can work on it to update the firmware for some Astro-specific features.

    • Andy

      Doubt it. Firmware v1.01 has been available for download for a while. That project looks dead.

      • nwcs

        Hope not. It was very helpful for a lot of people.

        • Boby

          yeah, removing the video limitation is more than useful.

  • Boby

    Still waiting nikon Figured out in order to fix D5300 about

    -Extreme Lag in Magnified and Miniature live view.
    -Slow AF speed
    -and inconsistent Subject Tracking

    • nwcs

      Some of that is the limitation of the lower end camera and lower end AF module they’re using. It’s still better than the D200 I used way back and in some ways better than the D300. AF speed is really about the lenses, though. Consistency of AF and “assuredness” of it is the camera’s department.

      • Max

        It’s just as bad in the D7100.
        The slow af is due to Nikon’s contrast detect. Unless you are saying that all Nikon lenses are designed to af using phase detect?

        • nwcs

          I was thinking in general, not exclusively using the LCD focus.

    • Fly Moon

      They fixed that in D5500. I guess!!

      • KevHot

        ‘They fixed that in the D5500. I guess!!’


    • Max

      And the long mirror and shutter dance when making an exposure.

    • ITN

      Try AF-P lenses to fix live view AF. It’s all in the motor basically.

  • fanboy fagz

    cool, now they are finally worthy to buy.

  • Someone

    I really like apple pie!

  • Meow

    Nikon is master of disappointment. I bought Nikon D3200 in 2012 and 35mm, later Sigma 17-50, Nikkor 40mm, Nikkor 55-300. And some time ago I started to think about upgrade or replacement.
    Was very excited by DL 24-70 and… you know this story… postponed, postponed, canceled. Ok. D5xxx was always attractive to me. So I decided to upgrade to 5600 and today was in shop testing it.
    And… it does not focus with Sigma 17-50 at all. So nikon keeps support for own lenses 10+, 20+ years old and just broke compatibility with lens which is 5 years old.
    There is just a few good zoom lens (2.8f) for DX and all of them a 3rd party. So good firmware update would move back compatibility with 3rd party lenses and also add support for distortion and vignetting control for this lenses.
    Yes. That is right – distortion and vignetting control in body for 3rd party lenses. Nikon you need bold moves to show that you care about your customers, or if d3xxx, d5xxx bring to small profit, just kill this lines and do not bother customers with this cameras in market.

    • Sebako

      A French distributor (Photo Univers) sells the D5600 bundled with the Sigma 17–50 DC OS HSM, so that combination should probably work.

      Though, it would not be the first time that Sigma lenses don’t work with Nikon cameras; when the D5300 came out, several Sigma lenses could not autofocus in Live View. Sigma released firmware updates, including a free update service if the lens had to be sent in. So when you buy a Sigma lens, you know beforehand there is always that risk, but on the other hand, you can have some confidence that Sigma will probably try not to leave you out in the cold.

      However, Nikon has never, ever supported third-party lens data in their cameras, and never given any indication that they would ever do that. If you’re disappointed that some random update for a few older consumer camera does not break with this long-standing policy, your expectations are way too high.

      • Meow

        Thanks for reply. Yeap really they sell it in pair.

    • JXVo

      Get the D5500. Lower cost, same performance. Wifi without snapbridge limitations.

  • Andy

    I just updated, disappointed that I did. Live View exposure used to match the exposure when using the viewfinder. Now the two are vastly different.

    Put D5300 on tripod in an unlit room pointing at a brightly lit window. Viewfinder meter 1/30 F3.5 ISO100. Live View meter 1/100 F3.5 ISO100. Center AF, matrix metering for both.

    The two used to match. I don’t use Live View much, but it was always a goto when shooting landscapes. How do I trust it now?

    • John117

      Same here!
      Viewfinder and LV are schowing different values. BUT the results of LV image and viewfinder image have the same values.
      So it’s only the liveview display info, right?

      Let’s mail Nikon!

    • John117

      But I am not sure, if this behaviour wasn’t the same before upgrading. Because viewfinder is metering with sensor nearby the prisma and viewfinder by using the image sensor.

  • Mahatma

    what about 3200? 😉

  • James Michael

    I keep hoping they will add a new feature or two when they do a firmware update, but it never happens. It would be nice to be able to reassign the record button on my D5300, but Nikon is intent on crippling most of their cameras in some way.

  • karayuschij

    Beware of the firmware updates! After the last update of my D610 my Sigma lenses have stopped to autofocus!
    (I had to downgrade then)

    • Kim

      That’s right! If your camera works fine, and does what you want it to, then don’t “update” to get a feature or fix you don’t need!
      You may very well destroy your camera.

    • Jurgen Lasa

      How did you downgrade? Please help me sir, I need that autofocus 🙁

      • karayuschij

        I have just downloaded and reinstalled the previous firmware

        • Jurgen Lasa

          Could you share the link to where I can download previous firmware? I cant seem to find it. 🙁

  • David Peterson

    Pity they don’t provide meaningful firmware updates, such as adding focus peaking.

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