New Bluetooth Nikon remote control registered with the FCC

A new Nikon remote control ML-xx was registered with the FCC. The N16F1 is Bluetooth 4.1 LE (low energy) compatible. The confidentiality release date is 9/30/2017, so unless this remote gets announced together with the D850, I think we can expect another new Nikon camera in September.

Via Nokishita

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  • paige4o4

    Has anyone told Nikon that that BT4.2 has already been out for years? Heck we even have version 5.0 out now.

    • Eric Calabros

      Its probably 0.001 cent cheaper to use 4.1 parts.

    • RC Jenkins

      Which BT4.2 benefits over 4.1 features do they need?

    • JXVo

      This is only a remote with only the functionality of a on/off switch required. It doesn’t need to exchange any significant data, complex encryption or to network with all the other devices in your home/business.

      What it does need is low power consumption, minimal time lag, ultra-reliable connectivity and reasonable range.

      • Husselang


        I work with Bluetooth, and except for the improved security mechanisms in 4.2 I can’t really think of anything that would benefit a remote like this (except possibly the long range mode in BT 5.0, but that is not supported by any phones anyway).
        Security in 4.1 is not that bad either, you are just vulnerable at the exact time that you are bonding (which most people only do once, in the privacy of their home).

  • RC Jenkins

    Per the application, the confidentiality release date is 9/30/2017.

    • Good point – unless this is for the D850, we can expect another camera announcement in September.

      • Eric Calabros

        Another DSLR you mean

      • RC Jenkins

        The application specifies that this isn’t “part of a system that operates with, or is marketed with, another device.”

        I think it’s likely that this is meant to be sold separately, and compatible with any Nikon BT camera (like the D500 & newer).

        But the 9/30 date is just round the corner from the event on 9/22. I’d guess they make all announcements at these events.

      • JXVo

        This thing could theoretically trigger any existing nikon cameras that have Bluetooth but some of them might need a firmware update to recognize the device. I don’t think it definitively indicates a new camera body.

        It will enable Nikon to omit the infra red remote receiver from future camera bodies. Bluetooth is there already for Snapbridge and it can do the IR remote’s job too. It also doesn’t need line of sight from the remote to the camera. It looks like it will be powered by a coin/button cell so hopefully class II at least…meaning that a range of at least 10m and line of sight up to 30m could be possible. Good ML-L3 replacement.

        • Nikon usually doesn’t just release a remote control – they usually pair it with a new camera.

          • 750 replacement? Since Nikon doesn’t seem to be going overboard for a permanent fix to 750 shutter issues, could that indicate a rush for replacement? A friend just got a 750. Glorious pics, but who knows if he’ll run into shutter probs. Poor guy.

        • Rick Leigh Rae

          Yeah but Snapbridge sucks…

          • JXVo

            I think so too…but it sort-of works and can be improved with firmware updates and better apps.

      • Spy Black

        Maybe it’s some kind of SnapBridge-related device?

  • Eric Calabros

    Why Hebrew text?

    • nwcs

      Probably different regulatory agencies where they expect to sell it.

      • Fly Moon

        Don’t think so! And they don’t expect to sell it in India for example?

        • nwcs

          Not all agencies may require a mark for sale in their country or accept reciprocal ones? I don’t know, it’s just an idea.

    • Mike

      Why not? If a batch is going to be sold in Israel…..

    • Kob12

      I suspect that the Remote Control image was leaked by either the official Israeli Nikon dealer who composed that text (to be imprinted by the Nikon factory on units destined for Israel), or by an Israeli Ministry of Comm employee that may have approved it.

  • I am not sure many people would prefer a remote over an excellent remote/camera app that does the same job.
    I personally don’t need more devices if a software based solution is possible.

    • Eric Calabros

      Sometimes I have to trigger while I’m holding a LED light or something. With 5+ inch smartphones we have, thats difficult.

      • John

        A smartphone has a lighted screen, why would you need a LED light to use a smartphone? Get a head lamp, leaves your hands free

  • Peter

    From the beginning of the first rumors there have been statements that a D8xx would have an improved snapbridge functionality. This seems to be a logical addition to that.

    • John

      The logical move would be to use smartphones/tables like CamRamger has been doing for 5+ years.

  • tator bitz -_-

    very promising

  • better hope they make it compatible with all nikon cameras like my favorite d800e. still pricer than a d810

  • John

    Why is Nikon building remotes when everyone has a smartphone, tablet that would serve the same purpose. Nikon really have their heads of their asses. Don’t need MORE THINGS to collect and pack.

    • Husselang

      Relax. You are free to use either, the remote is entirely optional 😉

      • John

        What is the point of putting the effort into building a remote when everyone has a wifi/Bluetooth capable controller in their phone? BS Nikon wasting resources on ridiculous things that only a minority of their customers want.

        • Husselang

          Not everyone wants to use their smart phone for everything. Some people don’t even own one, believe it or not.

          Secondly it is much quicker to whip out a dedicated remote and click the button than to open your phone, start the app, connect, and use the remote.
          Myself I really enjoy the remote feature in Snapbridge, but it sure is slow some times!
          I certainly wouldn’t want to rely on it if I was a professional event photographer.

  • Richard Hart

    Could it be for a new bluetooth flash transmitter?

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