Nikon’s 100th anniversary commemorative products update

Some of the Nikon’s 100th anniversary commemorative products are already in stock at B&H and Adorama.

The first batch of Nikon D5 and D500 limited editions cameras were already received by dealers in Europe.

The popular 100th anniversary miniature Nikon F camera is now shipping to existing pre-orders but is currently out of stock (thanks for the pictures Peter). My miniature Nikon F and Nippon Kogaku T-shirt already shipped from B&H last week:

Here is an unboxing video of the miniature Nikon F camera:

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  • Nemmondom Meg


  • R. John Anderson

    Is it just me, or is all of this 100th anniversary nonsense WAY beyond ridiculous now? I mean, throw a company party and have some cake if you want, and GET ON with making cameras! wow…

    • lorenzo

      they might have done it and got drunk with too much sake.

    • Shutterbug

      How does this affect you? Why so upset? They are selling out of some of the products….Jeez 100 years of anything, you’d probably want to celebrate too.

      • R. John Anderson

        Let’s me help you out a bit, in particular: how does it affect me? I’ve invested professionally in Nikon, and their gear, and if I need to switch should they become non-competitive, it will cost 5 figures to do a full brand switch by the time the dust settles. Yes?

        And I’ve not said a word for months on end as this 100 year nonsense (yes, it’s sheer arrogant nonsense from Nikon) has continued unabated and nonstop…month after month…of which they will sell a few units (maybe).

        Furthermore, all this doesn’t come at no cost, and unless I misread Nikon’s recent financial statements, they can ill afford this at this time (especially at this time) as they are falling behind competitively (some will debate that of course).

        To do these “100 year products” takes real resources, people and teams: engineering, design, manufacturing, PR, marketing, design, packaging, channel management, sales training and down the road repair and service. All not for free. Valuable resources, in fact, an entire team probably of dozens of people that could have been spent on moving Nikon FORWARD, so they CAN LAST TO SEE their 101th birthday, 102, 103, etc.

        What would I do when I’m 100? I’d do what I said, have a birthday party and cake, and then figure out how to get to 101. Nikon should be doing the same.

        So it very much affects me.

        I almost switched to Sony 6 months ago…but didn’t quite pull the trigger. I wanted to see some Sony issues smoothed out and wait for the next release (a7rIII, etc), and also give Nikon a chance to REALLY improve the 810, which is my workhorse. And they’ve seemingly wasted all this time in “100 year nonsense” (quoting myself) and then gave us an absolutely worthless say-nothing press release of an D850 “will be coming”. And I’ve used Nikon for 35 years!! nonstop.

        I’m sure there are thousands upon thousands of other photogs exactly in the same thought process that I am in, and if Nikon keeps wasting resources on nonsense like this, we will likely be forced to abandon them to their demise, in order to remain competitive ourselves.

        Do I expect anyone to care what I write here. Nope. But I do feel better… 😉

        • Nyarlathotep

          I tend to doubt much of this marketing fluff pulled a lot in the way of resources from the glass and body design group. I mean, I am not a fan of any of this marketing product for the 10oth anniversary, but this is more of a waste of their marketing dollars and resources, which quite frankly, would have just been spent poorly elsewhere on “I AM’ campaigns, and less of engineering concerns.

          Yeah, they spent some engineering on the little F and the “special” grey camera and lens bits, but you can bet that all went to interns and junior team members after marketing handed it off.

          This marketing bit will neither make or break Nikon’s budget, or impact their product development in any meaningful way.

          • Let’s hope so

          • pippo

            It might not have cost them a fortune and might not even effect their technical progess, but – at least in my eyes – it makes them look… let’s say unfocused. They keep wasting time and resources on souvenirs rather then camera gear.
            And it’s not like their marketing is so great lately, they can afford to waste anything.

          • bernard

            It’s just getting really tiresome.

            100th anniversary this, 100th anniversary that.

            I don’t know how much it pulls away from other stuff, but it’s more than “fluff.” It seems to be a big deal marketing-wise, and at this point it’s just silly.

            I suppose the point is that they are trying to set themselves up as a sort of historic, legendary brand, as opposed to newcomers like Sony. I’m not sure it’s working, or even that it’s a great idea.

        • decentrist

          You deserve Sony

          • There’s a good chance of that if Nikon keeps going the way they have… 😉

            • Allen_Wentz

              Not at a snails pace. D810, D5, D500 have been best-in-class, and D850 looks like it will continue that.

              Sony is welcome to the roll of having the latest bells and whistles while Nikon makes best-in-class bodies.

    • ITN

      Some people (collectors and perhaps some long-time users) like a bit of decoration to put on display, something to talk about with your guests and friends. People spend inordinate amounts of money on clothes that go beyond the functional. I find the box with all the optical components of a lens to be interesting and I would play with those elements if I could afford it.

    • Andrew

      The least you can say is thank you, Nikon. If you see people buying some items and you do not appreciate it, it is better to just zip it.

      • Yeah, I suppose the thanks of spending tens of thousands of dollars on their equipment wasn’t enough thanks for you?

        • Andrew

          Thinking that spending tens of thousands of dollars gives you the right to use words like “100th-anniversary nonsense” is upside-down thinking. It is the inverse of decency. In so doing you are insulting not only Nikon’s heritage but also her employees and customers.

          And if you have not noticed that Nikon users have never held back from making noise when appropriate and also when inappropriate, then you must have been living in some caged off dwelling.

          So nothing you have said in any way makes your comments appropriate. Many married couples celebrate their wedding anniversary yearly. Many families celebrate their children’s birthday yearly. And yet this is a once in a lifetime event for Nikon. Many of Nikon’s customers consider this to be a special year in the history of Nikon corporation. And you come along on a blog that is giving us a products update on Nikon’s 100-anniversary celebration to utter some snide remarks. I know you are going to reply to me with some more justifications, but suffice it to say that you are wrong.

  • SVA

    I was expecting a REAL Nikon F anniversary edition…

    • CaMeRa QuEsT

      Plenty of 100% working order, mint condition F bodies with 50mm f/1.4 in the market going for less than the price of this miniature replica, so why bother buying a toy when you can get the real deal for even less dough?.

      • 100% I had an F Photomic Ftn APOLLO NEW when they first came out, this year I re bought one, £280 why buy a model

  • Originaru

    I’m surprised that they did not launched a sdcard 100th aniversary edition and a miniusb d5 replica…
    Nikon please…

    • Nyarlathotep

      Eh, all this stuff is boring, and a distraction. Everything else behind the scenes is probably the same engineering and development efforts within Nikon as always, for better or worse.

  • pippo

    I’m glad, I’m not the only one thinking this is stupid.

    Regarding their product announcements, Nikon’s 100th anniversary was an immense letdown. They basically announced nothing – I’m including their notice to work on the D850. It’s like Mercedes telling everyone “Hey guys, surprise! We’re working on a new S-Class!”

  • lorenzo

    Probably I am missing something or did not catch it correctly.
    Are we supposed to buy these commemorative cameras – that are identical to the regular ones except for a mark/logo – just because we are good and loyal and want to help Nikon or….
    these cameras really have something extremely useful and special (not just to attract girls) that I am missing. Please enlighten me.

    • TwoStrayCats

      Yes. Now buy one.

    • Nyarlathotep

      You got me. I really don’t see the point, but to each their own. There must be someone interested in this. I mean Nikon always does thorough marketing research right? Oh wait… haha

    • TheInfinityPoint

      It’s for people to buy a $8000 D5 to have sit around like a brick, untouched, and then sell it years from now for much more money. This is also known as a “collectible.” If you’re interested in making photos with your camera, ignore these 100th anniversary products and carry on shooting. 😀

    • Andrew

      The answer to your question is that you obviously are not supposed to buy anything. Nikon is not demanding anything of you. Hope that helps 😉

      If you do not appreciate these commemorative items, then again obviously they are not for you. Do you spend your time thinking about people who buy artwork or go to auctions or buy some special items be it historic or otherwise and then ask “what type of response is expected of you” when an announcement is made informing those people about such events? So why should it be any different on Nikon’s 100-Anniversary occasion? If you see no reason to purchase one of these items, then let me assure you that you are not supposed to act.

      But I find it perplexing the various views expressed about Nikon’s 100-Anniversary celebration. All of a sudden a lot of people ridicule Nikon because I guess it makes them feel good. In this case they have conveniently forgotten that there are collectors and many people who like to get souvenirs. Some others like to buy memorable items to decorate or display in their homes or offices. Isn’t photography about capturing memories? Is it any different that other people may appreciate things that we have no interest in? It seems as if the question some folks are asking is “who would buy this stuff”? The answer is simple, people who act and have different interests from us. Shouldn’t we show some candor and for a change be a little bit more accommodating?

  • New Yoko

    I have the camera straps in both colors, well made with good materials, except the silver embossed Nikon 100th anniversary logo, which looks tacky aesthetically. Strap holds about only 6 pounds and the black one is perfect strap for camera like sigma dp camera, which came with thin flossy like trashy strap. Brown strap gives warmth and hipster look to Nikon geeky looking camera bodies but FX bodies and lens will be too heavy for this strap, more suited for DX or lighter bodies.

  • lorenzo

    Ah, I see now, it must be like the iPhone-6 made in pure gold… for that rich non-US gentleman that ordered it… very very useful!

  • Eric Calabros

    Some people don’t like the way Nikon celebrate the anniversary and they insist to express that every time they see a title about that! Ok, we got you are not impressed, move on.

    • Allen_Wentz

      If Nikon intends to do very public stupid marketing they have to expect we Nikon faithful to diss them for it.

      At some point I may buy a real used F2 however, since I see B&H still sells Portra.

      • Nyarlathotep

        EH, at this point, its old hat. I mean when is the last time Nikon had a successful marketing campaign? Probably the D40 campaign was the last one. I mean is really anyone surprised? It’s like being outraged at a fly that has failed to fly through a pane of glass for the one hundred thousandth time. Why bother dignify it a response, its just wasted words and thought.

    • fanboy fagz

      my problem is this. the commemorative items are very elegant and look very nice and high level. but when they make crap like slippers, selfie sticks and dog holsters for cameras, it kills all of that in my eyes.

      • Eric Calabros

        You guys are so emotionally sensitive

        • fanboy fagz

          And you aren’t because youre a vietnam helicopter pilot. Cold and ruthless.

          • Originaru


    • Aldo

      You don’t see many companies turn 100.. we are all going to be dead when nikon turns 200 (if they still exist). It was supposed to be something AMAZING! we just can’t help it. Like an ex GF… it takes a while.

  • br0xibear

    Interview No.3 in the “We Love Nikon” series is up, with Sadao Imai, a leading Nikon collector…

    “What would you like to see from Nikon in future?
    I hope they don’t just focus on pixels and other specifications. What’s important is whether the camera can producebeautiful photographs or not, so I hope Nikon concentrates on this expressive quality. The camera has come a long way, evolving into a verycapable recording device that can even capture what the eye cannot see.
    But I’m interested in the artistic capabilities of the camera. I first
    took up photography because I wanted to “paint pictures” with a camera.
    You see, it’s not about automating everything. Before I shoot something, I want to be able to figure out the shutter speed, exposure, and depth of field – all to my own satisfaction. I don’t mind if it’s a large 6×6,with a tripod, just as long as Nikon creates a camera that lets me
    enjoy photography at my leisure. My personal request is for Nikon to
    make cameras I can paint with.”

      • br0xibear

        Oops…didn’t realise No.3 was up yesterday.

        • No prob, still a cool sorry.

    • Claude Mayonnaise

      Pretty interesting read. Though, I have to say I believe modern equipment and the need to consume new gear so often seems like a crazy all time high right now.
      We live in a time when the tech is superb but what has this resulted in? Folks wishing for more and more no matter how good a current camera may be. The eyes and brain are the technology that is often forgotten about and it’s far more superior than a new D850. A paint brush and paint are just pigment and hair sitting on an easel until the artist sees a vision, sits down and directs them to paint a painting. One can usually do this with anything.
      Blah…blah….blah..yes I know I sound like an idiot. Ha Ha.

      • br0xibear

        I think you’re dead right.
        Technology companies have become victims of their own marketing. Constant updates and upgrades, that often bring little to the user beyond having the latest shiniest object…and those who have known nothing else lap it up like indoctrinated zombies.
        Technically speaking anyone can learn to use a camera and take competent pictures, just like anyone can learn how to paint…but that isn’t going to make you a Sebastiao Salgado or a Mark Rothko.
        You don’t “sound like an idiot” at all…you sound the opposite.

        • Allan

          “Constant updates and upgrades, that often bring little to the user beyond having the latest shiniest object…and those who have known nothing else lap it up like indoctrinated zombies.”

          It’s striking to me how smartphone companies are able to sell many, yearly, expensive, new models.

          • br0xibear

            Indoctrinated zombies…that’s how Apple has $256 Billion in cash alone, and people camp outside their stores for weeks to be first for the next iPhone.

    • sanosuke yap

      This guy trying to a philosophical or what?! If he wants to “Before I shoot something, I want to be able to figure out the shutter speed, exposure, and depth of field – all to my own satisfaction. ” JUST SWITCH IT TO MANUAL exposure MODE. And focus in manual. Duh! Put a black cloth over his head and camera to view the LCD!

  • dikiz

    How pathetic and unworthy is that anniversary. If they were expecting us to be mindless fanboys, praising their insignificant goodies and writing “I <3 Nikon" after each of these loosy announcements: they were dead wrong

    • ninpou_kobanashi

      They want the mindless fanboys to go switch to Sony (^_^)

  • FountainHead

    Maybe this trash is big in Japan?

  • sickheadache

    I am so glad my Nikon deals in The Real World!!!

  • sickheadache

    I am so darn glad that my Nikon only deals in the real world!

  • TwoStrayCats

    I was hoping for a 200mm f/2 in chocolate.

    • Nyarlathotep

      Hopefully dark chocolate. And 1:1 scale too.

      • Member

        It would be very generous of it were solid chocolate too

        • Nyarlathotep

          That would would be one heavy chunk. Nom nom nom.

      • Allan

        I love dark chocolate.

    • Allan

      Not yokan? 🙂

  • Jeffrey G. Bank

    I just want the goddam D850.

    • Coffee

      I just want the official spec and price of the D850 so I can make a decision and if need be, a saving budget.

    • Member

      If it’s goddammed it can’t be any good. I would never ask for a cursed camera.

      • Nyarlathotep

        Hmmm a cursed D850? I’ll take the non-cursed version please.

        • Member

          I’m glad you’ve chosen for the non-cursed version. 🙂
          It won’t take long for it to arrive, just a few months ..maybe a few years

      • ToastyFlake

        Maybe God has just damned it to hell after it spends several years here on earth making pornographically delicious photos.

    • Vil

      In breaking news, Nikon will pre-announce the D5s, D900, D860, D7600. And they hired the same campaign manager, which labeled those products under the slogan of “I am coming” ; )

  • sausage_grinder

    What does “Nippon” mean? I thought the company’s name was “Nikon”

    • Nyarlathotep

      Nippon is name the Japanese use for Japan. Japan is just the external name.

      • sausage_grinder

        So the company’s name is just, “Japan”? What does “Kogaku” mean?

        • Roger S

          Kogaku = Optical, so Nikon began as the Japan Optical Company.

          • jojo

            Hence they produced lenses for cameras (even for the 1st Canon camera), binoculars, etc., rangefinders, even bomb sights. Cameras came later; their main heritage is in optics.

        • Harold1966

          I always have a case of Knowledge Vacuum Syndrome when my Google calls in with a sickie.

    • TwoStrayCats

      Its what you take when you hit a swig from your whiskey flask.

      • sausage_grinder

        Thanks, mean guy. I always try to ask honest questions about Nikon and some dude always trolls me about my drinking. Just ’cause I don’t know every little thing about the history of the company doesn’t mean I’m drunk. Heaven forbid you should allow a curious outsider into your comments, D**ckhead.

        • jjj_ri_usa

          Hey Sausage Grinder. Lighten up. Maybe English is not your 1st language, but, I got a chuckle out of 2straycat’s comment. Taking a hit from a flask is often spoken of as “having a wee Nip”. Or, a Nip On the flask. Nip-on: get it. I’m sure it was meant as a play on words, that is: it was meant as a joke. But…maybe you are only feigning anger as well????

          • sausage_grinder

            You are actually right in assuming my first language isn’t english. I understand the joke now that you’ve explained it. it isn’t natural for a non english speaker. I’ve just had people on this forum make jokes about eastern europeans and vodka so maybe I’m just over sensitive.

  • Kyle Medina

    That gunmetal grey is just beautiful!!

    • TheInfinityPoint

      That’s going to cost you an extra half a grand lol!

      • Nyarlathotep

        I think it looks nice too, but decidedly not $500 nice.

      • Kyle Medina

        If they can do red why not offer this!

  • sickheadache

    Hello D850….where are you?

    • TheInfinityPoint

      Over here!

  • Maurício Costa

    Funny… When there was only Nikon and Canon things where calmer… Sony and Fuji are disrupting and people are much more anxious about gear then ever before… I’m out of that train now… Was really jumping ships just to realize THE PROBLEM WAS WITH ME… Insatisfaction and fear are not real arguments – but they are human, no doubt.

    • Maurício Costa

      I’m increasingly happier with my D800e by the way…

      • Roger S

        You have reached the photographic equivalent of Buddhist enlightenment 🙂

      • It has more to do with what’s between your ears, not this or that camera or lens.

    • Steve Timman

      Yep. Honestly, could anyone tell what camera took what picture in a magazine or newspaper?

    • John Viscovich

      I love all these people selling there Nikon gear because they think you cant take a good pick without a Sony gear, Keep switching brands , and ill keep buying your cheap Nikon gear. More the better.

      • Maurício Costa


  • Espen4u

    Meanwhile in the world outside of Nikon…
    The light l16 camera is born. Something like that would have been a real anniversary product from Nikon, even if it flopped and got beaten up here 😉

  • rangel28

    Not sure I understand all of the hate on this board for 100th anniversary stuff. No one if forcing you to buy it, and I’m pretty sure the R&D guys are not involved with creating these items. Yeah, it’s overpriced, but these items will make nice keepsakes and some are clearly popular, judging by the backordered status of the Nikon F replica (mine is due to be delivered Thursday) 🙂 Most companies, if they make it to 100, celebrate in some way, and the commemorative products are hopefully just the beginning of more to come, such as the D850, mirrorless, etc.

    • MB

      I am not sure it is about hate … I think it is more about love …
      I am sure most people here like the pins, T-shirts and Mini F (although it may seem a bit overpriced for a toy) and that is the kind of memorabilia most companies do for anniversaries …
      But trying to sell regular products, and with the prices already heavily increased over the past couple of years, just repainted at insane prices is what aggravates people …
      It is like if you love somebody, and care for him, and support him in any way possible, and suddenly she/he comes to you and say: “If you really love you will give even more of your money” … I think it is just normal to be a bit frustrated about it, and maybe even suspicions if the love is mutual or maybe she/he is just taking advantage of you … 🙂

      • ITN

        These are items for collectors. No one has to buy a gray D5. You can just buy the regular version at the normal price.

  • People just complains about Nikon’s “stupidity” with these products. Can we all pause for a moment and let them celebrate? it’s a 100 year anniversary and they want to sell limited edition stuff – let them. You don’t need to buy it. If you can’t afford it, sorry for you. If you’re just jealous, ebay will be there for you.
    People simply assumes Nikon is busy with these new items. I’m guessing they’re not. Most of the stuff, except for the real cameras, were probably outsourced.

    • Senor Magnifico

      The best way of celebrating it’s a 100 year anniversary is to impress customers with exciting long awaited camera, not a history This is very competitive photographic business, not a history club.

      • pippo

        With a camera which resembles the past or somehow incorporates the company’s heritage in up-to-date product. Like a Df2, FM-sized DSLR/DSLM, digital S3 … whatever.

      • 100 years celebration IS about history. And we , as the people waiting for that camera would be the first ones willing to shoot Nikon if there is some problem in the camera. Nikon has had enough of that recently you would agree. Having said that, I would also like to complain that Nikon should at least have told us about the specs of D850.

      • Nikon is not obliged to release something on the exact 100th year mark of their business. They want tokens to remember their anniversary and not with a new product.

    • jstevez

      Good point, people in these forums just love to whine a criticized Nikon, is getting old, really old. (and boring)

      • Allan

        Most of life, for most of us, is repetitive, and frequently, boring.

        There are some very sharp people on this forum. I would classify some of the whining as constructive criticism, and some as inquisitory, masquerading as whining. These groups of whines, frequently lead to intelligent discussions by informed readers (not me!).

        Some of the whining is blowing off steam; I’m ok with that.

        Most of the readers want Nikon to succeed. They have excellent engineers, and have a proven record of bringing innovative (not all) products to market. The cameras and lenses we have today are amazing and will get better. { The software and workflow suck eggs. Now I’m whining. 🙂 }

  • unimo36090

    nikon isn’t trying anymore. i hope they release a new fantastic line up of cameras.

  • At those prices keep them

  • Amir

    I didn’t know that Nikon has the capability of being acting like a toy factory! toys for nuts!

  • DSP~

    Don’t care, don’t need. Give me a mirrorless D750, thanks.

  • CR

    NOBODY CARES ABOUT THIS. Just give me more D850 specs!!

  • C-M

    Miniature Nikon F ?
    When you can buy the real thing

  • GirchyGirchy

    Got my t-shirt from B&H yesterday. It’s slim in the shoulders and looks fine up top, but is otherwise too long and billowy. Back it goes!

  • Allan


    You know we expect a picture of you wearing the T-shirt, smiling, and holding your miniature Nikon F Camera.


    • we shall see about that 🙂

  • drpeters

    Just got the t-shirt from B&H and am horrified to discover that it is a poly/cotton blend. For $25 I would not expect the cheapest quality t-shirt, but apparently Nikon is celebrating their 100th with boxed wine and dixie cups.

    • that’s not good

    • Allan

      Think of it as analogous to the alloys or plastic used in camera bodies and lenses. 🙂

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