Weekly Nikon news flash #430

→ The Zeiss 135mm f/2 Apo Sonnar T* ZF.2 lens for Nikon F-mount is now $623 off.

The Nikon D810 is £200 off in the UK (update: at Jessops use coupon code NIKONDISCOUNT for an additional £100 off).

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  • Grays of Westminsterthe Nikon-only shop were granted a Coat of Arms
  • My son’s name is Nikon
  • Anything with the name Nikon becomes my collection

How the KeyMission series was designed.

Here is the English version of the Nikon Museum report I published last week.

Nikon is aiming to create a new sales record in India for the financial year 2017-18.

→ DSLR shutter in detail.

→ The one reason not to buy Canon over Nikon (hint: it's called dynamic range).

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  • br0xibear

    The September issue of Practical Photography magazine had a couple of small pieces of interest about Nikon mirrorless and D760.

    Screenshots ©Practical Photography…

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bbba2201fbf37f3b3ff4bdca50faef7f8ef14689ad9708f63bed326da0a950a7.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4d9835000d330ad4c299267f5b29e77c26a8c5d723ff7e4a68ef667417d6fb65.jpg

    • “imminent arrival” with a 36MP sensor? I must be missing something here…. today everybody got rumors… why are they even calling this a rumor – it is obviously all made up by somebody to project authority….

      • br0xibear

        I don’t know…I’m just the messenger, don’t shoot me lol.
        (I’m wearing a kevlar jacket anyway).

        • oh no, I always appreciate your input – ten years ago those magazines and websites did not even dare to mention the word “rumor” in their articles and now they are all experts….

          • br0xibear

            More input…

            Interesting Nikon SP Rangefinder review…


          • Allan

            You’re still the king of believable rumors.

          • Proto

            because rumors always get more sustained user traffic than facts

      • MB

        Correct, and there is really no imminent reason for Nikon to worry about Canon 6DmII because it is inferior camera to current Nikon D750 (hint: it’s called dynamic range) …

    • “It has been hinted that the mirrorless will be mid- to pro-level”? Really? Who hinted that? NikonRumors?

    • EnPassant

      Just speculations. The old photo mags are much worse predicting future products and have less sources leaking information than rumor sites like this one and some readers posting here. They do however still get official information and products to test under NDA before a release. Obviously that is hardly the case here.

      That said I would like to see a D760 with a higher MP sensor.
      With 24MP the standard size for all new APS-C cameras even entry level FF cameras need to have more resolution to be enough different to crop sensor cameras to make a compelling difference.

      To do 4K without any strange scaling the sensor would need to have 39.4MP for 8K resolution with no crop. But as I am more a stills photographer I would not complain if Nikon reused the old 36MP sensor. Canon’s 6DII has after all no 4K and “only” 26MP.

      • Spy Black

        While 24 megs may be standard size for APS-C cameras, and while many like the Pentax, Sony, and Nikon models have great dynamic range, you’re still getting better performance from a full frame sensor.

        Also, unless your type of shooting involves continual cropping and printing large, people have lost sight of how much resolution you have in a 16 megapixel camera, never mind a 24 meg one.

      • ZoetMB

        I think what’s happening is that the magazines are desperate and taking the same approach as websites: they’re trying to get eyes the same way as ridiculous headlines and fake news get clicks. Remember also that the magazines still have long lead times – up to three months, so even when a “fact” is released, it’s a long time before it appears in their print editions unless they get advanced word.

    • Allan


      I want you to know that I appreciate all your contributions to Nikon Rumors.

      • me too

        • br0xibear

          I hate that broxibear…is he even a bear ? lol

  • FountainHead

    and here I thought the design of the KeyMission series was 1,000 chimps at 1,000 typewriters with 1,000 kilos of crack.

    • Spy Black

      It was 1001, actually…

  • JXVo

    Duncan’s dynamic range video is going to get up a few noses…except maybe on this site.

  • Tony

    Of the major UK retailers, most are selling the D810 for £200 off at £2199, whereas Jessops are selling it for £200 off at £2,099 (you need to enter the code “NIKONDISCOUNT” on checkout).

    • thanks, I will update my post

      • ZoetMB

        $2797 ($200 off) at B&H, but it’s out of stock. That’s the equivalent of £2148 at today’s exchange rate and of course there’s no VAT in the U.S. (I don’t know whether that UK price is inclusive or exclusive of VAT).

        • Toph

          VAT is included in the UK

  • An American in Canada

    I would love one of those APO 135s… Such an incredible piece(s) of glass.

  • Andrew

    The dynamic range on the D7500 is absolutely stunning. And yes, it takes so much from the D500 especially its amazing image sensor.

  • Just Me

    On the price of that Zeiss lens, you might want to force $623 to the next line. 🙂

  • tjholowaychuk

    The 135 is amazzzzing highly recommend if anyone is thinking about it.

  • fanboy fagz

    id take the sigma 135 ART anyday over the zeiss.


    • Spy Black

      As manual focus lenses go, the Samyang is killer as well, and you can have it for less than the “savings” off the Zeiss.

      • nwcs

        The Samyang one has very little coma as well. It’s very popular in astrophotography circles. I use it periodically on my portable rig.

      • fanboy fagz

        looks nice that SY. has aperture chip? focus confirmation in vf?

      • fanboy fagz

        looks nice that SY. has aperture chip? focus confirmation in vf?

        • Spy Black


      • I have a 14mm Rokinon that is a very nice lens for the money. Samyang makes one at a similar price. There’s also a Rokinon 135. Can you tell me the difference? The specs look identical.

        • Spy Black

          Rokinon is Samyang. Most people know them as Rokinon or Bower in the US, but Samyang is the company that designs and manufactures the lenses in South Korea.

          • Thanks. Based on my experience and seeing these other lenses makes me think I should pay more attention to them.

            • Spy Black

              I just wished they made an AF version of the 135 and sold it for around $800. They would clean up.

    • TwoStrayCats

      Outstanding. I’ll still take the Zeiss. My eyes, brain and fingers do pretty well at autofocussing as long a I have enough light to see.

      • fanboy fagz

        “as long a I have enough light to see”

        yes, with 135/f2 you need a lot of light to really get it right. with af. even with a street light, you can get it right every time. I had the mf 85 1.4 AIS for MANY years. its a nightmare to get good images in focus. when you did it was nice, but I lost so many images for unfocused shots.

        • Spy Black

          If you don’t have a manual focusing screen in the body, it will always be difficult to focus properly. You need an actual groundglass to see the focus point snap in, although it is easier to see with the longer lenses. I regularly use a 50mm f/1.4 SC, 85mm f/2 Ai, 105 f/2.5 Ai, 135 f/2 Ai and 300mm f/4.5 Ai Nikkors with a split image/microprism K screen in my D600 (although in retrospect I should have just put in the full matte S screen). Although I’ll still get misses, especially in low light, my hit rate is much higher. You have to make sure your diopter is perfect set too, they can get knocked out of setting, especially if you lost your eyepiece cover like I have.

          If you’re curious to get a proper screen for your body or bodies, go here: http://tinyurl.com/y888jyqp

  • CERO

    I still wonder why Fro and others still say that DR is irrelevant.
    They always tout the “expose right”.

    Yeah right to where? You either bracket, multishot then merge or get a big DR camera. If not, you lose either the shadows or your lights are overblown.

    • Michiel953

      Sometimes highlights are blown out, or shadows blocked. Shoot an interior scene with big windows. What are you going to do? Bring in reflectors, fill-in flash? Not even a D810 is going to help you out there.

      I always look whére highlights are blown out, whére shadows are blocked. Does it hurt the final image if I cannot “repair” it fully?

      Certainly not all the time. Let’s not get all hyped-up over DR, as important a tool as it is.

      • RC Jenkins

        You’d be surprised at how much you can push in cameras like the D750 or D810, including interior shots with windows.

        Being able to easily push shadows 4+ stops or drop shadows 1-2 stops when needed does help quite a bit.

        You don’t always have the ability to tripod / bracket & stack on scenes with very high dynamic range. This is when a camera’s DR is most important.

      • I shoot interiors with my Df by doing a 5-step bracket and combine it all in Lightroom using their HDR tool. That gives me a new “negative” with a lot more information on both ends. I lower the highlights, pump up the shadows then adjust clarity and contrast until I get something that looks pretty natural. Sometimes I’ll have to go in and use the adjustment brush to alter the temperature or haze around the windows. And, there may be a deep shadow that needs bringing up a bit. I finally adjust the blacks and the overall exposure. No reflectors and no flash. You can’t afford the time on site for a real estate shoot. The whole thing ends up looking well lit. I don’t get too fine about it because most people can’t tell the difference (especially the agent) and they’re not paying enough anyway. I get the first frame adjusted, then sync those settings with the rest of the job and tweak them as necessary. I can put together an average house in around 30 minutes in post.

        • Spy Black

          That’s overkill from a Df, 2 shots max is all you’ll need.

          • I’ve tried that and then three. It seems to be less noisy when I do 5. To be honest, it makes little difference. I have the shutter set on continuous high so it takes a minimal amount of time. In LR I select the frames I want and the program seems to take around the same amount of time for 2, 3 5 or 7. A week after I deliver the goods I delete the files to keep my HD clear. I’ll look at the workflow again and see if I agree.

      • CERO

        You can push the D810, D610 and D750 quite a bit.
        Specially the shadows.
        Not all jobs lets you bring reflectors or fill in flash.

    • ZoetMB

      I think one day we’re going to see a camera that optionally adjusts exposure on a pixel by pixel basis. Of course, that has to be combined with intelligence, otherwise every portion of the image will be exposed to 18% grey. I’m surprised no one has accomplished this yet. IMO, if done effectively, that would be a game changer that would cause people to buy new cameras.

      • RC Jenkins

        There is only one (effective) way to do this: by using an electronic shutter and adjusting exposure time of each pixel individually. Same effect as bracketing & stacking many sub-second electronic shutters, which is a more practical, non-pixel-by-pixel approach.

        The concept of ‘noise’ spans across pixels–and longer shutter speeds actually increase electronic noise while reducing shot noise. What’s the scale of benefit you’d see?

        I don’t think we will see pixel-by-pixel in a practical sense. Take a 24MP sensor: pixel-by-pixel would require over 24 million calculations per ‘pulse check’ (fraction of a second) until each pixel’s saturation. Say this fraction is 1/8000 (which is a 1/13th-stop increment, relative to 1 second)…that’s at least 200 billion calculations per second, or 200 Ghz.

        The stacking method is a ‘dumb’ operation but requires storage/buffer–this is what “pixel shift” modes do. This is a much more practical approach and extends DR by being limited primarily by electronic noise rather than shot noise.

        • ZoetMB

          I think there are other methods. You could have a pixel based variable ND filter in front of the sensor or on the mirror.

          There’s plenty of things that weren’t possible ten years ago that are possible now.

          • RC Jenkins

            Again, per pixel? The darkness of the per-pixel ND filter still depends on the per pixel exposure. That’s a lot for little benefit and rare cases. If you have enough light for an ND filter, you typically don’t have issues with DR.

      • CERO

        Right now that would require a ton of processing. I dont think any current digital processor could do that inside a camera.

    • hussey

      Fro says that because he crushes the blacks and doesn’t care about detail down there. He also doesn’t think you need to worry about being able to bring back information because he thinks it only applies to the situations where you missed the correct exposure. Which is obviously incorrect. Shoot in bright sun and you almost always would be helped by bringing up the shadows.

  • TwoStrayCats

    My monitor cuts off part of the headline. It looked, at first, like the Zeiss was $623! I was so excited!!!!

    • XXTwnz

      Same here. Great disappointment when I found it was $623….. “off” after going to B&H

  • br0xibear

    Looks like there might be some movement on the D850 front.
    Nikon Hong Kong, Nikon Malaysia, Nikon France, Nikon Italia, Nikon Singapore, Nikon Asia, have all posted the “coming soon picture” on their instagram at exactly the same time…


    • they probably got the green light to post the picture because they had to pull it after I posted that it has the actual D850 camera

      • br0xibear

        If Nikon’s marketing dept were awake, they could have posted a different image…like a close up of that switch/port on the side of the prism ?

        • They should release more teasers.

  • sickheadache

    What is this? Another day without D850 News.

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