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The latest Nikon design patents

This new Nikon design patent (USD789434) could be for the rumored Nikon Coolpix P900 replacement. The top dials are different when compared to the current Nikon P900 model.  .   

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Nikon’s upcoming mirrorless camera/lens is rumored to have two electric AF motors

The next Nikon mirrorless camera/lenses are rumored to have TWO electric AF motors – each driving a separate group of lens elements for faster and more precise autofocusing. I am still not sure about the details, but I was told that this is a new “internal focusing” technology, where TWO groups of lens elements will […]

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A quick update on the rumored Nikon full-frame mirrorless camera Z-mount

A quick update on my last post about the rumored new full-frame mirrorless Z-mount from Nikon: the measurements I reported caused some confusion in the comments section – my understanding is that the external diameter of 49mm is the actual mount opening, the entire external diameter of the mount is going to be 65.4mm (just […]

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Nikon’s upcoming mirrorless camera rumored to have a new Z-mount with 16mm flange focal distance

Some interesting rumors from CES – Nikon’s upcoming mirrorless camera is rumored to have a new Z-mount: Designed for full frame mirrorless cameras External diameter: 49mm Flange focal distance: 16mm Keep in mind that “Z-mount” may not be the final marketing name, but I believe the dimensions are right. For comparison, here are the dimensions of the […]

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