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Sony’s presentation shows that Nikon Z mount is capable of f/0.58 lenses

During the a6400 press event a few weeks ago, Sony had several slides showing the advantages of their mirrorless E-mount. Some of the slides were directly targeted at Leica since Stephan Schulz from Leica Camera AG claimed that the Sony E-mount was not designed for full-frame mirrorless cameras (there are several other articles online making the same claim). […]

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Here is a 58mm f/0.7 full-frame mirrorless lens designed for Nikon Z-mount

The above lens design is for a 58mm f/0.7 full-frame mirrorless lens for Nikon Z-mount. I believe this is a third-party project and I am not sure if it will come to production. Stay tuned for additional information.

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In case you missed it: Nikon Z-mount can support lenses faster than f/0.95

Black Friday is almost over and we can now get back to our regular coverage. The French website Mizuwari published their interview with Nicolas Gillet from Nikon France from the 2018 Photo Show. There is nothing really new to report here – the same topics have been discussed over and over during the past few months in other numerous interviews, […]

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IR interview with Nikon engineers

Imaging Resource published their interview with three Nikon engineers – a lot of interesting information as usual, here is a quick recap:

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