New firmware updates for Nikon D810 and D810A released

Nikon WR‑R10 wireless remote controller
Nikon released new firmware updates for the Nikon D810 and D810A cameras that fixed an issue when using the WR‑R10 wireless remote controller:

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the camera to stop responding when attached to a WR‑R10 wireless remote controller running firmware version 3.00.

Download links:

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  • neogene

    Uau a huuuge changelog 😉

  • Sawyerspadre

    So silly question, but does this firmware make the SB5000 work via wireless RF TTL on the D810? I know that is asking a lot….

    • no

    • Orange Elephant

      I’ve been told by my dealer that the firmware v3 on the WR‑R10 is what makes the SB-5000 work. Also for the D610 too.

  • n11

    I’d to one day see a significant update to a camera such as “enables higher framerates” or “improves ISO by 1/3rd stop.”

    • buy a Fuji. 😉

    • Michael Laing

      Fuji have great fireware updates and I have to say the Canon 7D got a great firmware update, a few years after its original release. Unfortunately, Nikon is at best bad with its firmware updates, half the time they don’t seem to even bother with the issues the camera has.

  • MarineCorpsX

    …focus peeking? Nothing?

    • Scott

      No peeking.. or even peaking. 😉

      • MarineCorpsX

        …you know that about no peaking? Or you are just trying to be annoying? 🙂

    • jtra

      Nikon hates focus peaking. They implemented it on D750, but did not tell anybody, and they did not took last step to make it usable.

  • Adnan

    Nothing for outdated D 800 / E ?
    This might be slightly off topic but can someone share the current D 800.s firmware as seen on LCD? The rumor about FLAT picture control in D800′ firmware update and the link provided is dead.
    My current firmware looks like this :
    A 1.10
    B 1.10
    L 2.005
    Is this updated ?

  • fama

    Hmmm, I have compared the two bin files and discovered a lot of bytes are changed.
    I think this mean much more changes than the log showing.

  • MattfromNikon

    Friend of mine who is a software engineer just had a so called “closer look” at this bin file and he is sure that there is more to this than meets the eye.
    First of all, comparing this file to an earlier firmware file seems to indicate that there are more than just one fix included. Secondly, the file itself has several command lines for fixes.
    But according to my friend it is impossible to say what Nikon have really fixed as nobody knows how to interpret the firmware code and actual data.

    • saywhatuwill

      Okay, I’ll give it a shot and see what happens.

    • J.Coi
    • neogene

      Sadly nobody could know if the changed lines are due to different fixes or due to different lines changed to fix a single issue.

      • Thom Hogan

        Or: lines changed because encryption changes the values once you start making any change to the file.

        • neogene

          Are they encrypted? Didn’t know it.

          • Thom Hogan

            I believe that most of Nikon’s firmware has at least some encrypted areas within it.

  • Virindi

    No thanks, I want my Sigma lenses to keep working. Also, where is that RAW histogram I’m waiting for?

    • yvrgwac

      If Nikon ever does that, I hope Sigma responds quickly with firmware updates to the lenses.

    • davidbarkin

      Why are you even talking about Sigma lens? I don’t see any mention of them in this thread.
      Are you saying that firmware changes in the 810 might effect the settings that are in the calibrated Sigma lens?

      • The change is in your sigma lens if you used the dock, no idea what above Op is talking about

        • Spy Black

          He’s referring to firmware updates deliberately rendering third-party products like lenses and batteries inoperable.

          • Thanks, well it didnt as I have a Sigma 24 1.4 and I just updated and shot today, all is fine

            • Mike

              Try to focus in live view. My 35 Art didn’t focus in LV on my D750.

      • Virindi

        Check the issues with the recent update on the D5500.
        I don’t trust firmware upgrades unless it’s on something I really want.


    Lol you gota plug sth in to use a remote….ahahah Nikon, it’s 2016 you stupid Japs!!!

    • ninpou_kobanashi

      Sony and Fuji are Japs too. So are Canon, Olympus…
      Go use a Holga you POS racist bastard.

      • Mauro Estrandal Romanelli

        I think he is not racist, only stupid 😉

      • KIRALY

        That’s why I use Leica…no Jap finger prints on the finishing. I don’t care who did the electronics since I won’t touch em, Jap 🙂

      • KIRALY

        Ah, I just enjoyed an episode of The Pacific…”Slap a Jap”…our grandfathers knew how to treat the enemy.

        • ninpou_kobanashi

          You’ll have to try harder than that; I grew up with slap-a-jap day (^_^). I find it hilarious that you’d use a German device instead.

  • cgustavs

    Slight observation regardinf D810 FW 1.11
    It solves a problem with when using FW version 3.0 on WR10-R. The FW available for download is 2.0. Prediction of what is about to happen or a typo?

    • Nick

      They require you to send in the WR-R10 to upgrade it to 3.0. So unless you’ve done that you’re fine. They haven’t started selling 3.0 updated WR units yet

      • Thom Hogan

        Yup. Resulting in a great Catch-22 for all us D5/SB-5000 owners. Just sad.

        • Nick

          Why what a problem Thom? If you want to do wireless with your D5 get the update, then update the firmware on your 810 if you want to use the remote.

          • Thom Hogan

            Read carefully. If you have a D5 and an SB-5000 and want to use it wirelessly, one of two things apply currently:

            1. You already have the necessary WR-10, but it has firmware 1.0 or 2.0 on it and needs to be sent to Nikon to make it work.
            2. You can’t buy an WR-10 with firmware 3.0 in it.

            So, I can’t currently test or use the wireless flash function that the combo was hyped to be able to do. Instead, I have to wait for #1 to complete, only I’m traveling, so it can’t complete because even if Nikon put the new firmware on my remote, my remote would be delivered to the studio, where I’m not.

            Catch-22. Moreover, a Catch-22 Nikon surely had to know they were creating in advance.

            • Sawyerspadre

              It certainly seems like the hardware and software teams at Nikon need to get in sync, and make sure marketing is also aware of timelines.

              1 They announced Snapbridge, but the app is not released. Will it be ready in time for the D500 or DL cams?

              Will Snapbridge work with any cameras before the D500? Big fail if they can’t make it work on something like a D750.

              2. Wireless flash isn’t wireless (RF) until you have the software and a way to easily get it onto the dongle. BTW, why should you really need a new dongle, if the camera has RF in it for Snapbridge? If it increased range, then OK, you could offer the dongle with the benefit of increased range

              3 If they have said that the D5 will do 4K for more than 3 minutes via firmware, then they should have that firmware ready, so that you can upgrade when the first cams hit the street. If you cripple features, guess what, the reviewers will illustrate your lameness. I get that it may not have been ready for start of production, but they need to at least have it ready within the first week or two of deliveries…

            • Thom Hogan

              I think we’re seeing the engineering team having taken a time out to figure out where they really should be going, and then everything ended up on critical path to actually get it done in conjunction with the D5 generation launch.

              1. AFAIK, the new Snapbridge requires low power Bluetooth, and the D500 will be the first camera to have that built in. So no, I don’t think they’re going to play a retrofit game, they’re going to have new cameras they want to sell you. In terms of the DSLRs, everything but the D7200 is due for an update this year or overdue, anyway.

              2. Someone made a mistake with the radio flash, I think. I believe the WR-10 firmware is user upgradeable, but not for the change that needs to be made to make the old ones work with the SB-5000. So someone blew a design parameter somewhere along the way. I’m actually with you: I’m not understanding why the necessary hardware isn’t built into a US$6000 camera. I’m also not understanding how you sell new flash systems at all when only two of your cameras can even work with the dongle to run the flash. The thing I hear from everyone is “I’ll wait for you and/or others to tell me that it works better before I abandon [current IR, cheap SE Asian units, PocketWizard].” Yet I can’t actually do that yet, because I’m in the Catch-22 ;~).

              3. Nikon probably wants to find all the other bugs in the D5 before they issue any firmware update. And I think most users probably think the same way: we really don’t want to be doing update-of-the-week, as it’s a big hassle.

  • Adnan

    Well I do that mostly all the time.
    The point is I upgraded to a new Laptop and previous data got mixed up in 2 drives.
    I’m pretty sure I downloaded the last firmware but don’t remember if I installed it or not.

    All someone who really needs to answer seriously had to type like I did for a match.
    Thanks but no thanks!

    • David Weinehall

      All you really needed to get the answer was use Google. Good search term: “Nikon current firmware” and press “I’m feeling lucky”

      And notice that your firmware A+B are up to date, while your lens distortion data is out of date.

  • ufff…. just updated firmware and third party battery (Patona EN-EL18a) in MB-D12 grip stopped working… i got very angry.
    So i removed the battery pack, then DSLR started up. After this operation i had to fully charge the battery and it is working again…. weird. So be careful if you use third party batteries! Good luck

    • mg428

      Thanks! Has someone tried with Smatree battery pack?

  • MarineCorpsX

    …uh, I didn’t expect that from Nikon. In product and fine-art photography focus peaking is a must. Do not all people shoot fashion only.

    • Kiboko

      For Video – Focus peaking also is a must. Look at al the external screens and recorders, they all have it. And I guess the “hidden” feature don’t work in Live-video mode. 🙁

      • jtra

        It works for video too, but you will get a video of it. You don’t want video file with all the peaking.

  • Adnan

    I’m not interested in the distortion control data
    I have the current version, have downloaded it just didn’t installed it.
    The thing I was inquiring about that Nikon released FLAT picture control update for 8xxx series now that link is dead. Was that a real thing or Nikon didn’t released it?
    In those days I was I was very busy, I’m a hobbyist not a full time photographer.

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