Nikon Capture NX 2.3 coming soon with 64-bit compatibility

New version 2.3 of Capture NX ($129.95) is ready to be released and it will have 64-bit support. I believe this version will add support also for new, unreleased Nikon camera(s), which explains why it is not available yet.

The latest Capture NX version is 2.2.8.

Do no expect Capture NX3 to be released any time soon.

Nikon recently added 64-bit support to their NEF codec.

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  • Craig

    Once again, Nikon software late to the game…………

    • if nikon gave it for free, i would understand their effort but for now, it is only lol

      • Dweeb

        It’s about time this old clunker was free. At least with the upper tier cameras.

    • nrb

      People complain that it’s not 64bit. When they release it 64bit, people complain. Screwed either way.

      • Dweeb

        People complain about a 200 dollar 5 year old program with $hit interface and no current features. What do you expect? Nikon’s been milking this old hag for eons.

        • El Aura

          I doubt they are still getting much milk from it. The smallish group of people who like and are used to it bought it years ago (the update to version 2 was almost 3.5 years ago). Very few people recommend to newcomers.
          Nikon just feels that some high-end customers buy Nikon partly because of Capture NX (ie, a raw converter which produces a Nikon look), that is why they keep developing it.
          And naturally they also feel they have to offer an official solution for new raw formats even if they make no money on it.

        • Nikon would be better off to buy Corel and get something decent and spin off what they don’t need. Oh, wait… maybe they can get the Corel engineers to fix and update Camera Control Pro so its worth using before Adobe puts extra functionality in Lightroom and obsoletes it completely. Geez, even an alliance with Corel so they can ditch CaptureNX would make more sense than to perpetuate that zombie.

        • JED

          “No current features”…

          What does that even mean? Nobody uses the white balance slider anymore?

      • I think people complain because it’s only just now almost catching up with everything else. My copy likes to crash all the time under the “load” of D3x files (16GB RAM in my PC), every other RAW converter has a better user interface, and it needs more than just a minor update.

        The ONLY reason most people who use it still do is it does the best job of rendering NEFs. If nikon would disclose there full NEF info to Adobe, no one would use NX anymore…

  • T.I.M

    After the D700 the D3s is now also out-of-stock at B&H and Adorama !
    Anyway, who need a body for his lenses ?

    • T.I.M

      The D7000 is now out-of-stock at B&H !
      Houston, we have a problem….

      • Twoomy

        Jeeze, and the D300s and the D3x are also out of stock. Just about everything above mid-level consumer camera is unavailable.

        • cpm5280

          Woohoo! Now the D5 is definitely coming! Feb 31!

  • Eric Calabros

    At least in software department of Nikon, somebody is working

  • Andy H

    I suspect that Capture NX 3 would be announced when the next generation of bodies are announced. Makes more sense that way and can explain the delay in NX3.


  • Chris

    I hope we don’t have to buy 2.3 if we already own NX2.

    • if you would have Capture One you would not need to buy even 2.5, 3.0 or 7.1 which comes with multi-core support

  • if anyone has ever been disappointed with New version 2.3 of Capture NX.

  • KnightPhoto

    Yaay – how soon is it coming? Would like to catch up on a bunch of PP over Christmas.

  • Merv

    It still costs about $200 in Canada. As I’ve a version of Photoshop Elements that now requires some sort of extra step (Adobe DNG converter) to open D5100 files, I might just consider Capture NX

    Anyone get a bit of a pause when trying to preview a NEF file under 64-bit windows?

    • If all you need is the RAW converter, View NX2 does a pretty good job and it is free. Like Capture it allows you to modify in-camera settings. Shadow recovery is also pretty good. View NX2 allows you to Convert files into JPEG or TIFF formats with just a couple of clicks.

      ViewNX2 is a pretty good editor if all you want is simple global edits. It is fine with white balance, picture controls, shadow recovery, highlight protections, and global settings for saturation, contrast and brightness.

      • chris zeller


        Been on the fence about upgrading either Photoshop CS4 to CS5 or NX 1 to NX2 to process my raw files from the D7000. I also could use View to convert to JPEG and then use CS4. I don’t use a lot of the new features. What would you recommend?

        • …the ACR engine in CS5 does phenomenal and is better than either. However, I think the next version of PS will have yet another new raw engine. I tried a leaked beta out and it looks pretty yummy. I’d wait and work with what you’ve got.

          There is a free DNG converter on Adobe’s site that will allow you to use newer cameras with older versions of PS by running DNGs. I’d take DNGs in PS over JPEGs from NX any day. It may slow down your workflow, but the results will be much better.

  • Having brought Capture 2 already then this 64-bit version should be free – but with the D800, D4, D400 rumored coming out next year then I think Nikon will only offer raw support to these cameras in the 2.3 version only – making upgraders needing to spend another $120/£100 on this product.

    • António

      Hope so also. THe change from NX to NX2 was paid, but not the ones from version 2.0 to 2.1 or 2.2.

      A good improvement would be compatibility with Color Efex 4 and the other Nik Collection programs…but maybe the changes in the engine will show up only in a possible version 3.0.

  • Banksie

    I’ve never used Capture NX. Is there an advantage over other programs? I currently use Phase One, LR, Aperture, and Iridient Digital which all work slightly differently depending on the file (it’s like having several different film and developer combinations to put it an analog perspective.) What’s the main selling point of NX over the others and over the ACR engine in LR and PS?

    • Ric

      Control Points.

    • The Wayne

      Both CNX2 and VNX2 have the advantage of reading the in-camera setting for picture controls. So if you use, say, Vivid or Standard controls those settings will be applied when you open the image. You can also change those controls in the software. With Adobe software you don’t get picture controls as a starting point.

      • The Wayne

        Forgot to mention in my reply above. This is only true with NEF files.

    • It’s a slower cludgy interface that runs slower on any given system. It’s better than jpegs from the camera, but worse than the latest from Adobe. The noise reduction engine in ACR trumps pretty much everything else right now. ACR also has the same kind of tools for lens corrections, but has more manual options. Also ACR will correct third party lenses, which I can’t see any Nikon software doing.

      All in all, if you shoot for a living and need to do your own post, ACR can’t be beat for a volume environment, or even a low volume one where you need color accuracy. NX is a toy in this type of comparison. Better than nothing, but not really the best at anything.

  • alvix

    now I come out of my cave and say ..yes…!

  • Lens corrections (other than CA which works very nicely) are limited to too few lenses. My 20mm f/2.8 AF (not D) is not recognized, nor is my Tamron 28-75 f/2.8.

    • …NX support ANY third party lenses? Didn’t last I tried…

  • VoP

    The 64-bit support could be an indication of higher memory consumption by much bigger RAW files. Maybe they need it for 20++ MP files of a new camera generation …

  • Ric


    About Fricken TIME!


  • Neil

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Although if the info of this corresponds to the recent codec update then it sounds like this will be a Windows update. That will suck. Even so, it almost doesn’t matter. By the time a meaningful update is released, the market will have passed them by. Hate it, too. I’ve used Capture for 6 years but it’s hard to justify when Lightroom is so much easier to work with.

  • I use 2.2.8 every day and 2.3 sounds like a nice improvement.

  • A move in the right direction.

  • The NEF codec 64-bit upgrade was appreciated. Many photographers use 64-bit Windows.

  • Thom wHO?

    Capture NX is ready.
    Nikon D800 ready.
    Nikon sb 910 ready.

    But the reality is that wewill wait for a long long time.

  • Hope it includes some “behind the curtains” Mac Lion OS X compatibility fixes. Yes, Lion works. But if you push it too hard, it will spontaneously crash. Examples of this would include applying sharpening, or when you have too many edit steps added. I’m now saving my files every few steps just to be safe.

    Lion’s been out for months, and NX2 is still behind the curve. As of October 2011, Mac OS X Lion has sold over 6 million copies worldwide. You’d think these impressive market share numbers would motivate the development team to amp up Lion support. All those new Mac users are migrating to other programs because NX2 is not supported, at least not on paper. And this is a shame, because it’s really a good program when all is said and done.

  • Cuius

    Given that Nikon were offered the rights to Photoshop in the early days, it would be interesting to speculate how far that would have developed by now – probably we would be discussing a future Photoshop v.3.0

    • Neil

      More like Photoshop NX2 1.6.3 and the next release introduces the concept of layers.

  • Jerry

    Well I just hope it works on OSX Lion as the present version does not!

  • Anonymus Maximus


    Nikon finally arrived in the 21st century and it took them only 11 years in!

  • Jur

    I do own PS and Capture One as well, but I find NX2 much better in dealing with NEF’s and much easier to work with! The control points are an enormous benefit!! Who needs layers? Just use the very powerful and easy to use masking options in NX2. I also like the uncluttered look of the interface. My impression is that very few people have really learned to properly use and appreciate the true power of NX2. Sure I’ll move to PS for the odd perspective correction, but otherwise …….

    • it IS really powerful. used a trial version and was so amazed at how much you could squeeze out of the files. sadly, the trial period expired and im back to ViewNX atm. i ve been putting off capture cos i dont want to buy it and have V3 come out.. perhaps i should go for it now..

  • Nikgun

    Capture is actually a very powerful editor.

  • Michael

    Well, Capture NX is not a perfect software (do you know a prefect one????) but it gives you full control over NEF files.

    I used to work with Lightroom and it was rendering weird colors in my NEFs so i decided to sell it…

  • Cesar

    *running out of the door to buy it*


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