Capture NX 2.2.8 is out

New version 2.2.8 of Capture NX is out. The changes in this update are:

  • Support for RAW images captured with the Nikon 1 V1, Nikon 1 J1 and COOLPIX P7100 has been added.
  • Information for lenses used with the Auto Distortion correction function under Camera & Lens Corrections in the Develop section of the Edit List has been updated.
  • When the Auto Lateral Color Aberration function under Camera & Lens Corrections in the Develop section of the Edit List was applied to RAW images, gray edges were, in some rare cases, displayed in some portions of the subject. This issue has been resolved.
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  • PR

    when are they going to come with 64bit version ? its key for faster processing

    • Bigus Dickus

      it is out already couple of years. Called Capture One.
      Is multicore friendly, faster, more stable and have better highlight recovery

  • Is NX3 due in a few weeks with the D4??? I abandoned NX a long time ago in favour of the much easier to use Lightroom.

    • Gerald

      I completely disagree. I tested both and for Nikon, NX2 is just so much easier and quicker than lightroom. no burdensome import into catalogue but brilliant control points, bw conversion etc in nx2

      • vinman

        It’s all about what your used to in your own particular work flow. I’ve tried different iterations of NX on my computers and the Control Points were very intuitive. That, however, was about the only thing I liked. I’m a LR user since the first beta, so that’s what I’ve grown used to.

        That said, Nikon’s aversion to 64 bit architecture is nothing short of bizarre. I wonder if their developers are still locked in a dorm thinking that no one is using 64 OSs even today…

        • FM2Fan

          agree – the 64bit versions are MUST HAVE to work on larger amount of images, video and having a better app-experience

          • KameraOla

            What do you think will improve with 64bit?

            If Capture uses close to 2GB of ram, you have to many images open simultaneously. Why not just browse them in ViewNX instead?

            Now, if Adobe LR could use the embedded jpg in the nefs, instead of trying to interpret the raw data, I’d happily buy LR for browsing, tagging and cataloging. But I don’t want it for converting/editing.

            • lostinbids

              It would be nice to use more ram to speed things up. Tiffs from my D3x are about 150mb, it slows things down a bit.

    • Ralph

      Me too – but then I abandoned Lightroom for Aperture…

  • Why not fix the problem with shadows? When using control points to brighten shadows, the nef-file cracks just like a jpeg.. Thats really problem that NEEDS SOLVING!

    • To brighten shadows try using Shadow Recovery in the Quick Adjust section and then selectively apply D-Lighting Better Quality. Control Points don’t recover shadows well – the Brightness adjustment simply lightens rather than adjusting a curve.

  • Bob1948

    Lipstick on a pig.
    As for the other announcements, Nikon will soon release an earthshaking point & shoot in your favorite candy colors with a rhinestone lens cap. As for pro level gear …. forget it. Who cares if the dealers have anything to sell to their pro customers anyway? I started with an F and have stayed with them through the D3. Going to have to think about going to brand C, I guess.

    • Visualiza

      And what exactly do you plan to buy with brand C? Another system that’s been around for 3+ years, long overdue for an update itself?

      At this stage in the game, with either of the big two you stand to be disappointed, so you might as well wait.

    • KameraOla

      Yeha, right, you been along since the F. Tell me then, how many years were there between models back then?

  • Dan

    I agree, NX2 is an excellent editing program (but not without its faults). Of course, the fact that Mac Lion is not supported is not good.

    As for the poster who has problems with his shadows – sorry to say, but that’s probably user error. Using a properly exposed 14-bit RGB file (e.g. exposed to the right without clipping), I don’t have any issues brightening shadows (unless I’m trying to pull the luminosity beyond what any digital file can support). Actually, NX2 handles Nikon NEFs quite admirably – giving you the ability to make adjustments as if they were done in-camera. But like I said, it’s not perfect. But what program is?

  • Bob

    geez! No lion support yet!!!!

  • rogeriosm

    I use NX2 with Lion with no problem.

    • Dan

      Yes, I’ve heard from others who use Lion with no issues. I think it’s hit or miss – and might depend on whether you upgraded from SL or purchased a new machine with Lion pre-loaded.

      Some with Lion report occasional crashes. But at the end of the day, if you’re going to keep a product out there, you should at least make an attempt to maintain full compatibility and support for the most current OS. As much as I personally love NX2, they are a few months behind the curve on releases. And let’s face it, Apple is only gaining market share versus PC – another compelling reason why software development needs to be a touch more aggressive. Let’s hope NX3 will solve this issue.

  • Rx

    Getting sick of NX2. Its been a love hate relationship with this app. On one hand I love the colour output and speed from the simplicity and power of the U-point. On the other hand, I hate the fact that its 32-bit and how often it crashes under Windows 7.

    At the end of the day, I found myself simply just taking the compromise and doing what I can under CS just because it doesn’t freeze or crash on me. Come on Nikon, do you really expect us to pay all this hard earned cash for a halve baked app?

    I’m hanging on as long as I can for NX3 but might soon give up and just hand my cash over to Nik software for the new EFX4 plugins and use CS full time instead if Nikon doesn’t get its act together.

  • Matt B

    It’s coming and it will be awesome! It’s taking longer than anticipated as they keep finding great stuff they can add to the list. They may even change the name 🙂

    Disclaimer: the above comment is not based on reliable information, just my desire to have awesome Nikon software that will drive me to get a new computer that will allow me to run the program to it’s fullest.

  • Is Europe always first? Can you please post the link to the US site too? Thanks

  • mindust

    NX2 has nice colors, but after reinstalling it so many times with the “oh so wonderful” window$, the license crapped out and won’t let me install it. That’s the end of my relationship with Nikon software. You can U-point as a Viveza plug-in with LR, Aperture, and Photoshop from Nik.

  • Don

    I’m a diehard NX2 user, but, if you want to talk to almost anyone else about photo processing they all speak PS. It sucks, but that’s the way it is. Most PS users I know will not talk it general terms that could be translated to the same thing in NX2. They insist on talking PS commands. Also, if you want to learn and grow from others and pick up tips from other, you are just about forced into PS. I hate. I like to keep my RAW files with my edit list and only output jpg for web display etc. I like having the edit list alive and being able to go back and tweek things like WB at the every beginnnig without starting all over with the edit.
    I wish for two things in NX – 1) that all of the Nik plugins worked with NXx and 2) that NXx had a clone tool. Getting rid of things in the photo can be troublesome with NX. Everything else I think one can do as good or better than PS. Ok, may some of the gimiky stuff not so, but just normal editing is true.

  • Dan

    I used to be a die-hard Capture NX2 user until one day it crashed and, now, regardless of what I do or try – registry cleaners, etc. – it will not run. So it forced me to try Lightroom. Having gotten used to the so-called cumbersome (On that I disagree emphatically.) importing process, I’m absolutely delighted to be where I am with it. NX2 was slightly better at rendering sharp points of light, but when one has 400-500 RAW files to deal with in one night – runway photographers will know what I’m talking about – Lightroom is the way to go. Import the RAW files, nail your white balance and exposure and sync them across instantaneously and you’ve done half of your editing.

    I am looking forward to Capture NX3, because one can never have too many options provided one knows how to use them and I certainly appreciate the Capture NX rendering for big landscape shots, but for now I’m perfectly happy with the Lightroom 3 and CS5 combination. It’s simple, powerful and there’s always a way to do what you want.

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