All Nikon 1 products now available for pre-order (updated)

All Nikon 1 products are now available for pre-order at Adorama, B&H and Amazon:

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  • Lonnie Utah

    I’ll take the Nex-5n with 16mp and a real sensor for $50 more please…

    • Daniel

      The Nex-5n doesn’t have a fullframe sensor neither, so I don’t really know what you insinuate with “real sensor”.

      • Steve

        No need to insinuate anything – be blunt. It’s a colorful toy by comparison to aps-c.

      • Renato M.

        may not be FF but it’s good enough for quality, bokeh, etc. and a 1.6x crop is a very different from a 2.7x crop. to have the same bokeh as a f/2.8 in FF you would need a f/1 in the Nikon1. a f/2 in Nikon1 is equivalent of a f/5.6.

  • comicalalien

    What the Hell!

    Who is going to buy these outfits for the price they are marketing!
    You can get Sony, Samsung, Nikon, Canon Pentax APC sensor sized cameras. Sony’s C3 and Nex-5n as well as Samsung’s NX200 are at these prices.

    Nikon is losing it in a big way!

    These cameras will barely be better than digital compacts.

    I am starting to get the “jump ship” attitude in a big way!

    • Anonymous

      Go ahead and jump…

      JUMP… JUMP… JUMP….

    • Mike

      I don’t understand. To jump ship you 1. Must already have this product. 2. Are going to a competitor with a similar 1″ sized sensor that does a different or better job that what Nikon is offering.

      “Damnit, I’m driving a 6 cylinder VW. They have the ability make 12 cylinder Bentley’s, but only launched a new 3 cylinder Seat, when BMW and M-B are producing 4 cylinder sexpots. I’m jumping off the VW ship because they built something that I didn’t want and have no intention of buying anyway!”. That doesn’t make sense either.

    • scurvy hesh

      Not really. None of those companies can make viable professional DSLRs. You see, whats going on in these lil guys will make their way to the full frame cameras coming out in the next few months. Nikon is about to launch some Monsters!

  • Bobfp3

    My opipion (and mine only ) Nikon have done the right thing . Ok no dx or fx ( i think 1st 1/4 next year for these ) Nikon have for a long time a void between p&s and dslr, this adresses this. Whether you like it or not the biggest market in terms of profit is between p&s and dslr, joe bloggs wants a camera that he can pull from his jacket and get pro (sic ) grade results.

    • Renato M.

      I would agree with you if the J1 was around 400~500$ and the V1 around 500~650$.

      the Olympus E-PM1 has the same size as the J1 and cost 500$, 150$ less than the J1!
      the G3 is a little bit bigger than the V1 but it also has a EVF but it costs only 700$ instead of 900$!

      I don’t think they can address that in-between market with these prices.

      • Yagion

        I agree with you both, Nikon has done the right thing staying compact with smaller sensor. If I’m going for NEX size, I might as well get D3100 since it’s not pocketable anyway. I also agree that the 1 system should be priced less.

        • scurvy hesh

          It will. Street price is always less.

          • PHB

            Yep, that is why I am not rushing out to buy.

            I would go for a V1 at $700 with the basic lens which is roughly what I expect them to go for in Costco anyway.

            One feature that I haven’t seen mentioned so far is the electronic shutter speed of 1/16,000th. That is awesome as it means full flash sync is (theoretically) possible at that speed.

            There is also a mechanical shutter, though why anyone would want one is beyond me. Solid state should be better.

            Looks to me as if Nikon has a winner here for their intended market

            There will almost certainly be cheaper models and more expensive ones over time. It is a system after all. 10MP is the opening bid I would hope.

            For me it is not going to make a lot of sense till there is the F-mount adapter.

            As for performance, lets wait to see what the IQ is measured at before casting judgement.

  • Iris Chrome

    Admin, btw the link for the J1 above doesn’t take you to the J1 page on Amazon but a general search result of camera and photo equipment.

  • I’m on the fence whether I should order the cheaper brother with the kit lens. Just based on how small it is and what it can (60fps…FINALLY) do despite being its size is pretty neat. I’ll wait for some samples and reviews first.

  • Nikkorthemonk

    Cool little groovy camera. Great for housewives and street shooters who do like to be able to change lenses. A fun little, tykes sports, camera for mom who also goes to the playground park and amusement parks. The price is more then I was excepting but I see itcoming down. In the end this little camera is a miracle. It can do more then the first vehicle to land on the moon combined. Sure it’s easy to bitch moan and complain but I think it’s a wicked little beast. Haters gonna hate. At least it’s progress. Still want my d800 but I definatly see the usefullness of this camera.

    • Interested


      This is exactly how I feel about it. The ONLY downside is price. just shave a little fat off the price tag and it’d be perfect.

      • Yagion

        Sample images look great, even at ISO 800. Hope prices come down so it is a little more affordable.

  • Moth Flopwell

    I remember MOANING about this two weeks ago…and I do remember a lot of you guys..who are moaning today..That Nikon WAS NOT trying to compete with Sony with this mirrorless camera.

    IF you get the Nikon 1 with two Lens….1,149.95 and that does not include a flash!! Which is another 150 dollars. OR even GPS, which is another 150 dollars…WOW your now in the league of Sony. AND you guys told me…that Nikon was not trying to do that.

    Those prices that Nikon placed on this camera and all of its attachments does place it with Samsung and Sony…But When I compare Price and What is in the Camera….I rather spend my money on Sony. I get more bang for the money. A lot more. I looked at the comparison chart…and asked myself this question…

    IF i was going to spend 1,300 dollars…what camera on paper looks more of the deal. SONY!!! Nikon does not get it. PLUS….there was a survey of 30,000 Nikon Customers…and 2/3rds said they would NOT buy the Nikon Camera. WOW..Nikon you sure did listen.

    Nikon Priced and undercut themselves with 10mp, and sensor meant for a hummingbird. I am shocked and amazed with the lack of execution of this DOA Camera System from Nikon.

    AND it truly makes me wonder…will they get it right IF they ever release a new Full Frame Camera.

    • Jafu888

      Different people assign different value to things.

      If you value size of the system.
      This may be the right thing for you.
      If you value sensor size then this may not.

      If size does not matter iPad would never out sell a netbook.

      I don’t thing we can say much about image
      quality till we see the pictures.

      The average non SLR user. (99% of planet)
      Will look at the size of the setup.
      Look at some prints, some of the video modes.
      Say I like it.

      • Renato M.

        size? it’s the same size as the m4/3 cameras (, you better go with m4/3 then.

        the 10mm pancake is bigger than the 14mm pancake from m4/3. the 14-42mm X lens from Panasonic is really small. if it’s size, well Nikon1 was born dead practically.

        but the worst and more delusional part is the price, totally delusional.

        • Jafu888

          I said size of the system.

          Not the size of the body.
          Who cares about the body only.
          Look at the lens mount on the m4/3.

          I have played with the NEX and I think what the point.
          The lenses are just as big as DX lenses.
          I walk with 1 camera and 2-3 lenses.
          It does not save me much.

          It only useful if all you want is one pancake.

          • Interested

            That’s my same problem with Sony. If I have to take the same size lenses then I might as well carry a proper DSLR.

            • Yagion

              That’s why I think Nikon is going the right path choosing smaller sensor to keep it compact.

              After seeing the sample images, I’m starting to think about selling my G12 and get this.

              V1/J1 + 1 lens is still cheaper than X100

    • Steve B

      I’d like to see a followup survey now that it has been released. For me, the price is well out of line with reality.

      • + 1

      • IanZ28


        Can buy a D5100 + 18-55 & 55-300mm zooms for $1000.

        Sacrificing image quality and sensor size for the sake of a smaller camera body is not an acceptable compromise for me. Compared to the other existing offerings available this new system is a joke – and a very poorly executed one at that.

    • scurvy hesh

      Dont be silly. Of course they will release a full frame camera. And expect to see a lot of whats going on in this little beastie in the D700 replacement. ANd let me remind you that Neither Sony or Samsung are making full frame cameras that can compete with Nikon, or Canon

  • marco

    I think for now saving $ 900 to take the D800 in the future!

  • If the mirrorless has already been announced, why is the counter still counting down on ?

    • NikkorTheMonk

      Have you never seen Independence Day? It’s a countdown to the alien invasion.

  • techmine

    Sony had the best idea of putting the APS-C sensor in a ultra small body. Isn’t it? Nikon users disappointed here. Waiting for the real world reviews though. No matter what, the small sensor will leave your pixel peeping mind frustrated.

    • Renato M.

      not really, did you those huge motha focka lenses that they have? only ONE pancake. that makes no sense at all.

      that 14-42mm x lens from Panasonic is small, I think that a m4/3 is a good balance between APS-C and Nikon1.

  • Bjrichus

    Here we have the stunning marketing campaign for these fails:

    “#thebighands finally reveal their purpose – nice-looking Nikon 1. Also in six other European cities!

    KEY PHRASE: “It’s nice looking”

    Never mind that it’ll take an average picture and costs more than the rest… Oh well.

  • marco

    continues to attract more than the OLYMPUS PEN 3 … but I want to see the ISO and image quality tests before deciding on a future purchase.

  • michele

    It’s nice but I need the new reflex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BetaHal

    It really is incredible how far from reality are the guys who specified this kind of camera.

    While the people at Nikon theorized on a “new” market for tiny mirrorless cameras that would’nt eat into their DX range, and then created this product without leaving their fancy executive chairs, Sony and others were proactively polling their user base to explore what kind of product would fulfill people’s real demand. Heck, Nikon could have tried to understand a little bit more about video standards, at least! (PAL users won’t even be able to view the video output from this camera on their TVs)

    Let’s see what happens from now. I’ll bet that in a few years this mirrorless war will be studied in marketing courses to show a paradigmatic example of good and bad product design practices.

  • Doug Laurent

    when you have to carry around a bag of lenses, why should anyone need the camera to be a bit smaller? why pay more for this than for a dslr when it has less to offer? why start to invest in a new system thats not compatible? complete crap and just a money making product for nikon. 3 years after the 5d2, and still no full frame video competitor d700 follow up cam. sucks big time!!!

  • Neo-Colonialist

    Bunch of crybabies.

    If you want a D4 this camera is not targeted at you.

  • Lulz

    The average p&s user won’t spend a grand. So nikon screwed the pooch here! Nice work retards!

  • richard

    No point get this camera at retail price, i pretty sure the price gonna drop maybe like 20% or even more.

    • Ian

      This thing probably serves as an educational device. I was in Best Buy looking for memory cards when I overhear a discussion between a customer and one of the sales floor Associates…. I kid you not her exact words were, “now I don’t want one of those old-fashioned cameras with the screw off thing on the front! I want one of the new nicer cameras where the camera thing is built in.”

      She of course meant the lens, and the sales associate showed true valor as I would’ve out & out smacked her.

      He simply stated that she was right, she definitely needed something much less “complicated”.

      So these seem to serve as a “fun with lenses” intermediate device for the general public. It’s actually sort of a good tactic, Like a gateway drug. You’re going to hit the roof pretty quick with those lenses (At least if you start experimenting with low light and speed, or depth of field)… And then you will buy the nikkor adapter so you can start playing with the big boys, which will quickly lead you into hitting the limitations of the body, next thing you know You have another nikon-crack addict visiting Nikon rumors daily chanting “D-800 D-800”.

      • Funny

        That’s a funny ass quote:

        “now I don’t want one of those old-fashioned cameras with the screw off thing on the front! I want one of the new nicer cameras where the camera thing is built in.”

  • scurvy hesh

    This camera looks pretty innovative to me. the focus system and the video/still feature makes it a very interesting candidate. the sample pictures are showing better than expected especially in regards to shadow noise. I remember many people remarking that no one would buy and iPad when they could get a mere powerful Notebook for the same price. Boy were they wrong!

  • Kevin

    hopefully this will help nikon rake in some cash for dslr/lens development

  • matgay

    at 2.7x crop factor, the nikon sensor is so small it is not even on this list:

    • Yagion

      You really have no clue what you’re talking about. The sensor size chart was made on “2009-05-29”, and Nikon 1 system was announced yesterday…

  • Lonnie Utah

    “It’s hard to discern the target demographic for the 1 cameras. At these prices and with this spec sheet, they are not competitive in the high-end mirrorless interchangeable lens market: pros and enthusiasts looking for a second “carry everywhere” camera when they are not on a shoot with their bulky full-frame or medium format camera. Likewise, consumers (the multi-color availability makes it looks like a nod to this demo) looking to “trade up” from compacts will balk at these prices, considering the entry-level models of the established mirrorless players, like the E-PM1 from Olympus, the Panasonic GF3 and Sony’s NEX-3C are cheaper and better spec’d. It’s unclear that the consumer market really cares about interchangeable lenses, but the promise of baked-in DSLR image quality, or something approaching it, is more compelling, and that’s something the 1 system is in the least advantageous position to offer.”

  • Tim Edmunds

    Where the F(*^ is the D400/D800????? The world has plenty of these toys. Nikon – how about releasing something people really want to buy?? Patience running thin, Canon looking better and better.

    • scurvy hesh

      There is a lot of Frontal Lobe inspired rants and Knee jerking by jerks going on around here. You guys need to see the light. this is a roadmap camera! Expect to see a lot of this technology in your Beloved D700 replacement. Go Expeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MB

    The most impressive facts are that it has 4 modes:
    Motion snapshot? 1 second slow motion video around photographs … (why?)
    Smart photo selector? Wasn’t this called BSS before?
    And it has still and video modes too!
    Who actually needs anything else (like PSAM selector, ISO, WB, AF and Metering mode and area, Aperture and Speed and all those stupid controls)?
    Build from the ground up and at a DSLR prices it will end into the ground down.

  • georg

    Ok, now it’s out. Some days ago nikonrumors asked “Would you buy this camera?” Hm.. well, I’m very impressed about Nikon 1.
    -) Very impressed about the fact, that they decided to go with a small sensor with a low resolution instead a 16 or 20MP crapshit. I like it.
    -) Very impressed about the size – the J1 ist as small as a Canon S95 (!!!) – without lens respectively.
    -) Very impressed of the claimed speed
    -) Very impressed about the video specs. That is what I want from such a camera.
    -) I like the Nikon F adapter (though it makes only sense with long lenses)

    But I see dark light too:
    -) flash sync 1/60sec?? Are you kidding?
    -) No integration in the great Nikon speedlight family possibe? No wireless flash system?

    I am searching for a quality compact camera and a complement to my Nikon FX system, including lenses which is ok with the Nikon 1 (but questionable due to the crop, but that was clear), but also including the speedlights if I consider to buy Nikon.

    Nikon, you have one – if not the – of the most advanced flash system of the known camera makers. But you don’t integrate them in your new system camera?? Hell, you can not claim this is a hardware problem.. that’s just a marketing decision.

    Well, if a Nikon camera does not support one of the most important and most advanced systems of the Nikon world, then Nikon is on par with all other manufacturers and the race is open. With such a decision you are not binding your customers – now I’m looking in the Canon compact and Olympus/Panasonic m/4 world, too. You had the chance to make the decision clear – even when the prize is high. Now, you are in the normal race – no advantage over other manufacturers.

    I do not understand this decision. So, do I buy this camera? I don’t know, because without support of the Speedlight world I will look for (cheaper) alternatives even if the Nikon 1 specs are really impressive.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • where_is_our_d800…

      Don’t worry, I bet Nikon would have “Nikon 2” that’s APS-C sized and use AF-S DX lenses in a while. It might support CLS on that camera.

      i’m not an insider, but from everything we’ve seen so far, nothing would exclude nikon from doing a more professional oriented line.

  • Moth Flopwell

    I see that Lemon’s comes in Pink, Black, White, Red, and Silver.

  • where_is_our_d800…

    Any info on the pricing and availability of the f-mount adapter? To many Nikon owners this is the only question that matters.

    I can see this camera would be good when paired with 24/1.4 (make it 70mm) or 70-300VR (making it ~200-800mm). with anything heavier than those, to describe the combo as “front-heavy” would be quite an understatement…

    • I have not seen the adapter available for pre-order so far. I will update this post once available.

      • where_is_our_d800…

        Thanks admin.

        I can’t help but have to voice out again: the adapter that enables AF on AF-S Nikkor lenses is the only reason why this camera make sense….

  • Nau

    all this little extras … an no underwater enclosure 🙁

  • Torquemada

    On his website, Thom Hogan really nails it when he says:

    Meanwhile, I’d characterize the overall Nikon photographer reaction so far as “you didn’t give me what I want so the Nikon 1 sucks.” In other words, a fairly childish reaction…

    He’s got two well-written articles up. Go read them.

  • I don’t have an issue with the specs on these cameras, but the price certainly seems out of line with their competition.

  • “Frankly, I’m not sure Nikon actually understands the world they’re enabling, as their marketing materials simply suck at driving home why you might want a Nikon 1. But they’ll figure it out eventually. Right after the customers do.”

    I think Thom Hogan is right about this camera. For sports, macro, and possibly wildlife these cameras will allow photographers to do things unheard of before. Since it’s mirrorless it’ll mean taking pictures of flying insects much easier than it has been with DX/FX, and it’ll mean a much longer shutter life on my D700.

    I reckon I’ll wait and see how many FPS these puppies really spit out before deciding on this…the black looks cool, too bad it doesn’t come with a darth vader helmet.

    The downsides I see are no hotshoe and lack of wheels/command dials and over-priced compared to competition.

    • where_is_our_d800…

      Thom’s right on. think about this:

      24/1.4 -> 70/1.4
      85/1.4 -> 230/1.4
      105/2.8VR macro -> 280 f/2.8 macro
      70-200/2.8 VR -> 190-540mm f/2.8VR
      70-200/2.8 VR + 2X TC -> 380-1080mm f/5.6 VR (!!!)

      it’s a nice feast really.

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