Easy bounce pop-up flash diffuser for Nikon DSLR

This easy bounce pop-up flash diffuser for Nikon DSLR cameras is available on eBay for $29.95:

Via eBay

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  • palefire


    I’d actually like to try that little gizmo.

    • Jan

      you must be kidding.
      do a search for “gary fong puffer review”, “pop-up flash diffusers”, see what type of scam it is, and realize even the king of snake oil only charges 19.99 for his milk carton replicant.

      do you know how strong your popup flash is? now take away 2-3 stops and you still think it’s a good idea? may as well turn it off and crank up the ISO, which you’ll have to do anyway. if you’re bouncing up then take away 4-5stops if you have a low ceiling.

      admin, I hope this site isn’t turning into an infomercial channel.

      • SkintBrit

        I use the Gary Fong Puffer with great success. Never going to replace my SB900’s, but when a little bit of fill is all that’s required I find the results much more pleasing with it than without. The version above whilst offering some degree of bounce (can’t see there being enough power for that?) does seem a lot more fragile than a Puffer.

        • JorPet

          +100 on the Gary Fong for diffusing the pop up flash. Works particularly well when you are using your internal flash in commander mode to trigger your other flash(es). Does the same thing as this without the long set up and it works inside and out.

          • _sem_

            “Puffer” and “Lightscoop” do not fold flat, unfortunately, this one almost. I think such modifiers are useful when you want to pack light, don’t want to take your flash with you or want to improvise a second one with the pop-up.
            If it is worth $30 is a personal choice. Improvised diffusers are practically free and work too. One can try a ladies mirror handheld if not convinced.
            Mind the default TTL-BL mode underexposes with these things, so folks often thing the pop-up is not powerful enough, which is usually not the case under 5m distance and with low white ceiling. Workarounds:
            – manual flash power, or
            – FV lock, or
            – Spot Metering !!! (you can’t switch the pop-up or SB-400 to plain TTL unless you kill smart metering)
            There’s also a great ca $5 collapsible diffuser that mounts on the barrel of the lens – perfect for macro but works also for portraits at close range.

      • soap

        When advertising becomes content, I must raise some concerns.

        Ding Ding Ding!
        We have a winner.

        F*&K everything about this blatant advertisement as content bit.

        McDLT, baby.
        Keep the content side content and the ad side ad.

      • chk

        How come that this is considered ‘advertising’ while giving you info and creating hype about a new nikon product isn’t?

      • Michael Houghton

        I agree about a lot of these diffusers, but you should try the Lightscoop before you dismiss them all. It’s genuinely quite a useful thing. I have a bunch of external flashes but I’ve packed the lightscoop for the odd family gathering with some success.

    • batman

      what a bunch of junk. their tag line should be “make a crappy looking picture not look so crappy!”

  • Interesting! I generally use Lightscoop when I use the pop-up flash for bouncing purpose but this could add some fine tune adjustment that can’t be done with Lightscoop!

    • Michael Houghton

      Hm. I don’t know how much this really offers over the LightScoop, which is a lovely little thing, isn’t it?

  • Mike

    Looks promising!
    While it doesn’t replace the larger flashes, it certainly seems to generate better looking results from the built-in flash.
    I’d like to give it a shot.

  • EvanK

    I’m not sure about these products. My main pet peeve with pop-up flashes is their inability to bounce, so this would be great, but because pop-ups have such a weak guide number I’m not sure how well-lit your subject would be.

    If you’re considering investing in something like this, you’d probably just be better saving up for an SB-400. It’s small, light, can bounce and is more powerful. Even better, an SB-600.

    Also keep in mind that the product photos will (of course) look good, they’re trying to promote these products, aren’t they?

  • too expensive

    A real manual flash as powerful as SB800 is only $60, this little thing costs half of that. Should be priced for less than $5.

    • preston

      SB-800 for only $60!?!?!? I think you have this mixed up with something else. Even used and ebay auctions you’ll be paying over $200 for one.

      • I think they meant a Maual flash with the same power not a SB800. The older SBs pre iTTL start at around that sort of money.

      • The SB 15 is one of those flashes. you get them for as low as $15 in minty condition. its my second strobe in my set up and is more than adequate for casual indoor shoots.

  • Anonymus Maximus

    I think the pop up flash is still better than nothing when you need some fill.
    Now the pop ups also give flat out ugly light.
    However in situations of need I have always been able to literally find something in the nearest dust bin to act as a light modifier. (Crumpled plastic is great.)

    Now if you plan to do flash photography and carry a bag full of stuff you will want to buy a proper flash. (+some modifiers and gels)

    If you did not plan for flash photography and find yourself in need, It will be also too late to order this gadget. The nearest (recycling-) bin is your friend.

  • SB400 is cool.

    • Tommy


    • AM

      +1. And you can get one refurbished or used for less than $100.

  • I normaly carry a shiny piece of cardboard in my wallet and actually use it more than I would have expected when I am in a place with white and low ceilings.
    Lightscoop is a good compromise regarding the price/bouncing efficiency but is too big to have it on you at all time so it is a no go to me.
    This little piece of mirror must be a very good compromise size-weight/efficiency when you can’t be bother to carry your big flash. This must just fit in your pocket, sounds cool to me.
    Btw, if you think their sample pictures are not real, I am 100% sure they are. Nothing really amazing, just a whole lot better than nothing or a straight in the face flash. I normally put my pop-up flash in +1 when using my shiny thing and this is exactly the kind of results you get.
    I give it a go.

  • CamaMan

    I like this concept! Doesn’t it make shadows?
    I remember trying something similar with a piese of paper via instructions from the internet and it casted uhly shatows that weren’t even funny.

    I hope Sunpak releases a newer version of their smallest tiltable flash RD2000 and make it swivel in the next version! That would rule! Most compact, swivable, powerfull enough for an average room!:-)

  • T.I.M

    It’s now 2PM in France, still nothing ?

    • thom who?

      we are going to kill you and your source 🙁

      14:30 And no news :'(

      • T.I.M

        @thom who ?
        Ok but make it look like an accident (life insurance).

    • I told you so 🙂 no announcement today

      • T.I.M

        Ok you win this time but you better be right for the december 2-4th announcement or you won’t get the D800 as a Xmas present.

        • I just said that the first week of December is the last chance for Nikon to announce something. The Nikon event in LA is for the Nikon School.

  • should be a couple of euros, pounds or dollars certainly not 30 dollars but that is ebay

  • Too expensive for what it is.

  • Eric Calabros

    Its not ad. in this cold station of wait, Peter just offers us a cup of hot junks before D800 train arrives

  • Lefse

    A sad piece of blunt advertising… Really.

  • T.I.M

    For the same price you can get something much more usefull that can save your lens !

  • A better mousetrap …. 😛

  • locsandro

    There are people who only know how to complain. Everyone here need money. If an infomercial is, what’s the problem?
    You open the article if you want. It speaks of a product that can be used in the Nikon. Why not show?

  • The invisible man

    You want great indoor pictures that look like studio shoots ?

    Easy !

    Setup your shutter speed at 1/60 your ISO at 400-800 aperture f/2.8-5.6

    Get at SB-900, turn the head and then point it to the ceiling (white ceiling of course) and you get a nice smooth shadowless picture.

    Basically that’s the reason why pro buy powerfull flashes

    • T.I.M

      What’s important is the SIZE of your light source, that’s why we use huge umbrellas in studio, that little white carboard on your flash won’t make much difference.

      Using the ceiling as a reflector is improving alot the pictures taken with flash.
      But you need a powerfull flash (and NIMH batteries for a descent recycling time).

  • Trevor

    It’s a neat idea, but I think most people that know a bounced flash makes a difference will at least get an SB400. It seems like only a small market would know about bouncing a flash but not want to invest a little more for a stronger flash.

    That said, I appreciate the info Admin. Even if it’s not for me, why not tell us about other great gear for our cameras? If all else fails, just shop the products on a “leaked” D800 body and the complainers will shut-up and debate whether it’s 18 or 36 mp based on the layout of the buttons.

    • JorPet

      Unless they have photo friends.

      One woman at work has a low-end C@non DSLR that she uses to take pics of her young kids. The flash shots are always poor with blown out skin tones and shadows around everyone. I showed her the puffer that I keep in my bag for occasions when I’m not carrying my SB-800 or want to use the built in flash in commander mode. Since she would never take the time to learn how a bounce flash worked and wouldn’t spend the money for it, the puffer was perfect.

      Pictures since she purchased it are an order of magnitude better. Skin tones that are natural and no annoying harsh shadow around her subjects. It is what it is and for that it works wonders.

  • T.I.M

    B&H have the Nikon F100 in stock ($699)
    I thought only the F6 and FM2 were the only film camera still made by Nikon !


    • Anonymus Maximus

      How cool is that?

  • plug

    I wish the D800 would pop up and not be bounced. 🙁

  • Daniel

    On camera flash is a sin. I would pay extra to have a camera with out on camera flash.. Oh wait, there’s the D3, D3x, and D3s…. 😮

    • Anonymus Maximus

      “On camera flash is a sin. ”

      Not in the church of Anonymus Maximus.

      (Priestly chant mode on)

      Thou shalt use whatever is on hand to maketh better pictures noooow.

      (Priestly chant mode off)

  • Jeem

    Found another pop-up bounce flash accessory on the bay call the Zeh Bounce. It’s essentially a piece of foam that you stick on the front of the camera (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Zeh-bounce-DSLR-Pop-up-flash-photography-Canon-/250917305726?pt=Camera_Flash_Accessories&hash=item3a6bd63d7e#ht_856wt_1161).

    I’ve got some white foam at home from a diffuser I made. Gonna try this out instead of spending $9.99 for the Zeh Bounce. $5 of foam sheets will make plenty of zeh bounces 🙂

  • big eater

    At 800ASA with a 2.8 lens, you can get some very nice shots with this kind of setup, and if you turn the camera vertically and bounce off of a wall, you can get amazing portrait lighting. Bounce using the on-camera flash is awesome because it’s very cheap, uses the sophisticated Nikon flash metering and weighs almost nothing.
    And if you’ve ever chased a toddler under tables and through a toy-filled living room trying to get photos, you’d understand why an SB900 just doesn’t cut it.

    Plus, if you’ve ever tried to make your own little bounce flash gizmo, you’d understand why $29 is a relative bargain.

  • AM

    Stop whining and don’t come back on this site if you don’t like what is published.

    • Teun

      It’s obvious that the reasons behind this post are commercial. I’ve got a master’s degree in journalism studies and i find it hard to accept that an advertorial like this one isn’t indicated as such. In many countries this is lawfully required (including the US). Protesting agains something which is illegal isn’t whining. I really do appreciate this website and I understand that this website needs some revenue, but I find this kind of advertisement unacceptable. This post should have at least a line in it saying that this is an advertisement/advertorial to be legally correct.

      • Anonymus Maximus

        well 99.9% of the people here wait for a D800 or a D4 announcement. I think they are grown up enough to decide If this is useful for themselves.

        And I hope that it is not the state of the union that only people with a journalism degree can spot an advertisement if they see it.

        • Teun

          Given the comments above, there are apparently plenty of people who do see this as a normal article. I don’t mind advertising, I know well enough that advertising is very much needed to keep a website like this online, but there should be a more clear line between advertisement and regular content. (as is even required by law)

  • reallyover

    It’s their site . Don’t like then go over to some other site.

  • golemB

    Actually, this looks like a decent product that’s better than most quick DIY options. First, the reflector looks like a highly efficient glass or mylar mirror (important for preserving the small amount of light from a built-in flash). And secondly, you can detach that reflective panel to use the simple diffusor for both bounce and fill. Finally, you can adjust the angle easily without the whole contraption falling apart (unlike all the DIY solutions I’ve tried with white paper, etc).

    Of course, if you use an external flash, then it’s a lot easier to rig up DIY light mods because of the solid, larger flash head. But pop-up flashes have tiny delicate hinges and lack the space to attach velcro, etc. And this device takes up little space and may be less intimidating to subjects (and security guards!) than a big flashgun.

    [NR], you probably should not feel bad about posting product announcements that are relevant to Nikon users. Technically, it’s not a rumor, but I’m still glad to see it. (Hey, it’s a lot more useful to an actual photographer than speculation about unannounced future products!)

    • I don’t feel bad, I just have to start removing comments that do not add to the discussion. I think I have enough of this. The site is what it is, take it or leave it – bitching in the comment section will not change anything, it just makes the tread more difficult top read.

      • Biff

        To be honest, I visit your site often enough that this news was a nice break from the usual rumors.

        I enjoyed it.

        And in the end, what matters is that people enjoy visiting your site.

  • Chris Zeller

    I use a similar version of this that I bought on ebay for $3. The front hooks around the Nikon badge at the top of the prism hump and the back slides into the hotshoe making a tent. It folds flat as a few pieces of paper. You could make one out of thin paper to try it. Everyone with a popup flash DSLR should have one of these.

    It works great. It gets rid of the ugly lens shadow at 18mm and the light is softer. Its perfect for when you don’t want to lug around an external flash. It fits easily in my holster bag. The popup flash is plenty powerful for normal portraits. It doesn’t replace your SB800, but I wouldn’t use a popup without it.
    BTW I own 3 SB800s and the macro flash. I still find this useful.

  • steve

    The example pics shown have above do have the subject close to the camera.

    With a GN of about 12, my D300 pop-up flash = f8 at 1.5metres (5 feet) direct flash at ISO 100, lose a stop or two for bouncing/diffusion and you still have enough power for decent close-up results using ISO400. to compensate for light loss.

    You could make the same thing out of opaque polyethylene milk container (ONE piece rectangular shape with a leg) for zilch…

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