Digital camera consumers are willing to pay more for Nikon

The title says it all, here is the press release:

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Market Insight Corporation today reported that U.S. consumers are placing greater importance on “brand” for digital camera purchase decisions. Further, the maximum price that consumers are willing to pay for a digital camera is increasingly influenced by brand.

Based on preferences collected from more than 26,000 digital camera shoppers visiting from May through October 2011, those who prefer the Nikon brand are willing to pay the most, with Canon ranking second. Olympus, Panasonic, and Fujifilm are among those brands attracting shoppers with more moderate willingness to pay. The results may verify expectations that Nikon’s overall brand/price power is positively impacted by the presence of its “high end” line of cameras.

The maximum price that consumers are willing to pay across a broad line of digital cameras reached a “recent years low” during the 2nd half of 2010, and has been trending up during 2011. A noteworthy trend is the shift towards cameras priced over $600. Between May and October, the percentage of shoppers in this price group increased by 12%. But not all brands enjoy consumers’ enhanced willingness to pay. For example, consumers who prefer Samsung are drawn to stylish design, internet based social media, point and shoot, and video recording capability. But those preferences have not yet translated to a significant increase in shoppers’ willingness to pay. This may confirm expectations that smartphone cameras compete for these attributes.

I think they should have included also Leica Camera in this survey because they just raised their prices and were still able to increase their sales by 28% compared to last year.

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  • Jabs

    Good news for Nikon and perhaps a wakeup call for the detractors here who claim falsely that the Nikon 1 System is diluting the Nikon brand name.

    It is adding to it with a newer generation perhaps!

    • AnoNemo

      Jabs, do you get paid for promoting this garden gnome #2 (Nikon 1 crap)?

      • Jabs

        Still beating that dead horse?

        Foolish and clueless people are usually the last to realize that a ship has sailed on, as they drum up the past while being oblivious to the future – called wishing for what has already occurred to not occur.

        Reminds me of one calling for Windows Vista or Windows ME when we have XP and Windows 7- lol.

        People are buying what you despise and technically, the Nikon 1 System is far superior to what you are possibly using, so who really cares.

        QUIT barking at the moon, as it now confirms your own madness – give it up then!

        Telling us about your own disdain for a successful product points more to you being in the minority and obsessed with stopping the moving train or CHANGE in digital photography.

        Mighty Mouse then – LOL!!!

        Reminds me of one screaming AFTER the baby is born – put her back, please – I wanted a boy!

        Dense and foolish too plus unreal – lol.

        You remind me of the ones who barked at the original iPod and iPhone – they are now the standard bearers in their field.

        Something for YOU to think about perhaps!

        Do you want a Corvair or a Maverick then? … (you figure that out!!!)

        • AnoNemo

          Now I believe that you’re getting paid by Nikon. There is now way somebody has that much free time to write these long posts.

          • Jabs

            Whenever someone debunks your myths, you try and make something ulterior of that – great strategy Sherlock!

            My posts take less than 5 minutes to compose and post and since I think fast, type fast and have a lot of experience USING Nikon’s, then perhaps this explains me or maybe you are too dense to figure things out yourself – LOL.

            Get real – I have my own Business and no one pays me to write or post here.

            You make stupid allegations that you never back up and then wonder if Nikon pays me – real genius Sherlock!

            I basically don’t think that anyone would offer to pay you anything, as your analytic skills are atrocious – ‘dumb as spit’ comes to mind – LOL!

            Ba-ba byee!

            Thanks for the back-handed ‘compliment’ too!
            At least you think someone would hire me, yet I don’t think anyone would hire you!

            Silly people here indeed!

            • AnoNemo


            • Everlast

              Jabs can not get over the fact that he paid big money for a P&S camera (the V1 – LOL) that is already selling half-price and is making everything possible to ease his PAIN.

              Jabs, just get over it, not your best purchase, but it’s not the end of the world. Try to sell it on ebay, to recover at least some of the cash and buy a S9100, at least you get a decent zoom 18x in a really compact package, and the same small sensor IQ.

            • Jabs

              Add two fools to the list here – I DO NOT own a Nikon 1 series camera, but do own a Nikon L22. However, I do intend to buy a Nikon V1 and several bodies no matter what you two think or claim, as I don’t care about other opinions, as it is my money and my choice – TOUGH!!!

              Please get over it and stop this childish display here – makes you look rather pathetic and desperate – both of you.

              You both fail to counter my arguments here, so both of you try the absurd.

              Freedom of choice is a God GIVEN right and thus pretenders like you now make mockery when anyone differs from your choices.

              Real adult and intelligent then right (NOT!).

              Learn to think instead of faking it here, as both of you make arguments even an inexperienced teenage could usurp.

              GET real comes to mind and time to end this worthless charade.

              Call me when you both grow up and get some needed common sense.

              Neither your nor my choices are examples here of anything, as the world marches on in Technology quite oblivious to your nonsense here. Instead of trying to single me out, you both should learn some Technology and how to really analyze stuff clearly.

              Opinions are like HOT air – they rise and then vaporize – perhaps you both learn that!

              You know what is really interesting here:
              In this year of two Nikon disasters, we have this Nikon 1 System now perhaps saving Nikon from Financial ruin and you two carry on like you would love Nikon to now die to please you and your vain choices – does this tell us about your priorities or what?


            • AnoNemo

              Nah, I think we have to give up on Jabs. 😉 Nobody can argue with him as he knows everything better.

              OTOH, I am glad that at least Jabs is happy with that overpriced #2 (Nikon 1).

            • Everlast

              The Nikon 1 system saves Nikon from a disastrous year?!?

              This should this should be the most ridiculous comment I’ve read lately. The camera is already selling half price man …. one month after launch! Not that the small sensor costs Nikon much, but that dual processor and magnesium body should be expensive, I can imagine Nokon making a painfully loss here.

              As for choice, hundreds of people choose to jump from bridges each year, should I applaud them for that. If you like the camera that much why didn’t you buy it at launch Jabs? What are you waiting for? There are plenty of examples of Nikon gear that goes up in value with time – obviously not the 1 system.

      • WHAT A PAIN!!

        Seriously, AnoNemo?

        What is it that you’re trying to do? Just picking a fight for the heck of it? In this situation you’re the one trolling Jabs not the other way around.

        ALL the initial indications so far have been favoring the Nikon 1. The reviews have been raving about it. It’s been selling so well on Amazon. Nikon had issued a statement saying that Nikon 1 had been selling out at various places. Yet, you’ve taken every single occasion to talk crap about it. If anything here, AnoNemo, you look like the one being paid by Sony.

        Jabs. Two words. GROW UP!!

        Stop letting others tick you off at any and every occasion. Learn to accept that there are other views and just because you have a certain view doesn’t make it right. You get easily offended and quickly get on the defensive. Nobody can have a meaningful discussion with you, even if they agree with you.

        To all of you above (including EVERLAST), I know that you’re all regular members here so stop with these childish behaviors. We get enough real trolls here on NR that it’s hard enough to enjoy the comments sections as it is, we don’t need you to act like trolls too.

        • Jabs

          I don’t think anyone here has the wherewithal to anger me, as I said – I raised children and they try and do the same thing as these and others here.

          Comes with the territory, so perhaps you recognize that, as I really don’t care – ADULT here.

          Mot people here cannot have an intelligent conversation because we have raging frauds who hang out here to disrupt the conversations and then declare Nikon dead and clueless – that is all that I defend.

          Some people need to be told about themselves, lest they think that they can basically ‘punk’ everyone here and drive home idiotic points that are FALSE.

          Usually they leave once I am finished with them – works every time too!


          • AnoNemo

            I am seriously getting concerned about your health. Nobody can write that much without any meaning.

          • ADULT where?

            Jabs, do you realize that when you keep saying “ADULT here” over and over that you come off as a child?

            Reminds me of that slogan, “I’m a big boy now.”

          • Jabs

            Trying to create discord here unfortunately for YOU does not work on me – perhaps you go educate yourself and stop trying to single me out.

            It DOES not work, nor does psychological ploys nor changing your name here!

            Same results, as I focus on what YOU state and not anything else.

            GET real and get a life while others ignore your silly strife here.

            Obsessed with a new camera and then calling others sick or childish – LOL.

            Reaching deep into the cesspool of desperation indeed!

            Classic sociopath and Web addict!

            • Used a mirror??

              “GET real and get a life…”

              Hahaha. Weird and funny coming from you.

              I don’t need to try to single you out. You do a pretty darn good job yourself. Also I didn’t change my name to mislead anybody. I thought it was pretty clear from the style who was replying to you.

              PS: the one replying to AnoNemo’s post below under the name “Fox News?” is also me.

        • AnoNemo

          @WHAT A PAIN!!
          If that Nikon crap sells that well, then why is the price of it dropping?

          This system was way overpriced and in the consumers’ eyes it does not offer anything special. Remember we are talking about those Nikon wanted to target

          • Fox News?

            AnoNemo, I doubt you even have the ability to stay objective when you criticize the Nikon 1 system. You’re even more laughable than Kai from DigitalRev. In fact you could probably go head to head with Bill O’Reilly.

    • Andrew


    • Andrew

      Jabs, I like people that think (meaning “you”). Thank you.

      • Jabs

        Thanks as I am an independent thinker based upon my years of Engineering plus Photography – Nikon user since the F3 days.

        I rumble with the best of them and don’t care what they lob at me, as I can lob back things too – LOL!

  • Huggs

    Who are these crazy consumers?

    • mshi

      are they the same people who bought their houses at/near the peak back in 2006?

  • Must be true, because I feel like I am paying more whether I want to or not.

  • Steve

    I think this is very true. Nikon has traditionally been quite good with quality control, despite some recent controversies (of which some were baseless). The brand speaks for a lot, and if, say, there were two cameras with identical specs but one was from Samsung and the other from Nikon or Canon, I would gladly pay more for the latter simply for the added confidence in the brand.

    • tony

      I hope you’re not talking about their coolpix line…

      • Steve

        I am not. I have never used a Coolpix camera.

        • paf

          keep it that way… your opinion would change drastically!

          • Andrew

            Why would you compare a $200 camera with a $600 or $2000 camera? The Coolpix cameras are for people who want to take “Cool” pictures at an affordable price. If these people are buying Nikon cameras and loving it, who are we to disparage their decision. The Coolpix cameras are superior to the cameras in the current crop of smart phones. And yet many people love their smart phone pictures. You can take an award winning picture with a Coolpix camera.

        • Jabs

          I use a CoolPix camera and it is far superior to print film from a film camera – perspective bub!

          CoolPix cameras might not be the greatest but they are quite good and have the all important NIKON colors – so maybe you and others need to learn to properly shoot and stop harping on this tired and dead horse.

          There are some great CoolPix cameras!

          • peterb

            Well, I finally have something I’d like to comment on about Jabs well aimed retorts. Film seems diminished but not dead. Superior is a term I need you to define here please. I find film, to quote my best old friend, “more organic”. You may see it die in a lot of ways in direct comparison to digital, but I grew up on film. It’s analogs are familiar, the film method, like the 50mm lens on a 35mm system, seems to have a comfortable almost unique appearance. Just last week, I was converting a rather shabby color picture with my 10.5mm fisheye to black and white and adding grain. I’d never used the add grain feature before but I liked it so much I showed it off to a buddy who is a photoshop pro and it caused him to take a closer look at the original. Then a closer look at the b&w, a SERIOUS crop into the original, and ask if he could work on the original and re-do if for me because of what he called, “my unique way of seeing.” It was one of the rare compliments from a perfectionist who gets darn close to that impossibility, and still has a frightfully wicked sense of humor and a way with expression that really belies a feeling individual. My point is, I like the “flavor” of film, and wish I had the $$ to do a whole lot more of it (along w digital.”


            • Jabs

              I like film mainly slide film plus B+W fine grained print film.

              As far as retorts, I am a former New Yorker (Brooklynite) and we can argue with the best of them plus bury them in intellect and sarcasm too – lol.

              Most of the people who argue with me here are too easy to refute and I get bored with them, so I just ‘curse them out’ with educated insults often above their head.

              Digital and film have their places and I have seen and still continue to see great film work. Digital however has opened up new avenues and possibilities but it has led to many believing falsely that because they have better gear they are really better photographers. I grew up on chrome film (Fujichrome 50D and 64T mainly) and Nikon F3’s and thus my eye has been trained from looking at slides with loupes and honest appraisals of what went wrong instead of the new era of posting all your crap all over the Internet without first checking the quality.

              Photography is an Art and thus people might need to slow down and think instead of machine gun production. With new advances, you gain much and often lose some things. Digital gave us freedom but also made it easier to make terrible images or what has become ‘generic’ images made by cameras at their default settings. Sort of takes the life out of a photograph and now renders it photographs by a camera instead of something by a living and breathing human being.

              People don’t bother me here, as I raised children and thus immune to their crap – lol. Lost on them here too!

        • m35g35

          I gave 2 Coolpix and 2 D-SLRs. Funny thing, no one has ever said that was taken with a P&S or D-SLR. Typically I get “great picture”. Funny how that works.

        • FM2Fan

          Then it is time for a trial – when I remember back the E995 – the design was cool, the 3 MPX not too bad, the quality (compared to today below average) – but one thing is for sure: simple, quality, durable (still operational) and for macros almost unbeatable …

  • T.I.M

    True but not right.

    There is brands like pentax with great quality products that does not have Nikon’s popularity even if they deserve it.

    I always try to get the most for what I pay but it’s not easy when it’s about photography because you have to stick to a brand.

    You can buy a car from any brand, but what about if you could drive you car in only specified states ?

    • For some reason I just think the future will belong to Fuji, I think they are the only camera company out there that gets it (ok, I had few beers tonight). Check out this quote:

      “Komori-san says that the sensor quality of Fujifilm X mirrorless will exceed that of current full-frame sensors, although its sensor size will likely be smaller than 24x36mm. The claim reminded me of something…I have a hazy memory of someone with knowledge of the industry telling me long ago that an official of Canon said that Fuji is the only company Canon is scared of—not Panasonic, not Sony, not Nikon—because of Fuji’s expertise with sensors. (I might not have that right, so please don’t quote me.)”

      • Jabs

        Sorry to disagree but Fuji often makes really great cameras and great sensors but fails to put them together in a workable camera without major quirks, hence Nikon beats them even when they corroborate on a body like in the past.

        System and numerous accessories is why Nikon beats everyone else, including Canon.

        It is not one feature that makes a great camera but it is a combination of great features and thus Fuji usually misses the mark when they make their cameras.

        I also have a Fuji camera plus Nikon.

        Nikon makes cameras for photographers like they use and understand cameras while Fuji makes great gear like they often don’t expect real photographers to use it.

        • Andrew

          Maybe this time the order might be reversed. It might be Nikon who would use Fuji’s sensor, since Nikon usually license sensors from other manufacturers.

          • Jabs

            Actually Nikon did this in the past when digital cameras were first released but I don’t see a need for that today, as Nikon is very capable and Fuji would have to make a breakthrough sensor.

            Nikon designs the majority of its’ sensors and then other Foundries including Sony, manufacturers them.

            Fuji makes great sensors but not great camera sub-systems to take the image from the sensor and thus Nikon beats them easily with Expeed 3.

            Fuji does not make FX sensors that I know of, so Nikon perhaps does not need them. Fuji and Sony are quite alike – great expertise but lousy execution, thus more like ‘one trick ponies’ instead of camera system Manufacturers. This works for many consumers but not for Pros or advanced users.

            • Andrew

              Jabs, didn’t you read the post about the new Fuji sensor? You said “Fuji does not make FX sensors”. I thought one of the benefits of an FX sensor is that it collects more light for the same pixel density. Reportedly, the new Fuji sensor comes in the size of an APS-C sensor, but has the light gathering capability of a full frame sensor. This would be revolutionary. Nikon could put the Fuji sensor in the the body of a D7000 class camera with awesome high ISO performance.

            • Jabs

              @Andrew – you sort of answered your own question or comment.

              FX = full frame and DX = APS-C which is smaller than FX.

              Sony’s sensor in the Nikon D7000 body equals and surpasses the Nikon sensor in the FX D3s and D3/D700 series in some ways, so already done.

              I got what Fuji is saying or implying, but nothing yet to go on. No products yet!

              I also expect the newer sensors to perhaps outperform older sensors of bigger sizes soon, but not equal the newer larger sensors.

              All sizes are being upgraded.

      • Brian

        Fear, from a marketer’s POV may be something you do not expect.

        Canon may not fear Nikon because of very established market share positions of each company, and the profile of each company’s target markets.

        Canon may fear Fuji more because Fuji has the capability to create products that are attractive to the Canon consumer (I use consumer to refer to end market == not to differentiate between pro and consumer markets). In the same manner those Fuji products that would attract a Canon consumer might not attract a Nikon consumer. After all, if Canon products were that attractive to Nikon consumers, those people would have already bought Canons, right?

      • mshi

        No, the future is in the hands of Sony.

        • Lonnie Utah

          ^^^ I agree.

          All you have to do is look at the new products they’ve released in the past year (A77/NEX7), their price points and their willingness to listen to what their users are asking for (ie peaking focus on the NEX cameras). Sony is making bigger strides in the camera industry than anyone else right now.

          • Jabs

            Wrong on Sony!

            Sony makes claims but delivers very little except HYPE.

            The two Companies that now drive most of the innovation in digital cameras are actually Nikon and Fuji.

            Sony makes great sensors but lousy cameras because they do not make a great camera sub-system, so their sensors basically CHOKE in their output stage. Maybe you are not able to see that, but many can.

            Fuji has great sensors and ideas though flawed products lacking the polish needed to be real winners. Fuji also has the experience of a film Manufacturer and thus gets what picture quality should really look like, while Sony does not often. BIG difference!

            Sony is hamstrung mainly because they go after a certain price point and not go for ‘perfection’, so their cameras go to say 4/5th instead of 5/5th.

            Nikon has the most advanced cameras in at least THREE areas.

            1. Nikon D3s – best low light camera and best high ISO camera.
            2. Nikon D3X – best high megapixel camera with an output quality that is better than any 35mm DSLR from any Manufacturer by a wide margin plus it has a better bit structure in output than any other camera in that category.
            3. Nikon D7000 – best DX camera by far in picture quality and dynamic range which beats all Sony cameras including their FX equivalents.
            4. Nikon has the best lenses at the high end and the best VR system too.
            5. Nikon has the best Flash system that works regardless as to which lens you put on it, as no one else has a working Flash System like it.

            Now, tell us here what Sony does besides make claims and then over-hyped tech that is worse than what it is supposed to replace. Good ideas but CHEAP and lousy implementation.

            BTW – the Nex5n is way better than both the A77 and Nex-7, so Sony is going backwards and not forwards!

            • Andrew

              Interesting, very interesting. Thanks.

              You are right, Sony has the technology smarts, but they are hampered by their decision makers. I own a 60 inch 1080p 120 Hz Sony SXRD TV that has an incredibly deep black and a refresh rate of 2.5 ms; awesome for gaming. It has the same technology found in their 4K high definition movie projector (i.e. 4096 x 2160 resolution): They discontinued the SXRD TV to focus on LCDs. This product could have been marketed to distinguish Sony TVs from the rest of their competitors products, but they failed to do it.

              In addition, Sony had an awesome Netbook sized PC, the P-Series. Its had an 8 inch screen and extremely pocket-able. Instead of giving it a resolution of about 1020 x 768, they packed an ultra high 1600 x 768 resolution making the text too small for anyone to read. Its video performance suffered a bit because of an under powered Intel processor. Just as Intel came out with a powerful new processor that would have transformed the PC, Sony discontinued it. Those guys are not in touch with the marketplace. Look at the Apple iPod and iPod touch, Apple stayed with the product until they perfected it. Not Sony, they move from one thing to another as fast as you could blink an eye. Their engineers love to design hardware just for the joy of it, and that is the problem. At heart, Sony is a hardware company; they only do software because they are forced to do it. Nikon designs great hardware and great software (i.e. the interface and the functionality of their system). Nikon’s philosophy that that they build systems to last. That is why many of the trolls at this Nikon Rumors site do not understand the professional Nikon customer. They buy a camera such as the D700 and then three years later, they walk past the march of technology and guess what other new camera they buy? You guessed right, a three year old camera, another D700! And then they brag how incredible this camera is. Now in the case of Sony, instead of releasing one great camcorder that will last for years, every year they come out with a new model. Look at BMW or Mercedes Benz, they come out with a new model every three years. Look at the Sony PS3, as great as it is (I own three!), they could have built a VCR like feature in it to record your TV programs but failed to.

              Many of Sony’s products are just one or two features away from greatness. And those critical features are typically removed because of flawed marketing considerations. And in the even that they create something great, they will set the price so high that no one can afford it. Spell how many ways can a person shoot themselves in the foot: S-O-N-Y.

            • Andrew

              correction… final paragraph: “And in the event…”

            • Jabs

              @Andrew – great observations.

              Being a long time Sony user, I see their current problems as them being too big with their hands in too many places, thus bean counters (accountants and such) probably hurt them.

              Sony Professional and Broadcast is where Sony really shines like Nikon does, but then the prices are really high – you get what you pay for then.

              The Sony DSLR camera Division seems to be trying to get Market position and not about doing things for the long haul, so I don’t know what really drives them. They need a System and not just a wide variety of things that don’t work together like they do now.

              Their Playstation 3 System is great and they are updating it now, but then again they are also trying to be too many things to too many people and hence fail from that.

              Sony’s XBR Series of CRT Televisions were superior and then they just dropped them and went to popular and inferior LCD’s or LED backlight televisions. Made no sense to me, but that’s what they often do.

              Been counters who are impatient often wreck Companies filled with capable Engineers and Designers.

    • Jabs

      Pentax has the ‘Minolta Syndrome’ – they make great bodies but never offer enough lenses or needed accessories to rise to the level of Nikon.

      Cameras aren’t bodies alone not the sum of their accessories and no one has equaled Nikon in all those years since the original F.

      It’s the System approach that has defined Nikon and contributed to its’ stellar reputation, as things work together like the original TTL flash and the newer i-TTL which no one has even today.

      The range of accessories has declined since the introduction of Digital, but Nikon still leads all in that aspect, hence their valuation.

      The Nikon 1 is a real System and thus continuing that tradition. I have not seen another mirrorless camera system with as many accessories available or proposed.

      • Jabs

        Posted this:

        … not the sum of their accessories

        Sorry – meant this!

        … BUT the sum of their accessories

      • Have you ever heard about Olympus? Zooms with f/2.0, internal stabilization, great pancakes and great remote flash going down to 1/4000s? No? Ach, and more, mirrorless PEN line can use same flashguns with same speed ;]

        At moment in everything which is not a strict repo, I use PEN more often than Nikon…

        • fiatlux

          Olympus had an impressive 4/3 lens lineup but priced so high that many lenses would only attract the most wealthy or the pros, which were already well served by Canon/Nikon. No 4/3 body offered compelling advantage over APS-C/FF ones: not much smaller, not much cheaper.

          If you took the 2x crop in account, f/2 zooms were in fact “f/4 equivalent” in terms of depth-of-field, and FF sensors sensibility also made up for the 2 stops difference. So, f/2 zooms on 4/3 did not give you anything extra than f/4 zooms on FF cameras.

        • Jabs

          Olympus has Leica Syndrome – when the sum of the parts of its’ System is added up, you end up with less camera and MORE cost than a simple D5100 which outperforms both of them handily. The Nikon 1 also easily outperforms the Pen series!

          Therefore useless advantage not borne by FACTS!

          Sometimes simplicity works and sometimes smaller and more costly systems work WORSE than larger and more simpler systems, hence Micro 4/3rds is like a case of diminishing returns. The smaller you get, the less real estate you have to put controls and features in, so you end up with many multiple functional controls which make the shooting experience more complicated and you have smaller gear which is more expensive but less capable – hence you defeated yourself!

          Ever heard of the ‘sweet spot’ of design and functionality?

          There IS a point of diminishing returns as size and function are interrelated.

          Miniaturizing something beyond a certain point, usually makes it more expensive, more complex and less capable often – thus be very careful as to what you ask for lest we all end up in the Minox boat. Small exquisite but useless cameras that are very expensive and discreet to use, but you might as well had bought a J1, as it handily outperforms it and then work on your discreet shots with a longer lens if possible – LOL.

          Miniaturization usually kills products as they try and make things smaller and smaller as they are NOW learning in cell phones and laptops – you lose functionality after a certain size point.

  • fries

    This is why we will happily pay $4000 for a D800.

  • Iris Chrome

    It seems like Nikon did their homework well when they priced their Nikon 1 then… and I agree with T.I.M, this might be true but not always right.

    But what is odd is that Sony wasn’t mentioned.

  • texasjoe

    I pay more more for Nikon because I expect more from Nikon. If I pay double for something, I expect it it be 4 times as good. So really I got it at half price 🙂

  • Claude

    Nikon users have always had to pay more especially those that live outside of the USA. Some market research companies can’t see the wood for the trees! Nikon users have to pay more so they do —- that does not mean that they wish to pay more or they do so willingly.

    • Iris Chrome

      If those customers are not willing, don’t they have the option of choosing a different brand?

      • MJr

        Yea but then you don’t have the camera/lens you wanted …. We don’t all buy Nikon for the brand you know.

        • Iris Chrome

          Then the choice is clearly yours to buy the equipment you want/need 🙂

  • Rob

    It may be true, but I still think that the J1 and the V1 are way over-priced. I won’t even consider them until the price comes down significantly.

    • Andrew

      The J1 is not overpriced. At $650, it is much smaller than anything from Sony because of the J1’s smaller body and much smaller lens. A lady could easily put it in her purse. The Sony’s lens overcomes its size and makes it much larger.

  • I’ll give’em an extra $20 for the D800 right now!

    • T.I.M

      $20 extra per pixel ?

  • Ritz employee

    Wait till Black Friday….$50 off J1 and $100 off 30-110 lens……maybe only available in pink at that price…not sure yet.

  • I pay more for Nikon because it is worth it.

    What’s that you say? Why, yes, as a matter of fact I do own a Mac. Why do you ask? 😉

  • sirin

    i’m already noticing people in New York City with Nikon 1 cameras. )

    • AnoNemo

      I guess they were just thrown out of their tents…

  • George

    A while ago I came across an interesting article about a photographic expedition to Antartica that took place in 2009. One of the sections on this page is titled “failures” and they report that the Nikon bodies, mostly d700, DID NOT fail in anyway, while the ones that failed the most were the Canon 5d mark 2. I think this, at least in part, explains why some photographers, like me, are willing to pay more for a Nikon camera.
    Antartica photographic expedition report link:

    • Yagion

      +1. Good to know.

    • JD

      Very interesting article.

      Indeed. I’m the second owner of a D200, and I’ve been using it in all kinds of weather without any issues so far. It’s been doing its job at -20, in snowy conditions. While hiking in the mountains – it got drenched in a crazy 15-minute rain shower, that didn’t leave a single piece of clothing on myself dry – it just kept on shooting photos all the way to the mountain top without a hinch. Long ago, this D200 has also gotten itself a nice drop-test from 1.5m height down into concrete floor. UV-filter on lens shattered, D200 (+Tamron lens) intact.

      A lot of my friends with consumer-level Canon DSLR’s have had loads of issues with their camera bodies, some of them already inside warranty period, some of them just right outside it – and it always seem to be for no apparent reason, they haven’t been dropping camera, getting it wet or anything, it rather seems to be due to bad build quality when they fail just without reason.

      Also, I started doing photography with a nice mechanical Pentax MX. Been using a few other analogs as well, and I just love the handling of those old mechanical cameras. The controls on modern Nikon D*00, D* are the closest matches I’ve found in the digital world with that same camera handling feel. I would love to love the 5D MK II for it’s film features, full-frame sensor and all, but everytime I use the camera, it never gives me that camera feel – it always feels like random electronic & plastic piece of equipment with display and lots of buttons on it.

      With the failure rates when comparing what I’ve seen with Canon vs Nikon among the extended circle of my acquintances, I am surely prepared to pay a bit more for Nikon build quality, durability and the solid camera handling feel that I love.

    • Anopheles

      I remember that article when it first came out, there is nothing like using cameras in real world conditions.

      I recently took an AW100 and D7000 to Africa for a few weeks, can only say good things about both of them. On previous trips I had problems with other cameras getting dust inside the lenses!!!

      Weather/rain/dust sealing is what I look for, along with ruggedness and usability. I don’t have time to set up shots or to baby/protect all my equipment all the time (even though I try).

      I have used Nikon for many decades, with my interest in photography coming and going at times. Interest has recently risen again. Was tempted on occasion to go with Canon digital a few times, “on paper” their specs were better as Nikon was several years behind. This was in the earlier days of digital. But there is much less of a difference in picture quality these days.

      People in the above type of arguments always forget that it is the PERSON who takes the photograph, not the camera. The camera only records it. If your subject and composition is spectacular, then minor differences in technical quality are quickly overlooked.

      Quite honestly, I am much more interested in the SUBJECT of a picture than the technical attributes…..

  • photonut

    Some people have more money than brains.

  • Rage Time!

    If the goddamn D800 costs more than 2400€ or has more than 30MP I’m not buying! Maybe Canon is finally on the right track an we might just see a D700 style camera from them.
    I just can’t imagine that if you want full frame you only get to chose between D4/1Dx or huge megapickle D800/5Dmk2. Where is the FX camera for normal people who like to shoot some sports etc. but don’t need a fucking über pro D4/1Dx nor 30++++MP >:O

    I need good low light performance for fucks sake!!
    Is that so hard you MP wanking companies!

    Sure the D3s is great but it costs twice as much as a D700 here and the D700 still sells for 2000-2400€ and I’m not willing to shell out that much for a 3 year old model. Yeah it is a great camera and all but that’s just simple commen sense! Would you buy a car for say 70.000€ if you knew the new model will be available just next year and will cost roughly the same? No of course you wouldn’t unless your life somehow depends on it.

    (I’ll be hiding in my underground bunker till all the MP fans, landscape, studio and “duh go buy a D700 then” people have stopped flaming me :D)

    • fiatlux

      I am the kind of guy who normally waits for a product to have gone through its infancy diseases before buying one, or even waits for its replacement model to be announced so that I can get good deal (did that on the D70, purchased right after D70s introduction).

      This time, I might wait for the D4/D800 release/announcement and try getting a good deal on a used D700 or D3s. The only think I miss on my D300 is high-ISO IQ, so D700 and D3s look like obvious solutions, unless a D400 comes. But I think the D7000 might very well become the DX high end.

  • Glenn

    As someone who this upgraded from a Point and Shoot to a DSLR, maybe my decision-making process is not too dis-similar to others.
    The range of lenses and other accessories available for Canon and Nikon were so far in front of the rest of the field, they were my the only real considerations. Yes Pentax, Olympus, and Leica had some nice units, but not the range of Lenses or other accessories.
    Had a Fuji years ago, and may have the bad one in a batch, but never give them another cent. And Sony have burnt me as many times as they will get away with in this lifetime.
    So with Canon and Nikon to choose from, and no real price difference between comparative models here in Australia, it was a tough choice. For over three years I read reviews, and saved up, then finally made a choice when I could ne I liked. Ended up with a Nikon D7000, and very happy with it.
    No fanboy-ism, I didn’t really care which way I went, but realised the choice was for years, and wanted a system to grow with me.

  • Zen-Tao

    26.000 Masochist have been asked . Nikon D7000 is a very good camera and affordable as well I can’t realise why Nikon can’t make pro cameras at good prices . Nikon prices policies were turning reasonable but 26.00 idiots have goofed it off.

  • Opinion…

    I pay more because I had bought Canon 24-70 2.8 some time ago and it was soft (manufacturing problem? Tried 3 lenses in different shops). Since I needed that range, the only option was to convert to Nikon system. I liked Canons in the past (Ds mark II days) and they are still probably good but once you’ve beed circumcised there’s no way of going back:). I’d still rather pay less for Nikon though.

  • AnoNemo

    Perhaps it may note mentioning that over the $600 price tag you mostly find DSLRs. Of course when people already have F mount lenses they rather pay the premium than switching brand.

    Wouldn’t it be great if all mounts would be the same … oh not for Nikon because they won’t be able to overprice and by now they must have released something that can compete with the 5DII.

  • broxibear

    I read this article yesterday and it made me laugh.
    One of the criticisms about the Nikon mirrorless cameras on every review/test is the high price. Here in the UK the prices of the V1 and J1 have plummeted, and when I say plummeted I really mean that. The Nikon J1 + 10-30mm has gone from £550 to £440 in the space of 6 weeks and the rest of the range has fallen steeply too.
    Consumers might be willing to pay more for the Nikon name for some equipment, but I don’t think that means they’ll pay more for everything in the Nikon range.
    Branding and marketing is very fickle, it doesn’t take much to damage the brand as that stupid facebook posting showed.

    • AnoNemo


      I completely agree with you. As I mentioned above, the only logical explanation for the price premium on Nikon cameras happens in one segment, dslrs. This is where Nikon can justify the premium and only for those who already invested in lenses.

      People compare this garden gnome to the NEX, Pana, and Oly cameras ask why is there the premium? That is why the garden gnome’s (Nikon 1) price is dropping like the FTSE100. 😉

  • paf

    Yeah when I saw that article yesterday (thanks broxibear! and of course thanks NR) I had few reactions.

    I think the study is flawed — but if it is not, then:

    – Good for Nikon but also bad for Nikon.
    People are willing to pay more for good quality and innovation – they want more but they will pay more. Failing these expectations will leave a company on a very slippery slope with overpriced products and a high price point

    – The market becomes very select. I am not a working photographer but I would imagine that using business sense if Product A delivers same or equivalent features as Produtct B at lower cost, the bottom line of the business is critical therefore lower priced items get advantage on the market.

    – There is profits in numbers. Look at walmart. From what I’ve seen (or been told) the profit margin in the photo industry is small for retailers so selling high priced products with little profit margin is not as lucrative to sellers (and eventually consumers). So yes, good for Nikon but…

    What Nikon did with Nikon 1 is try to explore this concept (people paying more for a name) and is a form of a marketing experiment. It is heavily promoted and I really can’t imagine that the cost of this camera exceeds the production costs of P7100 or even the D3100. Let’s see how this works out for them.

    As to my personal opinion – that’s where I decide not to ride the bus and consider the reality. Sure I can afford it, but is it really worth it for me? Not seeing returns from owning a camera (non-pro usage) investing excessive amount of money into a camera just because of the name is not a sound financial decision. I learned that after suffering from serious NAS syndrome. I got cured and now see the light. The question is, how many of non-pros will see the light and how will it affect Nikon if they are going to consider Nikon 1 experiment as success.

    This should be interesting!

  • Andre

    How sweet it would be if Nikon and Canon joined forces 🙂 This is more unlikely than being hot in the North Pole though…

  • Robert Daniels

    All Nikon has to do is stay TRUE. Even through the tough times stay TRUE. The Nikon crowd is loyal. You may not met all financial projections every year but that does not mean you are a failure. It just means you did not make as much as the previous years. In these economic times of uncertainty you would want to keep the customers you already have. If you canot meet demand be honest with us. We will understand. You shareholders may waffle but your lotyal customers won’t. Remain innovative and ahead iof the game ” The runs will come…. They always do!”
    -Viva La Nikon!

  • rob

    do you work in M&A?

  • ObvsTrl

    Positive proof that Nikon shooters aren’t as smart as everyone else…

  • Chris P

    Ever since I had a Fuji S5, which I damaged beyond repair and replaced with a D700, my dream camera has been a D700 body with a FX version of the S5 sensor in it.

  • chris zeller

    I think Nikon should listen to this report.

    The key here is that their superior price position is based on their top of the line models. If they allow that line to lax, as they are with their FX models, then the whole company can be harmed. There have been no new FX or pro bodied DX cameras in a long while. Fortunately this time Canon has also been delayed but in the meantime Sony has made forward progress.

    In 2008, I was sure that we’d have FX in the midrange bodies by now. Now I’m not so sure. I think Nikon will preserve FX for the top pro cameras for the forseeable future. Ken Rockwell predicted this as soon as the first FX cameras started ariving. Now I think I agree with him. On the other hand, my new D7000 is such a step up from the D70 I really don’t care.

  • Kristo

    Yes, I was willing also. I started to save some money for new D400 almost as soon I’ve purcased my D80. And still nothing!!! The summary is: now savings were above 5000.- so I decided to buy the HD helmet camera (the good one), some paragliding lessons and the wing + harness. At least I’ll have fun 😉
    For Nikon: I’ll not pay for 36 MB (e.g. speculated for D800) but probably for ISO 6400 or more for fast shooting in air at any lighting conditions 😉 But You have to wait now, I don’t have these money any more 😛

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