Three possible scenarios for the Nikon D800 and other rumblings

I basically see three scenarios for what is currently going on with the D800:

  • Nikon saw that Canon announced a 18MP camera and decided that their 36MP is an overkill and pulled the plug. Less likely, but still possible.
  • Nikon distributed wrong D800 specs with made up announcement/expected date to confuse the competition (and NikonRumors). Or maybe they just want to see how people will react to a 36MP sensor?

Several sources are telling me that the next full frame camera from Nikon will be revolutionary. To be honest, I don't see anything revolutionary in the D800 except the MP count and the removal of the AA filter. Maybe this "revolution" will come with the Nikon D4 and not the D800.

What else am I hearing?

  • The Nikon D800 product intro video was shot in Chicago few weeks ago. This should be easy to verify once the D800 is announced.
  • Nikon D800 camera samples were sent to many countries in preparation for the announcement.
  • The D800 will probably have a Sony made sensor while the D4 will have a Nikon produced sensor.
  • Several tipsters indicated that the Nikon D4 will be announced in January, 2012. The specs: 18-24MP, improved AF and video.
  • Received some reports that the Nikon SB-900 can no longer be ordered in Canada. A new SB-910 flash was one of the three products expected to be announced together with the D800.
I would not describe any of those tips as reliable at that point, I just wanted to share the latest buzz.
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  • If Nikon does not want to lose clients to Canon, they have to launch the D800 before March and make is available.
    I am one of those, Love my Nikon, but can’t wait any longer.


    • rs

      don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • Madingo

      I completely agree with you. I am in the verge of switching to cannon. The only thing which kept me so far was the hope that Nikon will realease D800/ D700s soon.

      • Richard

        I am curious. Just what has you about to switch to Canon?

    • Patrick

      Seriously why do you guy’s always need something new? I mean if you have the money I guess it is ok to always have the latest lenses and cameras but the way you are seeking after something new, you don’t seem like you are good photographers, YOU are just guys who are willing to spent a lot of money on that stuff.. google the guys who are REALLY famous photographers…whose pictures have touched millions of peoples, Now do you find anyone who nowadays has a D700 and complains about it “only” having 12MP… if you seriously need more resolution buy a medium Format dammit! I mean look at yourself, you are victims of the consumption, consumed by your desire for more. Photography is NOT holding the latest camera, it is NOT crapping memory cards full of data of huge immages of which you use less and less percentage..

      Do you remember the first time you hold a camera and took pictures and thought…THAT is something you want to always be a part of your life, either as a hobby or a as your occupation… do you? That is Photography, it is a kind of meditation, to calm your soul, and trying to catch the beauty you see with your eyes…not general beauty, but that what you describe as beautiful… to catch it forever. Now I know: A better Camera does it better.
      Now you might not agree with me about what I said before, but you better should agree with me that

      Thanks for reading,

      • Jamie

        “The fact is that relatively few photographers ever master their medium. Instead they allow the medium to master them and go on an endless squirrel cage chase from new lens to new paper to new developer to new gadget, never staying with one piece of equipment long enough to learn its full capacities, becoming lost in a maze of technical information that is of little or no use since they don’t know what to do with it”

        Edward Weston…

  • Crispy bacon

    I would love to see a 36mp camera … there must be an option for decreased file sizes in camera for those that squirm at the idea (but my guess is even they would find themselves hard pushed to resist using full size in the end). The 5d3 is no doubt going to have a similar sized sensor so nikon would be shooting themselves in the foot if they fall short (again). Having a dynamic range as good or slightly better than d700 i would be more than happy (which im sure is possible after all this time) and the same could probably be said for iso performance. With this in mind i really dont know what some people here are harcking on about, i for one am mostly a landscaper and am getting a little fed up with stitching images together to get nice sized prints out of a 12mp camera. If you prefer maximum speed get a d4 (which im sure will compare more to the canon equivelent, recently announced).

    Bring on the extra pixels nikon, put the 5d2/3 users in their place (for once and for all).

    • Dweeb

      Glad to see another landscape guy admit that 12MP is not enough. The D3X tax is a bit high for me.

      • Jadewatcher

        +1 to that on my part too. Sure, we can talk about diffraction all day, but 12 mp is definitely not enough for another landscape photographer here. Maybe 36mp won’t add that much in terms of resolution compare to 24mp, but 12mp is absolutely not adequate for the kind of prints i make.
        Especially considering that i still use my medium format equipment scanning slides @ 4000 dpi. 35mm 12mp files get nowhere near that.

        • nonetobe

          I don’t about you, but I use years old D70 for all my landscape shots. I basically take panoramic shots and merge them with “hugin”. It does an excellent job and I multiply my resolution. Granted, its a bit more work, but you guys have waaaaaaaayyyy too much money and you are complaining about limitations in your camera (not limitations in your technique).

    • rs

      24 x 36″ is not big enough? I get prints this size from my D700 anytime. You people are silly. Buy better glass.

      • crispy bacon

        I wouldnt stand too close to scrutinise a print of this size from a 12mp camera but i agree will look ok from a distance.

  • The only things that would make a next level DSLR truly “revolutionary” would be some sort of epic, game-changing autofocus system or film-like (or better!) dynamic range. Drop both of those in the new D4 and I’ll have some spending to do.

    • Roger

      If you needed DR, you would have already bought D3x or D7000.

      • RUHtarded

        What a silly comment!!

        • Roger


          still, you acting like a child doesnt make me wrong. the only people asking for “film-like” dr are those who never shot film in their life. imagine dslr with velvia dynamic range LOL

          • MysterF


            I agree, it seems that a lot of people has never shot film.
            when I moved from film to digital I was amazed of the latitude (DR), and also the low grain at hihg ISO, does any one remenber the film grain at 800 ISO? Too much.
            I remember bracketing and bracketing all the time when using velvia in high contrast scenes…

  • shm

    I will speculate a little bit. Sony has its A77 with a 24mpix APS-C sensor. Nikon has what is supposedly a Sony derivate of Sony’s 24mpix FF sensor in there D3x.

    What if we do have one D400 APS-C 24 mpix and a D800 FX 24 mpix? All sensors exist today so if Nikon wants to go that way it could be likely.


  • Ryan

    Spoke with my local Nikon Rep last week who I have a good relationship with. He said don’t expect anything till the new year but… take all the video features and focus speed of the Nikon 1 and put it into a full frame body… with a few other features and that will be the next FX Body.

    • per

      This makes sense to me. Obviously, the pro cameras should have the most advanced technology. But right now the V1 has the most advanced technology, not least for video purposes. So the next pro camera should have the sensor technology of the V1. On the other hand, it would seem risky to forego the OVF at this point in a pro camera. Which points to a hybrid view finder.

    • Anyone can speculate. Nikon does not tell their local field reps much in advance, if at all. Your local guy might sound authoritative but he doesn’t know anything more than we do.

      • Ant

        There are always rumours that circulate within companies like Nikon. It’s only human to show off a bit in front of your colleagues. I guess there are probably elements of truth within the rumours, along with some speculation and exaggeration.

  • Влад

    What comes first, then buy

  • john s

    I can understand why a full-time professional needs every competitive advantage over his rivals to keep the work coming, but when I hear people complaining they can’t get decent pictures from 12mp for the size of prints they require and then click their link which takes me to an an amateurs mediocre gallery of snapshots rather than the superb shots their technical DEMANDS allude to (and I’m talking about Digial Photo Review by the way, not anyone on this thread) then I despair. I can understand the ‘need’ to upgrade for things like frame-rate per second, autofocus speed and so on, but if a wealthy amateur can’t get a decent photograph from a 12mp camera then they need to take a look at their skills not the camera, whatever make it is.

    • Roger

      Speaking of Digital Photo Review, have you seen pictures their editors post in their reviews? My god… Check their Pentax 645D photos, just when you thought dpreview cant get any worse.

    • NikonFan

      I agree with JohnS. I have the D300 and have no desire to upgrade this for my stills. Digitally I started with the D1, (film the F3) and know that if we can use software to make a front page full spread with a 2mp camera, then I can sure get what I need from the D300.

      The only need I have and would like to have but can wait, is an FX with video that is not the D3s (I don’t want the weight); I just need the product to shoot the videos I am now doing for clients. Until then I borrow.

      So I patiently wait…I can’t do anything about preventing earthquakes and floods.

    • crispy bacon

      Just re-iterating what countless others have said …. there actually (believe it or not) people out there that can make a decent image and would really like to have more than 12mp to play with (i routinely stitch 3 images together to make a larger 6×4/5×4 image and 7-8 images for a pano to increase image size). As ive said, 12mp is just not enough. At 36mp you will need more resolving power but the most of that qaulity is already here in the form of primes so its time to bring it on.

    • crispy bacon

      Not sure why but my comment was deleted … wasnt even contraversial ???

      • I did not delete your comment, sometimes it may take few minutes

        • crispy bacon

          Your right, it took a while to register sorry.

    • rs

      Amen to that!

    • Rich in TX

      I agree.. I always find this funny.
      I recently sold my D700 because I just dont need FX and want to use the money to get the D3S replacement when it comes out. In the meantime, all I have (in digital) is my old D1X. I have been having a blast with it and cant believe the quality you can get out of it using technique that I didnt have back in the days I was using it before. We are talking 5.3 MP folks.

  • Richard

    I still think that Nikon had multiple prototypes under development and may or may not have taken a decision as to which one will be committed to production although is also possible that the information was selectively distributed to determine the source of leaks which have since been plugged.

  • CAT

    A D4 with 24 mp is what I want. D3x pixel quality is great. A D4 that’s faster with even better DR/pixel quality, improved autofocus, video = 🙂

  • Abaham Collins

    The revolutionary tech will be microprisms that divide the light into three segments at each three-pixel-site thus truly recording the wavelength of each photon and removing the need for the bayer pattern filter. The final image will be reinterpolated to a third of the recorded size, which is why the camera needs to be 36MP.

    • silvalleyphoto


      • Abaham Collins

        No, nothing of that one megapixel nonsense…

  • Zhe

    Nikon does not respect its customers.

    So R.I.P – or go to hell, Nikon.

    Will move to Sony this winter.

    • MysterF

      Sony? If you say canon… ok…but sony?

      • Patrick

        If I wouldn’t have a crush on my nikkor lenses I’d probably think about sony, too. The cost-performance ratio is way better, The advanced Cameras are incredibly fast, Nikon is using Sony sensors anyway and people never complained about those, right? And there is also nothing to complain about Carl Zeiss lenses… Canon on the other hand…sucks. haha

        However, I personally love Nikon…Nikon has the better quality and just feels better.. and if it is a new camera they are specs wise ahaed of the others..

    • Rob

      See ya. No one here will miss you.

  • photo-Jack

    I understand the point of the guys who sing the hymn for the 12MP generation. However, rumors were out since at least one year, that we would see the D400 (even a book about this camera was announced more than one year ago at amazon), the D800 and so on within the 3 next months. Nevertheless the prices for the 12MP generation did not water down but went up, be it for the disasters or whatever.
    For the most of us money is a limited resource thus many try to act economically clever. So why the heck you should buy a 12 MP DSLR now, when you believe to see the successor in the next three months. You’d just loose a couple of hundreds of dollars of value of your equipment, no matter if 12MP would do it for you or not.
    I think the times, of a Vietnam-proven F2 making it into a glass vitrine, are gone with the digital age. Therefore at least when the successors of the generation we expect now is out, with the 12 MP generation you just own electronic trash…
    Only trouble is, that this 3 month outlook remained floating constantly on the timeline.

  • Warren

    All you guys who posted that you’d trade more MP for better ISO what exactly do you mean? Do you refer to the D3s capabilities to go to ISO 100.000 or just cleaner ISO at lower numbers?
    As for me I’d like to have ISO 3200 or 6400 almost as clean as base ISO. But we seem to be far away from that since even my D300s at base ISO reveals something that I would interpret as “color-noise”. A clean blue late evening sky is not even colored at slow shutter speeds (several seconds) but has darker spot of blue AT BASE ISO. I have not the slightest idea what I could have done different or better. So I don’t even get higher in ISO. Thus I don’t quite understand what this ISO discussion is all about.
    Can you help me out?

    • Brad

      Try using neutral picture style and you should get clean skies

  • Patrik

    Here´s what i want, seriously:
    – 580 MP Sensor, whit a built in dry-cleaner
    – 200 pics/sec
    – Triple-HD film with autosound, autocasting, autodirecting and of course auto on/off so i wont have to be near the camera.
    – 1 gazillion extra gadgets built in from start, just for kicks.
    – There has to be a built in espresso machine somewhere, i need my coffee.
    – Input whatever here..
    – And so on, and so on.

    And to top that of, i desperately need that friggin 14-2000mm F1,2… or hell, F1,0 for shouting out loud. How long do i have to wait to get this? I can´t stand this, i really really really… really need this. I dunno what i´ll do if it doesn´t come out soon.
    I´ll probably sue Nikon for making me suffer since i have to wait so long for something that i really cant blaim them for.

    And then what?

  • clemens

    Has nobody compared that little video with these two pics of the D800 ? They do not show the same camera!!! The camera on the photos has a third button besides the mode-button – the camera in the video has not! Both are fake!!!!!!!!
    Again – if there would come a new fx-camera would the price of the D700 fall – it does not. The price of the D300s decreases. And that makes sence. The sensor of the Nikon-cameras is produced by Sony, and Sony has released halv a dozen new cameras with a new 24 p -sensor. Normally the Nikon-cameras with a new Sony-sensor were released a few months after Sony’s products. What we will se is a Nikon D400. I assume they will work on the quality of the sensor so the D400 will be a little better than Sony’s, even their tests show something good.
    They are kidding us with that kinds of photos and videos – that’s all – we will see!

  • Robert H.

    A few posters asked why anyone would be “on the verge” of switching to Canon. I am one of those people. I love my D3s and all of my Nikkor lenses dearly, but I do a lot of video work, and 720P video and a 4-minute clip limitation just doesn’t cut it. I would love to see a full-frame camera from Nikon that can actually compete with the 5DMkII in terms of video – if not surpass it. Here’s what I’m hoping for (from either the D4 of the D800):

    -Full 1080/24p/30p/60i
    -At least 20 minute clips (like the D3000)
    -Selectable or customizable gammas for video
    -Ability to use HDMI output and camera’s LCD at the same time

    And here are a few features that would be icing on the cake:
    -Variable frame rates for over and under cranking (up to 60 FPS would be great, 120 would be phenomenal). With Nikon’s ISO capabilities, just imagine what you could do with high frame rates!

    -Options for video compression (ie. H.264, motion JPEG, or uncompressed). If still photos offer RAW or JPG, why not the videos?

    -Options for peaking, zebra stripes, etc. to display on the viewfinder. It’s difficult trying to keep things in focus and properly exposed on a 3″ LCD – especially in daylight. These tools would make it at least a little easier!

  • Jamie

    “The fact is that relatively few photographers ever master their medium. Instead they allow the medium to master them and go on an endless squirrel cage chase from new lens to new paper to new developer to new gadget, never staying with one piece of equipment long enough to learn its full capacities, becoming lost in a maze of technical information that is of little or no use since they don’t know what to do with it”

    Edward Weston…

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