Nikon D800 specs recap

This week I had three separate posts on the rumored Nikon D800 specs. Here is a quick recap.

This is the list of "confirmed" specs for the Nikon D800 (there are some new updates). My confidence on those is above 90%:

  • The name will be Nikon D800
  • 36MP sensor
  • 100% viewfinder coverage
  • Improved AF with face recognition – the D800 will still have 51 points AF point
  • Dual memory card slots (still not sure if they will be SD, CF or both)
  • USB 3.0
  • ISO range: 100 – 6400, ISO LO @ 50 and  ISO HI-2 @ 25600
  • The screen will be larger than 3 inches
  • The D800 will not have built-in GPS
  • Expeed 3 processor
  • There will be two different D800 versions/models, one with the antialiasing filter removed

This is the list of not confirmed specs from the initial D800 post (Google translation):

  • 4 fps continuous shooting, about 6 fps in DX mode with optional battery pack
  • Full HD video in 1920 × 1080/30p
  • Headphone jack, can input from an external device such as a PCM sound recorder, available also in new small wireless transmitter
  • 86K pixel split control, AF, exposure, white balance, etc. compatible
  • CF card and SD card slot
  • Shutter durability of 200,000 cycles
  • Market price is about 300,000 yen
  • Announcement on October 26, released on November 24
I still believe that Nikon will announce a new DX lens first and then the D800 with at least two other products.
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  • Gordon

    I am personally stoked for this camera, it is going to be the perfect landscapers body and I don’t see this as a replacement to the D700 but an additional body in Nikon’s line-up. This D800 is filling a gap that has been blindlingly obvious for 3 years, with Nikon not providing an alternative high MP body without an integrated vertical grip.

    How many sales have Nikon lost to Canon since 2004 because Canon was able to offer high MP bodies to their customers? About 80% of professional landscape photographers that use digital cameras shoot Canon, I would hesitate to guess it could even be higher based on what I have witnessed in the field. When the 1DsMkII hit, alot of pro landscapers jumped to digital and went to Canon, Nikon had no answer and bled customers. The release of the 5D MkII just made matters worse. Nikon need to win back this field of photography and the D800 is the attempt at doing this.

    Also the D700 has been a huge success for Nikon so I doubt they would just drop it, this D800 is to the D3X like the D700 is to the D3. I own and use a D700, this D800 certainly won’t be replacing mine but will compliment it in my bag.

    • Tetrasol


      Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a great camera to fill the gap that you mentioned earlier for landscapes, architecture, etc. I don’t think it’s an Edsel, but I just selfishly hope that some sort of D700ish replacement is coming very soon. Even if the mp is ideal for this, I can’t fathom the price tag per the features. I guess I hoped it would be a bit less specialized , and more of a mainstream (landscape, pj, commercial) body.. if that makes sense. It’s all a timing concern.

    • nikon30+yrs

      +1 !!

    • nikon30+yrs

      +1 !! Totally agree with Gordon.

      • WTFiWantFF


    • Ken Kockwell

      +1 to Gordon. So true.

      Wedding, fashion,video guys tend to stick to Canon. Nikon has not serviced these people very well.

      Lets hope it is under $3000!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • MB

        How did you come up with that?
        Actually Nikon D3s and D700 for limited budget photographer are the most popular wedding cameras as far as I know.
        And D3x is the most popular fashion camera for years now.
        Video is another story but most wedding professionals are currently using Sony and Panasonic video cameras.

        • Anon

          Videographer who shoots using DSLR is on the rise. They mostly using 5D Mark 2, because they have no choice.

          I know a case of Nikon user have who switch to Canon just because of this. He started in photography as a user D80, but switch to Canon because of his interest in videography.

          • LOL

            I shoot videos and photo (started in video actually). I use a D3s and D7000… and Canon XF300.

        • choob

          Most popular fashion camera is in the Medium Format domain, not the D3x. Not by a long shot.

  • SNRatio

    The slow FPS is probably (at least in part) because of extra low-noise sensor readout, combined with not too expensive electronics. I doubt Nikon deliberately makes a slowed-down cameraWith pixel binning, we may see ISO3200 somewhat better than D700, but there is no way this will be a speed/high ISO champ. Still, it may be useful, if far from ideal, for PJ/event photography – so Nikon is definitely leaving space for another model here.

    Also competition-wise, this is a good way to hedge: The D800 won’t be beat on resolution/IQ, and for the areas where it doesn’t fully stand up, the D4 and possible “D800H” will be good offerings. Furthermore, the fact that there never was a
    D700s indicates that Nikon has estimated the die-hard speed/”lightweight”/high-ISO crowd to be too small to primarily cater for.

    • Acutia

      The camera sounds too good to believe.

    • PHB

      They may be planning to meet that market with the D9000. Its going to be lighter than the D800 and if you put the Expeed3 DSP in a box with the D3s sensor, well fps would not be a problem.

      It would be lighter than the D800, faster than the D800 and have higher ISO. The reason some here would bitch is that they want a cheap D4 and they don’t want Nikon to make anything better or for anyone to even suggest that there could be something better.

      If people want the best 12MP ever then go buy a D3s because it is certain that the replacement won’t be 12MP. In fact I would be very surprised at less than 36MP in the flagship.

      • nobody

        Even the cheapest D XXXX with a DX sensor has 14mp now. IMO, Nikon would never put a 12mp FX sensor in a D 9000.

        Isn’t there a rumour that Sony is also developing a new 24mp sensor?

        • Sahaja

          Not a rumor. Sony already have a 24mp APS-C sensor in the A77. A variant of that sensor could very well appear in a Nikon DX camera.

    • ithurtswhenipee

      Or perhaps a D700s or d700x is still yet to come. Maybe a 16 to 18 MP sensor, Exspeed 3, 1080p at 60 fps video, same or better high iso performance as the D700 and come in around $3,200. It seems like Nikon has the high MP, prosumer compact and high iso/speed covered. Nikon has yet to answer Canon in the full frame video realm.

  • ok, if i don’t ask i won’t know…. why do we or don’t we need an antialiasing filter? can someone explain why we might want or not want one??

    • Gordon

      On page 1 of these comments, look for a thread by Ron Adair and Greg, they go into details about this question.

    • Hhom Togan

      The easy answer is because you will get even sharper images, the problem is moire in high frequency patterns (clothing, some architectural elements like venetian blinds at some distances, etc.)

  • Glow

    D800 specs – good for studio use, slow but in high resolution.
    I begin to believe in the D700s rumor. Update for photojournalist looking like that: FX 18-24Mpix, 7fps (10fps with grip), 100% viewfinder coverage, lower weight.

    • Hhom Togan

      Journalists hardly need 18 to 24 megapixels… almost never are printed bigger than magazine full page size and newspapers don’t require that kind of resolution (low ppi in newspaper printing and tablet’s screens don’t need that much resolution either). Why 7FPS? most journalist cameras are capable of 8 to 9 FPS today…

      So stop BSing k? 🙂

  • tdot

    I’ve read through the comments and two things surprise me:

    1) Hardly anyone tries to predict the future of pro-DSLR cameras in general. There was one reference to pixel-binning, which i’m very curious about. 36MP sure, but only when you need it! Imagine a cam that is smart enough to detect low-light settings and automatically pixel-bin down to 12MP, giving you at least 3x better ISO quality. Also, look at the Expeed 3 features on the Nikon V1 and J1: those tiny little things are capable of shooting at 60 – 1200fps! That is incredible and that is on entry-level consumer crap. That is the next-gen innovation Nikon is going for, for consumer stuff – of COURSE there will be something this big on the pro cams. Whether it is pixel-binning, something with the processing engine, interchangeable sensors, or who knows… the point here is to stop looking at the specs in jus the context of how we understand cameras today, because if this truly is an innovative camera, such a comparison may be irrelevant.

    2) I don’t understand why everyone is complaining about ISO sensitivity: the published specs seem to match *exactly* with the D700’s specs. I think that means Nikon is committing to noise levels of no worse than the D700, but with a 36MP sensor. So here is my question: who thinks that the D800 should have better noise control than the D700? Because that’s silly: the D700 has fantastic noise control, and if you want better then you buy the D3S. And there is the point: the D800 would not be replacing the D3S, that would be the D4! So it is kinda stupid to me to presume that the D800 must have better noise control than the D700… as long as it isn’t worse than the D700, then that should be perfectly acceptable.

    Personally I believe that either the FPS prediction is wrong, or it gets dramatically boosted with a grip (I didn’t see any discussion about the power requirements of an FX sensor at 36MP but it must require a lot more juice than the 12MP ones today, right? So then a grip would probably add a lot more capability here compared to what a grip adds to today’s cameras), or there will be innovative tech like pixel bining which means slow FPS at 36MP but much faster FPS at 12/18/24MP.

    In general, I plan to hand Nikon my credit card and say “take what you need”, as long as the noise control / ISO perf isn’t worse than the D700, and there is at least 18MP at 6FPS available in one mode on the camera.

    • rhlpetrus

      “3x better ISO” means 1.7 stop better (it’s “area” equivalent). But the issue of binning is not so simple. Even w/o binning, my estimate given the 3x factor in resolution and based on D7000’s performance (if the sensor is based on that technology) is that it’ll be close to D3s at same output size (not at 100%, that’ll be like D7000).

    • baked bananas

      + 1000000000000

    • PeterT

      And there is another thing that surprises me:

      Hardly anyone is discussing the fact that there are only a handful of companies that are capable of producing camera sensors. Nikon will not just produce a 18 MP sensor, a 24 MP sensor and a 36 MP out of the blue. They do have a partnership with Sony in this area and I think that they are addicted to Sony´s strategy. Sony produces a FF 36 MP sensor that´s why Nikon has to follow and use this material provided by Sony. It may be that they can take part in the decision-making but I think that this influence is limited.
      As far as I know Nikon has wafer production know-how but is not able to handle the whole sensor manufacturing on its own. That´s why I think that Nikon is not free in making there own decisions in every aspect of sensor production.

    • tdot = SO RIGHT!

  • Ken

    What does this mean: “86K pixel split control, AF, exposure, white balance, etc. compatible.”

    • not sure, this came with the initial D800 specs, it’s Google translated

    • Jabs


      Probably refers to on-board AF sensor tech with 3 RGB sensors – think Sigma SD1 with V1-J1 tech plus done right with Expeed 3 for really fast throughput.

      AF is sensor based and pixel shifts between the three sensors or one sensor with 3 distinct readouts that shift by that pixel count.

      Perhaps why Nikon and Sigma got into that Patent dispute earlier this year!

      I believe that the D800 is actually a body with a new Nikon designed sensor and NOT the same as the rumored Sony A99 (or whatever they call it) 36mp sensor in a Nikon body.

      The Nikon D800 to me, seems like a new category of cameras = Nikon 2.

      NOT a D700 replacement to me, but more like a RED camera or grown up Nikon 1.

      Video with stills to beat a Canon 5D MK2’s replacement plus higher resolution and higher Cinema resolution too.

      Probably will have above 16:9 ratio in Cinematic ratios and be something new and unexpected – based upon the released specs so far.

      Nikon D800 is probably the same camera being tested in India (Bollywood) in the Movie Industry there but called a ‘D7100’ there as a disguised prototype.

      This D800 probably is the camera that has a removable sensor too, hence why we have two upcoming models – one with a low or high pass filter and one without.

      Simple sensor change modules!

      My assessment so far and of course I just might be dead wrong – LOL.

      We’ll see soon.

  • Unsure

    I’m concerned about the face recognition. Why would they add such a useless feature to a pro level camera, unless this camera is not being aimed at the pro market? And SD card slots? I don’t even own one of those, its CF all the way.

    My thoughts are that this camera is not the D700 replacement, rather it’s a new line, aimed at enthusuasts who want FX, ultra high MP, face recognition, and shooting modes (no mention of this yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me).

    If this is true, then Nikon will be forcing pros to buy the D4, where they usually don’t get as many sales, and the D800 won’t take away sales from that line like the D700 did.


    • Tetrasol

      I hope scene modes are not on any body “greater” than the D7000, which probably shouldn’t have had them either. This would be an astonishing sign if the D800 had such a thing. I assume the face recognition technology is for auto focus or 3D tracking, but who knows on that either.

      What enthusiast has 4k to put down on a camera in this economy? I can’t image that’s who this is aimed toward. I would imagine the D7k is more in line with that price point.

    • Jabs


      D800 = new type of camera – think upscaled Nikon 1 with new features and on-board AF on sensor. Maybe even three RGB sensors?

      An FX Nikon 1 of sorts.

      Video/Cinema with stills done right like RED does.

      D4-D4X-D400 and others, conventional cameras for mainly Pros.

      My two cents !!!

      • PeterT

        I´m afraid but I think that´s wishful thinking…

        I often got difficulties to focus correctly on the eyes when I shoot at <f2.0 and have to place them near the frame edge and move the camera afterwards (no AF point near the edge of the frame). This face recognition thing could be a fantastic tool in such a situation…

        • Tetrasol

          Now if it locked onto the pupil or iris… that would be a nice feature. But face recognition just sounds like it can detect a general facial form and stick with it.

    • George

      Because CF cards are old tech and are now being matched (and in the near future, exceeded) in speed/quality by SD cards at a lower cost. In truth, I’d rather have two SD slots.

  • Future

    How about built in WiFi? How many more years until we see this, come on??

  • MrJimmy

    First I still see no reason for Nikon to push 36MP why??? in a FF that is not a pro body and call it a D800. I can see a 36MP in a FF on a D4 and 4 frames a sec. But not in a small body like this. And I have to ask the question just who is making this 36MP sensor anyway. Sony. I have read nothing about Nikon being able to do this at all. And even if Nikon has made a few its not likely to be able to mass produce a sensor of this type. Its my understanding that Nikon does not make any of the top line sensor. D7000 case in point. D4 24MP is a Sony. So anyway, One of there best cameras is the word class D3s 12MP FF great ISO and speed. And there just going to jump to 36MP and call it a D800 not IMHO Unless it is a Sigma a 12X3 Foveon Sensor.

    • Hhom Togan

      Simply don’t buy it and call it a day.

  • rhlpetrus

    So the most important “spec” at this point, the date, hasn’t been confirmed, this could be for Summer 2012, when D700 has its 4year anniversary.

  • simpleguy

    I JUST dont get it !! , why is nikon putting out this camera , same iso , lousy video specs

    except guys who shot medium format prints in studio , who needs this exactly , if nothing is different but the name , and insane amount of MP which doesnt say better quality and no lens can match this insane resolution , and no big news in video features

    how many large print medium format pro studio photographers are there ?
    i am sure hoping we are missing something

    • dbas

      Thom Hogan is expecting mini XLR inputs and headphone monitoring, so that can be considered news in terms of video features in the DSLR world.

      • Matt

        I’m in it for the video…how about shooting at 24fps? Any news?

  • brian

    I suspect that there may eventualy be a D700s with the D3s sensor in it as a “budget” full frame. Then there wouldn’t be a gap in their pricing lineup. If the D800 is $4000 then the line up would jump there from say an $1800 d400.

    If they use the D3s sensor in a D700s using the same 95%(or whatever viewfinder and pop up flash) then when the D400 comes out the lineup would look something like this:

    D400 $1800 for sports and wildlife.
    D700s $2500 for photojournalists and those who only need/want 12mp.
    D800 $4000 for studio and landscape people.
    D4 $5500 for sports and the Olympics 18-20mp.

    This way they also won’t allow a smaller less expensive body eat into D4 sales like the D700 perhaps did to the D3. The D4 sensor stays exclusive to that camera and they get more use out of the D3s sensor.

    • brian

      This might also be the end of the $8000 dslr.

      With the medium format cameras now starting in the $10000 range, and with a 36mp dslr at $4000, who’s to say that 30-40mp medium format won’t move into the $8000 price point. Once the 645d gets updated with say a full frame 60mp sensor for say $12000, then the 40mp 645d crop sensor drops to $8000 from the $10500 it’s at now.

    • Grant

      Finally some sense in the argument!

  • One More Thought

    Others have mentioned it, but it needs to said again: this is a 36mp sensor because it is the FF sensor that Sony is making. It’s no coincidence that Sony is also coming out with a 36mp FF.

    I believe at this point that Nikon is very dependent on Sony for sensors…but that’s not a bad thing and makes sense. Sony has a lot deeper expertise making sensor chips and the more sensor technology develops the more this deeper expertise will be required. In fact, it can be an almost ideal collaboration: the deep expertise of Nikon in everything else…AF, camera body, ergonomics, optics, etc…combined with the deep expertise of Sony in making chips.

    So if you want to know what Nikon is going to do with regards to sensors in their DSLRs, just follow Sony.

  • Nikgun

    Even the Canonites are smacking their lips. What a beaut of a camera this will be.

  • KB

    Admin…. any news of a built in flash like the D800 would be awesome… I like the convenience and also the ability to trigger the others remotely….

  • Zen-Tao

    36 mpixel sound like 12 x 3 mp=36. Is nikon going to launch a camera with a foveon sensor? The clue is that they are offering a sensor without antialiasing filter. It would be the rage but it isn’t really 36 mpx.

  • Will be a stunning body for studio/fineart/landscape really impressive move Nikon!

  • Matt

    Any news on other video specs? Only 30P or will there also be 24P?

  • EnPassant

    A possible Line-up for Nikon’s new series of FX-cameras could be:

    1. D4, the rugged powerhorse for pros built for speed and high ISO as good as or even better than D3s especially at lower MP-settings. Propably about 18 MP, made by Nikon and produced by someone else than Sony. May have the possibility for exchanging the sensor or at least order with another sensor as the ones in other FX-cameras and eventually dedicated sensors for Black and White and Infrared. Dual CF cardholder. Released beginning of 2012.

    2. D800, the 36 MP sensor (from Sony but tveaked to Nikon’s preferences) follow-up of Semi-pro D700 althogh some initially will think this is a new class, just like they thougt about the D7000 when it replaced D90 with much better specs. It will also replace the D3x as the rugged pro-body is a waste in the studio and a burden in the field for the landscape-photographer. Propably dual CF/SD cardholder. Having a 16 MP DX-crop in a semi-pro body it also effectivly replaces the D300s. That is unless Nikon think it makes sense to build a real pro DX with Sony’s 24 MP sensor? Presentation late this month.

    3. The Dark horse! A FX-camera for the advanced amateur/enthusiast who would like to go FX but neither can afford the above, more expensive alternatives nor is interested in the old D700 becase of to few MP, no video and too big and heavy body. Propably 24 MP sensor from Sony. With only 95% (Unless EVF? Althogh I think it is to early to expect that from Nikon now. Maybe in next generation?) viewfinder, much less fps than D4 naturally, less rugged and having less external controls than D4 and D800 it will clearly be a lower class body but still very good, like D7000! Dual SD cardslot. Presentation just before Photokina 2012! The difficult to answer question is what name this new level of FX-camera will have. Maybe D400 if Nikon is not planning a DX-only D400. D10 is another possibility as D10-30 not been used what I know. Many have suggested D9000 which would be a fitting number for a FX-camera at that body level. That would however block the use of DX-cameras with 9xxx-number. On the other hand Nikon started separating cameras with 100 numbers in the XXXX-series and 7X00 could therefore be used for 20 years!

    Prices should be $/€ 6000,-, 4000,- and 2000,- (+/- 500;-) Having bigger screens D4 and D800 will have bodies with a new design. The cheapest FX-camera will because of size propably have the usual 3″ screen and could come in a body similar to D7000.

    • Zen-Tao

      3.000 Euros is not exactly a cheap price. The issue is that photographers are feed up to change camera body every other year. A camera with 36 mpx needs an FF sensor otherwise you couldn’t find any lense capable to support that amount of resolution. D7k has a long life and the alternative must be D800 or D4 not D400.

  • Ren Kockwell #4

    People need to stop whining about the “same ISO as the D700” or not being able to shoot at ISO 102K, or higher.

    Quality is the deciding factor. Dynamic range, sharpness, clarity at a given ISO. Having an ISO 6400 that’s as smooth as butter is much preferable to shooting some crap at 102K just for the sake of it.

    Nikon could easily make the camera go to a HI-5 if they wanted to, pushing the ISO to 1 million. Woo! At that point the image would look like snowy static, but at least the camera “goes” to ISO 1 million!!

    No no. From now on, pushing ISO “numbers” up is irrelevant and slow-going. Pushing the quality at given ISO “numbers” we already have is where it’s going to be at.

  • Len

    What about the D400 ? i still thinking that NIkon need to release a DLSR between the D7000 and the d800

    • nobody

      Looking at the horrible news from Thailand now, I would not expect the D400 to appear very soon.

  • doubting thomas

    Admin: Do you know if there are scheduled press events on October 26th?

    • No, so far there has not been any major press events scheduled (or I don’t know about them).

      • rhlpetrus

        I think the date is not correct, at this point a major announcement would have had some sort of press event scheduled for it.

  • is it going to have an integrated flash?

  • Erik Cartman

    I think the Foveon sensor theory may have some merit.

    If not, the 36 megapixels may be a brilliant money making move by Nikon as only pro level glass would be suitable. Then again, for several years people bought HDTV’s without understanding one needed HD input to see the improvement.

    Finally, I wonder if the video will be of a level that people reconsider their Red Scarlet plans. Both Red and Canon are making Nov. 3 announcements regarding digital cinema cams and Nikon may be trying to stick a foot in that door with this DSLR.

    • Zen-Tao

      Actually, Foveon idea is fantasy. But it would be the best way to take advantage of actual pro and semi pro lenses. Nikon is very reluctant to make big innovations on image technologies. They should to redesign image processors, etc, etc But it would be a awesome camera. You’ve nailed down cuoting video aspects. There is the issue, a video DSLR camera highly competitive with Nikon quality. If they don’t do that just now they will never be able to overtake Canon lidership on tha segment.

      • simpleguy

        totally agree , if they dont do something with the video specs to at least out preform canon 5d mark ii , they will lose a hugh chunk of audience
        and it will be a shame they started all the sdlr video phenomenon with the d90

  • Greg

    As I get older and wanting less to be lying on the ground, I could sure use an articulated screen. Every camera should now come out with that for shooting over crowds and ground level shots.

  • Steve Starr

    About the FPS thing or slowness, it could be that the thing may also have wireless control to their new flash. If so, a wireless CLS unit using iTTL and 5 FPS (albeit slow, but not bad as it could do a +/-1 HDR with a nice 5 shots at 1 stop differences) may be very useful if the new and maybe wireless flash can keep up with it.

    A gigapixel camera will come along someday. Get used to it or live in the past. 36 MP is just an evolution. No way would I want to go back to a whopping 1 MP “Big Monster & All I would ever need.” digital camera from the 1980’s.

    Bring on the Mega Pixels Nikon! And a wireless flash, and maybe even a pro wireless studio strobe system to compliment it too.

    • NYCpete

      You need to ask Sony for the GIGAPIXELS, since they make the Sensors.

      Nikon doesnt know anything about strobes. get a Profoto set.

  • MB

    Am i misunderstanding something or the rumor says there will be TWO D800 variants?
    One 36Mpix and the other without OLPF which means sharper images, better sensitivity and most likely less resolution.
    Something for everybody, D800 and D800s, GREAT!

    • KB

      I think all it is are one version with AA filter, one without…. without and you get sharper images but more moire problems…..

  • Visualiza

    The complaining isn’t making any sense to me. As far as I’m concerned, if you don’t want more MP then get a D3S, the solution is simple. It isn’t going anywhere, and has the standard 12MP that you’ve already declared is perfect for you.

    Nikon ALREADY makes what you want, so where’s the fire? Some people are just addicted to spreading FUD, and thats all it boils down to. Since a low megapixel-high sensitivity/high speed camera already exists, there is NO REASON to hate Nikon for this alleged camera. No reason at all.

  • tom

    Nikon should bring 10 mm f 2.8 lens for FF in addition to new Pro DSLRs coming,or something like 10-14,8-14 f2.8 would be great…I wish so…

  • JonMcg

    For the people who keep saying “quit complaining and just get a D3s or D700” you are forgetting a few major things these two cams don’t have people want and have been waiting for… Canon 5DM2 video quality, Dual CF/SD slots, etc. It’s not easy when you want to drop $3k on something you want to last you 3-4 years to just go out and buy something that will be replaced immently not to mention the fact it’s hard to find D700/D3s bodies available to buy anywhere!!

  • Bullsnot

    Nikon better make sure they keep some “special sauce” for these Sony sourced sensors if they intend to keep their prices higher than Sony’s. It’s bad enough they depend on Sony for the tech, and once Sony figures out how to process pixels as good as Nikon can there will be no compelling reason for a new photographer to pay extra for Nikon’s offerings.

    • Anon

      Nikon badge is expensive you know.

  • NYCpete

    4K is cheap for the body considering what I have paid for lenses, over 20k worth.

  • jimmyjonjamjam

    d800 + 50 1.2!!!


  • Hope it’ll have 16bit (compressed) TIFF

  • Pixelhunter

    Will it be likely that the new D800 keeps the size (and weight) of the current D700? Looking at the potential benefits of the camera (big MP for landscape, studio) I fear that body size will be considered less important.



  • josh

    @Admin, how sure are you that there will be an announcement on D800 on Oct 26th?

    I ask this question because we have been on this path before.

    • No, not sure – you can see in the above post the points I feel confident about. The release date is not one of them, but this date seems to match all other previous rumors.

  • Grant N

    The new D800 is a welcome addition to the Nikon line. It obviously addresses the need for a high MP camera to compete against the Canon 5D Mk II. Sure the price is high but understandable comsidering the yen to dollar exchange rate and all the problems and hardships Japan and Nikon has had recently. As far as frames per second, it is low but understandable since fps varies indirectly with MP. Lastly, as I have long believed Nikon will come out with two cameras one better than the D700 and one in between the D700 and D300s both full frame cameras. The 28-300mm lens hints that there will be a consumer grade full frame camera soon. My prediction is that it will be between 24 and 16 MP and 6 to 8 fps and have an optional battery grip for maximum fps with a price point of $2600 to $2000.

  • Nice camera but definitely not for me. I’ll wait for a 18Mp video-capable compact FX body. Maybe a d400 FX? I hope so.

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