Canon EOS-1D X will be announced tonight, now Nikon has the ball

Here are the specs for the upcoming Canon EOS-1D X camera:

  • Full Frame
  • 18.1MP
  • Dual DIGIC 5 – 17 Times The Processing Power of DIGIC 4
  • ISO 100-51200 Native
  • 100,000 Pixel RGB Metering Sensor
  • EOS iSA (Intelligent Subject Analysis)
  • 61 Point AF
  • 21 f/5.6 Cross Type Sensors
  • 20 f/4 Cross Type Sensors
  • 5 f/2.8 Cross Type Senors
  • EOS iTR AF (Intelligent Tracking & Recognition Auto Focus)
  • 12 Frames Per Second
  • 14 Frames Per Second JPG Only
  • 400,000 Shot Rated Shutter
  • Ethernet Connection
  • March Availability

Nikon should be next:

Nikon D3s: 14th October 2009
Canon 1D Mk IV: 19th October 2009

Nikon D3: 23rd August 2007
Canon 1D Mk III: 21st February 2007

Nikon D700: 1st July 2008
Canon 5D Mk II: 17th September 2008

October 17th: Nikon announces 65 million Nikkor lenses
October 18th: Canon announces 70 million EF lenses

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  • Dominik

    It’s about time Canon released a competitor to the D3s. You can bet the house on Nikon’s D4 having almost identical specs. And of course a 5D mk3 will match up with the D800.

    Now there will be no compelling reason to jump ship either way.

    • Tim

      18MP? I need at least 36MP! I’m switching to.. oh wait…

      • delacroix

        Have an Hasselblad and don’ t wait. I ve done this 3 years ago, and I’ m very happy

    • Eskimo Macinoid

      This may be a case where Canon can flex its superior corporate muscle. Canon can afford to have customers stop buying 1D and 1Ds cameras while they are waiting SIX months for the 1D X, because they have so many other product ranges.
      A corresponding D4 announcement at the expense of D3s and D3x sales may represent too large a loss. Nikon may not take the bait, especially if they cannot push the D4/D800 until after March.

  • One More Thought

    Obviously a top notch camera at a top notch price.

    The key will be will Nikon announce any new product soon? We’ve all read the report from the French publication about new products being pushed back due to the flood.

    Even though Canon won’t ship this until next March, the fact that it is announced is huge. If Nikon waits a while it will hurt them. If Canon has all the buzz about new products…and of course, some will base budgeting for future purchases based upon what is known, not what is speculated…

    Regardless of availability, if I were Nikon I would still announce new product and ship later…of course I am biased because that is what I would want to have happen…

    Nevertheless, Canon shows that you can announce and there be a significant gap until shipping…my bet is that Canon sells every 1dx they can make for a long time…

    • I wonder what this will do to 1D IV and 1Ds sales?

      • Bob Howland

        What 1Ds3 sales? The 5D2 destroyed them.

        • Hhom Togan

          Not at all, the focus accuracy of the 5D MKII was the concern of many professinals thus they opted for either the 1D MKIV or the 1Ds MKIII, simply because with paid gigs you either have the reliability or you are screwed.

        • devlon

          no the 5D mk3 had many better features. Its use of video filming HOUSE MD, made it a highly demanded camera to own. Its features were still better than the 1dm4 which was released after the 5d. I agree with Bob, the 5D killed on sales! just went to show that, thats the reason for the 1d/1ds merger its FF or nothing, APS-H just isnt demanded.

  • shoreview

    So where does this leave the D800? It seems to me that 36 megapixels only makes sense on the D800 if Nikon plans to ditch the D3x and do an 18 megapixel full-frame combo D4 body of their own for the big-and-heavy line. And even then, I’m not quite sure how much sense 36 megapixels make. I suppose for an enthusiast or small-time pro that is transitioning to FX but still wants to get high-resolution photographs with their DX lenses. Of course, if the D800 is priced more competitively than rumors so far suggest, that’s different.

    • Sahaja

      From the rumors we have read here it seems the expected D800 (or whatever it is) has a high mp Sony sensor. The D4 will have a Nikon sensor, which could very well be 18 or 20mp; high fps, high iso, etc.

      But Nikon please announce something – even if we can’t get it until next year.

      I wish Nikon and Canon would both publish some kind of road map, with a two or three year time frame, for their top end cameras and lenses so customers could plan well ahead.

      – S

    • Hom Thogan

      It doesn’t makes sense at all, diffraction and lens resolving power are the number one concern among pros with this rumor, as it is the D3x and the 1Ds MKII (5d MKII too) have been outresolving lenses (even the newest) and diffraction had an impact in image quality compared to what the 1Ds MKII (and the classic 5D) and the D3s and D700 could do.

      Besides unless you are shooting high end campaigns such 36 megapixels is kind of a moronic move, Newspapers are fine with 4-6 megapixels to do a big photo, magazines are fine with 12-16 megapixels, billboards don’t need more than 3-4 megapixels, websites and tablet content don’t need that kind of monstruous resolution… And if you are shooting high end campaigns you are receiving the money to either rent or buy a MF camera that would certainly give you more color depth, more dynamic range, better IQ (lenses designed to resolve that kind of crazy resolution.) than what you can do with a 22 or 36 full frame camera.

      So no it doesn’t makes sense at all.

      • than what you can do with a 22 or 36 full frame camera.

        So no it doesn’t makes sense at all.

        Actually it does make a lot of sense… you just haven’t figured out how it helps the image quality 😉

  • march ?
    did they announce a little too early…

    • Bob Howland

      That’s my question. This large gap between announcement and availability is very untypical of Canon.

      • I’M sure Canon knows what Nikon will announce, so they had to do this to keep their users no to change to Nikon !

    • Hom Thogan

      The EOS 1Ds MKII was announced in Photokina 2004 and it was available until May 2005, so they didn’t announced it too early.

  • ben

    Something is wrong with this announcement. Why are they announcing so early, unless they are afraid what Nikon has up it sleeve.

    • kyoshinikon

      I think they are afraid, because while the camera has “dreamy specs” they are not so dreamy when compared to the D3s excluding the mpx… 60 AF points in comparison to 51, 1 stop better ISO, 12fps in comparison to 10fps…

      They are also setting up another trap that nikon fell into; the same mpx across the board…

      When Nikon had 12mpx from bottom to top in all of their bodies, Canon and Sony used that to their advantage. Canon now has 18mpx in most of their bodies excluding the 5dmk2 slot and the bottom…

      Also I think they are in for a storm If the a99 takes after the a77 in terms of fps but the buffer is bigger. The Nikon J1 can do 60fps at a full 10mpx (true it is a crop sensor and the buffer is only 12 frames) but keep a similar pixel density going up to Fx and put 3 processors in a body and it is possible to get 10/12 fps out of a 30mpx camera. Of course the shutter would probably be locked open but it could be a canon killer…

      • Adrian Sos

        The trick to 12 fps is not only to move huge chunks of data from sensor to the memory but also to move huge (compared to APS-C) shutter and mirror. Do little math and you will find out how much bigger and thus heavier FF shutter is from APS-C. To move heavier mass through larger distance ain’t that easy. So the extra 2 fps is quite an accomplishment for full frame camera with mechanical shutter and likely superior AF than J1.

    • Hom

      The EOS 1Ds MKII was announced in Photokina 2004 and it was available until May 2005, so they didn’t announced it too early…

  • NikoFanboy

    I second you mate…. I think Canon have sensed an upcoming announcement by Nikon and dont want loose any more users to its rivals. This announcement makes no sense to me either as they are planning to ship the product 2nd quarter! This is so much against canons periodic release….

    I think we have something BIG coming from nikon in the coming months or probably in the next year….. I am very much looking forward for it…..

    • simpleguy

      i disagree , this camera unlike the 60d or 1000d for example which is just made up in a minute camera , like canon likes to do just to put something out there ,which has nothing new but different design and name ,

      This EOS-1D X has a set of improved specs from canon , and i think they worked hard to getting there
      this is a well thought of camera with good specs

      my view is that they anouncement has been made because of the opposite reason , they released it to inflait nikon upcoming d800 which has nothing to show for other than 36MP

      canon realized that nobody cares about this other than ignorant simple minded consumers know nothing about cameras and only think bigger is always better

      very much hope im wrong , and my personal opnion is that anyhow this EOS-1D X isnt much of a blow to nikon coz its no match to the d3s , other than the video specs

      • > very much hope im wrong , and my personal opnion is that anyhow this
        > EOS-1D X isnt much of a blow to nikon coz its no match to the d3s , other
        > than the video specs

        And the gigabit network port, and the 41 cross-type AF sensors, not to mention the 5 star type AF sensors. Oh, and the better thought of ergonomics (ever tried to use the multiselector on a D3(x) while holding your camera in portrait mode?) and recessed strap connectors, which are a lot better than those annoying things on most Nikon bodies. And of course the flash setting button that allows you to set flash compensation on the body. Oh, speaking about flash: the fact that changing exposure compensation on those Canon cameras does not automatically change flash exposure compensation as well.

        But beyond that, the D3s is indeed better 🙂

        • …yet despite these things you list, I’ve consistently chosen Nikon for the speed their models’ ergonomics afford me. Although, I will say I chose the D700 over the D3 because of the second AF joystick.

          I’ve used the 1d and 1ds series while working for studios and they really aren’t as comfortable for me to use. In 2000 I was using a Pentax MF setup and decided to go for an AF 35mm setup for my personal work. I tried out the EOS 1, 3, and 7 models and the Nikon F100 and F5 and settled on the F100, purely for the ergonomics. As time has gone on, I haven’t felt restricted by the Nikon system at all. I was able to find sufficiently wide glass and all the focal lengths I needed when I shot crop sensor digital (although the 12-24 DX is a dog in my opinion, Canon didn’t have anything worthwhile either and I used third party lenses for that range.)

          Anyway, the point is: all the control options you describe exist on the everything but the cheapest Nikon models. The strap connector is a personal preference issue.

          And my D700 and the D3 series cams I’ve used have all matched or out-performed similar Canon gear in the same milieus, at the same time.

          If this new all-singing, all dancing AF module above does exist, and works as well or better than CAM-3500, then kudos to Canon. But the current top Nikon gear works VERY well. It ain’t no slouch t’all. Nothing to criticize there.

  • neil

    on canon site now (not bothered to look through to see if anyone else has posted)

  • Simon

    Canon 1DX is really the replacement for the 1D4, the name change has to something to do with going from APS-H to fullframe. Canon will bring out a studio version a 40+MP 1DsX as a replacement for their 1Ds3. The 7D2 out next year will take over as the new APS-H camera and the 70D will once again regain its status as the top Canon APS-C

    • James

      Canon don’t really need to do a 1D studio camera though. The 5D II has pretty much got that side of things covered. A high MP 5D III would be a perfect studio camera. The other option is will they do a square sensor/medium format camera for the high MP count. Have to wait and see.

    • Hom Thogan

      They won’t do it because their lenses (and neither Nikon’s or Sony’s for that matter) can’t resolve that amount of resolution at all.

      What part of fusion of the 1Ds and 1D line didn´t you understood?

  • combined

    Canon will buy Nikon. this is what we need..

    • Anonymous

      We do not need that. We need the competition to keep them honest and keep on innovating.

      • Anonymous2

        So why do you think Nikon hasn’t been honest or fair so far to its loyal customers? I mean you get silly people upgrading from the D3 to the D3s… those two cameras are essentially the same. The differences (video aside) are just on the surface and people don’t even know that.

  • Steven

    hard to say..
    but when in the next 2 month nothing to hear from Nikon (D4 and so on),
    than i go to Canon. They make good Cameras, because the cam is only a tool.
    But when i can choose between a 4 years old Nikon cam and a new Canon with this specs. my decision is CANON

    • Ken

      Since “the cam is only a tool” I guess your Nikon “tool” is causing you problems, not allowing you to take the pictures you want, putting you at a competitive disadvantage, losing you money? Perhaps you need to keep a complete set of Canon and Nikon lenses so you can flop back and forth between bodies as soon as the press releases are printed. We wouldn’t want you to not have the latest and greatest tool!

    • Hom Thogan

      You are going to switch for a camera that won’t be available in 6 months and at that time will have so many preorders that you won’t receive yours until 3-4 weeks before it is available? that’s a smart move…

  • Kevin

    Because another camera is coming. Look closely. The ads they were pushing out in Asia and Europe clearly show a different 1D body than the 1Dx that was announced. Low megapixel and high megapixel body.

    The 36mp number of the D800 or whatever makes more sense to me now.

    1Dx = 18mp
    1D(whatever) = 36mp.

    • Trevor

      Yet, that’s not what Canon says:

      “The EOS-1D X is the new flagship camera in the Canon DSLR range, taking the best of the EOS-1D and EOS-1Ds cameras and melding them into a single unit that gives both high resolution and high speed shooting. No longer do you need to choose between the two when both are available in one body.” –

    • Hom Thogan

      Trevor x2… you dumbie dumb

  • The specs on that Canon is what I expect on the upgraded D700. I don’t buy the rumor that the D800 will be 36MP. Think about it. Nikon’s last major release was the 12MP D3S. Releasing an upgrade to the D700 that’s 36MP would be a complete change in their model/philosophy. It makes sense for the D4X but not the D800. No way.

    • One More Thought

      I buy the fact that the next FF from Nikon will be 36MP…why? Because that is the next Sony FF sensor. Nikon needs Sony…Sony makes great sensors and has far greater resources than Nikon in that arena.

      Whatever Sony does in sensors, Nikon will also do…they take the Sony sensor and add their own secret sauce.

      • Hom Thogan

        Wrong assumption, the sensors in Nikon cameras are Nikon’s R&D they aren’t the same as the one in Sony cameras, Sony only manufactures the sensors for Nikon. You can see the results of cameras that had the same megapixel count in Nikon and Sony and the difference is stark to say the least.

        :/ the amount of fail in this thread is staggering.

        • AK

          Sorry, but except D3x, there is no Nikon camera that uses Sony sensor but has staggeringly different performance. A700 and D300 were not that far apart in RAW, and A580 and D7000 are not that far apart in RAW.

  • Ken

    Ethernet is the win!! wonder if it’s 10/100/1000

    • Trevor

      It’s gigabit.

      “This is similar to the RJ-45 connector found on the WFT-E2 II for the EOS-1D Mark IV, however it is a Gigabit Ethernet port allowing higher speed data transfer.”

      • Matt

        This in fact only makes sense if a user has a gigabit Ethernet on their computer. Otherwise, fast USB is faster.

        And it’s only a little bit faster than FireWire. 800 vs 1000. While its a nice technology, I wonder how useful this is, really.

        • Trevor

          It’s not just about transfer speed. Using the ethernet port you can upload directly to FTP, control the camera, and even sync multiple cameras together. Speed or no, it allows you to do things USB can’t.

          Also, who buys a 1Dx and doesn’t have a gigabit card?

          • Matt

            Fair point. But there have been case studies that depending on the processor, of the computer, you often don’t get the full 1000 over gigabit, whereas you usually get the 800 over FireWire. I do sometimes like to occasionally out the pics on another computer, but your point is valid.

            I didn’t consider Your point about synching the cameras, and the other capabilities of Ethernet, however.

            • Ken

              plug a $20 802.11N wireless convertor onto the end of a 3 inch Ethernet cable and your wireless..unless it’s already wireless..

            • Sahaja

              There are apparently wireless and GPS attachments.

            • Jeroen

              USB cables can only be aprox. 16ft long, FTP (ethernet) can be 300ft. You never know wen you need more cable…….

        • Hom Thogan

          Try to use an USB cable longer than 3.5 meters and we will talk (the limit for this camera and gigabit ethernet cable is 100 meters).

          • Adrian SOS

            Exactly. And if you need more distance you can always add another cheap ethernet switch. So now camera cam be in really remote location.

  • Samba Bell

    Canon 1D X…the king is back on the throne. As wonderful as Nikon bodies are, Canon pulls the trigger first. It happened with high ISO performance, then later with video. Nikon always gets there, but always a bit too late. And I get this feeling that Canon’s video is only stretching out the gap between itself and Nikon’s good, but inferior video.

    • Anonymous

      Samba Bell… you must be a Canon troll. How come you don’t look at Nikon D3s? Who introduced video in dSLRs first?

      • Moth Flopwell

        Even the DX Nikon D7000 has 1080p…does the D3S? NO it is only 720p.
        Even the D3X has video…

        The new Canon does at least out do the D3s and D3x in that all important Video Production Department.

        • Hom Thogan

          This comments is from someone who actually doesn’t owns any of these cameras and nor will be able to afford them… sigh…

          So stop trolling and go back petting your Rebel XT please.

        • allen23

          Moth Flopwell
          mate I don;’t think anyone would seriously consider using a big body like that to shoot videos

  • SoftOnDemand

    Heyy fellow NR readers,

    I know this may not be the best place to post this, but I kind of need some tips or help. I would appreciate it if you all may assist me.
    I am actually helping a friend out taking some photos of consumer products because unfortunately the pictures she received from her photographer didn’t fit her tastes. She apparently needs these pictures ASAP. So she called me to ask if I could help out. I have never taken any consumer product pictures and I am wondering what lens I should use, lighting or flash I should prepare. If anyone has some tips I would be very grateful.

    Thanks in advance,


  • Alex

    I guess the race for the 1,000,000 ISO mark is on now. 😉

  • Trevor

    I still think this points to a D3 successor, not a D700. There were bunches of rumors swirling that the 5DIII would be out before a 1D, but Canon announced the 1D even though it won’t ship for nearly 6 months! I think they are trying to ward off anyone who would migrate to newer tech and promising them both fast and bigger MP (although 18 falls well short of the D3x).

  • Bullsnot

    FF 14FPS jpg/12 raw will raise some eyebrows…

  • tom

    …it’s got exp. ISO up to 204800 !!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Cee Bee

    So many here are comparing apples to oranges. When you’ve seen the specs for the actual Nikon counterpart to this camera and are still upset then by all means bitch away. And the idea that suddenly this camera surges ahead of the D3s blowing Nikon’s top position out of the water is absurd considering it won’t even be available for half a year.

    I’ve never seen such a bunch of whiners.

    • Douglas Adams

      I second that bro!
      Personally, I don’t understand what the fuss is all about?! 1Dx is superb camera and I, as a Nikon user – am very much glad about it! I would certainly like to own one, but I really don’t think I should switch between systems for this reason…
      In the end, it does blow Nikon’s D3s out of the water, but D3s is almost three years old camera. When Nikon’s flagship arrives – it will do the same to Canon. This is a good routine for both camps, always trying to improve over competition, it only brigs better thins to us – the users!

  • Benjo

    So Canon announced the D4 (or D4h?).

    It would appear, believing the rumors, that Canon and Nikon are on the same path with just 2 FF bodies each.

    Compact body, high resolution: 5Diii, D800

    Full size body, high sensitivity, high speed: 1DX, D4

    I’ll admit that in my main field (architecture) I see more 5Diis than I do 1Diiis, even amongst those who could easily afford the difference.

    It would still be nice to have 4 options from Nikon each to cover all bases, but I understand R&D isn’t cheap.

    Finally, it would be great if a full frame option remained lower in price. A good used 5D can be had for less than a D7000, and even used 5Dmiis can be had for $1500. Used D700s are still near $2000, and if Nikon offers a D800 at $4000 and a D4 at $6500 I doubt that will drop quickly.

    At the D4 announcement next spring a D800s with the D3s sensor at $3000 wouldn’t seem a daft option, or even a D9000 at $2200 with a D7000ish body and D3/D700 or D3s sensor (though don’t make the body so small that PC-E lenses are rendered useless as on the D7000…)…I’m just trying to think of options that don’t involve R&D for a new sensor.

    • Benjo

      Excuse me, a D800h would use the D3s sensor. A D800s would be a minor update to the existing D800.

    • Trevor

      I think you’re right, and I agree with you on the lack of options. I think there will be two FF models per company, one big MP and the other speed. It seems odd to me that Nikon would give the big MP to the D800, but maybe that’s the case.

      I would much rather see D4 big MP studio camera, D800 fast/low noise/smaller size/video camera, and D9000 “entry level” FX camera.

      Time will tell, but I trust Nikon has a great response to Canon on this one.

      • Mr hill

        I really like the idea of a high MP small body and a low MP fast FPS full size. Landscape photographers need to lug their equipment all over creation, need the resolution, and don’t require high FPS. When you think about it, 4 FPS @ 36 MP = 144 MP processed per second. 12 @ 18-24 = 216-288. The extra space in a large bodied camera gives space for a second Expeed 3 or whatever processor is being used.

        I don’t have a dog in this fight, I have a d7k in the mail to replace my current d70. Things are looking pretty amazing for pro photographers right now though!

  • Fabiografia

    With big disapointment during the last months in this honorable web page I’ve been seeing an increasing ignorance together with a lack of common sense. No patience, No trust, complaining just to complain and the list goes on. Time before it was more like a place to find imputs and information, now, apart for the Admin and few more, it’s just as reading a gossip review.

    • The invisible man

      Thank you for counting me in the “few more” brother !

    • Hom Thogan

      And the question is: WTH are you doing here then? you just used time to whine about us? tsk, tsk, tsk silly Fabio usa tu tiempo en alguna cosas mejor amigo.

  • AnoNemo

    I think it is time to hear something from Nikon!!!!

    • Hom Thogan

      yeah you should go and demand it, be sure to be as loud as you can and naked too, that will help your message to be heard.

  • john

    this look cool, but where are you D4, I am still trying to wait for you

  • Crazypipo

    man…that’s a monster. Now I have high expectation for D4.

  • Marco Polo

    Can it be some more powerful and beautifull that this? i don’t think so.
    This time Canot has crack it and we have to wait for a Nikon D5 to see a better camera.

  • As a filmmaker, here’s my take on this:

  • D700guy

    How does nikon have the ball?

    • Mike

      There is no ball.

  • Samba Bell

    Because we’re waiting to see what product Nikon releases in response. Although I don’t really see it that way because Canon users are going to continue to purchase Canon, and Nikon users are going to continue to purchase Nikon.

    • Hom Thogan

      Are you sure? the EOS 1D MKIII made tons of professionals to switch brand because they needed the AF reliability to earn their salaries, if Nikon screw ups with a dumb camera choice then the tide will change again.

  • RR

    One thing I can say for sure is that Canon will know better than any of us what Nikon is planning.

    Industrial espionage is a necessary evil (hell I just gave my company’s competitor a heads up on our launch date for a new service)….which I btw I did hoping they’d return the favor…for which I am still awaiting…..:(

    Nevertheless, I do believe the D800 will be announced next week with features that will surpass the 5D Mark II.

    Basically the 36MP with D7000 or better high ISO + Pixel Binding (is this still possible?).
    I’m assuming with the pixel binding technology we can get the faster frame rates and better low ISO.

    Also hoping for Nikon to finally step up on the VDSLR front. offering high bitrates, 1080p 60 fps and full aperture control.

    • Hom Thogan

      Return the favor?… if you are going to be corrupt at least charge money for it… That’s why I hate microstock photography it makes people dumb, dumb, dumb….

  • Sahaja

    Guess this means APS-H is dead.

    • Mock Rockwell

      Not in the used market buddy, the EOS 1D MK IV will be the number 1 camera searched to the death in ebay, keh, ffordes, etc. to get one as a 2nd hand camera.

  • AnoNemo

    NR Admin, throw us a bone (oh sorry the ball?) 🙂

    I assume it is quiet as usual at the Nikon side of the world. 🙁

    Let’s congratulate to Canon for delivering (ooops it will be next year) another tank! This lovely little piece of pocket cam is exactly what many dreamed of. Seriously, I really hope Nikon will find a metal cutter, a hammer, and a welding machine to take some weight out of the D3s to make a D4.

  • Jadewatcher

    One thing is for sure: silence is not a viable option anymore for Nikon. It might have been understandable until now, but with Christmas and the New Year approaching i think they have to have an announcement about the high end cameras line-up before mid-November at the latest. If they don’t, which i think is very very unlikely, they’ll lose a lot of less-than-patient high end customers.

    • Hom Thogan

      Yes it is and in the PR world this is known as “expectation to hype the brand awereness”, now more people than ever will be looking what Nikon will do and they can delay their announcement sometime to have people hyping the brand for free 🙂 as easy as that chap.

      Their pro line shooters aren’t in a rush to see a camera that won’t be available in 6 months, they are in a position to buy or rent the gear they need and they don’t suffer from this paranoic anxiety you hobbyist and amateurs suffer when you don’t see the new Rebel or the new D5100/D7000 being announced.

      You would be surprised at how many of them still have a 1Ds MKII and won’t complaint like you people do.

  • AnoNemo

    NR Admin,

    Are you trying to make the loyal Nikon fans angry by leaving on the front page a Canon tank? 🙂 Or you want to force Bloomberg to post an article about the missing Nikon cameras? 🙂 One thing for sure, you must ask Canon USA money for advertising their product.

    • Mock Rockwell

      Oh so you are Anon-emo? I get it… that’s why… oooooooh… does it makes you happy to paint your nails black? or to use your moms eyeliner?

      • AnoNemo


  • youdontgetit

    realy, you dont
    d800 and d4 are very diferent then anything we have seen so far, and far, far better then you think.
    coming soon…
    dont think “baby step”, think much bigger,

    • Hom Thogan

      Please… your D40x doesn’t wispers industrial secrets :/ so shhhhhhhh

  • Hallo!

    Me Canon chief engineer! me thankful for raising brand awareness! you do things good NRadmin! you want job in Canon Inc? we have good salary ok good!!!!

    Me hates Nikon fanboys! you no ok good, you ok bad!

    Nikon good competitor, honorable! Nikon fanboys like backstreet boys! booh!

    Sayonara! ^____^

  • dfghdfh

    video review on the new 1DX

    • Hom Thogan

      You are one of those who do “AMV videos” with a “name -productions” intro 🙂 so dumb and silly 🙂

  • 18mp?? you have got to be kidding me

    • Hom Thogan

      no you gotta be kidding me:

      1) Magazines will do fine with these file sizes
      2) For newspapers 18 megapixels is an overkill (4-6 are enough for dpi they use to print
      3) For tablet content (Ipad/Android) it is an overkill too
      4) If you are shooting high end campaigns: wtf are you doing looking at Nikon and Canon? get a digital MF.

      The 22 and 24 megapixels sensors on the 1ds MKII/5DmkII and Nikon D3x have big issues: the first one is diffraction, the second one is signal to noise problems, the third one is they outresolve even the newest pro lenses of both Canon and Nikon. It is stupid to have a full frame with a high density of photosites because it goes against image quality.

      If you want absolute great image quality in a high megapixel sensor: get a MF digital back, you won’t be hitting diffraction at f/8.0 like you do with the 1Ds MKII, 5D MKIII and D3x.

      • Dominik

        Well said, and I’ve made this point several times here for landscape photography.

        A lot of people simply don’t understand diffraction and why a lot of pixels will simply be going to waste as you stop down past the diffraction limit, so you won’t end up with more detail in those situations, only larger files.

        A larger sensor only makes sense if you have the tilt/shift movements of a view camera to compensate for less depth of field, so we’re already at the point of diminishing returns.

        If you need more than 18mp for landscape photography, shoot a pano. Hoping that manufacturers will cram more pixels onto already crowded sensors is not the answer.

        What I want to see in the next generation of cameras is greater dynamic range, not more pixels.

  • FM2Fan

    For pixel-maniacs: avoid Hassy – just enter PhaseOne. 80 MPXL in one go (no multi exposure, move by sensor …) is sufficient for your next postcard … isn’t it?

  • about 7 grand a princely sum and no mention of video

  • Not Nikon

    Freaking AWESOME.. You beaut, thanks Canon 🙂

  • FrenchFlies

    hoho…not at the number of ppl bithchin….hilarious….

  • FrenchFlies

    hoho….look at the number of ppl bitchin….hilarious

  • Tiago Cena

    Canon has Ethernet connection??? Hope Nikon D4 will come up with a Thunderlbolt connection (just dreaming…)

  • cameramm

    the new canon is named 1d X because it is the 10th. digital pro dslr from canon, I bought the first one in late 1998 – the canon d2000 for 25.000 Deutschmarks at that time (12.500 Euro) , the other ones were d6000, 1d, 1ds, 1dII, 1dIIs, 1dIIn, 1dIII, 1dIV …. I owned 5 of these cameras before i switched to the Nikon D3 … so what would be the number/name of Nikons next big one?

  • Jabs

    Here is a wake up call for you on the new Canon Pro body.

    From their USA web site too!

    Quick mode (61- Point Phase-difference detection AF)
    Live mode/Face detection Live mode (One-Point Contrast detection AF, switching to another point possible)
    Face detection Live mode (Contrast AF, Face Selectable)
    Manual focusing (5x/10x magnification possible)

  • Personally as a Nikon D3s user, this new canon blows me away !!! But do I need, 12fps ? Maybe not. Improved iso, most def, 18mp ? of cos. Am I going to toss out my D3s the moment this cannon is released ? No way in hell (Unless Nikon fails to respond with a suitable upgrade)And trust me they will.
    Food for thought, the amazing D3s which was released over almost 3 years ago was still voted one of the top pro cameras in the world, beating all recent Canon pro cameras at iso capability amongst other things.
    I have no doubt Nikon will respond with an amazing upgrade, what scares me is the price point that camera will be released at . $9000 ?

  • nknpro

    Another reason why its smarter for Pros to wait for the next Nikon rather than jumping ship to canon is because not only is the 1Dx announcement early but the camera will effectively be released too early aswell, a beta, just like all of canon’s previous Pro cameras where it took them 6 months to fix the issues found after they hit the market. Whereas Nikon seem to get things right before release, so if you were going to switch, do it after Aug 2012, by which time hopefully the Pro dSLR landscape will look much different 😉

  • the more i read about the camera the more i like it

  • Costly investment.

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