New Nikon instant rebates now live on Amazon

The new Nikon instant rebates are now live on Amazon. As previously reported the savings are up to $400 if you buy a qualifying lens and DSLR.

Amazon also raised their prices, complying with the new Nikon policy, for example:

At the same time the UK retailer Jessops is offering all kinds of goodies on the Nikon 1, including a £200 store voucher:

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  • Jabs

    Oh – getting rid of the old stock before the new or revised rules take effect.

    Panic selling or panic response?

    OR selling to people in a panic over price rise?

    Oh well, a sale is a sale.

    • Been there guy

      and don’t forget they also made the local small time retailers happy for a while. I said for a while is because soon the local cry babies would realize the must have Nikon fans has already cleaned their bank accout during the last week.

      Becuase the habbit they have formed buying online, they would continue to buy the products online in the future. The online shoppers got nothing to loss by buying online, and nothing to gain by visiting local cry babies.

      • Banned

        What a disgrace, I would rather not buy any more crap than rewarding the local whiners for their lobbying effort to Nikon.

        • PHB

          I certainly won’t change from buying all my gear at Amazon and B&H.

          I never had much use for the mom and pop shop ‘advice’ in the first place. They rarely hold the gear I need in stock. It was never at a good price.

          Sooner we push them into bankruptcy the better for us. If we buy our gear from them we are cutting our own throats by supporting the faction that lobbies Nikon to continue the illegal price support scheme.

          Screw them, I used to buy accessories locally but now that business will go to Amazon and B&H as well.

          I don’t think Nikon will continue this scheme very long though. The financial risk for them is very serious. If they lose the FTC case they are going to be facing compensation claims from everyone who bought their gear at a higher price due to the price support scheme. That could run into the hundreds of millions.

          This is a Nikon policy so they bear the liability. But the benefit of the policy goes to the retailers whose margins will be preserved. The net is that they are making a huge gamble on there still being a conservative majority on the SCOTUS by the time the FTC case gets to that point.

  • Daniel

    Is this USA only or Europe as well?

    • Steffen

      i’d look for the 70-200 2,8 on amazon uk & amazon de and didn#t find an instant rebates.

    • Not Surprised

      Who cares — this is stupid.

      You HAVE to buy a camera to get your lens at MARKET price.

      Pathetic, Nikon. Pathetic. Let the dealers decide what their customers want from their direct input — not from Nikon’s top-down dictatorship.

      Stupid, stupid stupid. I have a Nikon camera — I want a damn lens at the right price. The new Canon full-frame camera specs look SWEET by the way. I’m thinking about selling my Nikon lenses due to these super high artificial prices created by Nikon.

      The best time to sell your Nikon stuff is now.

  • Chandra Venkataraman

    When they announce the new D800 later this month, do you think that these instant rebates will apply to that body as well? Or will we have to wait a month or two before they include that camera for instant rebates? How does it usually work?

    • Been there guy

      One can never tell until the camera hits the market.

      If first two or three month sales volume is not what they expected, then the rebate will start to fly.

      So, if all of the Nikon fanboys hold off their purchase until after the Christmas, then, we all can enjoy a nice discount….but, things never work out this way. Fanboys being called fanboys is beause they cannot resist the urge like moth to flames.

      • Andrew

        All those professionals that have been complaining about the price of the D3x can now buy the upgrade at half price with the D800. I will not be surprised if the D800 is sold-out for the first 6 months. What you call fanboys sounds more like professionals buying the best tool to get the job done.

  • lol i love how amazon says “you saved $0.95”! h

  • The invisible man

    My order placed last Wednesday at Adorama is still “pending” they are in vaccation until next Sunday.
    I got the 24-70mm for $1699, I hope I will be charge $1699 not $1889 (actual price) or else they can keep it !

  • Max

    Well…prices for lenses (specially pro zoom lenses) have increased by at 200 USD or so, and so the rebate is basically crap…

  • D700guy

    Hmm. Canon gets a new flagship DSLR tomorrow, and we get Mirrorless P&S and rebates.

    • Discontinued

      Wow, nice Goody Bag at Jessops. If I was still living in the UK I might be tempted to get a V1. I’ll probably go for X10 instead and can’t wait to see one.

  • Jeff Kennedy

    It’s curious that the Nikon 16-35mm f/4 lens isn’t included in the lens rebate list. Any thoughts as to why that might be??

    • T.I.M

      I tried the 16-35mm f/4 and did not like it.
      If you can get the 14-24mm or the 17-35mm f/2.8 you have better value lenses.

  • eb

    I still buy on amazon/b&h/adorama because there is no sales tax. No matter what Nikon does with pricing, that’s still a deciding factor at 7% of $1800.

  • Carbon43

    Thank you NR Admin. Been reading the blog for a while, and loving your work. Today however, is exceptional. You just saved me $220. Had purchased a D7000 and 24-120 f4 from Amazon (separately over the course of the month) for $2318 ~. Contacted Amazon and they’re allowing me to return and repurchase at $2098.

    Thank you muchly, and keep up the great work 🙂

  • Is this USA only?

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