Chasseur d’Images: two big major Nikon announcements expected in the coming weeks have been postponed

A reader just sent me this note from the French Chasseur d'Images (Google translation) suggesting that two major Nikon announcements have been postponed as a result of the flooding in Thailand:

"Two big major launches, expected in the coming weeks, have been cancelled / postponed. Some recently announced cameras are delayed due to lack of some material."

Original text in French:

"D'ores et déjà, deux lancements de produits majeurs, qui étaient programmés pour les semaines à venir, sont reportés sans délai; des produits récemment annoncés connaîtront des retards conséquents et la production de nombreux équipements a cessé."

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  • Mike

    No sarcasm here; I really have to wonder how all this stress is going to affect the quality of Nikon products. Certainly not an enhancement.

    • Cristian

      It seems to me that at this moment the problem is not the good quality or the bad quality of upcoming products, but to tell to people that those upcoming products really exist.
      Canon is presenting a new reflex. Nikon still waits and posponed the planned events. It’s not a good marketing choice.
      Dear Nikon… do you have new products to present? Do it and tell us when you think they will be available. Don’t wait anymore. Too many people waited for something new for a long time; and they won’t wait forever…

  • Eskimo Macinoid

    It ends…

  • KT

    Well, Canon has already released their much anticipated D3s killer, it’s called EOS 1D X, look it up. Nikon has no choice but to show their cards and release the D800 specs

    • Keith

      It’s 6 months away…anything could happen.

  • Eduardo B.

    Anybody here read Canonrumors? I just did, and the camera Canon is launching tomorrow is mindblowing!
    Full Frame
    Dual DIGIC 5+ – 17 Times The Processing Power of DIGIC 4
    ISO 100-51200 Native
    100,000 Pixel RGB Metering Sensor
    EOS iSA (Intelligent Subject Analysis)
    61 Point AF
    21 f/5.6 Cross Type Sensors
    20 f/4 Cross Type Sensors
    5 f/2.8 Cross Type Senors
    EOS iTR AF (Intelligent Tracking & Recognition Auto Focus)
    12 Frames Per Second
    14 Frames Per Second JPG Only
    400,000 Shot Rated Sensor
    Ethernet Connection
    March Availability
    It’s better Nikon work fast.

    • Worminator

      Ethernet connection?

      • Eduardo B.

        Yes… and 100-51000 iso NATIVE!!!

        They are gonna kill nikon with this camera… Especially with the latest Nikon delay…

        • Richard P

          Native means nothing in digital. The Sensor will only ever be able to collect and interpret one kind/intensity of light. Canon’s are known for their bad ISO (‘gain’) performance in comparison to Nikon. All your ‘51000 Native’ garbage means is that they’ve got some alright noise reduction software (which you could use noiseninja or even adobe lightroom to lessen and smooth over). My point is that if that’s the main selling point for you, it’s not a very good one.

        • Camera Man

          Everybody assumed that this cannon was going to be the D4. Everything thats in this new Cannon is exactly what I thought was going to be in the Nikon for the exception of High Speed video.

          But Nikon is probably dropping a new Flash probably a capture NX 64 bit. And some new lenses to go with the new reverse CMOS sensor. And will probably give us a half stop more power while going a

          so I’m thinking for the new nikon specs

          Mirrorless mode where it can shoot 60 FPS like the V1 and J1

          200-80,000 ISO <— Just to go about a half a stop higher than the cannon

          Most likely LAN since its practical compared to the new lightpeak technology

          Probably built in WIFI

          High speed video like the J1/V1 and 120FPS at 1080p HD

          USB 3.0 <— Definately!!!

          Probably going to use 4 HDHC cards instead of the compact flash and will probably be able to use them in raid format with high speed shooting. (they are probably going to drop compact flash)

          My predictions are based off the current technology found in their current cameras. Take in to consideration slight improvements over their current technology found in their current cameras with the competition in mind to surpass their specs!!

      • “Ethernet” = “Its a fake”

        • Sahaja

          Ethernet could be WiFi.

          Fast ethernet would allow photos to be transmitted almost as they are shot.

      • @Worminator,
        Think Wi-Fi, it too uses Ethernet framing; don’t think RJ-45 and CAT5/CAT6, I doubt it has that, but who knows.

    • KnightPhoto

      If the 1D X really can do Native ISO 51,200 then I agree Nikon better work fast on the D4.

      But really not sure about that spec. CanonRumors isn’t near as accurate a track record as Admin here!

      What about the deal where D3S has 57% Quantum Efficiency? Very difficult to get two more stops (106, 212% QE) and capture 212% of the photons striking the sensor. Tough one, I don’t know what to make of it other than perhaps at the higher ISOs are using brute force computing to improve the processing. But tough to do anything about the photons. Great times to be a photographer!

      • Eduardo B.

        Agreed with you…. I can’t beliave in 51000 iso native… It also means 204.000 ISO high2????
        Insane! We can shoot with a kit lens in a dark room!!!

        • >”Insane! We can shoot with a kit lens in a dark room!!!”

          Maybe we should change the name of what we do to Skoteenography (Painting with darkness?) instead of Photography (painting with light).

    • venancio

      if the rumor is right that this is a $7000 gear, i’ll wait for Nikon’s show of cards…

      • Hendog

        It’s frustrating that the specs of this camera are so desirable (for me). If I were in the market for a $7000 camera, I would have no problem switching for it’s capabilities if Nikon has no answer to it. (iso and quality video are very important to me) If the actual release dates for 1dx/d4 are the same, why won’t Nikon publish specs? I bet people are making up their minds based on these announcements, so bloody hell Nikon, tell us that you are still alive by giving us d4/d800 specs! Give us something to save for.

  • Eduardo B.

    If Nikon decided to go with 36mp camera and Canon with 51000 iso native it means Nikon wins the mp race but loses high iso race… I prefer high iso race. 18mp is more than enough…

    • KT

      It won’t be cheap, probably in the same price range of the D3x/Canon 1Ds. There is plenty of room in the D700/D3s price range for new models with low-noise capability.

      • Eduardo B.

        Canonrumors said the camera should cost around $7000 USD…

    • @Eduardo B.,
      Take 36MP, divide by three for the following colors, Red, Green, Blue. So we have a verticle three layered sensor and no bayer filter, very much like Sigma’s Foveon sensor; maybe that is why Sigma is suing Nikon over patent infringement.
      By definition, this would be a 36MP camera, but when divided by 3, we get 12MP per color channel.
      If Nikon took this aproach, I suspect they may have improved on the technology in the process, to the chargin of Sigma! Only launch day will tell the truths.

    • I agree….I think 36mp is too high and not necessary…hopefully they will concentrate MORE on ISO then megapixels…

    • Shy

      Reading Eduardo´s comment is pretty ovious “he” wants nkn to be killed. I think neither a nkn body will finish a company such as knn nor a knn body is going to finish with nkn. Go ahead Eduardo get your knn body and ejoy it 🙂

  • Eduardo B.


    Dont you think after the Canon EOS-1D X release it is wise Nikon do something quick instead of postpone one anouncement?

    • Let’s be clear – my initial expectation for the D800 was 30-60 days. The delay was reported by a French website and I do no know nothing about it.

  • Been there guy

    I think Nikon created the flood themselves. After read the blog here, Nikon realized they screwed up on 36MP. So, they flood the floor to buy more time to correct it.

  • Sneakyboxx

    IM GOING TO CRY literally because iv save up so much money for the nikon D800!! i want it now

    • Timo

      You poor little kid. You are crying over a stupid camera while people in Thailand suffer and have much more serious reasons to cry. What a sick world.
      So what, now your new camera is coming out a few weeks later. If you want to take photos, take your old/current camera. Or instead, spend some time with your family and friends.

      • Or better yet, use a bit of that money to help out those that are suffering from the flood.

      • John The Digby

        I hope the cameras aren’t floating away with the labor!!!!!!!

      • nikonlover

        There is ALWAYS someone worse off. Are we not allowed to feel sad then? Crybabying is obviously annoying however venting is healthier than bottling it all up.

      • Image

        Blah Blah Blah, Timo. We all understand that Thailand(and Japan) have gone through much suffering and we all feel for them. That goes without saying, don’t ya think, genius? According to you, the world stops because of the disasters and people can no longer be passionate about what they love…. or else they are sick. What the hell are you doing on Nikon Rumors then? Shouldn’t you be spending your time read about the flood and how you can help??? You are a sick person.

  • Well, If the delay is true and is because of the flooding, then I would not expect a D800 or other prosumer/pro camera since these are typically grown in Japan.

  • Eduardo B.

    It’s official now… Canon EOS-1D X has 51000 ISO native…

  • Ken Fockwell

    Nikon will come out with a Wi-Fi equipped D4 while Canon is stuck with Ethernet 😉

    • @Ken Fockwell, Ethernet is a packet framing technology, not a physical interface connection. Both Wi-Fi and RJ-45 pass ethernet frames. Most likely Canon’s reference to Ethernet is for the built-in Wi-Fi they probably added.

      • correction…RJ-45 doesn’t actually pass ethernet frames, it is a physical connector typically found on ethernet cards; the ethernet card, like a wi-fi card, pass ethernet frames.

  • Poncho el Piloto

    Check your translation. It’s wrong

  • nah

    this camera has the exact specs i dreamt the d700 or d3 replacements would have…this is a photojournalist’s dream camera judging by the specs! seems like canon finally gets it. the question is…will it be as good in reality as it looks on paper? probably not.

  • BetaHal

    The mere fact that this thing offers some way of SMPTE time code synchronization is an indicator of what’s coming on November 3rd. Canon (as Sony) has been releasing products for the broadcast industry for many many years now, and now they want to get big in the professional video camera market. Guys, this will be awesome.

  • Fab

    Translation is wrong. Chasseur d’Images says that the already programmed announcements (2 big products to be announced) are reported without delays, recently announced products will be delayed in the distribution due to some lack of supplies since the production (in Thailand) ceased.

    • rhlpetrus

      Correct, google and other people got “sans” wrong, it means “without” not “are” (“sont” which, anyway, would be ungrammatical here).

      Admin, please correct the heading, this is making waves w/o need and actually is very good news, meaning two cameras instead of one (d800 + d4?).

      • The invisible man

        Sorry guys but you are WRONG.
        In that case “sans delai” means that they don’t know when the annoucement will be made, can be next week, next month, next year.
        And yes, I’m French, and yes I know my language.

        • dgm

          I fully support what Invisible Man says, I am French too and he is absolutely right. the “sans delai” part relates to “reportés”. On it’s own it would have meant ‘immediately’ but applied to ‘reporté’ (rescheduled) the meaning changes completely.
          ” D’ores et déjà, deux lancements de produits majeurs, qui étaient programmés pour les semaines à venir, sont reportés sans délai”

          Is ” For a start two major product launches, which were scheduled for the next few weeks, are postponed.”

          Sorry to rain on the parade, but this is definitely a postponement without any indication of by how much time.


          • Sahaja

            Why do they need to postpone an announcement? – If there are problems due to the floods etc. they could just say the actual availability of the product will be delayed.

  • studio460

    Wow! This has all been incredibly interesting. My thanks to all of the native-French speakers, here on NR! Bravo! So, I interpret all this to mean (which is probably entirely INCORRECT–in other words, I’m making this all up):

    1. Expected dates of D800/SB-910 announcments: TBD, since key components were sourced from the Nikon Thailand plant. Production of those components will resume when their manufacture is adapted to other, unaffected facilities, and isn’t deemed an insurmountable problem, but will take some additional time.
    2. Nikon has ceased production of V1/J1 bodies and CX lenses.
    3. Nikon has ceased production of a new consumer DX lens.
    4. Both normal manufacturing output, and expected ship dates for the Nikon 1 product line, and Nikon’s new consumer DX lens, TBD.

    • studio460

      Duh! I forgot–the Nikon 1 V1/J1 production line is in China, not Thailand. On with the Nikon 1 roll out!

  • Fab

    Actually I am native venetian speaker, so let’s wait for french ones to have a confirmation…

  • it’s funny because often now CI (Chasseurs d’Images) use NikonRumors are “source” for rumors because they can’t talk about the new upcoming cameras, because of NDA with Nikon, so they’re talking about the new up comings cameras through the way of talking about NikonRumors.

    i think here that they think the previous announcements will be delayed because of the Thailand overflow but they’re not quite sure about the delay

  • Cflautre

    Chasseur d’images is not a very reliable source…Especillay its website.They said that they (CI) think that the D800 announcement will be delayed…they don’t give any sources and this declaraion is NOT BASED ON ANY NIKON DECLARATION. THEY ARE SPECULATING.

    Also, they said that this plants assemble DX Gear .

    To me , Nikon will not postponed its announcement. Maybe the 1st delivery date will be . Loot at canon they’ve just announced it’s 51K Iso Lego block and the 1st delivery are expected in MARCH 2012…

  • alfred

    It sais “sans délai” which means without delay for the new announcements.
    it also sais that recently announced products “know some delay”.
    Whether the site is credible or not.
    What I am missing is D3X bodies coming to the secodary market, normally a sure sign, currently they don’t.

    • Cflautre

      There are many French NR readers like me and yes , “Sans Délais” Literally Means “Without delay” but in this case ( Believe me, french language is incredibly complex , full of funny & tricky expressions) it means that they can’t give a new date for the announcement.

      Translation : 2 new product launches have been postponed for a delay unknown at the moment.
      HOwever I d’ont believe this news…

  • Peter

    Actually hope the Canon rumor is true. Nikon’s reply will be as swift and deadly as golden lightning. Plus, since Dad has acknowledged a renewed interest in photography this may be the time to pitch the notion to him to evaluate the two companies again. He loves research for the sake of it and when the two top companies are squaring off like this we all win. Oh, one more thing. I am giving away all of my flashes and getting a candle subscription from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I will only need one candle power to light my stadium shots from now on so do your best to hide little photon, we are on your trail and plan to capture you in a little well… Yes, the candle will be from the isles in the “Beyond” department. 🙂

  • Loran

    @Cflautre : Je suis d’accord avec ta traduction “I agree with your translation”
    Franch and English have quite similar words but in some cases their meaning can be totally different.

    In this case “sans délai” really means that no date can be given !

    Enjoy our difficult language, even for natives !

    • Cflautre

      Hope that we’ll be heard! (Once again frenchees are gonna be considered as chauvinistic people!)

      Where’s my D800??

      PS: English Speakers Try to deal with that:

      “Faut pas pousser mémé dans les orties!”

  • Martin

    D’ores et déjà, With immediate effect
    deux lancements de produits majeurs, two major product launches
    qui étaient programmés pour les semaines à venir, which were scheduled for the coming weeks
    sont are
    reportés postponed
    sans délai; immediately (i.e. it is the action of postponing which is without delay)
    des produits récemment annoncés some recently announced products
    connaîtront des retards conséquents will be subject to substantial delays
    et la production de nombreux équipements a cessé and the production of numerous devices has stopped


  • TimS

    My French skills indicate that the delay is to already announced products, the yet to be announced products (D800 potentially) is not affected.

  • It’s all about the meaning of the word délais,
    in english delay means: A period of time by which something is late or postponed
    But the word délais in french means: period of time granted for the achievement of something
    you can have a “délais” to do something, it would just mean you have a period of time to achieve that thing.
    So they are not equivalent in meaning.
    “Sans délais” in this case means they can’t tell how much time it would take to resume operations.
    And yes french is my mother tongue

    • TimS

      Thanks, my level of French is fairly basic and I certainly haven’t learned even a faction of the complexities.

  • Sahaja

    Now Nikon may have the ball – but, until Nikon announce something, I think Canon may have the bat.

  • yuri

    canon rules!

  • Big pixel

    Le français étant ma langue maternelle et vivant actuellement à Paris, je ne peux affirmer qu’une chose : The French used by this editor is totally improper, misuse of term is its only asset and only leads to a misinterpretation of his article. The French do not speak French, so do not expect that the google translate for you. Anyway, this editor is in no trustworthy, he knows one thing: Spreading rumors… Voila! À paris il est 20h00, l’heure de dîner et je demeure toujours dans l’espérence de connaitre l’issue de cette rumeur !

  • Shy

    Canon rules… canonians 🙂

  • Steve Starr

    I saw an interesting tidbit in Adobe’s Camera Raw version 6.5 Read Me on the Camera’s Supported. It mentions support is provided for the Nikon D7100 model that is coming. There is nothing offered for the D800 or any D4 models. Seems odd Adobe offers support for a yet to be seen D7100 and nothing on a D800 which I thought would appear sooner.

    If this announcement is being canceled, it may have been for the D7100 body which I think is made in Thailand’s flooded plant and not for the D800 or D4 FX bodies at all which may be made in Malaysia?

  • Saw this on PetaPixel:

    Nikon D800 Announcement Reportedly Called Off Due to Thai Floods

    Too bad, was looking forward to the announcement.

  • I too was looking forward to the announcement. I’ll be patient for a little while longer I guess.

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