Still no info on any scheduled Nikon press events for October 26th

even Siri doesn't know...

October 26th is 9 days away and so far I have not received any information on any scheduled Nikon press events for next week. It will be highly unusual for Nikon to announce the D800 without any major press gathering - maybe they have chosen this path to prevent any leaks.

Why October 26th?

Those are the related stories from the past few weeks that make me believe that the D800 will be announced on October 26th:

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  • GG

    Well, I’ve heard that there are a lot of leaks from Nikon in Thailand.

    • The invisible man

      LOL !
      Better than T.I.M !
      Great job.

  • Banned

    These days it seems like Siri’s answer to EVERYTHING starts and ends with “Sorry, I can’t connect to the network”. At least you got something, anything, out of her.

    • Banned

      Oh and I hate when this biatch doesn’t understand my accent. screw this.

  • kede


    • Siri, Siri, She’s our gal….

      • KnightPhoto

        OK – What did I miss – who is this Siri everyone keeps referring to recently?

        • Iris Chrome

          She’s the S in 4S 😉

  • clemens

    I think, there will be no D800 next week. Nothing but chatting. If there would be a follower for the D 700 the price of that camera would decrease – it does not. Only the price for the D300s is falling. No D800.

  • Jadewatcher

    Exactly, where do you think production of d800 is happening, Admin? Thailand or some other factory?

    • kyoshinikon

      Luckily they put that new one in brazil…

    • vinman

      Malaysia – that’s the rumored country where Nikon has moved their high end product manufacture.

      Regarding a price decrease for the D700 – no one has stated outright that the hypothetical D800 would be a replacement. If there aren’t two iterations of the D800, the specs suggest the D700 could remain in inventory a while longer. Plus, no way would Nikon drop such a major clue this close to announcement. Remember – announcement does NOT equal availability. If Nikon does announce on the 24th, it could be a first quarter 2012 product. Then again, they have gotten better about production ramp-ups before announcement, so it could be very soon. There’s just not enough info floating around yet to come to any conclusions. The good news is that nine days to wait is a lot better than nine months!!

      • KT

        Canon is supposed to release the EOS 1D Mark IV replacement tomorrow. If that doesn’t show up on Canon web sites by midnight Monday EST, then you can forget about the D800 announcement coming next week. That new Canon is supposed to be available next March which sounds extremely far-fetched that they will announce such a camera so far out when they can’t ramp up the production for another 5 months, unless they are totally confident of the D800 coming out and don’t want Nikon to take all the limelight for themselves.

        • Discontinued

          It is already out. Got to and you’ll find the EOS 1DV.

          I wonder once more what all these rumor sites are good for, if they can’t even keep up with news.

          you could post a google translation on PR and be once more ahead of canonrumors.

          • Discontinued

            LOL, my bad. I saw an EOS1V no 1DV. Didn’t know Canon still does film. They don’t sell it here.

    • I think the D800 is made in Japan, Sendai probably.

  • D400. The D800 rumors were to lead you off-track. 😀 😀

    Unlikely, I know. But one can hope.


  • henry

    I sold my D700 for this?!!!
    If I don’t get D800, then I am screwed.

    • Blue984

      A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on Nikon’s part…

      • Ralph

        If Nikon provided a release roadmap instead of us having to rely on Nikon Rumors to provide information we could plan our purchases, instead I bought the Pentax 645D and traded my nikon down to a D7000. Its Nikons belief that we enjoy their intrigue thats the problem. At least for their pro, semi-pro gear we should know whats coming out. I bought the Sigma 150 Macro for the same reason – no idea when a replacement to the 200 micro was coming. This has been expensive for Nikon because I have always bought Nikon lenses but now I know how good third party lenses can be and I will certainly look at them in future.

        • +1

        • vinman

          Think about it for a minute…
          If you produced a product; let’s call it a wakka, and after a year or two you make some improvements. Would you:
          A. Try to sell off the remaining wakkas that your dealers have on the shelves while you cut production of the original wakka and once stock shows a substantial decrease announce the new and improved wakka v.2.
          B. In your excitement to announce the revamped and much more capable wakka v.2, you announce that it’s nearly ready and blows the original out of the water.

          If you chose “B” – you just suffered an enormous loss as customers will wait for wakka v.2 to hit the shelf. Meanwhile, your dealers are left with untold numbers of v.1 wakkas and they can hardly give them away. You now have no new orders, your dealers are angry, and you have no orders pending in anticipation of the new wakka.

          There’s only one logical choice – like it or not.

        • 120-300 os

          And so do i.

    • LOL

      I can’t believe people really do this just because they hear some rumors…

      • +1!

      • Steve

        Sell it before the announcements , you’ll save some more money.

      • Jabs

        Internet MORONS – follow the Traders at Wall Street in quick turnovers.

        Anything for a buck or hedging their BETS against new releases and anticipated lower resale values of existing gear, so dump it before the rest of the suckers catch on or ‘wait’ for them with your old gear.



        Senseless people who probably collect cameras and not use them for Business.

        We are SO connected that we forgot to think = new found reality from Social Networking ‘skills’ – yeah rumored to death and out of reality.

        Geez – such an eenteresting munster !!!

        Look at me – I am so eeentelligent, that I outsmarted mah self fer a few bucks – lol.

        Let me stop!

      • Richmonster

        I sold my FE2!

        • KT

          I got on authority that the FE3 is about to be released any minute now.

        • lolly

          I didn’t sell my F100 because I still can’t afford FX yet … hmm, maybe soon when more people start dumping their D3/D700 🙂

    • V Tran

      I sold my D3 for this too. Oh Nikon I’m desperate for cameras

    • MJr

      I sold my D200 for this !?

      • Ken Rockwell

        i DIDNT sell my d40x for this

      • 120-300 os

        I still have mine D200 don´t trow away before a new on line

  • tom

    ….there was a joke,nothing is coming….till mid 2012

  • grammarnazi

    “There is suppose to be a Nikon product presentation”

    . . .

    “supposed” to be

  • Thom wHO?

    Till canon announcement there will be no new info.

    • chicken-or-egg

      Till nikon announcement there will be no new canon info. lol

  • The invisible man

    That’s good because I have a field trip on the 26th, October 27th will be a better day for the annoucement.

  • Jonny Ray

    Admin –

    Do you feel that you need to lower the probability rating of these rumors, or do you still feel very confident in the specs/timing?

    • ISP

      Good question Jonny Ray ! +1 here !

    • Here is what I feel “comfortable” with:

      this has not changed. As you can see I am not sure about the release date of October 26th, but it just makes sense.

      • As I said 2 weeks ago, I asked where were the announcements in Europe and Japan not to mention the US. Don’t get your hopes up for a release but as admin states, they may be keeping it quiet for a reason.

      • KnightPhoto

        Thank you Admin for once more confirming the specs. Verily I say unto yee of little faith 😉 You are the best!

        Man, I am not a pixel guy, kind of a hater TBH, but if this thing has decent ISO as good as the D700, good quality pixels like the D700, and 36M of them, it should be da bomb. Heck, I could replace my D700 and D7000 all in one camera (DX crop will be 16mp).

  • Been there guy

    I have sold off my D700 too( for a good price)…this is going to be interesting…

  • AnoNemo

    Well, we cannot be surprised about Nikon. The company name should be changed to something that “YOU HAVE TO WAIT” …. another week, month, and/or year. 🙂

    Let’s see whether Canon releases something tomorrow. If they do then Nikon has to move as well.

  • broxibear

    Cheer up…there might be a new Canon dslr announced in a few hours.
    P.S. don’t sell your current camera and then wait for a new one, buy the new one when it comes out and then sell your old one.

    • Yagion

      Yeah, but Canonrumors has no updated info on this to-be-announced camera, and the announcement is supposed to be within hours. Last update was from Oct 14.

  • The invisible man

    I hope you have a good life insurance, because if the D800 does not show on the 26th you will be the most wanted man on earth !

    • LOL! 😀

    • I was never sure about the release date, on several occasions I said announcement in 30-60 days.

      • Tony

        There are so many headlines in this site that said … October 26 …, and it makes me think otherwise. Just saying

    • Jabs

      WANTED for what?

      Leading their flock to waters of asininity?

      Naw – this is a Rumors web site and anyone dumb enough to base their plans on RUMORS, deserves what they get.

      Idiot or now informed guesstimator (sounds better doesn’t it).

      Funny comment, but real people are making asses out of themselves and then blaming others.

      NIKON Rumors and not NIKON Information!

      • Iris Chrome

        Informed guesstimator LOL… Jabs I think you might have just coined a new term in the league of rumor websites.

  • silmasan


    • Levi H

      Hahaha, +1.

  • adrian

    I can’t believe people really sold your d700 just because they hear some rumors…

    • The invisible man

      Nothing wrong about that, it’s call being smart, I sold my ex-girlfriend right before I got married !

      • Jabs

        You sold your EX-girlfriend- LOL

        Was she your Ex at the time?

        Poor wife – pimped for an ex.

        Funny Frenchman or now American of French descent.

        Lucky girlfriend – n’est pas???

      • Iris Chrome

        Hahaha… the epitome of trading one model for the next.

  • Bart B

    What, still no D800 … That does it !!! I’ll switch to Nikon 1 !!!

  • clemens

    Why is the D800 with 36mp to come first? In the past the D3 came before the D700? Is there a 250 megapixel-chip around the corner for the profis? No camera with a 36 mp-chip will come. Maybe a D400 with the well known 16 mp-chip is going to be parcelled this days. A 24 mp hifi-chip would be finer – but that is in the stars.
    Is this homepage serious?

  • Ole

    The 26th is my sister’s birthday, but I will be getting the presents!!!

  • adobe flash

    siri Download Adobe Flash..

    : System Error….!!!!

  • T.I.M

    This is the list of not confirmed specs from the initial D800 post (Google translation):

    •4 fps continuous shooting, about 6 fps in DX mode with optional battery pack
    •Full HD video in 1920 × 1080/30p
    •Headphone jack, can input from an external device such as a PCM sound recorder, available also in new small wireless transmitter
    •86K pixel split control, AF, exposure, white balance, etc. compatible
    •CF card and SD card slot
    •Shutter durability of 200,000 cycles
    •Market price is about 300,000 yen
    •Announcement on October 26, released on November 24

    (I know that my English is bad but IT DOES SAY announcement on October 26)

    • The invisible man

      I won’t have the money for the D800 until December so I don’t really care if it is not released before December.

      But what’s frustrating is to be exited for an annoucement date and then few days before the due date, you get this : “sorry, just an other BR (bad rumor)”

      • Jabs

        NOW – you are talking to yourself.

        Nikon Rumors has driven you mad – lol



        WAIT – please.

    • yes, the D800 announcement date is part of the “not confirmed specs”

      • The invisible man

        OK, here is the question:

        Are you CERTAIN that there is a D800 comming before 2012 ?

        • silmasan

          sorry but, would that change anything?

  • SwissJon

    I have to say I’m happy with this situation.. All you lot deperate to sell your cameras are driving the value of the D700 down.. At the end of this week, I’ll snap up a bargain D700 cos I can’t afford a D800 anyhow!! And now I can keep my D7000 too.. Look mum.. Matching pair!! D700 D7000! 🙂 Hey, if I don’t like it, then when the release of the D800 isn’t anounced, I’ll sell it back to you for a profit!! Who needs 36MPix?

    Nya ha ha ha ha haaaaa…

    • silmasan

      Nee khn-a ha ha ha ha haaa…

      (waiting for a $1500 mint D700 should the D800 fund fails)

  • David

    I sold off my D700 before the “september’ announcement, which did not happen. I bought D700 back at a great price, so I did not lose any money, but I am not making the same mistake again. It is suspiciously quiet 9 days before the alleged announcement. And there was this statement from head of Nikon ?Sweden? that no replacement for D700 would come out this year, remember? I may be wrong about Sweden, but it was on this site. So I have serious doubts about D800, or at least doubts about its announcement next week.

  • Been there guy

    I am looking for a good deal on an used D3X?

    If D800 doesn’t come, then a used D3X is a good one to have, or just rent a D700 for a little while.

  • Still no info? That makes me wonder if Nikon execs are wringing their hands as what to do considering that there’s a high possibility that part of their announcement is now underwater. With no way of getting in there and assessing the situation (will it take 1 month to get back up? 2 months? more?), they’re probably discussing how to handle the announcements.

    Not knowing the status of the Sendai plant, perhaps even the D800 was being built in Thailand. Not a clue, though- pure speculation. But it does seem like a reasonable explanation on why no more release info is forthcoming.

  • Hans

    Before Nikon comes along with a new DSLR travel business organizes one-day trips to the moon. And when a new Nikon DSLR comes out (maybe 2015), it will it be 12 MP (but available in purple).

  • omg, the wait is killing me, though I do understand the problems.

    Either way, they should still announce the camera next week, and simply post-pone the actual release, we need some meat here Nikon!

    • V Tran

      the very first thing i do after I woke up is to check when will Nikon held the announcement

  • Walrus

    I just bought a 70-200 f/2.8 last week from Amazon before the price went up – I am broke, but happy with my purchase – I can wait for the D800 as long as it takes!

  • It’s bad news if the D800 is postponed, but remember it’s a lot worse for the people in Thailand.

  • David

    Nikonrumors, you’ve been wrong too many times lately with Nikon, predicting things that did not happen. You’ve been better before. Whats up with that

  • David

    On the other hand, I won’t have to scramble to get money to spend, which I don’t have, or should be spent somewhere else. So thank u for not introducing any new products and saving me money. D.

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