Another Nikon “The Event” in Australia on October 23-26

This could be a coincidence, but I aways liked coincidences: "The Event" 2011 Nikon AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) will take place in Hilton Hotel Adelaide, Australia from October 23rd - 26th, 2011. I am starting to like those dates.

I am not familiar with this conference/event - it's described as "Australasia’s largest conference with trade show" and it seems that Nikon is throwing a secret bash for attendees:)  Here is a video of the  the 2010 Nikon AIPP event:

The 2010 Nikon AIPP Event from AIPPVideo on Vimeo.

The official video of The Nikon AIPP Event 2010, capturing the mood and excitement of this very special first annual event.

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  • Raspy McNasty

    Is $4000 really the price for a d800? its so damn steep T____T

    • vinman

      We’ll find out soon. Really hoping not – still hoping for two D800 models – an x and an s sort of thing. I’m not betting on it, though. I fear the higher end bodies (FX) will be escalated out of reach to most of us passionate enthusiasts (ie – we po and don’t get paid).

      • For a number of reasons, but also on considerations of price, I’m pretty sure this is a camera to accompany the D700 (and successors) in the lineup, not replace them. I think by adding $1.5k to the current price of the D700, Nikon is cutting their market in half. By adding 36mp, they limit the market even further. From a business perspective, this doesn’t make sense.

        Instead, I think this camera is a higher-res cousin to the D700.

        I have also wondered/suspected whether the talk of having two bodies, which according to current details will be distinguished solely by the AA filter (or lack thereof) is actually a clue that the higher MP body will indeed omit the AA filter (i.e. D800x, 36mp), and the body containing the AA filter will be a lower resolution camera (i.e. the D800, 18mp). Another clue?

        Regardless, I don’t see Nikon jumping away from this market in one leap. I imagine they have another lower-resolution, lower-price FX camera that fits in the D700-sized body marching down their pipeline. It’ll probably come a few months (possibly even a year) after the hi-res body. This way Nikon will be able to capitalize on all the repeat purchases that will happen by those that think the D800 really is the D700 successor, buy it, and then are enticed by the later announced lower-resolution high-ISO D700 replacement when it’s released.

        • Highlight

          Sure, just so “incredible unlikely” as that story in the Swedish restaurant, do you remember 😉

        • dan79

          I agree to some extent. I think i can see some logic though. The d700 was basically a d3, with very few features missing. With it only coming out a year later than the d3, i think, in some part, it did step on the d3 sales, as it was almost half the price. I think the logic is this: D4 press camera, 18-24mp(?), same iso features as d3s, 10+ fps. The d800 with 36mp, same iso as d700, and 4fps. landscapes, fashion camera. This way they cater to 2 distonct markets and should balance each other out.

          People talking about keeping the d700 i also dont get. From what ive read, you stick the d800 in DX mode, and you get 18mp, 5-7 fps and same iso function (if not better) then d700. So you get both cameras in one body. This is all ofcourse hear say, but just my two cents.

          • I aggressively question the “18mp…same iso function (if not better) than D700”.

            I own and have shot quite a bit with the D7k, which is roughly equivalent to what the purported DX crop mode will be on this camera. I can say with absolute certainty that the D7k, while speccing the same on paper, is nowhere near the ISO performance and image quality of the D700 in low light situations.

            It’s definitely better than the previous DX camera bodies, to be sure. But it’s still suffering from high pixel density over Nikon’s illustrious FX 12mp sensor. IQ just doesn’t hold up. This is one of the many reasons why I feel Nikon is likely to release a second, lower resolution body.

            And before all you folks (who have never even held a D7k, D3s, and D700) go off about how I’ve just discredited myself because some blog said the D7k was “awesomer!!!” than the D700, do yourself a favor and keep your thoughts on the inside. You’ll only embarrass yourself by trying to argue the D7k is as good at high-ISO as the D700. Seriously.

            • Hi Ron,

              I totally agree. I both work with the D700 and D7000 on low light astronomic timelapse (sometimes also with a D3s, if available), often on the same scenes. And the D7000 is by far not as good on high ISO as the D700. I’d try to stay with the D7000 below 1600, above that, things get grainy/noisy with a lot of artefacts. Where the D700 looks still good on ISO 2500, and even on 4000, with the D7000 there is noise all over at these settings.
              Let alone the D3s: ISO 8000 with that night vision device looks like ISO 2000 or 2500 with a D700. It still amazes me after the quite long time the D3s is on the market (and shows that D3s and D700 are NOT the same.

        • Ron, I hope you are right. $4k is a totally different game than $2700.

          • I agree. Simple business logic says you can change many buying behaviors before you can change price threshold in a customer. You can’t change what they’ll pay, only where/from whom they’ll buy.

            Nikon will have a tough time convincing the massive group of D700 bargain hunters to part with an extra ~$2k in order to get the latest and greatest. The only way they could do this AND avoid a mass migration is if Canon (and possibly even Sony) were planning to sell their full frame prosumer offerings for a 70% markup as well.

            And frankly, that’s ludicrous.

        • The invisible man

          @Ron Adair
          Maybe we should wait for the announcement before speculate on that possible D800.

          • Now where’s the fun in that? 🙂

        • > From a business perspective, this doesn’t make sense.

          As I’ve written before, I’ve now polled over 20,000 Nikon users on this very question: basically, 12mp D700s or 24mp D700x? The data has remained consistent for over two years: they poll the same. Half want the former, half want the latter (some want both, but that’s just another variant of half and half).

          So quite the contrary, a D700 and D800 side-by-side would make some sense, especially if Nikon updated the D700 to use the D3s sensor.

          I still expect Nikon to transition the D700 out of the lineup, though, as well as the 12mp sensor. That’s what doesn’t make sense to me. The D3s sensor is state-of-the-art and more than enough pixels for 90% of the things people want to do.

          Even if a 36mp sensor were equivalent when downsized to 12mp, more pixels just make for more workflow issues for the primary users of the D700/D3s.

          • I would be pretty happy with a D3s sensor in a D700 body at somewhere near the current price. Of course, I would be happier if that body had a slight bump in MP to say 18. At 36mp I definitely see workflow issues.

          • Thom—

            You and I are saying the same thing, essentially. I was not clear in my prior comment, but in essence my stance is that it doesn’t make sense for Nikon to release the D800 as a replacement for the D700. Many factors point to the likelihood that the D800 will create a different model line from the D700.

            These two cameras (low-res/high-ISO D700 replacement, and high-res/med-ISO D800) will sit side by side in the product lineup.

            It may well be that the D700s is released with a D3s sensor. However, from my previous readings, it appears there is no 12mp sensor from which they can pull full 1080p. Of course, I could be mistaken—I’m no expert on the technical side of the HD video magic. However, if this is indeed true, I can’t see Nikon re-engineering the 12mp sensor just to get full 1080p video when they could get the same ISO performance (or better) from, say, a 16mp or 18mp sensor. And I’d be awfully surprised if they released the D700s with a 12mp sensor and 720p video.

    • KT

      Well, people are still paying 8K for the D3x which is 3 years old and is clearly below what you will get with the D800 (better sensor, better low-light performance thanks to Expeed 3, better AF plus video and probably more). I don’t think they can sell such a body for $2600 and expect to stay in business. My concern is that the initial markup in price, limited availability and bent-up demand might push the initial price into the 5K zone for a good 6-8 months and that’s without factoring in any unforeseen natural disasters or catastrophes that can derail production for a few more months, just for good measure.

      • Yhannoby

        If the price of this new D800 will come out near 5k i’ll rather buy the D3s.

      • Bip

        If the price is indeed in the range of US$3.5k – 4.5k, less people can afford it, which mean to many other consumers, it will definitely reduce some competition, which is not that bad of a thing if you can afford it.

    • Andrew

      I don’t consider the D800 a replacement for the D700. As others have said, it seems like a replacement for the D3x, at half its price. The question is, will Nikon surprise us with a $2,995 price tag for the D800. There is clearly a pent-up demand for a Full Frame camera at 24MP for $1,995. After the release of the D7000 at $1200, anything is possible.

      • “After the release of the D7000 at $1200, anything is possible.”

        Why? From all evidence, it was a price increase from its predecessor, the D90.

  • A bucket full of begun!

    • Yes yes yes!!!!!

      • texajoe

        They are going to pull the trigger!

  • Can’t wait 🙂

  • Donny Mertu

    more new Nikon compact….Yess!!

    • Shhh … don’t tell: Nikon wants to compete with Canon and move into printers.

  • Koka Kola

    Adelaide…..what a cheapskate…..i think it means more compact.

    • BartyL

      Hmmm let’s see…9th most livable city in the world…nope, could be a major DSLR release.

    • Walkthru

      Let’s wait & see – there may be more anouncements simultaneously around the world yet. BTW……do YOU even know where Adelaide is?? Beautiful part of the world.

      • ozdregs

        beautifully boring, if it wasn’t for the announcement of the worlds biggest uranium mine today in SA, this would have been the biggest thing announced in Adelaide this year

      • Carl

        Interesting…. I live about 3km south of this venue. I’m sure they are just here for the perfect spring weather & the wine. Adelaide is home to the best winery regions in the country….spring in Adelaide is glorious, its a beautiful place. And it’s also whale watching season as they migrate through our waters. It’s a good place to take photos! 🙂

  • The invisible man

    Ok, it’s October 12 so now I can give you some details:
    D800 36MP – HD screen – dual SD (:() cards – Full HD video at 60fps !
    D800 is only compatible with G lenses (no internal motor, no aperture ring, no AI-s lenses)
    Nikkor 300mm f/4.0 VRII
    Nikkor 200mm f/2.8 VRII
    Sorry, but no D400

    • Where do you get this information (or is it a joke)?

      No internal motor would suggest this is aimed at consumers. And yet, the rumored price point and MP count place this body squarely in the high-end prosumer/professional camp.

      I call phooey. 😉

      • The invisible man

        @Ron Adair
        My mistake (bad translation) it will support all Nikkor lenses.

        • Ahhh…very good. A bit relieving. That would have been a worrisome precedent given the target market for this body.

    • I hope you are right about the 200 2.8

    • GeofFx

      I REALLY hope you’re wrong about the “no internal motor” thing. I have been trying to think of a way to justify spending $4000 on a camera. All of my lenses require a motor in the camera. If it doesn’t have a motor, I will be seriously disappointed and stick with my Fuji S5 forever (until it breaks down and is unfixable).

    • nebus

      and what else did you translate wrong?
      Dual SD cards – but no CF cards? That would be a serious departure for any pro level camera.

      • Geoff

        No bent pins on an SD card, I like that.

        • Discontinued

          Me too. SD is the future.

          • The invisible man

            Sure, only if you can put your hands on that darm card !
            I spend most of my days looking for it !

        • B!


  • RevKrev123

    I’m excited.

    D800 is a mini D3X, D700S is a Mini-D3S and the D4 will be… a D4. D3XS will be D3S + D3X.

  • Ned

    Maybe this is the first wave of regulation to distinguish the real pros/anvance enthusiasts willing to spend for better quality and thus a better edge vs the others 😀

  • I don’t care how much it is, just give me off the chart low light performance (above D3s) and 60fps would be nice, but I can live with no video period, . . . Oh and I need it before the end of the year, prefer no later than thanksgiving!

  • Leafster

    Stay put with D700 or get a D3S.

    • andy


    • you saying that I should just get a D700 now, currently shoot D7000, mostly in low light with people moving fast, so I need some more low light power (almost always use available light), then maybe wait until late 2012 for D4 or whatever the D3s replacement is? wondering how much more is the low light performance going to be

  • Anand

    Come on fellas….it is going to be the new Nikon CoolPix 800!!!! They just think that pros may like the compact nature and the high price tag!

    j/k aside…Nikon is milking the current lineup. Why wouldn’t they? I would too…Only now has Sony thrown a punch that Nikon may respond to next year. They know they have got the market captivated with all the investments we have in Nikon glass.

  • All this talk is really making me want to switch to an FX camera. Especially if this thing IS 36MP. I could use the DX-crop to get better image quality, and even larger size than my D300s. The crop feature will be very welcome for wildlife and macro, where that 1.5x crop comes in VERY handy. The 36MP will be great for landscapes and portraiture, though is a tad excessive. I don’t mind, though. As long as it delivers in ISO, which I’m sure it will. After waiting this long, Nikon REALLY needs to deliver here. I think the 36MP will be great for FX users, and the 16-18MP will be great for DX users, and will allow the camera to be used with every lens, for every system. It’s going to be one hell of a system they have here with 36MP if the IQ is good enough. I just wish I had the money to fund one. $4-6K, really? I mean, I see why, and how they would and can do this with such a camera, but damn. The D4 must be something like $12K


  • Multiple days must mean a good thing. This gives them several days to span their information across.
    In fact, the world would be flipped upside-down if a D4, D800 and D400 were all introduced in a single day.(!)

  • DarthDuster

    Damn it if only my midterms aren’t due on that week.

    I still wish, though, that there be 2 versions of the D800 with the other one built for speed and low light.

  • Bugatti Boyz


  • Joe Bodego

    i think it’s fair to say that most of us don;t give a shit about the full frame releases. i have given up and choose to grow my lens collection instead. Who cares

    • Lorry

      speaking too soon

    • Bip

      Good for you. One less competition for those who are looking to upgrade to FX.

  • G-Strap

    Too excited…..time to put on the G-Strap for the event!

  • nau

    mmmmm whaaaaaaaaaaat???????????
    Hilton Hotel Adelaide, Australia from October 23rd – 26th, 2011

    Adelaide actually gets Nikon event?!?!?! Im totally going!
    is it open for public?

    • The invitation and booklet that was sent to me does not state if you need to be a member of aipp or not, but it was sent to me direct from the aipp.
      I have also seen it advertised elsewhere, so it may be open to the public.

      Registration is done online at
      I’m sure you will get all the info there.

      20 Speakers from USA, Canada, NZ and Aust.
      3.5 days
      Party or Dinner each night
      plus 12 limited place workshops, (these are almost certainly full)


  • Jigo

    Don’t let me…and another 1,000,000,000 people down Nikon!

  • borneoaddict

    yikes 36MP. Slows down RAM procesing for large mps I don’t even use. I was hoping for at least D3S ISO performance, no more than 24mp.

    36MP also limits down lens choices. My old favourite AI-S lenses won’t make it.

  • CrazyForU

    About time to start saving up.

  • Michael Devonport

    I hate to burst your bubble guys but this is a professional photographer event, not a announcement on new cameras. If you go to the website: you will understand.

    • Karry

      wohohoho….even nikon compact is more exciting than this.

    • Event Invitee

      Incorrect, Nikon is very likely to announce something. I have no affiliation to the AIPP and I have no idea why else Nikon would want me at this event.

    • Cambo

      You are correct Michael, “The Event” is the national conference for the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) which just happens to be sponsored by Nikon Australia. The fact that “The Event” is happening on those dates is purely coincidental to any possible announcement by Nikon as those dates were set by the AIPP early this year.

      However, Nikon Australia recently announced (in the last couple of weeks) that they will be having a special evening for attendees on Monday the 24th which wasn’t originally part of the proceedings so reading between the lines, this could be scheduled with a new product announcement.

      • Been there guy

        and I am sure there will be roomful of tripods and HD video going on. The pros cannot live without HD video anymore these days, right?

      • Cambo, do you have a link for that event on the 24th? Thanks.

    • Michael is right that it is part of the CPD program, but I just logged on to check the details and you do NOT need to be a member of the AIPP to register. Just use the link in my previous post and register as a ‘non member’


  • EvanK

    The video was ruined for me when it said that parts were shot on a 5D Mk. II.

  • CamaMan

    Maybe this 36MP Nikon with ISO performance around D7000 will offer a low light software feature that would produce a file of smaller resolution even in RAW, thus giving us a ISO 1-2 stops above its nAtive 36MP output….:-)

  • Been there guy

    Since when the HD video become mandatory for the pros and prosumers? Did any of you guys out there requested it? Why are they waste money and research on that HD video crap?
    There is a $1000 saving with the F*** video function.

    • been there guy

      I meant $1000 savings without the video stuff.
      Thus, we have a $2,995 D800, everyone happy!

      • And by that logic, adding video to the D3x would make it, what, $10k? $12k?

        It’s a pretty well known fact that in the tech industry speed, capacity, and features increase while prices stay generally the same. Otherwise, these companies would be selling pro cameras and computes for $5 20 years from now. How would that work for everyone?

    • Jman

      Professional PJs are expected to capture video these days. Ask anyone in the business.

    • Danyyyel

      So following your logic the d7000 would have cost $ 200 and the 5100 would have been free. Oh god, we could have entered a camera shop and walked out with a free Nikon slr , should they have decided not to put that $ 1000 video function.

      People should required to put their original name and address so that people can refer to their genius when the world is coming to an end.

    • ennan

      Actually soon after I purchased my D3 all those years ago I was sent a survey by Nikon asking how I liked various features and what improvements I’d like to see in later models. My first request was video.

  • Dotin


  • Dan

    Nikon already it is high time is updated. The Removal of this clip was made Nikon D3S and Kenon 5 Mark2. Not solidly on the part of Nikon. Look at 8.54 min.

  • DFive

    36MP, you wanna hope you have the 24 1.4, 14-24 f2.8, 135dc f2, 200 f2… qualities of glass boys ..:)

  • SoftOnDemand

    This may be off-topic but does anyone know if the D800 will be weather sealed??

    • Monkey Nigh Mow


      Someone knows.

    • DX2FX

      That’s an easy question… why don’t we ask if the D800 will have a pop-up flash ?!

  • Jman

    I’m a pro photographer about to order two D3s bodies and a bunch of lenses, but I’d rather get two D4 bodies. How long do I have to wait?

    • mark

      You would rather buy 2 D4 bodies? whats it like is it better than the D3s? You would rather buy it but you dont even know how long you have to wait because it doesnt exist yet.

      • Jman

        I’d be very surprised if the D4 (we all know it’s coming, sooner or later) isn’t better than the D3s. Still, as a working professional, I can’t afford to wait for long. I’d rather spend (my company’s) money on a new product, than one nearing the end of its life cycle. I think most people will agree.

        • silmasan

          Of course 🙂

          So the real question is: How long can I (or my professionalism–or my company) wait?

        • broxibear

          Hi Jman,
          I don’t think you’ll be seeing a D4 this year. If you’re a NPS member first quarter 2012 looks like a good bet…if you’re not I’d say April/May.
          Why not consider buying one D3s body and a back up like a used D700 until the dust settles then when the D4 becomeas available and you want it sell the D700 ?

          • Jman

            Thanks. Yes, I’m a NPS member. I’ll probably get a new D3s soon, and keep an old D3 as backup – which I’ll trade for a D4 later.

    • another anonymous

      too hard to guess this year, wait while you can and if it wo’nt come to that time, buy older one… not?

  • Lanterne

    i hope this time they wont announce another serie of coolpix, they are as many as rats!

  • D700s is all I really want. Surely that can’t be too difficult can it?

    • Mike

      +1. 36 mp = roughly 40+mb RAW files vs 11-12 from D3s. For a wedding workflow that’s a disaster. Tack on $1000 for the D800 because I would need a newer more powerful computer. D700s would be perfect.

    • Levi H

      Please. +1

  • Keepin it real

    What would be really great, is if Nikon announced the D800 on Oct 26. Then hopefully Canon will release details of the 5Dmk3, then we could forgo the crapy Nikons and buy a high quality Canon camera sooner rather than later!

  • I just bought a SP rangefinder and will load him with a Tri-X within 5 minutes 🙂
    Oh, and where is my D4 ? I want my D4 and I want him NOW because I sold my D3X tooooo early 🙁

  • Wasn’t there a TV series called the Event? Hope this is better than that.

  • broxibear

    I see a number of people have been posting that they’d rather have a D3s than pay the rumoured price for a D800 for various reasons.
    I’m not going to state if that’s right or wrong because only you know which camera is right for you and how you work, but what I will say is stock. The D3s is very difficult to find in some countries so when the D800 spec is finally released, and you feel the D3s is a better option for you, then be quick to buy a D3s. If these rumors are correct then Nikon aren’t making D3 series cameras anymore and the stock out there is all there is.
    Some have also suggested a D3s/D700 price drop when new models are released but I don’t see this happening at all. It didn’t happen when the D3 was replaced by the D3s…all that did happen was the D3 became impossible to find in stock and the price never went down.
    I’ve posted this before but I’m going to say it again. If you want a D800 got to your dealer now and badger them to put your name on the waiting list. They will tell you there’s no list because there’s no camera but unofficial lists exist. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to work out there will be ordering/stock issues with the D800.

  • broxibear

    Future Publishing to launch N-Photo Nikon magazine…
    “The £4.99 magazine, edited by Chris George, will be dedicated to Nikon photography and will launch on 24 November with an initial print run of 40,000.
    As it is not an official Nikon title, there are no restrictions on which brands can advertise in the magazine.
    N-Photo will contain images, reviews and advice tailored to Nikon products, and each issue will also have a coverdisc with video tutorials.
    The title will sit in Future’s digital creative portfolio alongside Canon-specific title PhotoPlus and photography title Digital Camera.”

  • broxibear

    The Photo & Film Expo the largest photogrpahic trade show in Africa takes place on the 13th to 16th October 2011 at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg. Maybe you’ll get some new nikon news here ?…

  • This is a photographers seminar with world famous photographers speakers. Pretty cool I attented the one of the video in 2010. It’ s good to attend for inspiration nikon is just the main sponsor. They have a stand with gear along side other brands, profoto , epson, etc Wonder if they are going to announce something there.

  • Trevor

    I remain skeptical that these specs will be a D800 released this year. Where does that leave the D4? Slightly faster FPS? Fewer MP? That just doesn’t seem like a flagship to me. And, where does that leave the 5D competitor?

    My guess is this is a double D4/D800 announcement and we’re seeing D4 specs but the rumor mill knows the 800 is releasing. I’m guessing the D4 will be in the $4k range without an AA filter and the D800 will be in the $2.5k range with the AA filter and possibly different specs (mp, fps, whatever).

  • lulz

    Who knew this guy was for real?

    Reality or fiction: Nikon D4, D4x, D400, D400x, D800, D800x, D9000 specs

    • to many different models.

  • Looking for a D3s body today for 4k ! Anyone?

  • CamaMan

    Hopefully Nikon doesn’t mean to put its trust in their current lineip of software for handling 40-50MB NEFs??!!
    Cause that would be a mistake in a special category of its own!!

  • McLovin

    Additional D800 Specs Revealed:

    Carbon Fiber Body – Light as a feather!
    Auto Composition – Just point and shoot for an instant masterpiece!
    Teleportation – Save $$$ on travel and still get that great shot!
    Flux Capacitor – Nikon unlocks time travel!
    Klingon Cloaking Device – For Ron Scubadiver…
    Tractor Beam – Pull your subjects closer without pesky zooming!
    110% Viewfinder Coverage – Tired of complaints about 95%
    On-Star Button – For Emergency Situations

    Some of the less impressive features:
    Hairbrush – Always look your best
    Fingernail trimmer – Annoy your significant other
    MySpace Access – Couldn’t afford Facebook
    Tweezers – Worked for Swiss Army Knives
    “Mood Ring” Grip – Find out if you are happy, sad or in love

    Additional Accessories:
    Lawnmower Attachment
    Mulcher Attachment
    Barbeque Grill Attachment
    Beer Bong Attachment

    Winter Package:
    Lens Defroster/Defogger
    Heated grip and trigger
    Starbucks branded Thermal Coffee Grip

  • Real shabang

    You’re calculating the exchange rate incorrectly. It is about 1.6 X the price

    Pound price/.63 (or what ever it is today)

    This will give you the US price.

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