Nikon product presentation in Marrakech on October 24-26, 2011

Marrakech, Morocco (Google maps)

The rumor is that Nikon will hold a product presentation in Marrakech on October 24-26, 2011. Some major European dealers were invited. October 26th was also the rumored announcement date for the Nikon D800. There will be at least three other products announced with the D800.

As of today, I am not aware of any press events for October 26th but Canon has scheduled several announcements for this month and I will be surprised if Nikon falls behind.

The PDN Photo Plus show in New York starts on October 27th - perfect timing to show the D800...

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  • Peter t

    Why not use a 4 pixel subsampling for low light conditions, by doing this you get about 9MP images with very high quality, can do some fancy stuff when you resize from 36MP to 9MP.

    9MP images and a framerate of 8-10 bps and a 36MP high rez camera for better lightning conditions…

    • Roger

      I’d rather just shoot 36mp and if I want to downsize in post, I can. I’ll also get better results that way.

    • Like Sensor+ mode on Phase One digital backs? That would be awesome if it worked and really gave 2x or 4x the ISO performance like it does with the Phase Ones. Events shooter would absolutely love that because they can often get away with shooting at 9MP anyway.

  • Lardinio

    What worry’s me more is not the suggestion of a 36mp sensor or its perceived impact on high ISO but it’s $4k price tag. I’m sure technically it will stand up. Since Nikon have entered full frame they have never failed to deliver a stunning product, a game changer. The d3, d3s, d3x and d700, they have all been great products. If they plan to put the d800 on a 4 yr lifecycle like the d700 they need to go with something standout, the 5d II is already just short of 24mp. I get the need to innovate, but not when it alienates your target based. $4k seems $1k too much. In the UK the street price on a d700 is £1750. Nikon needs the d800 to hit the market at about £2,500 and based on current pricing methodologies from Nikon, $4k translates into £3250, which is only just below the price a d3s is currently selling for. And guess what d700 users want a d3s capable camera, so I wonder what they’ll buy if that’s the actual street price?

    • NoLoGo

      What brought exactly D3s? very small improvements to the d3
      What brought exactly D3x? $$$ with mounting the a900 sensor…

      Waiting somthing with better quality/price facing eos5d !!!!

      • If the D3X uses the same sensor of the a900, why aren’t the DxO results not the same? They differ a lot if you ask me..

  • Is there a chance, that the rumored 2nd Version of D800 is a “Lower MP” Version — closer to a real D700 successor!?

  • So the D800 will finally be there….but what else?

    My guess would be…
    800 5.6 and 80 200 4.0

    • Maybe also a D400 with FF 16MP sensor?

      • No.. D9000 with DX 24MP and D800x w/FF 24MP sensor a la beefed up D3x sensor. By beefed up, I mean much better ISO capabilities.

  • Joe

    If nobody wants this D800, I’ll take one. 36 MP will be nice for my landscapes and finally unveil the quality of my glass and the sturdiness of my Berlebach tripod ;), I was always okay with the high ISO performance of my D700 and I hardly ever needed more than the default 3 FPS in CL mode.

    But I’d like to have some minor improvements with a D800, that will make my life easier:
    – a timer that displays the open shutter seconds in bulb mode
    – an infrared remote control like my D90 had, very cheap, handy and for me absolutely sufficient
    – an adjustable time lag for that mirror lockup mode one can activate in the menu

  • KitHB

    Why pick Marrakesh? What does that tell us?

    Let’s guess the Nikon people picked somewhere to show off the the difference their new products are going to deliver.

    Cursory glance at Google Maps with Photos switched on shows it has

    – probably decent weather (for October) with dry air – makes long lenses look sharp.
    – lots of low light opportunities for evening / night time down in the Souk, the place for a longish fast lens..
    – Moorish architecture with tons of light and deep shadow and swoopy curves, good for showing off lens sharpness and dynamic range. (I’d like a new tilt-shift lens please).
    – colourful, highly detailed carpets and textile patterns in the markets, great for showing off a high resolution sensor that can show off every tuft in a rug.
    – lots of rocky landscapes within a short 4×4 trip into the desert, could even reach those arty shots of drifting sand dunes within an hour or so (so the product is travel/landscape oriented).

    So does the Marrakesh venue suggest a very high resolution sensor, big DR, big lens?

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