Nikon’s official statement on the flooding in Thailand

This is Nikon's statement on the flooding in Thailand:

Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of Nikon Corporation in the Rojana Industrial Park in Ayutthaya Province located in Central Thailand, is submerged by the flood caused by torrential rainfall since last July.

The latest situations at Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. are as follows:

1. Damages

The 1st floor of all buildings at the premises are presently submerged. Details of the damages are now under investigation. As for the employees, the human damage has not been reported so far. The factory is suspending its operation since October 6.

2. Estimated impact to our business performance

We are now doing our utmost to estimate the impact of the flood to our group companies and business performance. We assure you to immediately advise the findings once it is judged there will be an important change in our forecast.

3. Recovery

We are continuing to investigate details of the damage, but are unable to predict how soon operation will be resumed. We will set up our recovery support system and endeavor to restart its operation as early as possible. We are now requesting drainage of the industrial park to the Thai government, together with the Rojana Industrial Park authority, other companies in the Park and Japan External Trade Organization.

Reference data
Outline of Nikon (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Location Ayutthaya Province, Thailand
Representative Nobuyuki Muraishi, Managing Director
Capital 1 billion bahts
Shareholder Nikon Corporation (100%)
Establishment October 1990 (factory completed in November 1991)
Main businesses Manufacture of digital single-lens reflex cameras, Interchangeable lenses, etc.
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  • Joe Cottone sr

    It certainly looks like mother nature has whacked Nikon first in Japan with the tidal wave/earthquake & now in Thailand with torrential rains.
    Maybe next year will be a kinder year.!!

    • fred

      god is unhappy that Nikon hasn’t given us a D800 yet 😉

      • ROFL! That is a good one!


        • NotReallyFunny

          Ehh… not really funny at all. whomp whomp whomp.

      • Everlast

        I hope the first floor is where the Nikon 1 system cameras are produced 🙂

        • Anon

          Good Riddance !

    • FYI, I’m thai and flooding in thailand occurs every year during this season.

      However this year is worse than any other year and it is not going to affect D800 for sure since that factory only produce lower end – entry level product.

      • coco

        so 24-120 f4 is a lower-end lens – even though it had a high-end price

        • qztronic

          Nikon 24-120mm VR AF-S NIKKOR f/3.5-5.6 is “not” a high-end lens.
          a high-end lens is something like 14-24 24-70 70-200 NANO.
          (Not judging by pic quality or any thing, but by marketing term.)

  • paf

    Not a kind year for Nikon and other mfgs. Let’s see how this impacts the product pricing and availability.

    • Vandyu

      Our leaders in Washington need to be meeting with Nikon officials and laying a strong case for Nikon to open a factory in the U.S. Under Nikon’s management expertise, their company could thrive here, put Americans back to work, and improve this country’s economic outlook. If Honda, Toyota, Hundai, Nissan and others can open manufacturing plants in the U.S., why not producers of other products? I know its more fashionable for U.S. companies to abandon their plants and move overseas, but with some persuasion and innovation, we might find Japanese and Korean companies willing to entertain the idea of coming here.

      • ivanaker

        Honda, Toyota, Hundai, Nissan and others….
        cars are heavily taxed when imported to US, cuz US has good auto industry. thats why Mercedes and BMW costs so much in the states.
        toyota brings all the parts to US, assembly it there and sells it as Made in USA, and pays no customs.
        on the other hand US has no camera makers, and making cameras in US would be much costier then in China.

        • Eric Ok

          Mercedes and BMW both have factories in the USA (and they’re still expensive).

      • chrisq.

        you also do realize that a foreign company opening a factory/plant/what have you in america only creates jobs for americans right? if a japanese company opens something in america, the capital still goes to the japanese.

        • Jesus_sti

          but create job for americans …. that the important point

        • Vandyu

          I do realize that Americans working in foreign-owned factories are able to pay their mortgages, federal and state income taxes, social security taxes, state sales taxes, and buy goods and services that keep other people here also employed. I’d like all of our factories to be open, humming 24/7, and preferably owned by American stockholders and entrepreneurs. But, American investors have essentially abandoned American factory workers. These “job creators” are doing a great job of creating jobs in other countries and lining their own pockets because of reduced manufacturing costs secondary to cheap labor. Thus, perhaps, the Japanese might consider becoming job creators for the U.S. We could certainly use their help.

  • Hom Thogan

    Expect B&H, Adorama and other stores to speculate with prices again in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Activate $200-300 more expensive button NOW !!!!

    • Funduro

      How true that be, just in time for the holiday season no less. Just ordered SB-700 and TC-14E II Teleconverter on Sunday.

  • So with a million people out of homes and hundreds dead, now even those who escaped the waters have no job to go to. Not good for Nikon.

    • Jabs

      NOT good for the living!

      • rhlpetrus

        Indeed, and there will be repercussions all over, at a moment where economies are struggling to recover from already 3 years of constant turmoil.

  • AnoNemo

    The sad thing will be that those products that have nothing to with this plant will have higher prices again.

    Sony got affected as well and they estimate approx one month delay for the A77. This can be an indicator of what we can expect.

    • Tony5787

      And I thought the sad part was that thousands of people have lost their homes and hundreds have lost their lives because of the flood…

      • AnoNemo

        I responded a post above. But taking you comment seriously I will start every single post by stating that I understand that thousands of people have lost their homes ….

        Of course most of us understand the situation but by looking at a stand alone reply to an earlier post can be misleading.

  • Jabs

    Such continuous human suffering even if it happens yearly.

    Companies seem to be trying to diversify to other lands but then the reason why many left there in the first place now becomes obvious.

    Weather related problems.

    You need nearby Ports to facilitate quick delivery and shipping of goods so hence many weather related issues in these Factories, as they are near the sea or rivers.

    Ports remember?

    People seem to also forget the vast amount of weather related issues also plaguing America recently plus Congress’s refusal to approve the Federal Emergency Management Funds to pay for this increased damage and the human suffering.

    We humans are all suffering and people have all types of explanations, so I won’t share my thoughts on this, as this is a Rumors site and not a Political or Religious blog.

    Infrastructure (roads and such) or the lack of it seems to be one of the major problems while the countries that have decent Infrastructure have too high a labor force cost and taxes, so Globalization is causing lots of problems as well as solving many too.

    Just a little sad over all this suffering, so not much to comment about on here.

    Human with a heart here.

    • rhlpetrus

      We are paying for the 30 years of ultraliberal policies that started with Thatcher and Reagan, extra-deregulation, decreasing investments in infrastructure and education, even in the more developed countries. I know this is not a political blog, but all the economic turmoil we are seeing has a common root IMO.

      • Jabs


        TAKE da money and run – damn the consequences!

        So sad.

        No wonder there are Occupy Wall Street protests all over.

        Anyhow, back to cameras and gear amidst all these tribulations.

        BUT hard to do that.

        • Vandyu

          With all of the problems in the world, our lust for $4,000 cameras seems a bit out of place at times.

          • Jabs


            Sure seems that way, but life must go on.

            Bittersweet about this issue though.
            Mourn the loss of human life, environment, homes, farms, land and people’s families plus livelihood gone but look forward to new tech!

            The real irony to me and brought about in total focus by this tragedy is that – many of the same people who make all this new and expensive gear might never be able to afford one themselves after they make all the sacrifices to produce gear for now mainly ‘foreign consumption’, I guess – sigh!

            Maybe someone from Thailand can educate us here as to what people buy there as I am clueless here about these issues – I live in America.

      • AnoNemo

        Common root? Yes, lack of transparency. My 2 cents.
        Enough with the politics and politicians, they get paid for saying rubbish. 🙂

      • George Borel

        Reagan and Thatcher ULTRALIBERAL? Now you’re rewriting history. I agree that deregulation and lack of infrastructure spending are the root cause of alot of our problems now, but you can lay that firmly at the feet of the CONSERVATIVES, whose greed-based policies are solely for their personal gain and “damn the consequences,” ignoring the common good!

        • Phil

          It’s a bit strange but the word “liberal” has almost opposite meanings in different parts of the world. In Europe it stands for economic liberalism (i.e. free markets, small government etc) so a liberals are generally right wing. In the US it stands for social liberalism so liberals there are generally left wing.

          • ennan

            Actually I’m in the uk and if I say liberal I mean left wing.

            • jacob

              I confirm what Phil said for Italy. He’s right.
              However, if the cost of labor in the US has skyrocketed is not due to the Conservative, but rather to Liberals and their unions. So the reference to Reagan is ignorant.

        • Drunkcaballo

          And this is why Greece, which is pretty much polar opposite in terms of socio-economical issues of the US is doing so well?

          • Phil

            Greece is most certainly not the opposite of the US – it is a capitalist economy like almost all of Europe. Despite all the rhetoric you’ll see that they are actually not that far apart.

            The problems there are not because it’s too left leaning (there are very successful economies in Europe and elsewhere that are far more socialist than Greece). It’s has more to do with corruption at every level of government, political incompetence, tax evasion and other things.

            • Tiger1050Rider

              Ah, you mean the features of just about every democracy in the world. Add a dose of Nepotism if you like.

        • Carbon43

          George, in economics, policies such as theirs are referred to as liberal or ultra-liberal, referring to the manner and degree of control over the mechanisms of the economy and capitalism such policies have.


          More than anything else, it’s people without a healthy understanding of basic economics that are driving our country into the ground. *stares pointedly*

          • rhlpetrus

            It’s always funny to hear Americans talk about “liberal” as same as left-wing or progressive, unrelated to the historical roots of word in Economics.

            Anyway, Greece, as mentioned, is just the little kid that got caught in the big boys (US/China) game w/o understanding what was going on, and Europe (read Germany/France) failed to tell them what was at stake.

        • Liberal and conservative are decisive terms used in the US to divide the voting population. And so are all the other issues we can’t agree on that should never go to a vote.

          Deregulation is a symptom of our government being wholly owned an controlled by business interests. Occupy Wall St. is a confused symbol of the political turmoil that the parties have created, and the destruction their policies have wrought.

          Kill the lobbyists, take power back from corporations. Problem solved.

          my $.02

          • binary_eye

            I think you mean “conservative” and “liberal” are divisive terms. 😉

          • Anonymous

            + 1,000,000

        • Sahaja

          The word liberal comes from the Latin liberalis, “of freedom”. Liberals traditionally supported constitutionalism, liberal democracy, free and fair elections, human rights, capitalism, free trade, and the freedom of religion. They believed in a laissez-faire economic system, free trade, government withdrawal from the economy, and an optimistic stress on the “harmonious” effects of free enterprise capitalism.

          In the contemporary political dialouge of the USA, “liberal” has come to almost exclusively mean social liberalism.

          But I don’t think Regan or Thatcher would have objected to the term “liberal” in the original sense of the word.

  • rhlpetrus

    Looks bad, APS-C cameras and lenses will be in short supply this year. Maybe that’s why they are 1-2-3 right now at Amazon.

  • ben

    By the looks of it there wont be any D800 until late 2012 or early of 2013

  • The statement does not say anything that one can’t get from the photograph. You know the old saying…

    • Jabs

      A picture is worth a thousand words!

      So true.

  • Paul

    time to move to more weather stable countries!

    • Drunkcaballo

      I am not sure geographic diversification has worked so well, unfortunately. I’d say they need to build their next plant in the midwest of the U.S. in a bunker, but I’m afraid next thing we’d read is that the Nikon plant was hit by an F5 tornado.

      Hope they can get back on their feet soon, and all of the Nikon family is safe there.

      • Markus

        Yeah, that would be a joke wouldn’t it.

        Well, if Nikon ever moves it’s factories to the states, it means that the US (not America) belongs to one of the more lower cost basic developing nations in the world (same line iwth Cambodia, Thailand etc) not that it is not already by means of social level but I mean also technically.

        • It may become a reality one day, moving some of Nikon’s manufacturing to the USA. There is a large, fairly educated, work force there. You don’t have to pay import/custom duties for the cameras/optics you build there. You save a great deal of money on transit costs (think international shipping fees and the rise of fossil fuel costs). You could also source many of the electronic components in the USA as well. Not to mention, we have many machine shops which could easily fabricate some of the higher end cameras made of magnesium and aluminums. Japanese and German cars are made in the USA just for some the items discussed above. There is no reason that Nikon couldn’t benefit from the same advantages the car makers have realized.

        • Jabs


          AMD, IBM and I think Intel is already constructing a Campus/Plant/City with University links in Upstate New York in the Catskills Mountains I think – forgot name of town, but it has been an ongoing Project for a while soon to be completed.

          The Universities will train plus teach the needed skills and Companies will share Research and Development too. Science and Math skills have eroded in America, so now they are trying to do something about it AGAIN!

          Too many MBA’s and Liberal Arts degreed persons and not enough Engineers and thinkers.

          Engineers design and build, while the other people try and fix Society’s or people’s personal problems but now no one has any money to pay anyone to fix their personal problems as they are jobless and also broke – irony indeed.

          No one to innovate or build and too many fixers after the fact (problem already occurred) = broken society of talkers and complainers perhaps!

          • Markus

            Jabbs, don’t want to make a political economical item out of it. But for the whole situation you don’t have to go back so far. 2007 and mainly 2008 meant the collapse of the ‘borrow’ society. Decades long the consumer welfare level was based on the money it borrowed, and this American dream (debt bubble) collapsed.
            Thanks to all of that, an average of 60% of the price of an US product is the pay-off of borrowed money.

            Now keep that in mind with the idea why Nikon would ever want to invest in a production facility of a country like the US.

            • Jabs


              I am not an Economists and I hate Politics – lol

              I was just pointing out a Company or group of Companies that had decided to come back to America after some of them went abroad mainly, like AMD in Germany.

              The cooperative spirit between Universities, Cities and Manufacturers who are competitors is what I was alluding to, but I doubt Nikon would come here, as any Business has to stay where their suppliers are or MOVE their suppliers with them plus be close to a Port to ship and receive goods, so that rules out a lot of America indeed except coastal areas near Asia, perhaps.

              It also does not help when America keeps holding other nations money in embargoes or such as that makes you untrustworthy plus unreliable as a Business place to set up anything – disputes now sink Businesses plus tie up their Capital and thus who wants to be subjected to that mess??

              America did NOT redevelop their own infrastructure for the new millennium and instead did other things which led to all of their problems now, even though people constantly warned them.

              It’s called watching your neighbor constantly while your own house goes to ‘hell in a handbag’ – in US slang.

              I feel bad enough about this situation, so perhaps I just log off and go do something else.

              Have a great day or night depending on what part of planet Earth you live.

        • Iris

          In response to your comment on Thailand as “low cost developing nation”, have you ever been to Thailand or Bangkok? Thailand is not the richest or the most developed country but we have almost everything that you have here in the US.
          From the insider, the big reason Nikon have their factory in Ayuthaya (where factory locates) is because of relatively cheaper labor cost but educated and skilled work force. Ayuthaya province is well known for excellent craftsmanship skill for several hundred years….long before the US existed.
          Stop looking down on others if you have not been out of the US. Get out of your shell and check the real world!!


    GOOD LUCK from me on this – the mother nature plays it tough with us … though regarding the way people behave (NZ not last to mention!!!) we somehow can´t expect anything else, can we?

    BUT (!) nothing what to do with people in Thailand, hope you´ll be all o.k. as soon as possible.

    regards, Jet

  • Peter

    Nikon & Thailand, Our prayers are with you and that especially no humans or other flora were affected too much. My selfish immediate reaction in my head was, “Oh S*&^, no new stuff for me to buy.” This was immediately followed by a few minutes of private self recrimination since no politics in the real world is ever going to prepare anyone for disasters of this magnitude. I live in Maryland, USA. We’ve had a HuriQuakeFlood since summer but it barely impacted me personally beyond a few hours of worry that I would have to find a different cool spot for my 3 rescue Pugs! So many have lost so much and as selfish as I am on the inside, I only want the best for the Thai people and the Japanese people publicly and forever!! This is Honto!

  • Jabs

    Nikon Corp said it has halted a digital SLR camera production site due to flooding.

    I wonder what was being produced there?

    • yes, this is what Nikon said in the official release above

  • Just recieved word from nikon that there Paris event on 26 and 27 of october has been cancelled, they were gone present the D800 there

    • Eduardnic

      Sooo… all the new D800 were manufactured on the ground floor of that flooded factory…

      • Anonymous

        Weather sealed?

  • AnoNemo

    I think Nikon should build a huge ship that will be called the mothership. With that they can produce and deliver at the same time! Under international waters they would not have to pay certain tax and the savings can be passed on to the Nikon fans. Just imagine, it would look like a giant cruiseliner. Employees would also save time and gasoline because they would live on the ship so they would not have to commute. They would have 3 months tours and can travel to exotic places so their employees would have so much fun traveling and producing Nikon products literally around the world. The mothership can be always turned to calm waters so they would not have to worry about storms etc.

    Of course I was joking here a bit… 🙂

    • Jabs


      LOL – a joke about a serious issue indeed.

      Actually this is sort of the idea behind Enterprise Zones – really. Detached from any country and flexible enough to almost instantly react to changing market conditions in an idealized scenario and offer Manufacturers a great asset.

      Only problem is that the ‘motherships’ need to be restocked plus resupplied and the different cultures of the people onboard might clash as to WHAT food to cook as some might want sushi and others burgers plus others might want curry and spicy coconut shrimp or even chicken. Imagine prayer time or deciding what recreational activities to implement? What music and what TV shows to stream too???

      See the problem in this idealized scenario – HUMANS!

      Now, when you are initially successful at that, then other competing ‘motherships’ join you there and then you have a ‘nursery’ of ships waiting for the sharks to get you – lol.

      Where would you state then that the Product was made or manufactured in?

      Poseidon Adventure or the Blue Lagoon or The Bermuda Triangle, then?

      Maybe that was why they wanted to colonize the Moon and make things in a dust free and germ free environment UNTIL ownership of the Moon became an issue – lol.

      Maybe we try the latest Transformer scenario – oh never mind!

      I’ll stick to land lest a real storm comes and impacts/destroys you and then you can’t get off as you are too far away from land or worse, they are trying to decide WHO has jurisdiction over the area that you are in before they come and rescue you PLUS what currency to charge you for their services.

      You’d be dead before they decide or the Lawyers/Politicians respond too.

      Yeah – no such place as Utopia and remember the Titanic DID sink!

      No simple solutions for complex problems as we are humans and never satisfied too!

      • AnoNemo


        Yes, Nikon should put its factory on the moon. There are natural resources there as well and the employees won’t be able to escape. They would save on the shipping because they would just have to drop the new products at the right time and they would land at the right place.

        I would not worry too much about the different customs of the employees … cannot escape 🙂

        • Jabs


          One comment – IF we cannot solve our problems and divisions on Earth, then spreading the territory to another Planet just means the fight now has engulfed the Upper Atmosphere.

          I own the Moon!

          No you don’t!

          We dooooo – naw you don’t! … Na-uuuugh!!!

          Exterminate – Exterminate – Exterminate

          Daleks coming! – hide – awwww – TOO late – vaporized.


          See what I mean?

          Transformers – Robots in disguise = fantasy about maybe real ideas or the madness of human greed or power wishes.

          Absolute power absolutely corrupts – YUP!

          • AnoNemo

            Well, still the moon has its advantages. At least those who would work on the moon would not argue here at earth (because they are on the moon). This could also yield with some benefits. 😉

            • Jabs


              Remember that old Bugs Bunny cartoon about the moon guy who shoots him?

              Apply that – taking the fight to the moon only causes more problems for us here on Earth.

              The Earth is dependent on the magnetic forces of the Moon – some maniac decides to now blow away a part of it in some dispute with Galactic Company X or Y and then what?

              Instant sea tides gone awry on Earth and no magnetic field to offset things – death for all of humanity, maybe.

              NO thanks – leave the idiots here and YOU go to the moon or send the idiots there and leave us sane people here while they colonialize there and ‘little green things’ then surprise and vaporize them plus put them in their place – LOL.

              Floating off into space and never heard from again – perfect!

            • AnoNemo


              I hope you did not take me serious. I was joking. 😉

            • Jabs


              So was I – lol

              Hello – Bugs!

              What’s real about that?

              Green people on the moon – are you serious – LOL

    • Jabs


      Actually this same idea is used also in the Frozen Fish Industries wherein freshly caught seafood is headed, gutted, de-boned and quick frozen on-board ships or vessels with Blast Freezers while traveling the oceans.

      Revolutionized the Fishing Industry and now we have all types of fresher seafood available for lower prices plus greater varieties too.

      Product of where now?
      South America
      or the Registry Country of the ship?

      Anyone for Whiting H&G, Pollack, Mahi-Mahi or Wild caught Pink Salmon versus the farm raised variety?

      Sometimes a ‘joke’ has a parallel in real life that many are not aware of.

      Seafood – YES
      Cameras – Naw! – land bound mess.

      What’s the point or the benefit then as cameras do not grow in the sea?

  • be aware of any sales, slightly submerged or slightly waterlogged

  • Can anybody confirm what was being made at this particular factory?

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Thailand.

    • Jabs


      I don’t know for sure, but it is starting to look awfully close like – it is the upcoming D800.

      We’ll find out soon, but if Production was interrupted with ample warnings, then they have probably temporarily put the already produced goods in Shipping Containers (Tractor trailer bodies) moved to higher ground in another area or already left the country, perhaps.

      Double or triple whammy punch to Nikon, Canon and Sony too plus who knows who else.

      • It’s possible. But, at the very least – some of parts made in the Thailand factory could supply the higher-end DSLR cameras and lenses. This could also slow manufacture of other products. I know our D7000s are made in Thailand, not sure if this is the same factory.

        • Jabs


          Well, at least the D7000 is affected and then probably the rumored D7100 or whatever that was or is – lol.

          Me, I prefer to wait and see as trying to figure out a huge Conglomerate like Nikon as to what they do and produce where, will probably drive ya nuts – lol

          Seems like another disaster and people are dead, lives disrupted plus your whole lifestyle now changes as maybe your ancestral lands are now gone.

          That’s what I am more thinking about now.

          Nikon will probably bounce back way before the poor people do, so that’s currently my perspective.

          Nikon has Business Disruption and Product Insurance plus probably Redundancy in suppliers but many people have no alternatives, so sorry for them.

          In such a small looking Plant, they probably do not store much gear there also, so it seems more like Production gear controlled by computers, so you can do the same thing in another Plant somewhere else, perhaps.

          Getting the people moved or relocated is a bigger issue, if you can find them or even if they now want to move – some maybe AGAIN, if they were from the Sendai Plant for example!

          What a weird year for Nikon, Canon and Sony plus others there!

          We go from one human disaster to another and it seems like no end in sight – whew!

  • Andrew

    Admin, the formatting of this new release is confusing. Compare the formatting with Nikon’s site:

  • FM2Fan

    All the best to the people being impacted (again) – I sincerely hope, they can continue and withstand the external forces.

  • Jabs
    • btw, I tested the database sync several times and it was working fine. My hosting co. tech team tested it as well and could not find anything (they run a comparison between both DB). I think those are temporary issues that get synced up few seconds later.

      • Jabs


        One minute it will be fine and then all of a sudden nothing works or it is like you went back in time and instead of say 30 posts, you now see 12 posts.

        Like they synced with old data at times, to me.

        Intel processors are known to keep their Data in memory or actually in their larger cache’, so it might reside there and then when transferred to be now synced, it is old data or even processor cache’ mismatch (non-syncing or trying to decide which one is the most current) from the two different servers – perhaps!

        Syncing of old versus new data then between servers, perhaps? One is flushed and probably no time stamp on which is the most current one, perhaps. At times they seem to keep the old data and flush the new updated data – to me!

        They then need to flush the processor cache’ more often or sync more often instead of relying on cache’ only – perhaps!

        That is one reason why they use AMD Opteron processors in (HPC) High Performance computing with large datasets!

        • anyone else having this problem?

          • Richard

            I am not having a problem.

            Anyone who is might try clearing the cache on their browser. Sometimes that can cause problems when it presents an old (cached) page which can lead to confusion when you go back to the page and don’t see things that should be there.

            • Jabs


              Did that and it is not from that, but is a fault of the Web site and their Hosting Company.

              Slow syncing or perhaps cache’ mismatch between Servers is my guess!

  • One More Thought

    Geesh…some of the worriers on this site…I see so many ready to pronounce, without any available evidence, that the new D800 is being manufactured at this facility.

    That still may turn out to be true….but we know historically Nikon FF is made in Japan…we know they shifted some of Japanese production to Malaysia…we know this plant has been open since 1990 and doesn’t seem to have manufactured any pro cams for Nikon in that time…

    Don’t worry so much…the people in these affected areas have a lot more to worry about…

  • Richard

    The word “submerged” sounds very ominous.

    Does anyone know specifically which products were produced at the submerged plant?

    Depending upon just what can be salvaged, it is not beyond the realm of possibilities that the site may be a complete write-off. All the assembly and test equipment, all the inventory of parts, the structure itself. And that does not even take into account the transportation problems that are bound to persist for some time and the disruption of the lives of the workers, many of whom have probably lost their homes as well.

    Tragedy that this is for the Thai people, it is just weather, not politics as some are suggesting. There have been floods before and there will be floods some time in the future.

    The impact upon Nikon will probably be evident for an extended period of time. I would expect Nikon to try to move work to other plants and add shifts if possible to make up the lost capacity, but even that will take time. I foresee delays in not just availability of existing products, but the possible delay in the announcement of new products. After all, what is the point of showing a prototype or pre-production model of a product and then telling people “you can’t have it because we won’t be able to produce it for six to nine months”?

    If a new product is delayed because of this I wonder if Nikon will take advantage of the time to continue to develop it?

  • B!

    I doubt that the D800 was/will be produced outside of Japan. I don’t want a BMW produced outside of Germany if you get my drift.

    • Tiger1050Rider

      Too late. There are BMW plants in many countries outside of Germany including the USA.
      The same goes for most of the car makers who think on a worldwide basis for their models.
      It seems that only the likes of Ford, GM and Chrysler have such vastly differing model ranges for the US and Elsewhere.

      • Richard

        Virtually all, if not all the BMWs sold in the USA are manufactured in South Carolina.

        Some years ago there was a comparison of Hondas manufactured in Ohio and those manufactured in Japan. The conclusion was that the ones manufactured in Ohio had a lower average rate of sample defects. These cars are manufactured in the USA because of competitive labor and transportation costs. There is no fundamental reason that cameras and lenses can not be manufactured here at competitive prices. There is also the advantage of a more stable currency exchange rate as a cost of goods sold.

  • DaveyJ

    Building an industrial park in a flood zone (even in a hundred year storm) doesn’t seem very sensible. I have been on quite a few teams which reviewed such projects and many where re-located to safer areas. Any overflight of even an industrial area indicates that there is often enough space to locate buildings outside of flood prone zones. Once an industrial building is flooded it is very difficult to restore to normal productivity. One Thai poster did note that this was a VERY BAD year there.

  • Mark

    FWIW, the D700 is built in Japan. Presumably the D800 will be also. Of course, there might be subcomponents that are used in the Japanese factory that are fabbed in Thailand. I seem to recall the F-mount machining got moved to Thailand after the sunami, for instance.

  • Anon

    Look at post #42 before and after flood. Terrible really.

    • Richard


      Thanks for posting the link. I had seen the after picture, which is bad enough by itself, but the before picture gives you an idea of how much water there was to get up to the building.

      It’s a very tough time for the Thai people. Let’s hope they are able to recover soon.

    • Jabs


      Thanks for that link and the ‘before’ photograph now brings perspective to the ‘after’ photo.

      Quite a difference and now the scope of the disaster in now clearer.


  • John Richardson


    Come set up operations in Ukraine.
    No natural disasters other than a crappy corrupt government…

  • livefree

    Build your factory in Indonesia. 😀

  • Gary Harris

    We must continue to support the products we use, Nikon has allowed me to bring my Potography to the fore front, I have used there products for years with out fail, natural disasters will continue to happens as history shows, the solution well who knows right.

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