Thailand flooding reaches Nikon’s factories

Nikon factory in Thailand (credit: noppatjak)

I already mentioned about the flooding threat for Nikon factories in Thailand over the weekend. Today Bloomberg reported that Nikon's factories are "swamped":

"The deluge swept across the country starting in late July, killing 269 people, swamping factories operated by Honda Motor Co., Nikon Corp. and Canon Inc. and damaging more than 10 percent of rice farms in the biggest exporter of the grain."

This natural disaster may not be as big as the earthquake in Sendai, but will probably cause some further delay on Nikon products, especially entry level DSLRs that are produced in Thailand.

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  • Marky Mark

    Interesting. If you look really close at the picture you can see a couple of D800 floating around.

    • Jeremy

      So not funny.

      • funny

        No that was funny! Someone throw that camera a life jacket!

        • Apooo


          But in all seriousness, let’s not forget about the people that have lost family… I’ve been to Thailand and poverty is everywhere. Even in the major city centers. The ones that lose the most are the ones that have little.

          • African

            I write this from Johannesburg, South Africa.

            I think the suffering in the rest of the world (at said by some one in USA) is overated. There is lots of suffering here in Africa as well, but I can assure you that I too when I see that flood-photo on a photography forum, I am not gonna stop my yearning for a D800 that I have so wished for so long.

            While it is true that life is of paramount importance, yet there are always other issues that can not be ignored, especially on a photography platform. This is not an Ophrah show, its NR where photographic minds meet and to stop wondering about the effects of this flood on the D800 here is just not so on.

            Btw, the D800 floating comment is really funny.

            & finally, lets hope October 26 will not be another disapppointment.

            • Michel

              The suffering in the world is hardly overated. Its is rather a disgusting attitude in the USA of that. Here in Thailand the flooding is immense. 270 people have lost their lives. To see the anguish on the face of a mother who has lost her 15 year old daughter is a terrible thing. It is true that the ones who lose the most are the ones who have very little as they lose everything. To put our yearning for a D8oointo some sort of perspective for instance, that camera represents well over a years salary for several of the people I know here who work six days a week, 10 hours a day for around $200 a month, and they are well paid. Other people really struggle.
              The floods here are terrible. hundreds of thousands of people have been directly affected, many businesses destroyed, and crops ruined. At least the mindset of the wonderful and resilient Thai people and the efforts of the country together are making the best of a very bad situation. The comment about the floating D800 is funny, but we must also remember that the flood itself is hardly an event of inconsequence. Do forgive my for my little rant, I have been living in Thailand for the last seven months and really love the people and the country. Here in Chiang Mai there was some flooding but the damage in the affected areas here was still significant.

    • Mike

      I can see them!!!!! That one on a left has 70-200mm f4 VRII lens attached!!!!!!

    • Those are D400s. D800s aren’t made in Thailand.

    • Ernesto

      Is the D800 really an entry level DSLR now in plastic (floatable)?

    • Worminator

      A D800 floats!?

  • It is amazing how much trouble Nikon has been through this year. My heart goes out to the people in Thailand who have been harmed by this disaster.

  • Vu

    There is no name of Nikon in the Bloomberg’s article. Only Honda and Canon.

    • Sahaja

      Actually Nikon and Sony were also mentioned in several earlier reports on the flood published by Bloomberg. Anyway the photo at the top of this page is pretty self-evident.

    • Bloomberg changed their article (WTF?). I will remove the link. The quote was taken from their post from yesterday.

  • Andrew

    Next week, we all will be complaining why Nikon is delaying the D4 and D400.

  • I can’t help but think of the irony of a Pelican Case factory flooding.

  • j

    That picture is photoshopped. nikon has run out of excuses.

  • be happy with the equipment you have, i am

  • Reilly Diefenbach

    I need a shower after reading some of these comments.

  • Man, Japanese companies can’t catch a break. Maybe they should start building factories in inland Russia, it is cold but a little calmer there.

  • Lonnie

    Well, Nikon’s factories might be swamped, but we can rest assured that it’s NOT from orders from the V1/J1….

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