A possible scenario for the “other three products” expected to be announced with the Nikon D800

Here is a possible scenario for the other three products that are expected to be announced alongside the D800, probably on October 26th.

  • Nikon SB-910 speedlight, the replacement of the SB-900 (see this and this related posts)
  • DX lens - probably a consumer lens. One tipster actually mentioned a new wide angle DX lens, which would be great for all DX users. Another source mentioned just an update of an existing lens. The DX lens may be announced separately from the remaining products.
  • FX lens - no idea about the FX lens, most probably will be an update of an existing lens. My personal guess would be for a new 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6, 300mm f/4 or a 70-200mm f/4 (just my guess people, don't quote me on that)

I would rate the above rumors at 60% probability.

Also, I received a confirmation that the D800 will have a SD and CF card slots (as it was mentioned in the initial set of specs).

On Friday Sept. 30 Nikon reportedly shot a commercial in Toronto, Canada, not clear for what product. Anyone knows anything about that?

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  • zeroanalogue


    17-40mm 2.8G ED VR
    135mm 2.0G ED VR
    20mm 2.8G ED
    400mm 4.0G ED VR

  • RtJ

    An AFS VRII 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 (just plain f/4 would be nice) would leap straight to the top of my shopping list!!!
    I like my old AF 80-400m, it gets used a lot but the AFS version is way overdue.
    I don’t care much about the D800 while my D3 just keeps delivering quality output 🙂
    36MP with DX crop on the 80-400mm could well be cheaper than the 600mm though Hmmm…

  • jetelinho

    well well well – new ones on the horizon. for me, it shall be 85 afs f/1,8 g at the very first place. the above mentioned 17-60 dx (VR? N?) f/2,8 might be interresting too … but for the assumed pricing I am afraid … besides – have my sb900 & the only ´problem´ might be its size – on the other hand, I knew what I was buying & the light is what matters really = will gladly keep it.
    And the already beloved (& opposite) d800 – oh yeah, would like to make the step up, though never at such a price ….. & must admit also that I am not a fan of 36 mpx.

    we will see, looking forward to what is coming at least to check it 🙂

    regards, Jet

  • dino B

    hers just a thought since im not a skientist if people compare D7000 and D800 for pixle density and saying it will have same ISO…. how so when D90 had 12mp than D7000 went to 16 and improved the iso by 1 stop or just about. wouldnt it be safe to asume that even if they do go with 36 MP it should have maybe about 1 stop better than the D700

  • DjBeau

    Listen, guys, Nikon will never ever release a new camera again. Haven’t you learned that by now from all the previous rumour disappointments?!

    • You’re right. I got a credible rumor that they’ve gone into the dishwasher and kitchen blender business, completely abandoning digital imaging.

      Can’t wait to get the F1 blender when it ships, Designed by Ferrari.

      • DougW

        Rumour has it that the F1 blender will have a warp factor drive in an air bearing mount and hyper-sink interchangeable blade turret. If it doesn’t…. well then that’s it for me I’m selling all my appliances and switching over to

        • Metten

          It would be awesome if it has VR

          • Donz

            yeah, would sell my Maytag and switch to Nikon if it has VR, my ol’ machine vibrates something silly!

          • Bushwackin´Pete

            Best comment ever!

  • Gordon

    My bet is a 17mm PC-E lens will be announced, it just makes sense to release it alongside a new body aimed at landscape photographers.

  • OitaJP

    I am also extremely interested in an 80-400VRII AF-S. I bought the fx lens 28-300 because I know they must update the 80-400, once it is updated I will buy it and sell my 28-300.

    A 80-400 f/1.8-2.8 is my guess ^_^ just kidding.

  • Rob

    What does “a SD and CF card slots” mean? That makes no sense, grammatically. Please clarify.

    • The camera will have one memory card slot that holds a SD (Secure Digital) memory card, and one that holds a CF (Compact Flash) memory card.

      • ThanksMark

        He knew very well what it meant.

  • Popo Paul

    hopefully FX lens would be the long overdue afs 50mm f/1.2 lens, but reading it somewhere else they said it’s not possible because of the F bayonet mount size of nikon..

    • Hmmph.

      Whoever would say such a thing? The 50mm f/1.2 Ai-S is still readily obtainable, as its 55mm predecessor, and the 58mm Noct-Nikkor. I have seen with my very eyes f/1 Rodenstock lenses adapted and mounted on a Nikon D3, and indeed shot wide open.

  • Jabs
    • Yes, saw that. My problem with that rumor is that Nikon will not just update a kit lens without having a new body to go with it. I don’t think there is anybody out there waiting for that lens.

  • Donz

    hoping for the 300 f4 updated with VR !

  • Brian

    For those still looking, Calumet still shows in-stock:
    14-24 $1829
    70-200 $2199

  • Bushwackin´Pete

    If Nikon presents an upgraded 200mmm micro-nikkor with VR, that might keep my hands from a Sigma 180/3.5 micro…

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