Nikon SB-900 speedlight listed as “deleted” at BestBuy

More on the Nikon SB-900 speedlight being discontinued story: in BestBuy's internal inventory system the Nikon SB-900 flash is already listed as "deleted" which usually means this product will no longer be available for sale:

The Nikon SB-900 is still available for sale on BestBuy website.

Here are some previously discussed Nikon flash patents:

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  • roan

    a new speedlight announcement together with the D800, perhaps?

    • That would be a possibility, the Nikon SB-910 could be one of the three products announced with the D800. The other two “could be” a new FX and a DX lens. Still trying to confirm that.

      • Ajit Menon

        Would love one of the lenses to be an FX 70-300mm f/4 with VR.
        Would go perfectly with the 24-120mm f/4.

      • AnoNemo

        NR Admin,
        Can you confirm whether the D800 will have built-in flash? I think they will leave it out since you cannot have a proper flash and a light for video at the same place. I think will want us to buy new flash/light units (which I do not mind)

        • I would think they would leave it in to work with the CLS system if for no other reason. Also, the pop-up flash makes good on-axis fill when your in a pinch.

          • WoutK89

            How about that 100% viewfinder, doesnt seem to add up with the FX viewfinder and pop up flash, or very low magnification?

            • AnoNemo

              Yep, the 100% viewfinder made me think. Also, since it will have better video performance, it makes no sense as you cannot put both into that small space. If you just leave it as a flash, then it is a half baked solution.

              I can imagine an wireless or ir systems but no pup-up thing.

            • soap

              What would the magic power source be for an on-board video light?

            • AnoNemo

              It sounds great but where are you going to fix all of these in the camera. I’m inclined to say that the D800 may not have flash and/or light. But, Nikon will introduce a whole new line of flash and lights from small to large. It would make more sense.

            • AnoNemo


              I’ve been thinking about the same but I cannot imagine that the flash and the LEDs would fit into the camera. That is why I am speculating that the D800 will not have flash but some really nice wireless or infra connection feature to control the new external flash and lights.

            • Worminator

              This and the premature flash update seems to point to a bluetooth or similar short range wireless communication protocal replacing the optical system used previously.

      • yrsued

        My question is…

        When is Best Buy going to price the SB-900 for $200 each like they did with the 800?? I would be all over it. I have Five, I could use about 3 or 4 more!!!


        • At $200/each, that’d be a STEAL.

          • soap

            It was. 😉

        • texajoe

          I have 1 but would like a total of about 5. Maybe when I get five I’ll wand a few more. You know how it is.

  • sade

    but this guy wasn’t that old!

    • WoutK89

      July 1st 2008 announced

  • The invisible man

    Santa will be very busy this year, I’ll have to enlarge my chimney !

  • Stepper

    Integrated radio slave with new line of external flash systems.

    • Thom wHO?

      Pray for it.

      • Stepper

        Actually, I am selfishly praying against it. I am currently in no position to be craving after a new system – Especially since I have convinced myself that my D700/SB900/Zoom Trinity kit is sufficient! 😛

        • +1
          As much as I would love to have built-in radio CLS, a set of radio poppers would be a much more economic solution. That’s not to say that 5-10 years from know I wouldn’t benefit from a radio slave system introduced now.

          • Because for $539.80 I could get 2 transmitters (one for each of my bodies), and 3 receivers (one for each of my flashes). An SB-900 is $479 at B&H right now (and a new flash is bound to be more expensive). So to get the same number of slaved flashes (assuming my camera’s already have built-in transmitters which they don’t) I would have to spend $1437+.

            Then when one of my flashes inevitably dies, if I’m using Nikon’s new proprietary radio system, I have to spend another $479 to replace it. If I had a third party radio system (which I’m seriously considering at the moment) I could replace my dead flash with cheap SB-24 or SB-28 from ebay for less than $100.

    • D800 and SB-1000, both with built in Radio-slave system. Plus the AF-S 50mm f1.2!… Thats what I have been waiting for since years 😉 Hope my wishes will come true!

      > D800 without pop-up flash would make sence with a 100% VF and built in radio system.

  • Sebastien_M

    A lot of good news..

    What do you think about D800 video or D4 iso, MP ?

  • nebus

    this doesn’t quite stack up for me – usually they announce a new one before they discontinue the old one.
    And I don’t personally think the 900 is quite old enough to see a change quite yet. Not unless they’re coming out with a wireless system for flash to replace the current CLS.

    • lolly

      radio wireless ? … not a question of “if” but “when”

  • Jabs


    Grown up version of Nikon System1 flash – Still and Video LED flash coming with D800.

    The Cinema-Video and stills conversion continues.

    Go for it Nikon – lol.

    • I would really prefer a still only flash. This 2 in 1 idea might work for the Nikon 1 system but I find that typically when you build a device that does it all, it excels an nothing.

  • About time. Since the SB900 *always* overheated (went into protection), it was a pretty unusable fl;ash at higher power. Time to throw out the bad design and come up with a new one.

    • Abaham Collins

      Use proper batteries and the problem only occurs rarely, plus it’s flat out over-conservative.. take the risk and disable the overheat feature like I did.

  • Jek

    I hope Nikon will announce a soon enough! ’cause I’m planning to buy Sb-900 in December!. 🙂

  • David

    don’t forget this patent

    reported by NR here

    i don’t there is any doubt that a D4 is coming and that would be a time to introduce a new flash system

    i could well imagine that the D4 was supposed to be out by now but was delayed by events in Japan

    and the world economy aint exactly firing on all cylinders and as a result it can be difficult to get things mande as lead times on production lots and in stock inventory is very low right now

    in fact the D800 seems like the D700x the baby D3x that everyone was wanting way back and might have originally been scheduled for release in the spring

    on the other hand, we seem to have a way of anticipating too much from Nikon so it might be just a SB900+ with a circuit tweak or two

    • yes, I added this link (the last one)

  • Tom

    I work for Best Buy.
    Deleted simply means it will no longer be a planogramed SKU in that particular retail store. They probably did not sell enough of them to keep it in supply. It may still be in some store or just be an online/warehouse product.

  • broxibear

    Is it possible it’s been deleted from BestBuy’s internal inventory system because they no longer intend to stock it due to Nikon’s new pricing policy ?

    • texajoe

      I don’t think the two are related. I don’t remember it ever being lower than msrp in the store I go to.

  • shivaswrath

    this would be nice, as I was ABOUT to put some $$ down on pocketwizards, but would rather a fully Nikon developed system….

  • NyconNeoColonialist

    This must be illegal. Greedy corporations….

    oops, wrong thread. 🙂

    • Yes, how greedy of these people to be unwilling to work for us—not for free, but by paying out of their own pockets. How dare they try to protect their supply chain by setting policies that help everyone compete on factors other than price.

      I’m so pissed! Now I won’t be able to pay that shockingly low 50% off price for the D700 that has been stripped of its original accessories (which are subsequently sold for a 400% markup) by the Saintly companies all over the internet. Nikon are a bunch of jerks.

      • That;s right +800

        Where’s my D800 with
        204K ISO
        14 fps
        built in SB-910
        plus everything I forgot all at $1,995

        I’ve had as much as I can take, if the D800 doesn’t come with built in SB-910 I’m giving all my gear to my dog and moving to Winchester.

        How can I shoot with anything less

  • nice to see they are abandoning that piece of junk . . . it’s a fine flash if you dont need ti to really work hard . . . i hardly use mine due to over heating, the sb 900 even with it’s new features sits in my bag while i shoot the sb800 all day long . . .

  • SZRimaging

    Flash that also doubles as a video light? I’m sold. Might get a couple, actually. Be interesting to see how well they work though. Still AA powered or would they move to a battery pack of some sort?

  • broxibear

    Talking of discontinued products…
    Considering how quickly Nikon replaced the D3000 and D5000, and with the releases of the D7000, why do you think Nikon haven’t discontinued the D90 yet ?

  • Don

    Actually, Joe M needed 614,373 sb900s for a shot of the Empire State building from Top of the Rock, so he depleted the Nikon enventory.

    • Zoot

      Bearing in mind how Joe structures his books, that means the “Hot Shoe Diaries 2” will have 614, 374 chapters.

      Should be a good read.

      • Actually, 614,373 speedlights only represents 18 more stops of light than a solo flash.

        Is it really worth rigging all of those superclamps? 😉

  • Maybe Nikon will discontinue all the flashes with new super iso capabilities. 🙂

  • Don

    Please, please, please…
    Do not combine video light and still shot flash in one unit. Those have such different requirements. It’s bad enough that we have to pay for the video in the still camera.

  • Nathan

    Was shooting my brother’s wedding this past weekend with the SB900 and for the first time ever I ran into the dreaded overheating problem. I just slapped on my SB600 that I brought just in case the sB900 caused problems and off I went. No problems the rest of the night. Hopefully if there is a replacement for the SB900 that the tube won’t overheat so easily.

    • Stone

      Tsk tsk tsk … you could just have easily shut off thermal protection within 10 seconds and have a flash that is more powerful, more flexible and more easily configured than the SB800 or SB600.

      You own a Ferrari but have never gone past 55mph?

      • Nathan

        It wasn’t a huge problem. The SB-600 worked just as well. It was just annoying at times when the SB-900 beeped that the thermo had turned on. If I had shut down the thermal protection, then I ran the risk of blowing the flash tube out. That’s not my idea of fun or a good thing since I’ll be traveling and will need the flash in working order. No time for sending it in for repairs.

    • Don

      Bad comparison. Certainly more 3000 shooters want both, so you pikup more market share, but short of wedding and event photographers I have a hard time believing there are a lot of Portrait Photographers out there who say, “Hey, while I have you all dressed up and sitting here, why don’t I shoot you in a video.

    • Abaham Collins

      It’s not the tube that’s overheating; it’s the circuitry inside near the batteries. Use eneloop batteries if you aren’t already and you’ll never see the warning again.

  • EvanK

    I’m about to bit the bullet on a second hand SB-600, but if this starts selling for $200 I’m in!

  • jimmyjonjamjam

    “D800 and SB-1000, both with built in Radio-slave system. Plus the AF-S 50mm f1.2!… Thats what I have been waiting for since years Hope my wishes will come true!

    > D800 without pop-up flash would make sence with a 100% VF and built in radio system”

    DROOL!!! i wish for the same things!

  • anon743

    Could be good news. Personally I’ve never really used one, so I’m not very aware of its overheating issues. But size-wise it’s too big, according to some working pros.

    Anyway I hope Nikon would retain film SLR compatibility in the SB-900 replacement. There are some people like me who cannot afford a modern-day Nikon D-SLR and have to still shoot film with older gear. Otherwise, the hunt for a used SB-800 continues.

  • Funduro

    Well I’ll be! I just ordered a SB-700 Sunday afternoon from B&H. It’s no big deal a SB-900 replacement is around the corner since I won’t be buying the $600 SB-X00.

  • Matthew

    Speaking as a Best Buy employee, I can say this doesn’t necessarily mean anything at all. The two stores in our area (within 30 miles) have different inventory status listings for the product. Our store is smaller, and we haven’t sold the SB-900 is 8 months. it is listed as ‘deleted’ in our system. however, the other store (the larger one) still actively sells the SB-900, and their inventory shows ‘active’.

    Not saying it’s *not* true, but inventory status doesn’t necessarily mean anything

  • fartle mcstinkleton

    it’s only a matter of time before canikon implements in-body, OEM radio triggers.

    it’s also only a matter of time before canikon implements in-body image-stabilization.

    i think the former will come before the latter, unless sony really starts putting the screws to the big 2.

  • throat

    Someone may have mentioned this already, but, after working at best buy, if the flash was discontinued it would probably say discontinued. Or there would be an out of stock date to go along with a “deleted” status. All deleted means is that it’s deleted from that particular store’s inventory. A lot of stores do not carry certain products and that’s how it shows up in RSS, which is what you’re seeing a screenshot of.

  • eliade

    As a current BBY employee, I agree with the other ex-employee posts. The status of ‘deleted’ in RSS means nothing. After looking further, it has a perf code (replenishment status) of ‘C’, meaning regular replenishment. Also, the out of stock date shows 08/03/2012. Looking at sales figures for the sku shows it simply looks like it’s pricey for the standard market and is going to .com or in-store orders only. It’s not going anywhwere anytime soon.

  • Still listed at $499 online when I checked about 5 mins ago..

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