Update on the latest Nikon patents filed in Japan

Patent application 2010-186640 is for a flash with built-in cooling fan:

"Problem to be solved: to provide a heat radiation device for easily installing on an existing lighting device and surely radiating heat of light-emitting section."

Patent application 2010-186641 appears to be for a new small flash:

"Problem to be solved: to provide a lighting device for surely and effectively radiating heat of a light source and a battery only by circulating air through one passage."

Patents 2010-176015 though 2010-176018 all pertain to a 24mm f/2.8 or f/3.5 full frame lens:

f= 24.698
FNO= 2.9
omega = 41.86 "
Y= 21.6
TL= 74.298
sigmad = 36.297
BF= 38.000

f= 24.401
FNO= 3.62
omega = 42.31 "
Y= 21.6
TL= 66.423
sigmad = 28.400
BF= 38.023

Patent application 2010-181725 allows the camera to show detailed data for the attached lens. The interesting part is that one of the lenses listed as an example is 80-200mm G, maybe the "G" is just a typo:

"Problem to be solved: to provide a digital camera that is lens-interchangeable, making the lens constitution and operation of an interchangeable lens visually recognizable, arousing strong interest, and allowing exact use of a plurality of possessed interchangeable lenses..."

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  • flash with fan? wont it produce quite a lot of vibrations?

    • texasjoe

      It’s so you can fire your D3s at 9 frames a second and still get a flash every time! It will be the SB-1.

      • Yep, it is quite an innovative idea to put a fan into a flash unit — especially one as portable as a Speedlight. Why didn’t manufacturers think of it earlier?

  • Jari

    Flash with fan,
    Needs not to be small flash as innovation here seems to be fan cooling, not flash itself. It propably will mean that even larger ones can be made smaller. Together with heat radiator that seems to imply that either Nikon is gravitating towards smaller camera family or is looking additional advantage for their current offering.
    As for vibration of the fan; fan is likely to be so small that vibrations to much bigger camera body will not be an issue. fan blades weight is likely to be around 1 gram or so.

    • Jari

      Further to that (I ain’t really aware what the light source in current flashes is) it seems that light source will be LEDs.

    • Nicole

      Could the need for cooling indicate video lighting being built into future flashguns?

      • It will be constant video lights, using Cree Q5, or SSC P7 leds.

        I’ve modeled a few, using old flash and video light housings and. The SSC P7 is awesome! Needs large heatsinks if there is no fan. Gets VERY HOT when using 4x 1.2V AA batteries. I’ve burnt myself on the heatsink.

  • goose

    AS on a lens? am i the only one new to that or??? whats as???

    • Nicole

      Probably AS as in Aspherical. 🙂

  • The invisible man

    Guys, buy as many SB900 you can before Nikon put that crap on every pro flashes !
    By the way, I received my 16-35mm f/4 yesterday (B&H), seems to be ok, I miss the metal body like the 24-70mm have.
    The 16-35mm Make a 24-52mm on my D90, still wondering if I should get the 14-24mm f/2.8 instead.

    • Why didnt you get the 17 – 55 f2.8 dx?

      • The invisible man

        All my lenses are FX (waiting for the D800/900)

        • Now I remember. Good reason. I’m happy with D7000, but have mix of dx and fx.

          • The invisible man

            I just checked what I did today, that lens will not stay in my bag, I”ll return it tomorrow and will wait a little more to get the 14-24mm f/2.8.

            • Why are you returning the lens? Is it mainly because of the built? The 14-24 won’t be able to take filter though. But I’m inclined more towards the 14-24 too :p

            • Tim

              is the barrel distortion as bad as everyone says it is?

            • I’ve just sold my 12-24. Wondering if I should replace it with 10-24, or 14-24. Ive got 10.5 fisheye, but you cant fix that distorsion, for building interiors. Why doesnt nikon make an 8-16mm like sigma? Then I wont have overlap either.

    • xjrx

      damn, i think the same way. also with D90=24-50 in use..

      i´m afraid, the 16-35 is just another lens, not a legend…*jep, QQing on a high level

      • The invisible man

        Here is the deal, I already have the 24-70mm f/2.8 and the 105mm f/2.8 micro.
        Both are pro lenses very well built and they don’t loose value.

        I’m not rich and $1100 in a lense mean alot efforts in savings.
        The 16-35mm is only a f/4 lens, the built quality is ok but no way close to the 24-70mm f/2.8, 14-24mm f/2.8, 300mm f/4 or 105mm micro.
        To me, the 16-35mm don’t worth more than $800.
        Of course the 14-24mm cost $700 more and can’t take filters but it will last a lifetime.

        Also I was not very impress by the VR and the focusing speed.
        But again, that’s my personal vue, I’m sure the 16-35mm is fine for %99 of people.

      • The invisible man

        Nikon need to be more serious about its website.
        Not only pictures on Nikon’s website are looking terrrible, but they also make mistakes on products descriptions, for example, the 14-24mm f/2.8 is now taking 52mm filters !
        I don’t understand how the leader in photography have a so poor designed website.
        Don’t look very professional to me.

        • GlobalGuy

          Build one thats better and try sell it to them.

          Otherwise write a letter to the President of Nikon saying its a joke and that English speakers are laughing it in public forums. Don’t forget to include examples of what is an actually good website according to your opinion.

        • aetas

          I cant build a better site, but I have to agree. I also dont have millions of dollars into people the design these things. You would think that you would want the highest quality output you could get for the money they have to be spending. And no…(whoever has to poit this out) I dont know how much they spend but Im sure its not cheap.

          • aetas

            that last one fell apart on me…I guess no more drinking myself into another d800less night.

    • baked bananas

      Get the 16 – 28mm 2.8 fx lens from tokina. It should be in stock within the next month by adorama. Pop photography gave it a stellar review. All for half the price of the nikon 14- 24. I only buy quality fx legacy glass once every two years. Actually I’ve had bad luck in the past two years cuase I lost a tokina 11-16 in a rental car and a 70- 200 was stolen in miami. But al l in all with hard work and a little patience and savings ,and by being a wee bit more careful my collection will be complete. Ok…the hell with it… get the 14 24..you deserve it!

  • Funduro

    F3.5, are they going to be more affordable single max aperture lenses? VW has significantly lowered their prices on new model updates to get inline with the new norm and compete with Korean and Japanese models. Led flash lighting? You can order a 100K car with them as headlights, gas stations use them as area lights. OLED TV’s will be the norm in 5 years, Sony is already selling one. Nikon sells a P&S with an OLED touchscreen.
    Back to the subject, yes a lower price lens line for DX complementing the FX line would be a good thing for budget conscience buyers that want to stay with Nikon. I read on a Pro photog’s blog that he could see the different manufactures lenses coating and/or glass give variations in color on the pictures. Kind of make sense to me that is a possibility.

  • safeg

    135F2 lens chart has super ED glass.
    – Aspherical
    \\ ED glass
    III super ED glass
    But I think Only nikkor 200mF2 has super ED glass.
    maybe 80-200F2.8G and 135F2 is unpublished lens.

  • safeg

    70-300mmF3.5-5.6VR has Super ED glass too. I want this one 🙂

  • photonut

    24mm f2.8 or f3.5 … outstanding!!!!! sign me up!

  • jk

    If it works a cooler flash could be a real benefit. But if it is gimmicky than that would suck.

    If they release a new 135 f2 I will certainly sell my 70-200. Assuming the 135 is good of course (how couldn’t it be)…The trade off for me is minimal for my use.

    I agree with the earlier poster LED’s are probably the wave of the future.. they stay cool, have a long life and use less battery power. I think they really need to build flashes that take dedicated batteries like our cameras do along with the option of “over the counter” batteries.

    • I would almost consider selling my 70-200 also… hell I only use it at 200mm… and it’s just for the depth of field and compression.

  • NikoDoby

    Ha Ha! I owe you an apology BMXPete for laughing at you when you said Nikon should make a flash with a cooling fan in it over a year ago! I guess Nikon didn’t think it was funny when I told them about it. But I still think the Nikon mobile phone is a stupid idea! :^)

  • I am not doing a separate post this year, but Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    Thanks for being [NR] readers!

    • Thanks too! Looking forward to more “rumorsgiving”! 😀

  • MichaelKrigsman


    • CK

      going to be exxxxxxxxxxpensive

      • I really don’t think it’d be much more than the 85 1.4

  • Lich

    The 24/2.8G.


  • i believe the fan is for a constant light LED flash. high power LEDs are light and small for their output, but get very very hot. only way to incorporate them without a huge heat sink would be with ventilation…

    this might probably be in addition to a built in xenon flash i guess?..

  • andre guerra

    Any idea when this new flash with fan would be released?

  • lander240

    Is the AF-DC-135mm-f2-“D” indicate that it will have a aperture ring?

  • they might as well install a cooler master heatsink on sb-900, it is heating up way too often.

  • mshi

    The New 135 2 is going to be priced over $3K IMHO. Take a look at the new 200 f/2


    • You seriously think it’s going to be priced that high? The pricing is currently similar to the 85 1.4.. I don’t see it touching $2k.

      • mshi

        85 1.4G doesn’t have any ED nor Super ED glasses.

    • safeg

      hoya has published cheap Super ED-Glass in2010.
      FCD100 Spec is Almost Equal to Fluorite glasses.
      If nikon use FCD100 glass, New 135F2G price is around $1500~2000,I think.

    • Scott

      My guess would be about $1500. Canon’s highly regarded equivalent is just $1K. It looks like for the professional primes there’s about a $300-400 premium over the canon, so $1500.

  • getanalogue

    Think also that it refers to an LED light (additional to flash) – could be used for Video (and still)

  • OOPS

    Hi Admin, just a slightly related question regarding this page.
    Do you have any control or background info in regards to who advertises on your site.
    The advert above (from just Nikon) for the d700 is clearly very interesting despite their 17.5% credit card tax added on at check out, however |I cannot find any real info of substance about the company asides all the various chat room questions asking the same thing, any advice would be apreciated thanks

    • no sorry, those ads are pushed directly by Google

  • Bob Elam

    The first patent looks like a retrofit to an existing flash, not a new flash altogether.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry admin, it’s getting quite boring here since Photokina. Any rumors on D800?

    I own a D700. It’s a great camera but almost superseded by a consumerish DX… What’s left?
    VF: Bigger but a crippled 95%
    High ISO: Only 1 stop advantage now
    FX: There are many DX wideangle lenses out, narrow DoF can be a a disadvantage as well
    Ergonomics: Not specific to D700, since D300 is almost the same. A DX D400 will possibly meet the D7000 innovation with ergonomy
    DR: Tests say D7000 has better DR than D700 (though I’d hardly believe it)
    Resolution: 12mp<16mp Legendary D700 beaten by this newborn
    Weight: Body & lenses are more lightweight. Why carry 2x if 1x can do the same
    Price: no-brainer question
    Video: :))

    • safeg

      yes,we need D800.Latest rumor is D800,24MP FF, 2010 summer is announce date.

      • safeg

        sorry 2010 summer ->2011 summer

        • nobody

          No, no, no, 2010 summer is much better!

    • GlobalGuy


      The D700 performs much better in low light. The D3s is to the D700 what the D700 is to the D7,000.

      The D7,000 has the ability to perform exactly the same in daylight and under bright studio light conditions. So in that sense its a no brainer. But for anyone who does night or low-light or even wedding work, the D3s or D700 is still a better option.

      I really really really hope the D800 has a D3s sensitivity, not just more megapixels.

  • I want me a good 135.
    Also a 24 2.8, but only if it’s cheap and good.

  • Don

    If the modeling light feature was to be used at 30fps, ie as a movie light, than you would need a cooling fan.
    Or, replace xenon tube with one or more LEDs, if you can pulse them to provide flash light, would require a cooling fan.

  • Stephen Barnes

    You say 2010-186640 is for a built-in cooling fan, but it appears to be an after-market add-on…

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