Nikon SB-700 flash to start shipping on November 26th in Japan

According to Nikon Japan and Nikon Direct, the SB-700 flash should start shipping on November 26th, 2010 in Japan. This is the last product to be released to stores from the Photokina round of announcements (the Nikkor 35mm f/1.4 lens is already shipping in very limited quantities in Europe and North America).

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  • Kirk

    Nice 🙂 hope it will come to Europe soon. It’s on my list

    • Banned

      Too late for me, got tired of waiting and got the SB-600. I’m actually quite happy with it.

      • broxibear

        I got tired waiting too, then I came across aplace selling the SB-900 for a £6 more than the SB-700 so I bought it instead, arrived yesterday.
        P.S. I posted this shipping date a few days ago in the forum ?

  • Xanadu AW18

    Well you guys i am still waiting for this one sb 700 and will buy 2 sb 600 or 800 some where for portait

  • MB

    It is weaker than SB600 (GN 25 compared to GN30) and much more expensive.
    A bit better user interface does not worth that much.
    Go for SB600 while available!

    • Mikils

      Where could I find a comparison table between SB600 SB700 and SB900? or something to that effect?

    • The SB700 GN is 28, not 25.

      So for direct flashing, the SB600 is a bit better. For bounce flashing, the SB700 is a *lot* better, as its head can turn 180 degrees either side (SB600 can only do 90 degrees to the right, 180 degrees to the left) and the zoom head goes to 120mm (which means throwing a lot less light into void, if the surface you are bouncing from is more than 3-4 meters away).

      Those two features alone are worth the higher price if you ask me. Then again, I’d rather have the SB900 (of which I have a few): higher guide number and a zoom head that goes to 200mm.

  • Gareth

    I bought mine last night (the 25th) should get here on Saturday.

    I really want to know the af sensor pattern for the focus assist on the d700

  • Segura

    Forget the flash, where is the 35mm f/1.4?????

    • Where i can buy 35mm in France, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, or Belgium? Can somebody know exactly?

      • broxibear

        You could try the dealers on the nikon site in that country, ie , and click “Dealer Search”

      • Fred

        First half of December at the earliest for NPS members who reserved one. Maybe some big stores will be able to get a couple of them before Christmas, but I doubt it will be widely available before February/March. There are tons of pros and agencies wanting to buy it, and Nikon Europe tries to fulfill those orders first.

  • NikkorPM

    Not sure what “shipping” means in this context.
    D7000 is hardly shipping. 35mm f/1.4 is not shipping.

    • In the US the 35mm f/1.4 is shipping only to NPS pre-orders so far

  • Aaron Anderson

    US? Anyone?

  • Gareth

    I pretty sure i could walk to a number of shops and walk out with a 35 1.4 here in osaka. but i haven’t saved the funds yet. (i haven’t been to a camera shop since it was released either).

  • docdiamond

    Just received my 1.4 35mm today in Switzerland – as a NON-NPS-member! It looks like a very handsome lens. I am prepared for the weekend 🙂

    • How did you ordered it? Ready to fly to Switzerland only for it.

  • Eric Pepin

    Tough call between the 600 and 700, im looking for 2 speedlights to complement my 900 and i know the 700 interface will be better but the 600 is not horrible once you get used to it and its cheaper.

    • aetas

      I had the same problem not long ago. I went with the 600 and radio popper reciever. There has been no regret yet but time will tell. I have never needed anything more then the 600’s. They are a great flash with decent light for a good price.

  • Mike

    Did Nikon screw up on the initial production of the SB-700? It seems like these will not be available for U.S. X-mas. This unit can serve as the CLS controller for the consumer-level Nikon SLRs (D3100, D5000) missing that feature. In addition to all of the other interest users wanting it as low-end primary or slave flash.

    How do you miss the U.S. X-Mas shopping season with a new electronic product?

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