Nikon rebates update

The new Nikon instant rebates program is active today and will expire on Saturday, November 27th, 2010:

Those are all instant rebates – no need to fill or send anything. You’ll have to add the items to the cart to see the final price after the instant rebate.

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  • mshi

    Good to know.

  • zzddrr

    Great but it would be better if Nikon would actually ship products 🙂 so we wouldn’t have to see the usual sign “out of stock”

    • Mock Kenwell

      Turn the page.

      • zzddrr

        Mock, are you happy with the current rate of delivery? I am sorry but this year Nikon released 2 cameras and both showed (and show) signs of bad delivery. At this point, I would say they should’ve waited 2-3 months but deliver the products. I rather wait but when they announce they should deliver. Make it worse, Nikon is systematically screwing up its loyal dealers not just the loyal customers. They really have to sort this otherwise people would not trust. I mean you it is a shame that more than a year later the D3s is scarce item. I think we all would only benefit from a Nikon in which we can trust.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Totally agree that Nikon should be prepared to deliver stock within reason. But I think the D7000 demand was beyond reason. And I do think Nikon needs to punish Best Buy for going to market so soon and ahead of the smaller specialty stores like B&H and Adorama. Unless it was Nikon’s eff up in which case they need to make heads roll internally and make it right with those vendors.

          As far as the D3s being scarce, it’s expensive to make and you can’t have gobs of them sitting around. If you want one, you should expect to wait a bit. But not indefinitely.

          But they have gotten better. Frankly, I get more concerned by reports of recalls and over-heated sensors.

          But it’s all you talk about. And you ignore just about every upside comment. That’s what I mean when I say, “Turn the page.”

  • DC Cat

    Those B&H Photo links aren’t particularly useful for determining what the full set of rebates is, at least for the D700.

    • B&H changed the way they display the rebates, they now call it “Buy together and save” – if you click on the camera model, you will get the full list of available rebates for that camera.

  • sflxn

    Is this a joke? Nikon publicly giving out discounts on items they know are not in stock or won’t be during the period of the discounts? Nikon supply chain and logistics is one of the worst of ANY company I can think of. I’m willing to bet that 6 months from now, supply will still be in short supply, and I doubt it is only because of high demand. Nikon needs to learn from Apple and Canon. Have products ready when you announce!

    • sflxn

      btw, I’m referring to D7000, which I need for beginning of next year. I’m quite worried about being able to get one before year’s end.

      • Funduro

        Bad news, I read a post in the NR forum that Nikon has stopped production of the D7K because of a heating issue(sensor?). Shame that it has an issue, so its D300s time for me.

        Quote ” I conversation with the sales guy he told me that they store manager has been contacted by Nikon today to let them know that production has stopped on the D7k and all the stock they have is all they will get for a while until production is back on.
        Apparently the issue is triggered by some overheating, although he did not give any more details than that.”
        I guess soon will get a clearer idea what is the root cause and solution to be implemented.

        • zzddrr

          I wonder if it is related to the same issue the sony sensors had. At least sony had the guts to come out with information.

          • Mock Kenwell

            The camera’s been officially out for what, a month? This is the first we’ve heard of over-heating issues. From one random dude. How quickly should they pull it? Before they even know if there really is a problem? Perhaps they don’t want to pull it because they can’t stand hearing you cluck like an old hen. The fools should realize you’re going to bitch one way or the other! Rant away my sad three-consonant friend!

            • zzddrr

              Mock, stop it! Go back and learn to read!

              If you haven’t noticed, I said “I wonder if it is related to the same issue the sony sensors had.” I did not say the Nikon version has an issue, it is too early to determine and since I don’t have a copy I cannot test it. So I asked a valid question and hoped that those who have a copy they can test it and have a say. That’s it.

              So, let’s wait for those who use this and can share their experience with that sensor.

              My personal view is that the sensor is just fine and other factors contribute to the shortage issues.

            • Mock Kenwell

              I think your final statement is likely correct, but when you say, “at least (Sony) had the guts to come out with the information,” you very clearly imply that Nikon did not. Which very clearly infers that Nikon is guilty of something that in the next missive you write is likely just an unfounded speculation. Around here we call that talking out of both sides of your mouth. Don’t try to defend a dig that was very clearly intended to take Nikon down a peg.

            • zzddrr

              Mock now you read too much between the lines. 🙂

        • Funduro

          I’m saying the NR poster experience and words is correct. Are people returning cameras overreacting? 2 pixels out of 16 million too much? Why isn’t their a official support / workaround been released? Is the issue beyond a mapping and firmware update? I ordered the D300s last night after analyzing many different sites comments carefully from D7K owners. Do I feel I to overacted and wrote off the D7K to fast? No. Do I feel I missed out on next gen electronics? Yes, thats life. Will I be happy with the D300s, you betcha.
          Apple had/has an issue with iPhone 4. Even top of the line Lexus cars had a problem with valve springs, which caused the engines to fail. Dell had a major problem with desktops for many years, and kept selling them, while quietly replacing others. Supply chain of a small component cost Dell several hundred million $’s, never mind the bad reputation that they gave them selves by not been frank about the issue.

          • I have the D300, 2 yrs now, and when I upgrade, I want the new camera to be similar to D300 or D700. I have enjoyed using the D300. It is even more enjoyable to use with the batt grip, the weight balance is excellent.

    • you can order the D7000 now to take advantage of the rebate and it will be shipped once it is available

    • Richard

      It is probably FUD, trying to keep people from buying another manufacturer’s products that are in stock. Get people to order (and tie up their money) and then keep them waiting. What a great way to increase customer satisfaction. (Not!)

    • JJJ

      and that is why it was so easy to get the new iPhone?


    Who cares… not everyone lives in the North America.

    • Some statistics for you: over 35% of the visitors of this site are from the US, the second and third countries on the list are Canada and Germany with 6% each – you get the idea.

      • Here are the top 10 countries (based on visitors):

        1. US: 35%
        2. Canada: 6%
        3. Germany: 6%
        4. UK: 5%
        5. France: 3%
        6. Italy: 3%
        7. Australia: 2%
        8. Japan: 2%
        9. Netherlands: 2%
        10. Sweden: 2%

        • mshi

          Pretty much the same countries represented in the International Space Station.

          • texasjoe

            The other 34% is the space station! Or the aliens.

          • Russian

            ISS Utilisation rights:

            Allocation of American segment hardware utilisation between nations. The Russian part of the station is operated and controlled by the Russian Federation’s space agency and provides Russia with the right to nearly one-half of the crew time for the ISS.


        • asdasd

          so it means that 65% of visitors dont give a damn 🙂

        • LOLOLOL

          So 42% in North America.

          That means MOST are not from there.

          I get sick of hearing about rebates… seriously.

          • LOLOLOL

            I mean 41% sorry. That’s 69% that don’t care. LOL

            • Zorro

              More like 59%!

            • LOLOLOL

              YEh that.

            • Travis


              WHO CARES.

          • Mock Kenwell

            Apparently, math is also not terribly popular overseas…

      • GlobalGuy

        35% of NikonRumors. And 35% of the World Economy.

        Its fair to talk about our rebates — by the way, i wouldn’t mind hearing about other countries rebates as well. It would be interesting. “Comparative Politics” as it were.

  • Adonay

    Nikon D7000 Digital SLR Kit w/18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 DX VR Nikkor Lens in stock! Go go Go!

  • hybris

    not much here on the roumer front here.

    its getting dull

    • Mock Kenwell

      Roumer? A little spelling, capitalization and punctuation, please. It’s hard to take you seriously when you’re this disrespectful from a writing point of view.

      • hybris

        well ur name tells all


    Serious suggestion. How about all this sorta stuff is put on a “page 2” or something?! 🙂

    • hybris

      same here!
      not much of a rumorsite

      if u go 2 thoms site there is plenty of rumors;

      lets se if i this gets removed

      • Hybris, you must be new here. I am sorry to disappoint you, but if you don’t like this site, I guess you should stop visiting it.

      • Mock Kenwell

        What an ignorant thing to say. Try scrolling through the archives, Hybris. This is one of the best rumor sites on the Web. Thom has a great site, but from a rumor perspective, it is updated NOWHERE NEAR as consistently or well as NR. Even ask Thom and he’ll confirm. He visits here and contributes intelligently often. Sad the same can’t be said for you.

    • I have done polls in the past on that and the majority of the readers wanted everything on one page. You have to understand that I cannot customize this site to everyone’s taste and to be honest I am tired of this discussion already. I wonder if you guys also email (or whatever news site you are reading) and tell them how to run it. Maybe I should tighten up the moderation.

      • GlobalGuy

        Actually you should let it roll off your back more, Admin.

        The fact is that people DO email CNN. And, haha, yes they also blurt out in CNN’s blogs. And no, strict moderation doesn’t do anything but wear out the administrators. You know what CNN and other big guys do about it?

        They ignore it.

        Just don’t worry. We love this site. And even if 50% of the comments were negative, it wouldn’t change the fact of how many people visit this site on a DAILY basis just drooling to see what you post. If 10% of your blog comments are positive, you’re doing a hell of a job. If 10% of your blog comments AREN’T negative, then you aren’t specializing enough.

        Being everything to everyone is a sure path to failure.

        Thus every successful man and woman tends to have enemies, resistance, and/or those seemingly put-off. Its not a bad thing — its a sure sign of succeeding. When you have entire NATIONS of people saying “we want this, we want that, give us more attention, don’t give them so much attention” — you are doing WELL. Its a compliment. Accept it as such, hidden though it be.

        • E.T.

          +1, cheer up Admin, I love this site!

        • Mock Kenwell


      • Discontinued

        I know Matt Stuart shoots Leica M something, but some of the Nikon-guys here are into street photography themselves. IMO the video belongs here as much as it does belong on LR.

        Why don’t you give the guys here something really great to chew on?

  • Elmo

    I dont like this kind of news on a rumor site.

    • Ken

      -1 I do.

    • Travis

      -1 I do as well. It’s absolutely relevant. This is more than just a rumors site (and I greatly appreciate it).

    • PAG

      Count me in with Ken & Travis.

      And if it’s sooooo hard for you to see a post about rebates in N.A. and not read it and then comment on how you didn’t like it, you really need to see somebody about your OCD.

    • enesunkie

      Do you think that there is going to be juicy rumors on Nikon DSLR’s and lenses every week? How else might I find out about a current rebate. Nikon sure didn’t let me know.

      • GlobalGuy

        +1 + 1 + 1
        Nikon didn’t let me know either! Neither did Adorama! Neither did BH!

        For NikonRumors the only one who let me know!

    • Mock Kenwell

      REBATE END DATES OFTEN PORTEND NEW RELEASES. So even if you don’t care about the pricing in and of itself, it is relevant on a rumor site because it can often mean they’re trying to clear old inventory. The whiners around here. Honestly.

  • For what it’s worth, BH has the expiration date listed as 12/11/10.

    Also – I appreciate what you do here as well. Keep up the good work. If people don’t like the day’s post, they should just move on, no reason to troll on about it.

  • Joseph

    Yeah, thanks for your hard work admin!!

  • SDiggity

    @NRAdmin – Don’t change a thing…I check your website a minimum of 1 time a day and find 90% of what you post solid information for professionals.

    @NR Haters – If you don’t think this website holds any good information, why would you waste your time further by continuing on to this page to post a comment? If your answer is that you’re trying to make it a better source of information and if you truly feel this website isn’t living up to it’s name then start your own website. Devote thousands of hours a year by gathering information and posting it for the rest of the world. My bet is, you’re all talk and no action…so, “You gonna bark all day little doggies? Or are you gonna bite?”

  • Infrared

    If Nikon is recalling / stopping D7000 production they may want also to improve the sensor.
    Photo Color, a respected photo magazine, states that picture quality of the old D90 is better
    from ISO 400 upwards, that the D7000 has continous texture loss across across higher ISO values, basically the D90 shows even picture quality from ISO 100-1600. Further the D90 has better object contrast. Due to this the magazine is recommending the D90 which cost half the price compared to D7000. Despite this they acknowledge the better built of the housing and plus regarding functions. Interesting is also that the D5000 Shows better picture quality regarding the D3001. The article about the D7000 is titled opposite to progress….
    Keep up the work, I visit NR every day.
    Regards, Marc

  • Infrared

    Of course I meant D3100 and the magazine is called COLORFOTO. Which place is Ireland ranked:-)

  • Rick

    I would just like a D7000 body, please.

    Is that too much to ask?

    • Mock Kenwell

      eBay’s got them. A poster above just stated that Adorama has them.

  • Anonymous

    basically November is gone. Nikon came out with 2 cameras this year and all the genius pundits (for example Thom) were wrong! Dead wrong.

    Now the question is this; what is the big Nikon surprise? My guess is that starting next year Nikon will introduce a lottery system and winners will be eligible to sign up on a waiting list for actually buying a new Nikon camera such as the D7K. 🙂

    • Mock Kenwell

      +1 : )

  • baked bananas

    Hey just got a 70-200mm 2.8 vr2 from nikon outlet for less than 2 grand. Refurbished. Overnite delivery included. Looks like they’re tryin to cut the middle man out and makin profits for themselves. Yay…that new tokina fx will make my collection complete. Just hoping my d7000 will be here in time from adorama before christmas. Nice job admin. By the way I think thom hogans losing it. He seems to be pissed at nikon. He sounds more ken rockwellian nowadays. Maybe he will switch to canon. Lol

  • Like to wish everyone who celebrates a happy thanksgiving day.

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