What about the Nikon D4?

The Nikon D4 will probably be announced in the first quarter of 2012, maybe even in January (PMA show?) but it's just too early to put any credibility to this rumor. Most of the tips I received point to a 18MP sensor for the D4, just like the Canon EOS-1D X. Note that the new Canon camera will be available in 6 months (March, 2012) which raises some questions why it announced it so early. Expect the D4 to be available around the same time - Nikon will not go to the Summer Olympics next year (July 27-August 12, 2012) without a new flagship camera.

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  • Translator

    I translate as this fool writes Spanish on an English forum

    Nikon will next week take over from the following cameras:
    The D400, D800 and the D4-addition has already prepared the D7100, D7000 relay, which is called the House of fags, because it loses oil.
    I just spoke with the CEO of Nikon and so told me.
    Tomorrow I will send photos of all. I wanted to send it now, but I had a camera handy to do so.

  • Canon Rumors

    Just read on Canon Rumors that the site is now taking over Nikon Rumors now that Nikon has become irrelevant & second rate. πŸ™‚

    • But…

      … still relevant enough for you to come to it and post a witless response inspired by a camera which won’t be available for at least 6 months.

      On the false assumption that Canon is still worthy enough to be considered a Nikon rival, the D4 will annihilate the 1D X anyway.

  • Gordon

    I think it’s worth mentioning that CanonRumors up until only a week ago were adamant that there would be no new camera this year, but that all changed in a heartbeat.

    Who is to say it won’t be the same with Nikon? If I remember correctly, the D3X sort of popped out of the blue too not long before release as well.

    • BenA

      The Canon’s not coming out until at least spring next year though…

      • Gordon

        Yes but CR was also expecting not even an announcement this year, that is what I was getting at.

        • Calibrator

          Then why didn’t you write it in the first place?

          • Andrew

            He did.

            “CanonRumors up until only a week ago were adamant that there would be no new camera this year.”

    • Paul

      canon rumors is correct. no new camera this year. 1dx is coming out in march 2012

  • peter

    I submit that you are not real Canon shooters. That you have more interest in how you appear to your drool partners… Nikon shooters the same! If you want to dump your glass for the Canon, go ahead a do it already, what are you trying to do, get the crowd to cheer for you before you jump into the chasm? If you want to switch to Canon go ahead! I have one last observation… you will return to the dark side soon enough. :-0

    • Sergio

      Amen to that! (coming from a former canonite)

  • leafster

    I will stay put with D700 and wait for D4 if D800 is indeed 36mp.

    • peter


    • I’m with you. I’ll get by & wait for the D4 if the D800 is what they say. Thanks Admin for the tip on the price increases! I just got in a 14-24 f2.8 G lens from Amazon and the price is now $200 more!

    • Landscape Photo


  • Perhaps Canon announced it this early so that Nikon had time to make adjustments to their D4? πŸ˜€

  • AP Hovasse

    What I don’t understand is why neither of these huge companies who provide 99% of the cameras for professionals have utterly missed the boat in going head to head with phone cameras which can e-mail and WIFI their photos in an instant. The accessories which attach to cameras and allow us to do this are big clumsy and expensive, but photojournalists are struggling against the avalanche of iPhone and cellphone photos at all major news events. If a small cell phone can take advantage of these technologies why not a camera? Can you imagine the impact in news and every other aspect of photography?

    • Charlie Martin

      Aside from being able to send a photo by e-mail/text/wifi, just what exactly is a camera phone fully capable of doing? These are two entirely different user groups. Wifi would be nice but, just how useful would wifi be in a D400/D800/D4.

      • Zeke

        Gig Ethernet is the hot ticket for tethered shooting. Canon got that right. It’s orders of magnitude faster than WiFi, plus all the infrastructure for pushing IP traffic on it already exists _without_ requiring a computer on the other end of the physical wire. You could plug your camera into a cable modem and control it from your smartphone on another continent.

        WiFi is slow, prone to interference, not to mention regional regulations and restrictions. But if you want WiFi, there are compact wireless bridges available. Ethernet on one end, radio on the other.

        • usb3 is faster than gigabit ethernet and perfectly fine for studio use. I would still prefer to see an usb3/wifi combo rather than a ethernet only solution. Smartphones nowadays can be tethered and act as a wireless access point, so you can hook your camera up to your android/iphone (even control it with the right app, something you can’t do with a eye-fi card) and send pictures over 3g/4g when you are out in the field.

          canon is selling a 600$ addon wifi adapter to the 1D. I am sure they make a sh1tload of money with it. If you go to newegg.com you can find ethernet to wireless adapters for less then 40$.

          • Yawn

            Except for the fact that thisUSB3 cable can only be 3 meter (10 feet) long to keep working correctly, while a good gigbit ethernet cable can go way over 100 m (110 yards).

            So i’ll prefer a gigabit ethernet over a usb cable.

      • Now that I read your posts, I think there is a place for USB3, Gigabit, and WIFI. There are a variety of situations that would make each ideal. There are situations where wireless would be ideal when you are not shooting rapidly and wireless would be the most ideal, there are situations where continuous frames could benefit from gigabit, and some situations where USB might be the happy medium. USB3 might be faster than Gigabit but I think it still has cable length limitations compared to Gigabit so there would be a place for both.

        There is no reason why a camera could not have any combination or all of these three technologies, especially in a higher end pro camera. Some of these three technologies should be ‘optional’ add on capabilities for lesser mid range cameras.

        In the context of photography, these three technologies should be thought of as complementary vs competing.

    • Steve

      You should see some shooters at sporting events and such, they transmit their photos via Wi-Fi to a central coordinator in real-time.

      • Sergio

        How do they do it? Also are they constantly moving? In the photojournalism field you don’t have a designated section for you to shoot from, you gotta move with the flow … I.e. a protest, natural disaster, combat, etc.

        • Canon-dude

          Usually via either the WFT-E something transmitter and a WIFI-enabled USB-thingy or simply a phone. It works well, though noone transmits the raws, it simply takes too long. On the move this is very difficult, but sitting down at the areana? Meh.

    • Sergio

      But I completely agree with this… For example if these two integrated some sort of wireless picture transfer to their DSLRs you could be in the field and auto dump your images (or selected images) to a computer or FTP. This would provide more “real time” coverage of whatever it is you are covering.

      It sucks that news agencies are relying on the general public for “real time” coverage from their phones (which I understand are a different class of product) simply because we as photo journalist have to shoot, then sit on front of a computer and download, select, edit and then upload to servers. What media agencies are looking for now-a-days is REAL TIME – LIVE coverage.

      Unless what you are looking for is pics from the public perspective, photojournalist have to provide image ASAP and a wireless integration can only help.

    • Jabs

      @AP Hovasse

      The biggest problem is not capability but HACKERS stealing your pictures or you going to a big Event and someone in the stands merely intercepts your prized pictures as you stream them and bingo – you are toast.

      Many Arenas have already set up Enterprise strength Wi-Fi systems, but the problem is portability to this mess. There are some but I don’t know the costs currently or the availability, so maybe someone else can chime in here.

      Smartphones are convenient BUT not secure, hence useless to them.

      Business is all about protecting their Assets first.

      Phone users are mainly about spontaneity and damn with the results or repercussions, as in been there and got it.

      • shrouded


        I’m calling BS on your entire argument. I work in an industry governed by strict privacy restrictions, and we (like most others) use smartphones for web apps and email. The technology to do this securely is trivial, and is built into most of the devices you can buy at your local electronics store. Hackers stealing your jpegs out of the air is probably the smallest challenge here, and the most trivial to solve.

        • Jabs

          @shrouded – nice name too, as perhaps it describes you – sorry for sarcasm.

          Intel and AMD have just recently introduced processors that take about a few seconds to break ANY Wi-Fi security with software, so perhaps like most people here, you too are clueless. The processors are already on the market too, so not ‘pie in the sky’ or vaporware dreams! Most new laptops already have them too, so that should shorten your search. Don’t even need the power of a desktop.

          Do some research as I am tired of doing this for most of you here.

          Ever heard of DefCon?

          Look that up and see the reality of today’s world.

          Secure Wi-Fi – a BIG looooooooool.

          Then post here how to secure Wi-Fi networks to teach me how to, perhaps!

          Anyhow, got things to do while you dream.

          Happy hunting!

          I am starting to doubt seriously if most photographers or people who post here know anything about technology besides megapixels and alleged depth of field equivalence myths.

          I think that you need to start reading and learning some Technology yourself, as most teenagers already are aware of this and break into Wi-Fi networks themselves just for ‘fun’.

          Ever heard of Lulz, Anonymous and all the hacker groups that are giving Governments worldwide fits?

          Even Google recently got busted for ‘allegedly’ breaking into Wi-Fi networks as the Google mobile rode past your house or Business in what – a few seconds or less! They also were able to link that Wi-Fi signal to your online Google accounts and such plus map out what you do also with your smartphones = clueless response, but I understand. Google Earth – HELLO!!!

        • Jabs

          I’ll do a little of the work, so you don’t mix this up with the Government DEFCON rating – lol.


          Happy hunting.

  • Shy

    Nkn and Knn are getting to the same spot. Similar flagship, similar landscape – studio and similar full frame entry. That is my guess, months apart maybe one or two years. The difference will be how much you have invested on glass. My strategy: stick to one brand the one you like.

    • Sergio

      I agree. It’s about which you feel is best for YOU and which allows YOU to work more efficiently. For me Nikon works best. After that it’s all about the GLASS and the EYe.

      • julie

        i’m laughing

  • Matt

    I’m a Nikon fanboi through and through, But I think the new Canon is quite stylish… I’m happy to stick with my D2X for now considering I can hardly afford a new lens πŸ™‚

  • Sam

    Bit off topic but what is the estimated value of a used D3 with approx 50k shutter actuations as of today? I’m guessing in the $2500 ballpark…

    • Matt

      About $3k…. But my D2X was $1,500 with 11k actuations 6 months ago – I figure if you don’t need it, don’t buy it. I don’t understand what this new Canon could do that the D3 or previous Canon couldn’t?

      Let’s face it, the D3 could already absically see in the dark when it came to ISO levels, and who really needs more than 10fps and 16megapixels (or whatever it is)?

      There’s a camera for every job, I certainly don’t need to spend AUD$8k on a new camera just so I can have the latest model.

      • PHB

        I really can’t understand why DSLRs hold their value so well. The D3 is a four year old camera yet it is still selling above half the new price and its not even a refurb.

        I would love to be able to buy a cheap DSLR so that I can pull the IR filter and use it for IR photography, but even the D2 generation cameras are still horrendously expensive. Meanwhile my desktop that cost rather more than a D3 is now worth rather less than D3100 money.

        • Matt

          You can get a D2H for as little as $600 off eBay. Originally these sold for something like $6-7K.

          It’s dropped over 5k in 7 years, I think that’s quite a reduction.

          The thing with the D2 generation, particularly the D2X and D2Xs, is that these are still great cameras (in my opionion) when compared to some of the newer models in the prosumer range. Quality holds value, and bad DSLR’s go down in value.

          To me, why do you need any more than what the D3 offers? that justifies it’s value.

          • The D2H sodl for $2,500 at the end of it’s run rihgt before the D2HS was released. That was $1,000 of it’s original store price.

  • Jyh

    Who cares what canon does?!?!?!

    why are some of you so insecure?

    I am excited about what nikon releases but i own two d3s and to be honest $10 000+ is a lot of money and i intend on running them into the ground.

    They are great cameras and i make a living with them so for me they serve the purpose.

    • Bip


    • Darkness


  • woodrow wilson

    First….I believe the 36mp spec on the coming d800. I was told by a guy I shot with back in August about the 36mp….he’s a red carpet shooter and a beta tester for Nikon. I didn’t believe him when he told me, as I thought it was rediculous. Then when the admin broke the rumor here about the d800 specs, it instantly had cred to me.

    Now, for the situation here, I have it on good authority (now that I know this source is indeed a “source”) that the rumor of the big announcment on the 26th was a bait by Nikon to get Canon to prematurely show its hand. The purpose is to make Canon’s 1Dx announcement a thing of the past by the time the D4 announcement is made. Though I don’t know what exactly, the D4 will be revolutionary and have features over the 1Dx that may seal the deal for many photogs in going with Nikon over Canon.

    Getting Canon to play their hand now has put a great deal of leverage into the marketing hands of Nikon. While they can’t alter the specs at this point of the D4 and D800, they can now tailor their marketing campaign to play on any of the weaknesses that they perceive in the Canon announcement and subsequent further marketing communications.

    The D4 and D800 will be on the streets before the d800, and the 1Dx will be almost a has been by launch time.

    Watch and see.

    • Joe Jaro

      Well said. It’s tactics now and Nikon, despite all the drawback this year, is playing the game very well.
      Rien ne va plus!

    • Simon

      There is nothing Nikon can do between now and D4 announce. There is no advantage being gained because Canon has effectively stopped any of their pros from defecting and even enticed undecided ones to their camp.

  • I honestly think we are taken for fools here. I mean, replacement cameras keep being released with expected upgrades at much higher costs, and we have to pay the difference just because we are bedazzled by some specs ?

    Remember 4 years ago, when you could buy a basic D40 for 400$ ? You can now buy a D3100 for 600, allmost same body, just some new electronics. 2 years ago you could buy a D90 for 900, now you can get a D7000 for 1200. You could get a D700 for 2000, now we will get a D800 for 3500, you could get a 1Dmk4 for 5000, now you have to pay 7000 for a 1D X.

    The list goes on 70-200 2.8 VR&IS.

    I mean, are normal, expected improvements going to add 30%-40% to the price of a new camera ? Will I have to choose between getting a car or an upgrade to my D700 ?
    This is really starting to look like me, the customer, will have to pay much more just to keep things rolling, for things that were really not suppose to cost that much.
    I read how people are excited about a 36MP replacement for the D700, same basic camera at twice the price. Is this normal ?

    • I would love to see cheaper prices too … electronics should get cheaper every year, not more expensive. That probably only applies to electronics and not the labor intense production of lenses.

      Also, the USD is currently down in the gutter and the JPY is flying sky high – simply because the yanks are printing money like crazy where as the Japanese aren’t. I remember when i came to japan a couple of years ago – the exchange rate was in the range of about 110~120yen a dollar … right now it’s around 76yen a dollar … so there is your justification for the 30/40% raise.

    • +1

    • vinman

      The window of time you could buy a D700 for $2000 was infinitesimal and is a bit of stretch as you had to use Bing cashback to get one at that price. If you compare real vendor prices, the cheapest you would have found the 700 was around $2300 – and even that didn’t last long. Add to that the dollar/yen value fluctuation and the fact that the D800 is still in rumor territory so any price listing is speculation at best, your complaint isn’t entirely valid. Also, what about the 70-200 upsets you? The msrp of the 70-200vr vs the vrii was only about $200. The same argument holds for the current 85/1.4. The D had an msrp of $1299. The new one is more expensive, but look at the technology updates! Plus, the D has been around for what, 10 years or more? Perspective is the word of the day.

      One other point you should really think hard about – if you’re really making a choice between camera equipment and a car, your priorities are frighteningly off.

  • Carl

    Yeah yeah, in the PMA or in the PPA or the WPPI or the PHOTOKINA or or or …….The Nikon D4 will probably be announced in the next days, no hmm the next week, no, hum maybe the next month, or the next year, but sure for the next 5 years…. just another stupid rumor without fundament.

    • How do you know there is no “fundament” in this rumor? Do you know what I know?

      • +1 peter, Some people just plain insensitive and ignorance…

        @Carl, asuming your (useless) comment is correct, then why are you here reading nikonrumors.com, Admin work hard to gather usable intel and most regard him highly rather trash talk and being bitter about it.

    • Mock Kenwell

      LOL. Fundament.

    • One More Thought

      “fundament.” You sound as if you take speech lessons from Michelle Bachmann or Rick Perry.

      • vinman

        Good one πŸ™‚

  • Bip

    A lot of talk about Nikon below slow in releasing it’s flagship camera.

    Just wonder (with the intention of taking a poll rather than to belittle anyone) how many people visiting this site can actually afford a US$6-8k (just a guess) D4?

    How about a US$3-4k (another guess) D800?

    • Twoomy

      I bet a good amount of us are able and willing to buy a D4 or D800. If not, we’d be jerking off with our D5100s right now rather than visiting this site. πŸ™‚

      • 120-300 os

        +100 i still have the d200 with mb 200 pack but waiting for this to come.

    • My plan is to ‘afford it’ about July of next year. I would like to see the product released sooner than later so that we can get the initial pre release orders out of the way and some good information on the web for sensor reviews, ergonomic reviews, value evaluations, etc… By then we should have all the FF models out and be able to make a well informed decision about which next gen FF Nikon is best for us. To me its not about burning my plastic for the ‘first’ FF Nikon to be released next, its about getting them all out there and making a good decision in 2012, not a fast decision right this moment. I will be happy to play with my D7000 until then for my fix.

      • BTW, I am only looking for a 24Mpix FF camera, not a 36Mpix to purchase next year. Hopefully that means the D3s replacement.

  • Johan

    Was tired waiting for the D800, had to get a pro body before this weekend. Bought a D3S and I still think it is as much of a Camera as new D1X accept for frame rate and Mp. for 3k less. Nikon will again trump the D1X when D4 is released. Calm down people.

    • Simon

      Using your logic that is like saying the old 1DsMkII is still as much of a camera as the D3s except for frame rate and better LCD but not MP.

      • Ren Cockwelle

        no i think what hes saying is judging by past canon releases (iso 102k on the 1d4 was a joke) the d3s should still hold its own to any high iso advances canon makes because they are pretty far behind. I can get usable results at 51k ISO on d3s. 51K on 1d4 looks like complete @$$

  • KnightPhoto

    1D X for $6800? Canon just opened the door for Nikon to price its competitor D4 at the same price ;-0

    I don’t see why Canon jumped the gun on listing the price already? Doesn’t that only benefit Nikon? Unless Canon somehow knew Nikon was intending to go even higher with the price of the D4, so they set a floor (lower) price than they expect Nikon’s D4 to come out at?

    I don’t get it, people.

    • EiTaro

      They had to announce the price because they sell it already! It’s pretty obvious that they had to do it IMHO.

  • Bob

    I am also wondering why Canon announce its new flagship camera so early.
    For Nikon, it’s not so hard to explain:
    if D800 has 36M is true, it is probably another product line from D700, because D700 user don’t need so many pixels, D800 releases at this point but not earlier is to avoid affect the market of D3x.
    I guess the successor of D700 will be probably D710 or sth like that.
    D800 at end of this month indicate another information is that D4 must come very soon, otherwise, D800 still affect the market of D3x which should be replaced after D4 released.

  • Steve Starr

    The D71000 will appear before any FX cameras will be announced. QAdobe has the D7100 working in the 6.5 DNG version for CS5 already. See page 3 here:


    Notice no mention of a D800 or D4 anywhere, but the D7100 is there in red and supported, albeit minimally. So the D7100 is probably the Big Announcement and not a D800 on the horizon. Any rumor delays may be that the D7100 is made in Thailand and maybe the plant flood will delay it a bit.

    • EiTaro

      It makes sense!

    • David

      Yep, D7100 is clearly there, clearly in Red with other new cameras. So Adobe knows before anyone else? They did not know about Canon 1X though. On the other hand it makes sense because Canon is not coming out until later in 2012.

      So D7100 will have 24MP Sony Sensor? If D7000 had Sony 16MP sensor also used in older Sonys and NEX5N, it would make sense that they use the 24MP sensor used in NEX7 and A77. other than that, and 1080p/30 or 1080p/60, not sure what other changes Nikon can afford to make to D7100. They can’t put the 51-point-AF system of D3/D700/D300 because the products won’t be differentiated as much, so they have to keep the same AF of D7000. Up the fps from 6 to 7? That’s doable. Other than that, I can’t think of any improvements. Some ergonomic improvements, such as placing ISO button on the top would be nice.

      • happysnapper86

        No……move the D300S ISO button off the top, and move it to the right hand side of both bodies. The location of both is stupid. Scrap the stupid location of the focus area button back to where it was on the D90.

        No buttons requiring regular and frequent access on the left hand side of the body at all…………I use the left hand to support telephoto lenses.

    • Chris

      Very interesting. But is it possible that this is a typo error?

    • Tim

      My guess is that’s a typo, and it’s really meant to be the P7100, which is a new camera that supports RAW.

      • Steve Starr

        The Coolpix P7100 is already shown at the top of the page in the link above. The D7100 is the new red supported camera. Doubt it is a typo with Coolpix preceding the p7100 too.

        Adobe mentioned some time ago they were collaborating closer with Nikon. This may be it.

        So no D800 in the near future, just a D7100.

        • nobody

          All the cameras highlighted in red (sorted by manufacturer) are the same that are listed above as the new ones, except the P7100 that turns into a D7100.

          IMO, it’s very clearly a typo!

  • JJ

    36Mpx on D800… if true, any chance that it will be foveon?

  • Simon

    Why did Canon announce the 1DX 6 months before release? Answer is the tsunami that affected Nikon fullframe camera production. What Canon did was kept the announcement date but won’t relaese the 1DX until Nikon D4 is released. Some might argue there is no sense for Canon in delaying but they might use this period to fine tune the camera with firmware updates to counter any features Nikon or other competitors might have given how easily they improved the 5DMkII video with firmwares.

  • Don’t you find it funny that Canon has the nerve to make this camera 7000$?
    It’s like they won’t admit that for so many years they could have made the 1d line full frame, but didn’t. Then Nikon came with the d3 at 5000$ price range and now canon is pushing the prices. This means that either they will get knocked out by a equal 5000$ d4 or Nikon will also raise the price on the new camera πŸ™

    But why???

    • Anon


  • happsnapper63

    There are a few assumptions made that do not withstand scrutiny. The D3S and similar from Canon or others are not all purpose solutions, the sensor performance ISO400 and downwards is not leading edge, they are tuned for shooting at higher ISOs to get shutterspeeds up when light is less than perfect, although not necessarily dark, and what matters is ISO noise and sensor performance in suboptimal light, not ISO noise and sensor performance in close to dark. For many Genres of photography the D700 and D7000 are the best sensors, low ISO, slow to normal shutterspeeds etc. Secondly there is the affordability……..even the cost of a D3S is actually not alot…….certainly I have spent far far more, multiple times over, on the best tackle you can buy, from all three of the top manufacturers and I know many many people who have done likewise, not only in angling, but other hobbies and passtimes too, e.g. astronomy or amature motorsports. I mean a weeks fishing in British columbia costs nearly twice a D3S and thats without the gear investment already made. The financial “snobbery” implied in some posts is just deluded. There are many many other reasons why folks do not buy a D3S, for me it is too big, too heavy and it is ugly, and it looks stupid in everyday use and the performance below ISO 400 is bettered by other models. Ok in the press enclosure at a GP or similar on a heavily overcast day but not in everyday use and hence it is not something to be aspired to in a general sense. True I did once have a power drive fitted to a film SLR, but soon the bodies became available withit built in and without the bulk I went that route so I switched to minolta at that point. We have 5 Nikon DSLRs here, acquired since 2009, and none of them have grips for the same reasons.

    What would be attractive for some of our shooting is D3S innards in a D300 sized body, but I would still want something else with a D7000’s characteristics at ISO400 and below (plus the crop factor) to complement it.

    So why everyone is so fixated on whether Nikon has the absolutely best flag ship beats me. I do not care if Canon or someone else holds the title, if Nikon is making cameras that meet the needs of normal shooting better than Canon or others. We are talking about large corporations run for the benefit of their shareholders and I will over a period of time buy from the one that makes the best products to meet my needs. (Lens considerations prevent the constant flip flopping that is possible with other things like high end fly rods / reels or top end sports motorcycles) BMW M3 drivers dont care that BMW do not make the fastest road car, or the one with the fastest test track lap time, they dont have an emotional crisis if audi takes the title for fastest estate car (station wagon) from the M5 they enjoy their M3, which after all in everyday usage goes like shit off a shovel.

    I noticed someone question why folks come on Nikon rumours ……….well a) certain items are very interesting, not the camera specs, yawn, but certainly the timing of Canon’s announcement is very interesting from a marketing strategy perspective. Secondly reading the blinkered posts, emotional crisis, and self image implosions is very very entertaining and not without scientific value πŸ™‚ as is observing the fusion of self with brand and a trend of a brands status not being based upon its full product range meeting its customers needs, but a single flagship model which most do not want or need.

    The admin of this site seems to put a lot of effort in and seems to have fostered an extensive network within the industry, a notable achievement.

    • Alex

      I agree; we are all here for the same reason people go to youtube: entertainment. Some might argue that are professional photogs, but if you live from what you make in photography, ahy would you waste your time here? When a camera is out, you’ll know it, no need to know before anyone does, especially if you are proficient and you make enough money to buy new gear when you need it and not have to save for months before the buy.
      I liked the comparison with motorsports because I am an enthusiast, my kart cost about 2 D3s and the parts probably can dulpicate that in a couple of years (I’m not competing otherwise it would be in a month). Golfers probably spend more in a year and we could go on and on, actually photography is one of the cheapest hobbies, right next to playing amateur soccer.

      Just o add, we are with a brand or another not because it’s the best or suits our needs, but because we are emotionally attached.
      Pepsi vs. Coke
      Iphone vs. Android
      American vs. European cars
      Nikon vs. Canon

      If we compare them objectively, we wouldn’t have a winner, otherwise one of the brands would go bankrupt.

      I like nikon and I like to shout from the top of mointains that it’s the best, but anyone that looks at my photos can’t say if they were taken with a D3000, a D300 or a D3. I could also make them with a canon, a pentax, an olympus and sometimes film and nobody would notice.

      So let’s do what we do best: argue. As long as we keep it civilized there’s no problem, we are here to past the time, even when we are “working” it’s not like any of us have our boss behind us telling us to research nikonrumors.com

      Anyway, let’s hope the new nikons are beasts, I know i WANT a D800 (I don’t really need it, but I crave it with a rapist wit.)

  • Hom Thogan

    I don’t know why people are saying the 1Ds X has been announced early…

    The 1Ds MKII was announced at photokina 2004 and it was not available until April-May 2005
    The 1Ds MKIII was announced a bit of time before PMA 2007 and it was not available until November/December of 2007

  • tdot

    Wow, $7,000. I really hope this doesn’t mean the D4 will be similarly priced, and thus the D800 will bump up too. If Nikon prices the D800 considerably higher than the D700’s current price — say they put the D800 at $3,500 and the D700 is still at $2,500 at the time the D800 is launched — wouldn’t that mean there would still be a strong market for the D700?

    Actually, maybe that is what Nikon will do: not retire the D700 at all. Maybe the D800 would be a new product line, like the “D8” for example, and Nikon will continue to sell the D700 and the “D8” simultaneously. That might maximize profit for them: get more mileage out of their existing investment in their d700 fab facilities since ppl will want something in the $2,500 range, and get new customers with a fancy 36mp camera in the full $3,500-$4,000 range.

    Personally I think that would suck, because I want >=18mp with >=7fps and ISO performance as good as the D700, all for $2,500-3,000 max. And that is now starting to look more like a pipe dream … πŸ™

  • Michael

    I see it like this, Canon brought their A-Game with the 1DX. I look forward to see what Nikon will bring to the table in the D4. I am sure it will be Great.

    I’ll stay on this team and keep my glass.

    Until then I will keep shooting what I have and working.

    Competition is good for everyone.

    Thanks Admin for keeping us up to date.

  • zen-tao

    Where is smoke, there is an red skin smoking a pipe. Misteriously any new or clue as well from D800 has faded out. Now it arrives D4 rumor. Let’s see…

  • 120-300 os

    Call the ball Nikon like tom cruise in Top Gun

  • John C Picking jr

    I just bought a D700 on Nov 5, 2011. Need a FX body. Can’t wait. Hope I am not too stupid. It can be a back up when I get a D4.

  • I think I know how this will work out….

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