Nikon 1 price drop for Black Friday next week

If you are planning to buy a Nikon 1 camera, you may want to wait till next week for some savings of up to $150. Those will be the Nikon Black Friday offers from Ritz Camera:

I am not aware of any discounts on Nikon DSLR cameras or lenses for Black Friday - here are the rest of the offers:

The current Nikon instant rebate program ends tomorrow (November 19th).

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  • silmasan

    I have one thing to say….


  • Mike

    Discounting already?!

    • PHB

      Looks completely to plan to me. The gear is excellent, the launch price was a bit high. If the price of the Nikon 1 is discounted to the same extent that the D3100 are usually discounted then the price is pretty competitive with the Sony, Pentax, etc.

      I suspect that the illegal price fixing scheme will be abandoned in a few months as well. A commercial strategy that depends on the SCOTUS ruling in your favor against decades of precedence in five years time is stupid. All it takes is for Fat Tony to have a coronary and Nikon is facing a civil damages claim of $100 or more per DSLR sold in the US.

      Someone is bound to file a class action suit. It will take several years before the SCOTUS hears the case and even if the current GOP majority is still intact there is no guarantee that Nikon would win.

      It makes no sense as a permanent strategy. Nikon probably did it to avoid running out of inventory before Xmas and then have the prices rocket as scalpers take over.

  • PeterO

    Not surprised. $50 cheaper here in Canada with a free SD card. Not much else shaking (as we well know) so the spotlight will remain on the 1 system.

  • Mock Kenwell

    Every single reviewer and fan—even those who like the system—has said this camera is too expensive. This is not a Black Friday event. It is a “duh.”

    • Worminator

      Price of the J1 is dropping like a stone here in Japan, below 50,000 yen now for the single zoom kit, from a release of 63,000.

      • Steve

        and here in Hk too – HK$5500 to HK$4100 – so it is just cheaper that the other milc. But it isn’t popular – lots of people have been posting that it’s a fool’s nex. Ppl here love Sony.

  • Paul

    Give me $150 off the V1 then we’re talking!

    • PHB

      I suspect that is the model in highest demand amongst the early adopters.

      These have to sell by the pallet load at places like Costco so there has to be discounting. Costco seems to have ignored Nikon’s price maintenance demand so they will face a choice of drop one of the largest outlets or drop the illegal scheme.

  • na

    feel sorry for the people who actually pay the regular price on the J, let see how much it will drop when the gx1 is out

  • Moth Flopwell

    these new brick systems from NIKON are 300-700 dollars way over priced….I am telling year..same camera system but called VJ1X 1/2 priced…no one is buying these 10mp bricks…lol

  • Rob

    You delete my comment, but not a contentless, “FIRST POST!!1!” comment? I prefer forums where what he did results in an IP ban.

    • I deleted the whole thread.

    • Rob

      Admin, I think a previous post of mine still wasn’t appearing quite a while (>20 minutes I think) after posted, then appeared right before you deleted it. Not sure if you are having problems with the 2 servers syncing again, or if it’s my connection. Delete these after read too; sorry for the spam.

      • Sometimes the sync has a small delay, still trying to figure out how to fix this. Because of the amount of traffic, I currently have two servers that sync in real time.

  • paf

    I am considering holding a black friday of my own and letting go my AW100 for aaawww… $100 less (ironic enough?) than the MSRP with 150 shutter counts (well, button releases to be exact). Just got it, but I am utterly disappointed with the camera – I seriously think 250 is even too much for that crap.

    Silly wabbit……..

    • Anand

      What’s wrong with it? I have been eying that camera.

      • na

        no manual control…….

        • apb

          I sent mine back too.

          Only had it for one evening as I was traveling the following day so didn’t get time to test it properly. All the indoor test shots were blurred and the colour wasn’t nearly as nice as my old IXUS65 so I decided to leave it behind and have my bother return it.

          I actually like the styling and the map feature would have been useful when we got a bit lost walking but I felt romantic shots at a beach restaurant at night wouldn’t have been any better than a cheap disposable camera.

          I ended up buying a TG310 for little over £110 at the airport, it doesn’t have the GPS feature but it was still a nice size and it was fun getting some underwater shots with it. I’ll put the £220 I’ve saved towards a small manual camera.

      • paf

        Things that managed to irk me just shooting it around the house:

        – noticeable display delay in live view (wave your hand in front of the lens, 1 or 2 seconds later you’ll see it on the screen)
        – Auto ISO preset at 400 max, no way to change the max value
        – flash setting (on/off/redye etc) resets to auto on power off/power on
        – plenty of chroma noise even at iso 125
        – lens blur in the middle left part of the image (we are not talking about corners where there is plenty of it)
        – primitive handing — boy when they said rugged they probably meant to say rough and unrefined
        – not impressed with the color transcription (personal preference)
        – in darker settings without AF assist forget about getting a focus lock
        – the bright LED AF assist is actually quite the distraction – it attracts more attention than it needs to (probably it is meant more for underwater photography). I do prefer the traditional red light
        – Flash photography in closer shots tends to fry the subject (forget overexposure, your subject will die from radiation)
        – very limited image review information (not even a way to see what ISO you used in the picture)

        I actually had high hopes for this cam take it biking or into the water but some of the stuff above irks me. Not to start a flame war, but my Elph 300 is much more user friendly, faster and much better in capturing colors however I don’t dare to take it on a muddy bike ride and mount it on the handle bars.

        • paf

          correction – meant to say luminance not chroma noise.

          • yrsued

            It is only a P&S…. What did you really expect for $230??

            • Steve

              Look at the photographyblog review – image quality is so bad even at base iso. You buy a camera to take pictures not ruin them.

            • paf

              Q: What did I expect for 230 279

              A: Well about $100 more in features and quality than I got from my $179 P&S

  • Been there guy

    So, the self fulfilling “better than expected” sales campaign didn’t work, the marketing department goes back to the discount method.

    There is a free lesson here for the Nikon’s marketing people. I know you guys are reading this blog. No amount of marketing skill could ever dress up a pig!

    • Spooky

      Apple proved that it actually can work.

    • Actually, I think the phrase, “You can polish a turd, but in the end, it is still a turd!” fits better. Not that I think of the Nikon 1 series as turds, but their pricing is out of this Galaxy. But as far as launch prices being high, and then reduced as time goes on is pretty much in step with Nikon pricing strategies; i.e. gouge the early adopters!

  • Alfonso

    My bid is $ 550 for V1

    • lolly

      My bid is $450 tops with a 10mm for the V1

  • na

    where’s the dslr – at least drop the price of d3100 and d90

  • no-nikon-no

    GX1 (coming in december) is gonna kill this camera in out of camera image quality with better sensor and blazing autofocus, both cameras are at the same size and price point.

    The nikon1 is so overpriced no one complain? why didnt anybody at all complain about the sigma sd1 foveon? 5x the price, 5x the sensor, but much more than 5x the performance than midget sensor nikon1.

    • Mock Kenwell

      Well they sure complained about the horribly designed DP1.

  • dtse

    I got an eml from clifton cameras in UK yesterday offering “up to £100” off Nikon 1 system , they are authorised dealers so discounting in UK also

  • ‘/1nc3nt

    Hi Silly boys,

    J1 and V1 are never meant for people reading sites like this. People you always throw critics, humiliation, don’t buy recommendations, having thousand better products.

    I see sales goes on. Everybody thinks Nikon has something for newbies and classy people now. Nobody gets hurt. Not tell me who are actually the losers?

    • Everlast

      But Nikon’s problem is that people that are not reading this forum are not willing to shell this kind of money for a camera. After all it is an overpriced P&S and will end up priced as one. Nikon marketing made some wrong decisions here to aim it at the wrong group of buyers. Why not at least stick some manual controls on it to sell to enthusiasts. I think the 1 system will end up in marketing textbooks as how not to address new markets.

  • broxibear

    Another Nikon that’s dropped significantly in price is the P7100. Here in the UK it’s gone from £500 in September to £338 now, that’s a big drop.
    The new AW100 has also dropped from £329 to £229.
    I don’t know if all this is because no one’s buying cameras due to a recession in most of the world, or if it’s just that no one’s buying these particular cameras ? These prices are not special offers at one store but are across the board price changes.
    D3100, D5100 and D7000 bodies are increasingly difficult to find in stock in the UK… plenty of D3s, D3x and D700 bodies available though.

  • broxibear

    Thailand Flood Update:
    This article was posted by Channel 4 News in the UK a few minutes ago…
    “Flood damaged blue chip companies consider quitting Thailand threatening hundreds of thousands of jobs”
    “seven giant industrial estates in Thailand that have been flooded – hosting 2,500 companies including Honda, Toyota, Hitachi, Canon and Nikon. The country produces nearly half the world’s hard-drives and scores of other computer and auto components.
    But with the Thai floods now entering their second month, some companies are considering their future in the country.”
    “The Rojana Industrial Estate in central Thailand is home to hundreds of factories owned by scores of blue chip companies. But the floods are bad for business – their owners are grabbing what they can from the devastation and getting out.”
    “We spoke to a team of divers who had been employed to look for steel moulds in a rubber factory. Sermsak Posayajinda, from Living Sea Divers, said: “One foot – that how far you can see down there – you can use a torch but it’s very difficult.”
    “The water is filthy – they’ve used oil here to protect the machines from rust.”
    We asked the engineer at the rubber factory what he thought. Siam Khonyang an engineer at TDA Rubber said: “It’ll take one or two years to recover and our machines are old. We’d have to order new circuit boards – and I am not sure my boss will want to stay.””

  • Ken Elliott

    A friend just purchased a Nikon J1. After playing with it, I think I may buy one. I was a skeptic of the sensor size, etc. But after playing with it, I think Nikon is really on to something. The camera is fun, fast and responsive.

    Nikon may be smart about pricing – start high, and discount it down only if you need. I suspect they are trying to gauge the market, and might offer an “prosumer” model at the current V1 price, then push the V1/J1 lower.

    • Been there guy

      It’s a turd!

  • ich bins

    I think this model is as overpriced as the D3X. The Pentax 645 D “only” costs some 3000 € more than Nikon’s top model and offers a much better image quality. Same with D7000 and the competitors from Sony; last reviews show a better Sony image quality with a much lower price tag. Nikon I think still is dreaming from times back of the sixties and seventies when they were a leading brand. A main problem for me is the missing own sensor fab.

  • Really?

    Already this price in today’s newspaper, not a sale, not even correct

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