Nikon instant rebate program extended

The Nikon instant rebate program in the US was extended till November 19th and it still includes pro lenses:

I was actually surprised that Nikon decided to extend the rebates after the expected shortages due to the flood in Thailand.

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  • The invisible man

    November 19th… day after the 18th…..sounds good !

    • Mike

      What’s up with Nov-18th ?

      • T.I.M

        We “should” get the D800 annoucement on the 18th at Paris (France).
        Crossing fingers……..and toes !

        • Thom wHO?

          “The Salon de la photo
          From 8 to 12 november 2012”

          • The invisible man

            @Thow wHo?
            Pas du tout, ce sera un annoncement spΓ©cial Γ  Paris.

            • ShaoLynx

              Et tu sais Γ§a comment?

            • Thom wHO?

              What is the source TIM?
              Why 18th and not other day?

      • pabs

        November 18th was the date predicted thousands and and thousands of years ago by the enlightened Japanse prophet, Canuseeit, for the eventual date of the Nikon D800. Given how long ago the prediction was made, his margin of error could be a few hundred years.

    • Would love to pick up another D700!

      • Matt_XVI

        Me too! I don’t need or even want a 36MP D800. The D700 is all I need (although I would have liked a 100% viewfinder). I just wish this Nikon Rebate applied to prime lenses as I’m planning on buying a second D700 body but also want either the 85mm f/1.4 AFS or 35mm f/1.4 AFS to go with it.

  • Samuel

    Probably they extended rebates to stimulate sales as result of some new sales policy. May be they’re trying to push up demand for products to sell more and earn more money and awaiting sooner compensation of money loss due to disasters happened on their factories in the past. When they moved production to 3rd parties I think Nikon would be able to supply market which they’re willing to grow πŸ™‚

    • Yhannoby

      I agree on what you wrote! And also because of the rumors of Nikon D800 some of the people who are waiting (Like ME) will not purchase previous DSLR.

  • JY

    Only if they have any in stock? (only checked d700/d3x/s). πŸ™‚

  • Gilbert

    Comparing the picture on NR and B&H, it looks like B&H blanked out the rebate for the D3s, D3x and D300s.

  • Been there guy

    If Japan doesn’t allow Nikon to sell those D700 & D300s with old battary designs, all they got to do is ship the products to other Asia Market.

    I don’t think they have much products left since the Thailand flood. So, anyone travels to Asia during the holiday time can pick up a D700 for a good discount. Don’t wait for the D800, those won’t come for another year.

  • Ryan

    Is this only thru b&h or is it available everywhere? I missed the one that ended on 10/30.

  • Rod

    Nice that the rebates are extended, but the D300s, D700, D7000, D3S and D3x are all still “Temporarily Unavailable” at B&H, which might limit the take-up of the rebates.

  • Been there guy

    The rebate is a bait. It’s a marketing tool.

    If there are 100 reponse to the rebate, and only to find out the “unavilability”, there might be 5 or 6 would buy a Nikon 1 camera instead.
    If they don’t run the rebate, they would never get to have these 5 or 6 customers.

    Remember, not every shopper out there is a Nikon FX DLSR gunhole, in fact, there is only a small percentage of gunhole out there in comparison to 20 million Nikon camera buyers last year.

    That also explained why Nikon has not reponsed to NR fanboy’s our cry for the D800. The 20 million buyers are they bread and butter, FX DLSR gunholes and eggheads are just a tiny fraction of that 20 million, they can wait for the D800 for another two years. all of the empty treats of switching to Canon would NEVER happen.

    • Mock Kenwell


      • Rod

        “Gunhole” is a new word in my vocabulary, and now I intend to use it at every opportunity.

  • Will Nikon have another rebate in Spring?
    Do they usually have one in Fall and one Spring (around March)?

  • AnoNemo

    Heh heh, Nikon has this rebate going on since Jan 2010 or something. It never ends …

    • Yes, I think they started the rebates in March of 2010. The pro lenses and cameras rebates were brought back last month, after the price increase.

      • AnoNemo

        You’re right! It started last March. Now that’s a lengthy rebate.

        I am always worried when I see never ending rebates that you make your customer expect it.

        • I don’t remember 2010, because I wasn’t paying attention. But I do remember March 2011. That’s when the Tsunami happens. I was about to buy D700 with a couple of lenses, but then D700 became unavailable. I was too late although the rebate started before the Tsunami.
          The rebate did end few weeks afterward and it seems they started again this October.
          So does Nikon usually have this rebate event twice a year, March and October? Again maybe some of you can see the pattern if looking at 2010 and 2011. I don’t know anything about 2010.

          • AnoNemo

            Leo Dj
            No, the point I and NR Admin were trying to make is that the rebate started back in last year (approx. March) and was constantly renewed. It actually did not end.

            • yes, the news here is that the pro bodies and lenses are included in the rebate program again (they were not included before)

            • Ah, OK. Gotcha.
              I didn’t realize that.
              So looks like the inclusion of pro bodies and lenses were on and off.

  • d70

    How come the 16-35mm f/4 VR is never included in the rebate programs?

    • The invisible man

      Because Ken Rockwell love the 16-35mm f/4 and he already bought all of them !

    • preston

      oh, you mean the one that was designed to maximize visible distortion? No thanks πŸ™‚

      • ShaoLynx

        Hey, I like that lens. It’s very sharp, and the barrel distortion is there at the 16mm end. For the rest of it, it’s pretty much OK, and quite sharp too.
        The focal range is suffciently large in order not to have switch lenses too many times.
        Another advantage: you can focus really close-by and as such use it as a “macro” lens of sorts: it’s sharp, provides bokeh that way and more DOF than a genuine Micro Nikkor. I use(d) it a lot in this sense for photographing flowes on holidays.
        BTW: lens-distortion: one click in Lightroom and its gone (not even that, since I automated it at import).

      • d70

        Shooting digital, I never see distortion when importing pictures in Lightroom with my present automatically applied. It’s so friggin’ damn hard to find a filter holder for 14-24mm. The Lee one is $300-400 and not available anywhere. So yes, despite the visible distortion, I want this lens because at least I’ll get to make better landscape images with filters.

  • iamlucky13

    I’m a little surprised they extended the rebates in the face of product shortages.

    I’m more surprised they still have D90’s available over a year after the replacement started hitting store shelves.

    Was it perhaps Nikon’s plan all along to continue selling the D90 for substantial length of time after introducing the D7000, or did they just plan the transition poorly and end up with a lot more on hand than intended?

    • PHB

      It appears that Nikon does not practice Just In Time manufacture. Or at least they are prepared to warehouse vast amounts of stock.

      This is not too surprising as Nikon was presumably stockpiling cameras in advance of the Xmas sales season. It would make most sense for them to stockpile their cheapest cameras longest. So the way to do it would be to make D3100 kits first, then D5100, then D7000 last. Looks like the warehouse was on higher ground or they managed to move the stock out in time. They should have had some warning of the floods at least.

      Nikon has a very different set of manufacturing constraints to other businesses. They have to set up and calibrate the production lines for lenses etc. to very close tolerances. Unlike the auto industry that has fairly flat demand through the year and raw material costs are large (steel costs money), silicon is cheap and the big issue for Nikon and Sony is keeping expensive capital plant working at full capacity.

      So they may well have much longer production runs than would normally be the case. Sony may well prefer to deliver sensors to Nikon in March and get paid in November when the camera leaves a bonded warehouse somewhere than have to build out a bigger fab to cope with ‘lumpy’ demand.

      That said, the fact that Nikon can deliver any cameras at all is quite astonishing. The only models that are out of stock are the ones that are due for near term replacements anyway. to do this while launching a completely new system is really quite astounding.

      Priority for Nikon must be to meet demand for consumer cameras during the Xmas season. They will lose no customers by delaying the launch of a pro model by six months. If they lose a customer for a D3100 they have likely lost that customer for life. I shoot Nikon today because I had an FG twenty five years ago.

  • D700

    How come Amazon doesn’t have this rebate anymore? Aren’t all the retailers supposed to have same pricing after the new Policy?

    • Amazon had it last month but I cannot find the rebates this month.

  • I would imagine it’s a supply channel decision. Most of the stock in the channel now was made months ago, and slowing all that down is a headache. Small market stuff like pro cameras are never available in large numbers, and so go out of stock frequently flood or no flood.

  • T.I.M

    The D700 is in stock at RitzCamera

  • T.I.M

    The D700 is in stock at RitzCamera

  • The invisible man

    I already tried to post the web link twice but it’s block so here is part of the article:

    “When I last time called Nikon and asked the sale representative, he told me that Nikon is taking their time and working on it. They are doing their job to try to deliver the best product to the market and their consumers. I also asked how soon I can expect to see the announcement, he said they should be able to have it available before Christmas, so, people can have it as a wonderful present during this holiday season.”

    Sounds good to me !

  • M!

    I believe their marketing department understands the purchasing behaviour of consumers. They don’t believe that buyers will be more interested in buying a camera and lens thinking that there is a shortage.

    • AnoNemo

      There is another explanation. Buyers are not stupid to buy outdated D700 and D300s cameras.

  • Borg Berg

    Regarding B&H. I’m an American living overseas and would like to use this offer but have it shipped to my mother’s address (in the states) so I can pick it up while I’m visiting over the holidays. Anyone know if this is feasible with B&H?

    • NikonD80Still

      it is feasible. problem is how long before you are coming to pick it up?

    • Been there guy

      Why would they care where you want them ship the camera to? As long as you paid for it, they will ship to north pole if you ask for it.

      If you pay them with paypal (or cash fund transaction that is irreversible), they will ship to anywhere USPS goes.

      If it make any different, I can ship to me, I will do the safe keeping for you!

    • Bey

      Re: Borg Berg

      I just ordered a lens from B&H to Switzerland which arrived in two days. So overseas (if you refer to Europe) is no problem.

      On another note, again, if you live in Europe, buying the D700 or some other cameras is actually cheaper in Switzerland as compared to the US, and they are in stock.

  • Henry

    D700+(70-200mm, VRII); nikon rebate=$usa4700.00
    ; $can4400.00 broadway camera store….; i love canada

  • It all seems so confusing.

    • Don Tunadiver

      It’s quite a simple concept really, buy a eligible camera body and lens together and save some money.

  • Mimmo

    So the next date is 18th november??
    Please someone tells me that 18th november I’ll can buy a new D800!!!

    • The invisible man

      Even if they announce the D800 November 18th, it won’t be available before at least December 15th.
      Anyway, you better put your name on the waiting list because I suspect the D800 to be very popular and you may have to wait months to get one.

      • Mimmo


    • I don’t think there will be an announcement on the 18th. As far as I know there are no press conferences scheduled for that day.

      • AnoNemo

        NR Admin,
        I do not believe in the 18th either but if Nikon wants to sell anything new this holiday season then the mid November timeframe is the latest to announce something. I think the cutoff date is end of next week (which accidentally is the 18th).

        I cannot see a later date after that since it will take 30 days to deliver these to the stores (which will take us to mid December availability). There is no way that Nikon could announce and deliver almost immediately.

        This sucks because they will lose out the holiday season and the first couple of months of the year (2012) will be slow.

        • PeterO

          Based on Nikon’s recent financial report, I think they’ve accepted this scenario and for this reason are pushing the 1 system now. Think of all those happy faces on Christmas morning opening their fuschia/pink/white V1’s πŸ™‚

          • broxibear

            Think so, the prices of the J1 and V1 have been slashed here in the UK by Β£100 ($160 US) across every body and lens combination. This has caused a price war with Sony who have now slashed the prices of the NEX C3 and 5N by over Β£180…Sony aren’t going to sit back and let Nikon eat into their sales.
            Checked on the stock details for D700 and D3s bodies in the UK and there’s plenty around, infact I don’t recall this much FX stock being available for a couple of years. No problem trying to get a FX body here.
            Not for the first time Nikon seem to have stock in the wrong country at the wrong time.

            • AnoNemo

              I have a feeling that these units are the last ones or the those they cannot sell in Japan.

              But to be honest, those who want to buy FX are not stupid. They know that these are 3-4 years old models and the new is just around the corner. The only people who buy these are those who need immediate replacement or hate more than 12MP.

            • PHB

              No, there are many people who will buy a D700 or D300s this year.

              Think ‘professional photographer using up equipment budget for the year’. Others will be buying in the 2011 tax year.

              This is likely the reason that Canon announced their new flagship so far ahead of shipping and may well be the reason that Nikon does the same.

              The launch of the D800 does not mean the end of the D700 necessarily either. I could well imagine a refresh of the D700 to add the D3s sensor (if it hasn’t been shipping with it already) and video and the new battery connector. Plenty of people would buy that instead of a D800, particularly if the cost difference it significant.

            • If they do change the sensor and few other stuff, I don’t think they will keep the same name. Wouldn’t it be at least D700s?

        • I think they have nothing to sell this Holiday season (except the Nikon 1), even the D700 cannot be found in stock. November 18 is a Friday. I don’t remember Nikon ever making an announcement on Friday. I think the first week of December is the last chance for 2011.

          • AnoNemo

            Then they have to make the product available in less than 2 weeks so they can be delivered/purchased before Xmas. I cannot see this happening.

            • PHB

              No, what is critical for the pro market is to be able to raise a purchase order before the end of the year.

              That still means announcement by mid December.

      • T.I.M

        Well, she was “right” for October 26th (reported) but November 18th is less certain, she “rate” it 50%
        Still better than nothing !

        • I would say more like 1% πŸ™‚

          • T.I.M

            Great !
            So your 99% (October 26) + my 1% (November 18) = 100% !

            • I never said 99% for October 26th and I thought you are a regular here πŸ™‚

            • Thom wHO?

              Omg! Only Nikon 1 this Christmas?
              It is a ridiculous situation for Nikon.
              C’mon! Launch the camera now!

  • Oz

    It’s not like it really matters if the extend the rebates. You need to put a body and lens in your cart to get the discount…….but all the bodies worth buying are out of stock.

  • dwd

    sweet, guess the wife will be getting that new 3100 for christmas now


    Why Nikon have the rebate when Nikon D700 body can not find from any store.

  • Ash

    Which vendors besides B&H are offering these . Adorama & others do not seem to have these on their websites.

    • If you look on the left of the Adorama web page you’ll see a small heading, ‘More ways to shop’.

      Go down a bit and you’ll come to ‘Rebate Center’.
      Click on that and it’ll take you through to a page with all current manufacturer rebate programs, including Nikon:

      I hope this helps, but anyone is welcome to contact me directly for more info if required:

      Helen Oster
      Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

  • broxibear

    Nikon Australia and Surfing Australia’s new web site calling for video and stills entries after Stephanie Gilmore joins asa Nikon ambassador…

  • billy

    Why not?

    It’s only good if you buy it with one of the camera bodies, and the bodies will be impossible to find. Might as well leave them on “sale”

  • Typical User Here

    Wait for a D800?! You are so last month! If you are real forum users, just wait and do not shoot the crappy existing state-of-the-art relics until you have the possibility to place an order for the D900 so you can continue to rate that as obsolete and look forward to the Dxyz.

  • AnoNemo
    • EnPassant

      These photos only prove a good looking girl still look sexy at kissing distance! So if your wife want bigger lips and eyes and have complex for her small nose and think her face is too round to have that perfect oval shape then maybe she will agree for a 24 mm 1.4 G! At least it is cheaper than surgery! Except for “horse faces” that may look better with 200 mm and longer lenses it is well known since ages that 85-105 mm lenses are the best options for natural and undistorted head photos. But at least 80-85 mm is usually covered by the kit-zoom. And a lens alone will not make anybody more beautiful.

      • AnoNemo


  • Nikonshopper

    Is there a list of online stores, that are in Nikon rebate program? As far as I know not every Nikon authorized dealer applies that rebates.

  • Matt_XVI

    Why aren’t any pro primes included in these rebates with the pro cameras? =/

  • souvik

    The only thing that I can infer from all these comments is that, there is no
    d800 or any upgrade planned for d700. We should stop all these speculations/rumors because they never get us anywhere.

    Lets talk about specs and more, when Nikon actually comes out with a new dslr. And I personally think we will not see anything from Nikon before 2012.

    Its time to come back to reality.

  • FM2Fan

    The rebates should be MUCH higher – I’ve seen today the Sony 77er selling for less than 2000 Swiss Francs including kit-lens. Even a bundle with a more advanced lens shows: Sony can deliver at LOW price – even our beloved D700 is almost 30% more expensive.

    My 2 cents: Nikon should either deliver at reasonable price or work on price/performance …

  • PhotoGyrl

    The lens rebates are unavailable everywhere except Ritz. Even the Adorama link provided above shows no lens rebates. This looks like a false rumor. The vendors are not honoring these supposedly extended rebates!

    • What do you mean? Did you go to B&H website?

  • PhotoGyrl

    Yes. At B&H it’s impossible to order the “temp unavailable” D7000 (the Add to Cart button is missing) and therefore one cannot add a discounted lens. In addition, at Adorama, one can order the D7000 at the discounted price and add it to one’s cart; however, Adorama is not offering the discounted lenses. This sale is a total farce.

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