Five Nikon products receive the “iF design award 2012”

Four Nikon cameras (S100, P300, AW100 and D5100) and one microscope received the iF design award this year. I am surprised that the Nikon 1 did not receive an award (maybe it announced too late? no pun intended).

Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce that its 3 digital cameras and 1 Digital Microscope System have been awarded the "iF design award 2012: iF product design award" and its 1 digital camera has been awarded "iF design award 2012: iF communication design award". The iF design award is globally prestigious award sponsored by International Forum Design GmbH of Hanover Germany.

The "iF design award" has been sponsored by International Forum Design GmbH of Hanover Germany since 1953. Each year, recipients of these prestigious awards are selected from worldwide industrial products exhibiting superior design. The awards include the product design award, communication design award and packaging award, etc. This year, 4,322 products from 48 countries were evaluated and the awards are presented to 1,218 products. In selecting recipients, product aspects including quality of design, functionality, degree of innovation, simplicity of operation and environmental impact are considered for the product design award, while usability, look and feel, and uniqueness are accounted for the communication design award.



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  • soft

    The D5100 totally deserved it… IMO it outclassed the 600D

    • EvanK

      Agreed, the layout IMO isn’t up to standards with the other Nikons, but I guess Nikon couldn’t put their four buttons along the side, they needed to make room for the hinged screen.

    • coco

      only wish it offers manual control on video

    • ice t

      The D700 Replacement should get the iF award for “Maybe iF Nikon would hurry up and release the D700 replacement I wouldn’t be in such a foul mood”!

  • coco

    So happy that the 1 is not there.
    please nikon, make a dslr that everybody will love

  • Dan

    Seems like the D800 is the perfect candidate for this award.
    “iF” it exists and “iF” it is ever released.

    • Tom

      haha…. ROFL!

  • InfraRed

    WRT Nikon1, the more I look at it and compare with other cameras similarly situated, the more I’m afraid this product is DOA. Nothing in the feature sets looks new, different or significantly better than competition.
    I believe Nikon will have to wait for a couple of quarters to realize the depth of the problem. Unless of course, making it pink or red is sufficient to make it attractive to Asian countries.

    • PeterT

      Have you read users comments on dpreview or similar communities recently? Itnseems that many of the current owners of a Nikon 1 are quite happy with their new toy. It seems to deliver good colors, sufficiently good ISO performance and a fair IQ over all. It is always the perspective you look at things. Those who want a nice little carry around camera seems to love it. Rob Galbraith has written a very good article about it.


      • Steve

        If you want to evaluate a product, new owners are not the most neutral source to turn to, especially ones who are psychologically invested in a brand.

        Wait for some tests against cameras of the same physical size and price. Wait for the complaints about lens choice. Wait for complaints about….. you know they always come a few months later, especially when something better gets released.

        I’m pretty sure that time is not gonna be kind to the Nikon 1.

        • Anonymous

          hey troll, how in the world are you “pretty sure” about that?

        • happysnapper63

          The vast majority of Nikon 1, although may be not quite 5 nines do not read tests, do not give a stuff about tests. They will like its clean uncluttered design, its size and the name thats on it. The image quality of cameras has been more than sufficient for the needs of holiday pictures,
          clubbing pictures,
          mates pictures for face book and
          portfolio work for photography students

          for at least two generations and long for those who knew how to go beyond auto or P.

          Most of the capability being introduced, marketed and sold is actually not needed by 99.95% of photographers………that goes for the likes of the D800 too. The 0.05% that do need it only need it about 10% of the time too……. I have never yet encountered (other than internet twats) photographers shooting artistically that feel constrained by their camera.

      • lolly

        Most people commenting on Nikon rumors won’t buy the V1/J1 for various reasons according to a recent poll. My reason is that it is not good value for the price, especially when it’s going to be obsolete within a year.

        It’s better that you promote Nikon One elsewhere.

  • AnoNemo

    I guess this wraps it up for 2011.

  • John M

    The P300? Seriously?

    • Nau

      yep that one is a bit of a WTF … as generic as it can be

  • Andrew

    The P300 is a minimalist design; the AW100 is a rugged design; the D5100 is a beauty to behold; and the ShuttlePix is appropriately named.

    • John M

      Except that Canon got there first with the S90 and S95. The P300 is an imitation product (and it falls short of that goal).

  • getanalogue

    Nikon is trying to go the Apple way. Difference: Apple re-invented existing products PLUS did a wonderful design (German Frog Design) AND perfect marketing.
    In the past, Nikon thought it would be enough to offer best possible products (like all Jap corporations), but now changing their marketing / product development.
    Canon is trying to gain more quality AND competence image by launching totally professional product for a wider scope of professional users: Photo AND Video, whereas Nikon is focussing on consumer products / mass markets, which is very risky.
    Hope that Nikon will come back with highly professional cameras even though no special video, a train which is completely missed by Nikon having created the tren (D 90).

  • Ojojo

    Iffy design awards??!!

    That’s it!!! I’m switching!!!!

  • 4,322 products…were evaluated and the awards are presented to 1,218 products

    Pretty good chance of success. Wonder if there’s anything I can submit…

  • paf

    I just scored the AW100 for 279 at newegg with a free case and 4gb card. It was cheaper than buying a wateproof case for any of the other cameras I have so, why not… let’s try it.

    Let’s see what it’s made of — but what I find interesting that even at $100 below MSRP from Nikon they keep throwing in bonus items….

  • great news!
    i am proud to own D5100 as my first DSLR!
    Nikon is the best!

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