Nikon D800 shows us its dark left side

This Nikon D800 image was sent to me anonymously without any further explanations. Some of the camera design details are consistent with the previous D800 images but I have no idea if this is real or fake. For comparison, here is a side image of the Nikon D700:

What do you guys think - real or fake?

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  • Hello

    I m thinking the same, the D800 logo is printed too far into the curved area. 🙂

    • Sam

      Maybe it’s going to be called the D8000000

  • DX2FX

    Now Admin, you can show us the top view of the D800…

  • Mike

    If this is real, I will be missing the C S M lever 🙁

    • Manuel


      the “C-S-M”-Lever will probably be replaced by a lever with an additional electronic button in its center, as it can be seen on the D800 photo and as it is already used on the Nikon D7000.

      This is very convenient and a real progress in ergonomics in my opinion. The lever only switches between MF and AF. The button switches AF modes (S, C and A) and AF-area modes in combination with the front and back dials.

  • Landscape Photo

    I think the photo itself may be true but the D800 logo must have been added / Photoshopped at last moment haphazardly.

  • Any Anon

    What is the lens ???

  • Nikon MX

    Surprise!!! It’s Nikon MX…New flagship line!

  • Simon Chung

    It’s real, IMO.

    And Yes, the CSM lever is gone! Good riddance – I always had to take my eyes of the viewfinder and look at the lever to ensure that I’m in the correct servo mode before and during shooting.

    I prefer the D7000 approach of holding down the AF button and turning the control dials. This is far faster and allows you to not take your eyes off the viewfinder.

  • R!

    Smaller body , I hope smaller price too , if it’s under or not much than 3000$ It’s a clear winner in the industry .I think that 50% of high end APSC DSLR woul buy a full frame If It was cheaper….come on Nikon give us , an end of the year present , for all your customers that waited so long for a small full frame body with full hd under 3000$ , we deserve It !

    • R!

      APSC customers escuse my french…

  • Alice

    So I am interested in the pop up flash. Original specs said no pop up but this photo sure looks like it has one. I really want it to have one, not for my professional use, but when I am taking snaps of my kid I don’t always have the speedlight with me. Pop up flash is a must!

  • broxibear

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    • PeterO

      Wasn’t there some news about Nikon moving their manufacturing to Malaysia or Vietnam?

  • roymondo

    i reckon fake – photoshop…

    …why would Nikon go from C/S/M to AF/M??

  • No way! I didn’t expect the D800 to even come with a left side. Is this an optional accessory?

  • Steve Starr

    Anyone have a hunch if this D800 will take the same battery base as the D7000? Since the D700 got nixed for the battery on them and the D3 in Japan, I was wondering if the D7000 EL-EN15 would be used in this camera and maybe the same base too? I think they go for around $290 or so? I got really big hands and need something to grab onto.

  • Gilbert

    D800 look not straight but it’s an illusion caused by the shape of the body… Look at that D300 picture, does it the D300 look straight in that position? Not at all

  • shay

    Shame on NR for publishing such crap. Quit with the blury crops of photoshopped pictures already. If you don’t have an actual rumor to talk about, then don’t bother posting this crap for hits. This website is losing credibility… fast.

  • I’ll say it’s real. Because I’m hoping for one :p

  • dave

    buy canon. that is all.

  • Robert

    Did anyone see this front view of the D800 before. It’s the first time I’ve seen it but it maybe an old photoshopped dream (by a skillful Photoshopper).

    • this is an old fake, I believe it came out 2-3 months after the D700 announcement

  • wsy

    The body’s AF mode selector is only AF and M? I will be more then happy to pass the D800 if I had to go into the menu to select between C and S AF modes. Plastic hinge for the side panel?

    Verdict: Fake or I am giving up hope with the D800

  • guyftdr

    FAKE ! There is the nikkor 16-85 VR DX on the photo.

  • Rarn

    At least one of the pictures is fake.
    The previous images showed the 2 rubber protective caps for the front accessory ports to form a single shape, where the above picture shows 2 distinctly separated (round) rubber covers.

    • the previous pictures were of the D800, this is the D4

      • sdf0815

        well I think too it is a fake cauz of the little line about the rubber… at the back picture u cannot see that detail

  • Waiting on the Canon 5d Mark III

  • António

    I hope the real thing comes with a different shape, namely the prism and flash head. If this one is the tru thing it will be bad news for people using PC-E lenses as it will be even more restrictive than the D700.

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