Upcoming Nikon products – all you need to know (recap)


A lot of information was reported here in the past 3 months. If you have missed any posts, here is a recap of all upcoming Nikon products:

Nikon D800 - already announced

  • 36 MP sensor (7360x4912)
  • 100% viewfinder coverage
  • Improved AF with face recognition – the D800 will still have 51 points AF point
  • CF+SD memory card slots
  • USB 3.0
  • ISO range: 100 – 6400, ISO LO @ 50 and  ISO HI-2 @ 25600
  • The screen will be larger than 3 inches (probably 3.2 in.)
  • The D800 will not have built-in GPS
  • Expeed 3 processor
  • There will be two different D800 versions/models, one with the antialiasing filter removed
  • 4 fps continuous shooting, about 6 fps in DX mode with optional battery pack
  • Video modes: 1080p/30/25/24 and 720p/60/30/25/24
  • Headphone jack, can input from an external device such as a PCM sound recorder
  • 86k pixels RGB sensor
  • 200,000 shutter cycles
  • Uncompressed HDMI video out (just like the Nikon D4)
  • See those cropped Nikon D800 samples at high ISO
  • The Nikon D800 commercial was shot in Chicago and  involves high speed motorcycle chase
  • I do not have an announcement date yet, I suspect the D800 will be announced for the CP+ show in Japan (February 9-12, 2012) or maybe even earlier

  • 16.2 MP
  • 11 fps
  • 100-12,800 ISO range, expandable to 50 and 204,800
  • CF + XQD memory card slots! That's right, the Nikon D4 will have the new Compact Flash XQD memory card slot.
  • Compatible with the new Nikon WT-5 wireless transmitter
  • Integrated Ethernet in the camera
  • Face detection/recognition function that will be working in the viewfinder (maybe some type of a hybrid viewfinder? Nikon had several related patents)
  • Improved video, I have no other details on that but my guess is 1080p/30/25/24 and 720p/60/30/25/24 similar to the Nikon D800
  • Uncompressed video out through the HDMI port
  • Ability to assign the two buttons on the front of the camera to smooth aperture control during video recording
  • Improved 51 AF points
  • Expeed 3 processor
  • AF detection range will go down to EV-2.0 (the D3s went to EV -1)
  • Autofocus system: 9 cross-type sensors that are operational up to f/8
  • The Nikon D4 may start shipping at the end of January 2012 (or only few weeks after it is announced)
  • Announcement on or around January 6th, 2012

The current AF Nikkor 85mm f/1.8D lens

Nikon 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6 lens patent

  • A new 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6 lens (see patent)
  • A refresh of the 16-85mm lens (it may even have a fixed f/4 aperture)
  • No definitive announcement dates yet

Nikon WT-5 wireless transmitter  - already announced

The current Nikon WT-4A wireless transmitter

  • Compatible with the new Nikon D4 and possibly with the D800
  • Very compact, mountable on the camera

Nikon Coolpix P300 replacement - already announced

Nikon D400 - to be announced after the D4/D800, no other details available.

Capture NX 2.3 - already announced.

Nikon SB-910 - already announced.

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  • no-nikon-no

    huge huge disappointment for d4. was setting aside a bunch of cash for the d4, expecting native iso of 102,400. but now the specs are a mere 12,800???

    • Isoman

      native 102,400?! ..unless you work for the navyseals.. i don’t see for what destination. This is not a good reason for being disappointed IMHO.

      • Cristian

        Canon 1D-X will have an incredible 51200. 12800 is the same maximum ISO value of D3s.
        Nevertheless I think the important thing will be the signal/noise ratio of this sensor: a clean 12800 is far better than a noisy 51200…
        We must wait and see what happens…

        • dervish worley

          Dont be ridick. These “iso” numbers are all meaningless at this point. We don’t know what they really are going to be and just because Canon claims something on paper doesn’t mean its going to live up to expectations. Canon has a history of overstating their iso capabilities on paper so dont get your panties in a bunch , yet…

          • I follow this site since early 2008 and in my opinion it is very reliable as a rumors site. Generating traffic is not a bad thing. I prefer to read something new on this site daily, if it is possible.

          • Sorry but they don’t have such a history. Nikon does though… D700 and D3 have the same SNR as the 21MP 1Ds3/5D2 sensor when properly compared.

            • nuno santacana

              What do you mean by “properly compared”? Doing the test being drunk?

            • Giorgio

              I’ve compared 5D2 and D700 with an identical lens (Zeiss Macro Plannar 100/2 ZE/ZF.2), same subject, same light, same tripod, same ISO (200): the noise of the 5D2 was awful compared to the D700 one. We (me and my Canon friend) were looking to the resolution difference and, instead, we found unacceptable noise even at ISO 200 (on the 5D2).
              Yes, there was 25% less resolution, but a far better quality image.
              The noise was unacceptable also because presented random colored pixels in the shadow parts

            • Richard


              Thanks for posting the results of your test!

              I have noted that many Canon shooters try to stay at ISO 200-400 with occasional use of ISO 800, if pressed. D3/D700 shooters seem to be quite happy at ISO 1600-2500 and will go to something over 3200 or even 6400 where getting the image calls for it. A D3s shooter does not seem to worry about it much.

              Your test confirms my casual observation, but I am surprised that the differences were so obvious at ISO 200.


            • Giorgio

              That surprised us too: my friend was trying to show me how better was the “hi-res” compared to the D700. We finished to find how bad is the ISO management: the test was done with low light (one incandescent bulb) @ 1/4 sec.

            • scurvy hesh

              Sorry but your wrong Geno. The facts have been out there for quite some time.

            • Having the cameras at hand is not enough to perform a proper test. You need to know the physics and the science behind things. You can’t just put the two cameras side by side, shoot and compare.

              So, when it comes to that, all you guys are wrong. But no need to take my word for it, take a look at this:


              Time to learn 😉

  • j


    please tell me you never shot film..what the heck are you doing?

    • scurvyhesh

      LOL! About to go to the wildlife refuge south of Willows California. I’m bringing Velvia 100 and Adox 25 and this peice of crap F5. I must be a total idiot for not waiting for the 1Dx

      • well you can shoot wildlife with iphone if you want.
        to add any value to your post it should be included with the link to gallery salles chart or at least a website

        • AMEN!

        • scurvyhesh

          LOL whatever Harold. Go ahead and wade into a lake with your iPhone and try to photograph the migrating waterfowl. Or better yet try shooting some large predatory animals with it. Think that’s going to work out well???

          • you are not really smart, are you?

            • Pwnd

              LOL simple but effective pwnage.

            • scurvyhesh

              WTF?!? pwnd?!? You won the internet. YAY! Harold. If you are going to insult my intelligence then have the decency to do it with style. Sorry if my sarcastic replies to your faulty metaphors are going over your head. Your failure to Grok my steezie does not make you superior buddy. It just makes you sound like a dick. I have to mail out my chromes but, I also took my archaic D90 along and got some pics. I’m not going to post my site but here are a few effing birds for you and your neckbeard friends commenting.
              They are not perfect, but passable considering its something I NEVER DO ( I prefer photographing ladies). Ok so I showed you mine. Now lets see yours Harold.

              PWN me.

            • scurvyhesh

              Hey Harold. I was responding to J and Nikon no. Sorry if you cant grasp my sarcasm buddy. As for shooting with iPhones, I only use that for amateur porn and am not about to share that with an obvious neckbeard such as yourself. Oh, and the next time you want to insult someones intelligence, take the time to use spell check. Do that and I’ll show you my “Salles” chart.

            • Pwnd

              Lol the rage replies of teh pwnd.

            • Trololol

              @scurvyhesh u mad bro?

  • This is not “all I need to know”. After all, if the price isn’t right, I can’t get one. I’m saving now, and betting about $3,200-3,600 (US) for the D800. $4,700+ for the the D4.

    • I would love to get the D4 but if those are prices, I won’t be able to afford it.

      ISO 12,800 would be great for me to take indoor hockey photos and at 11fps it would be hard to miss a great shot.

      • Actually, you certainly *can* miss a great shot even at 11fps. “The” great shot is usually in between the frames when you’re bursting like that. Also, if you shoot 11fps for too many seconds you can’t possibly look through all those frames.

        Great shots come from great timing, from the ability to anticipate the action and press the shutter once — but at the right time.

        • thanks genius for the info.

    • Rob

      I’d bet a ton against you on those prices. D800 probably will be around $3999, D4 will probably be around $6499-$6799.

      • Toad

        What do you base this on? Do you think Nikon is not going to have an FX camera that is competitive with the Canon 5D, at a similar price point? I doubt it.

        If you want to have a broad product line then you have to have decent offerings at the major price points that the market expects. Huge gaps lose customers. That’s Marketing 101.

        I also think that if the D800 were to be priced at $4K it would have a different name, suggesting a baby D4 or something. When they called it a D800 they created the expectation that it was the “new model D700,” and hence the price would be in that range, maybe a touch higher.

        • PHB

          The D800 specs suggest to me that the D700 will continue on sale. Maybe with a minor refresh (D700s) or more likely replaced by a D9000 with a binned version of the D4 sensor. The sensors that make very high ISO go in D4 bodies, the rest go in the D9000. That would explain how the D3s sensor never made it to the D700.

    • Roger

      You’re gonna need a lot more than $4,700 for the D4

  • ES

    36 MP is way too many pixels. I hope there’s a 2X2 binning option for RAW recording.

    • Isoman


      I hope too!!! Otherwhise i will keep running on with my tired D700

    • andi

      ther will probably be a 16 MP option for RAW recording – in DX-mode

      • Cristian

        So nothing more of a crop of 36Mpx FX to the DX format. Great improvement!!!

        • PHB

          People demanding 2×2 ‘RAW’ mode binning are talking nonsense. By definition, RAW is the RAW output from the sensor. Averaging the resolution out is going to hurt you results far more than JPG compression would.

          A DX crop would still count as RAW though.

          Seems to me that Ken Rockwell is right about at least some of the meaningless measurebating that goes on in places like this.

          • Jshahs

            But the raw information is still a software (firmware) based interpretation of the information presented by the light particles hitting the sensor. Therefore if the software was clever enough to take the information from 2 photosites and read them as it were one large photosite the results would be improved RAW information and therefore an improved signal to noise ratio with more manageable MP size for most applications.

            Thing is getting the RAW data interpreted right. Nikon have proved over and over their excellence in doing this. So just because Canon’s sRAW isn’t great, doesn’t mean Nikon’s will be the same.

    • Roger

      36 is way too little.

      But I’ll take it… 😉

      • Richard

        A translation of a recent Sony statement talks about 100 MP (no mention of sensor format). Unless they were just putting the number out for shock value, Sony must have some very different technology up their sleeves.

        • PHB

          Nope, that is actually quite easy from a sensor point of view. DX or FX can both support 100MP. The lenses are only going to deliver that type of performance in the center of the lens, the autofocus is going to need to improve substantially but optically, the manufacturers could deliver those sensors today. They already make much finer sensors for compacts.

          Canon has made some 350MP DX sensors in the past. I suspect you have to be in the astrophysics world with a honking great telescope to get hold of one though.

          The big problems would be yield and processing the output data. 36 MP is going to task the D800 quite heavily. 100MP would be down to continuous shooting rates of 1 fps. It is also going to be quite sluggish in normal operation. Just reading out the sensor is going to take quite a bit of time. So you are going to be seeing rolling shutter type effects even in high speed stills.

          • Richard

            Thanks, PHB.

            I was aware of a sensor Canon had done that was just over 200mm square as a technology demonstration, probably for an overhead imagery customer. “Now that you mentio it”, I recall an APS-H 70 MP sensor Canon made that set off a lot of speculation.

            It is. quite true that all the camera manufacturers, not just Nikon, have not placed a great emphasis on (ASIC) in camera image processing until recently. I do not know just what the new Nikon chip set does, but the new Canon setup uses one old processor to run the metering system and two new ones for image processing. If Sony has any particular plans for their 100 MP sensor they will surely have to address this area.


  • PhotoBabble

    I haven’t seen anyone comment on the 86K RGB sensor yet, but I think it could be significant. The current generation Nikon AE RGB sensor is 1005 segments.

    With an 86K RGB sensor, I’m wondering if a live histogram might be possible, without the need for going into Live View mode. The RGB sensor sees the image reflected off the mirror., i.e. in normal viewing mode. With an RGB sensor having that much resolution, there should be enough samples of the scene to create a fairly accurate histogram. True, it wouldn’t be as accurate as a histogram derived from the image sensor, but probably accurate enough to make exposure judgements.

    If you also consider the part of this rumor that suggests the face recognition detection can be displayed in the viewfinder, which suggests a fairly extensive ability in the new viewfinder to overlay a lot of information, then perhaps such an RGB sensor histogram could be projected in the viewfinder also.

    Note that the 86K RGB sensor is only mentioned for the D800, and face recognition with viewfinder overlay is only mentioned for the D4. But if the 86K RGB sensor is real, I’d guess the D4 would get it as well.

    It’s a stretch, I admit. But it’s an intriguing idea, and would be a welcomed feature.

    • It’s a shame that the most insightful comments from the most logical and productive minds go un-noticed. Thanks for pondering this about the 86K meter / sensor! Sounds exciting… 🙂


      • rhlpetrus

        +1, very interesting possibility.

      • i just wish that AF sensor were not again all in center.
        anything else is already in D700 perfect

    • Toad

      I wonder if you could elaborate on this point. I don’t really understand the significance. Thanks.

      • there is no significance in reality.
        It is just for auto-mode shooters who use matrix mettering.

        • Except, possibly NOT just for auto-mode shooters who use matrix metering. Their whole point was that 86K pixels in a metering sensor is incredible overkill, and maybe it is capable of also feeding a live histogram, or is used for the face detection feature.

          A pretty significant possibility if you ask me…


          • unless it is histogram in a viewfinder i don’t care.

            • Photobabble

              I agree. A live histogram displayed in the viewfinder was what I was musing about. I don’t think that’s what we’ll get, unfortunately, but in theory it seems doable.

            • Now imagine a little histogram in the lower right of the viewfinder. It would be an awesome feature in my opinion.

          • Richard

            The D7k has a 2016 pixel meter already. In some instances it is useful and in others it can be deceptive. In theory it reduces the chances of a single hot spot being overly weighted in the exposure metering, but it also runs the risk of having very minor changes in composition changing the metering (in Matrix mode). I think I would prefer to have something approaching a Zone 6 spot metering mode. My old OM-4 could calculate an exposure from a handful of spot meter readings. One could be designated as shadow, another as highlight and several more in between, depending upon how your eve evaluated the scene…useful for landscape though less so for other types of shooting.

            My Olympus E-PL2 has a three color “live” histogram in the (accessory) viewfinder which is very nice indeed. It is shown on the LCD display if not using the viewfinder. I would certainly welcome this. Frankly, it is something Nikon should include pretty much across the product lineup.

          • Zebra Pattern

            I would prefer a live zebra pattern that shows an estimate EV in the shaded areas that are overly displayed than a histogram.

            • Richard

              I suppose that must be possible as most cameras already have that sort of display in playback/review. I don’t know how much processing power doing so might take up though.


    would very much welcome a new 85mm f/1,8 … at reasonable price … & am also wondering whether there is any chance of the d700 living the end of its life NEXT TO d800 – admin?

    nevertheless – Merry Christmas to all of you on here & all the best in 2012!

    • Hom Thogan

      I have high hopes for the AF-G 85mm f/1.8 however seeing how they are pricing their new lenses it wouldn’t be a surprise if it is going to be around 450-500 USD… which would be a less than competitive price for this lens…

    • I am sure it will push down the price of used AF 85mm 1.8, so good news anyway.

  • Adsense

    Lately, admin’s been posting so much crap. Yes, it’s Nikon “Rumors” but c’mon. Why not start another rumor about the D400 with 46mp sensor. or D4s with a 12mp sensor. I understand that you’re trying to earn more from your ads, but this is ridiculous.

    • LOL, and you decide to post this right when the rumors are actually getting VERY solid and reliable? Okay…..

      • BibiFoc


        Who cares much about the reliability of the pictures..the specs are (mostly) here.

      • Petsan



        And one might add that Nikon probably have had to rescedule and replan production in the last 10 months, so naturally the result is an extra amount of rumors that turned out not to fulfill (or, maybe postponed). Admin has had a tough time with the crystal ball, hats off!

      • Gary


        • Exactly. Nikon did not have good luck with nature in 2011.

    • Sebastian

      is it just me having that impression or are there really a lot more trolls around lately?

      if you check out the Canon Rumors forum you see how educated and reasonably online debate can be. it’s stunningly different from this.

      • Spooky

        I love Nikonrumors. The comments give me often a laugh (in a good way). Cannot say the same about Canonrumors 🙂

      • Belle

        It’s because CR bloggers are boring and here on NR we have something more: humour.

        • D

          It’s because humor is inevitably linked to creativity.

      • scurvyhesh

        I have been on photo forums for a long time. I have always noticed a large amount of Canon Trolls clogging up the Nikon Discussions. while some may be just plain rude others are rather funny or will eventually have some great insight from the other side of the fence. The past year though, it seems to be getting replaced with Sony Trolls, which for some reason are always British. Why is that??

      • enesunkie

        Overflow from DPR

        • scurvyhesh


    • Roger

      Admin has got it right…

  • Sulukan

    My Question: Why a Motorcycle-Chase Commercial for the D800?! 4FPS, with Grip 6FPS, is not really a Action Camera. Where is the connection?!

    • rhlpetrus

      It’s likely for the video, the missing link regarding D700 and biggest point for 5DII.

    • PeterO

      On a motorcyle it’s possible to do very quick back and forth maneuvering. Maybe Nikon wants to show us that the video in the D800 doesn’t do the jelly roll thing. Or maybe it incorporates the same System 1 “take a still while shooting video” trick. Or somebody in the advertising company likes motorcycles 🙂

      • or that with 36Mpixels you can just get fisheye, shoot ev.ery.thi.ng and crop in post .

        • PeterO

          Absolutley correct Harold Ellis. I’ve said it before – I think the D800 is really a helmetcam designed for nature photographers. How many times has this happened to you? While out birding, your wife says: Look over there honey, it’s a twin billed kakapo. All you have to do is swing around in that general direction with your fisheye and capture the next National Geographic Grand Prize.

          • Funduro

            LOL no, ROFL ! twin billed kakapo LOL

            • PeterO

              It is Christmas after all…

    • Roger

      No connection, it will just look cool 😀

      What was the connection between D3x and that Mustang they shot with the 500/4 ? None. But man it looked good.

  • simpleguy

    i wish they would do 120fps-300fps video at least in 720p
    and raw recording or improved codec for video , but other than that , i am quite pleased with the specs as mentioned especially the uncompressed hdmi output and the d4 – 100-12,800 ISO range, expandable to 50 and 204,800 which is great if its usable
    🙂 go nikon go

    • Hhom Togan

      The problem with the current generation of cameras is that they are high resolution sensors, the data they capture for video has to be downsampled to the desired video quality (1080p, 720p, etc.) and this eats a lot of the processing power and buffer too.

      If someone was really serious about video (nikon, canon, sony, etc.) they would do a 4 megapixel full frame sensor with their current processor and buffer technology, that would allow for crazy fast fps.

      From all Canon and Sony aren’t taking advantage of this at all… they seem to have too much division between their still and video camera R&D…

      • LGO

        I’d go for a 8mp sensor to allow 4K HD video recording. That this would really be very nice … specially since Nikon does not have a pro-video market to protect.

        • Hhom Togan

          Good thinking, an 8 megapixel sensor full frame 4K video camera would be great!

          • LGO

            Imagine how good an 8mp FF video-sensor will be in terms of DR, color and high-ISO performance for stills and video given today’s sensor, data-bus and CPU technology can be. 🙂

            • Roger

              no better than the 16mp in D4

      • Toad

        Why would you put that in a still camera?

        In fact, just to be curmudgeonly, I’d like to know how much all the video capability adds to the cost of the cameras.

        I don’t need video. I don’t shoot video. If I get interested I’ll buy a video camera. I’d love to be able to give up video entirely to get a high-quality still camera for a few bucks less.

  • Miguel Reznicek

    Megapixels are important! If Canon has more, then Nikon looses more market share. It also shows the public that Nikon is not moving forward with the technology as fast as Canon.

    • Hhom Togan

      While this may be true in consumer cameras market (Nikon D3100, D5100, Canon EOS 1000D, 600D) it isn’t true for the professional cameras market, unlike the consumer market the pro level market knows that 16 megapixels is more than enough for a full page magazine print and an overkill for pretty much other application: (newspaper print at really low DPI, tablets screens aren’t high res enough to need 16 megapixel photos to fill the screen, newspaper’s websites use really small photos in their articles, etc.), also this market relies its edge not in the megapickles this market relies in image quality, high density sensors have 2 problems:

      1) Noise (too many photosites packed in a sensor eff up the signal to noise ratio)
      2) Diffraction (high density sensors like the A77 eff up image quality from f/8)

      The real pro market isn’t about “my crotch is bigger than yours” like with entry level cameras, it is about performance, because these people eat and pay their bills from photography not from showing off their gear.

      • ISOwhore

        ^ wish i could upvote this.

      • Roger

        High density sensors only have 1 problem:

        1) Files are bigger

      • Your point #1 is plain wrong.

        Point #2, is narrow-minded.

      • Keith

        “1) Noise (too many photosites packed in a sensor eff up the signal to noise ratio)”

        Aside from the little world inside your head, where is there any evidence of this?

        I’ll answer myself: there’s no evidence – it’s bull.

        • PHB

          Yep, in the film days I used to use film that was ISO 25 as a matter of course. I only moved to ISO 100 when Kodak Gold came out and was still using ISO 64 slide film.

          So now people think that they can’t take a shot without at least ISO 12800. Rather pathetic really.

          I find that with an f/1.4 lens I am far more likely to want a lower ISO response than higher. For daylight, ISO 25 is about right.

          • Richard

            Indeed things were different. I recall my father shooting Kodachrome ASA 8 (yes, eight) in a Retina 1a. Bright light was your friend. In school I pushed Kodak Recording Film to ASA 6,400 to do available light night photography. It had enormous grain, indeed the grain was an art form, but it was startling to get an image at all under those conditions. (The law enforcement community used this combination for night surveillance photography.) now everyone expects ISO 6,400 performance that is virtually indistinguishable from lower ISO images. My how things do change.

            • R!

              It is for long lenses that can not be F1.4 & action shots that needs action freezing…..yeah things changed ,actually things evolved ; thank got .
              merry 2011 christmas and happy new year:2012 21 st century I love it!!!!!!

    • nice to have, yes, important no.

      not when nikon pro cam lacks more important features like

      – sun readable screen
      – higher sync speeds
      – ISO 25 as base
      – or at least built in slideable ND filter
      – i would welcome autoiso function assignable for one of the spare buttons
      – radio flash trigger
      – i would like dedicated PC sync which would ignore the flash disable function
      etc etc.

  • Miguel Reznicek

    I think it’s amazing how some people can make generalizations about how many megapixels is enough. If you retouch photos and use masks a lot, the more megapixels the easier the work becomes. This is regardless of the size of the final print. Since Nikon made a camera with 24 Megapixels, it is a step back to offer the next camera in the sequence with less Megapixels. This becomes even more apparent when the competition is offering more Megapixels in their parallel lineup.

    It’s also disconcerting that the D800 would get a massive Megapixel boost and not the D4. Most of the D shooters relish the controls at the bottom extension of the camera, and a D800 would be a loss of those added controls.

    • Hhom Togan

      No it isn’t, in the end renting a digital back (which is billable to the client) is nothing sort of expensive these days and if you need quality and size that’s where you will find it.

      There are a lot of problems with high density sensors in 35mm format, the ones I stated above and obviously the fact that even the newer versions of the lenses rolled out lately can’t really cope with diffraction or being outresolved by these cameras which presents a problem.

      You are seeing this in a really wrong way, because it isn’t disconcerting at all, it is logical: the D4 is a Photojournalism camera (weddings, newspapers, sports, etc.) while the D800 is a studio camera.

      We live in an era where the first to get the news and photos of it wins public over the competition and this means that as an example that a photographer sending photos for the super bowl needs them to be sent ASAP to their newspapers/magazines headquarters thus it is resize 16 megapixels and upload them to an FTP of the newspaper/magazine than those made with a 36 megapixel camera, if you claim to be a pro “retoucher” then do this put in lightroom 100 24 megapixel phots and resize them the standard web size for sport newspapers and magazines website and tell me how much time you waste doing it; TIME is essential for PJs.

      Not only your understanding of the professional field is really lacking but also you are stubborn, which is a really bad combination.

      16 megapixels is MORE than enough for photojournalism (PJ for a shorter version), this camera is aimed to replace the D3s which was designed to be a PJ CAMERA.

      You aren’t only a hobo but also a stubborn hobo!

      • Lio


        Just to add for new paper a 4 mpx like the D2H is nearly all what you need. But wait, 4.1 mpx in dx is 12 mpx in FX. Doesn’t need to be more.

        • Hom Thogan


      • Miguel Reznicek

        You can express yourself without the insults and retain much more credibility, while maintaining the civility of this forum.

        • Ren Mockwell

          Don’t feel offended, he calls everyone a hobo…

          • Roger

            Whats worse is that he’s giving people technical advice, but doesnt know what’s he talking about. Scary, yet, part of everyday life on the internet

            • Bro

              I noticed YOU like to make generalizations Roger without anything other than your say so to back it up.

              This is very troll like behavior.

      • ES

        A chip with high pixel count (e.g. 36+MP) that offers physical binning options (2X2, 3X3, etc.) for image recording would make everyone happy. Actually, most scientific cameras have sensors that allow such binning options.

        The chip’s native resolution will please studio/landscape photographers, while binning would please photojournalists. Binned pixels collect more light; they would have higher light sensitivity (ISO rating), would make possible to increase ADC bit depth, and would reduce the amount of processing (thus faster frame rates, smaller file size, etc.)

        I know I would use such a pixel binning option, especially if may be set with the quick-access ‘Qual’ button that sets image quality/size.

      • John Richardson

        +1 for the text (which is clear logic that most people need to understand)
        -1 for the insult (I was a hobo once, it sucked, I was poor and hungry)

    • baked bananas

      24 megapixels is enough.

      • A.T.M.


      • Roger

        As a D3x owner, I have to say NO. Not enough.

        • A.T.M.

          Roger I have a D3X on order why aren’t you happy with it?

          • Canon troll alert

            Because he’s a troll.

          • Roger

            I’m happy with it, dont get me wrong. I’ve written many times here, it’s a terrific camera.

            But if I can have something even better, then I’ll be over it. D800 36mp with even better DR and noise, it’s gonna be awesome…

  • ES

    I am a little surprised that the ADC bit depth does not figure among the ‘all you need to know’ specs about D800 & D4.

  • Mike H

    What does 85K RGB sensor technically mean? And can do to the image? What is the equivalent parameter in D700?

  • Zeb

    Well the absence of an AF area control lever on the back and AF selector C, S, M on the front of the D800 is a big mistake IMO. I hope the D4 has 18MP after waiting all this time but I do like the ability to AF at f8 though. A 100-500 f5.6 would be a great start to 2012.

    • Nikonuser

      Perhaps pressing and holding the button on the middle of the AF/M selector switch, and turning the command dials could allow selection of S/C and AF-area patterns.
      Just a thought.

  • Heribert

    Admin, do you have any indication that members of the Nikon development team are actually following discussions here on a regular basis? If so, they could take into consideration the user feedback for their decisions. A cheap way to do focus group studies. Not saying that they would be able to fulfill all wishes voiced here…


    • Zen-tao

      I agree. Nikon team is likely reading our posts but I don’t think them to care so much about them. Moreover they would be LOL about most of them.

    • Hom Thogan

      Let me explain you how this works 🙂

      Nikon has a PR team (could be internal or external) and they fake leaks, they put tidbits of info into the laps of key people, they pretend to be insiders and in forums they pretend to be part of the manufacturing process.

      What do they do with the reaction they cause? they meausure attention the “leaked product” gets, they take into account whining too, not for the R&D team but to indicate the marketing team what they should be looking to beef up via the promotional material, but most importantly they create hype for the product, so without spending a whole lot of money at all they have got a ton of people anticipating the release of a camera.

      Sooooo as you see this is a PR trick done in every social media site by many brands :).

      PR 101 is over 🙂

      • Zen-Tao

        Do you think that Nikon Research people need to make this kind of marketing? It’s supposed that they have a large team of good professionals (very good professionals). I cant´t figure out Rolex company leaking aspects of any new watch they are up to launch. It does not make sense. This site echoes gossips and rumors but is usefull to learn about new techniques and gear.Don’t pretend to be a Nikon market researcht. That would be too much.
        On porpouse Have you changed your name, Tom?

        • Pixelhunter

          In forums and blogs companies like Nikon or Canon try to promote new products through viral marketing, of course. But ideas discussed here will also be refound in the D900 or D5.

          The watch and photography industries are not easy to be compared: the rate of innovation is different. In the watch industry in is much slower. Especially true for simplier movements generally incorporated by companies such as Rolex.

        • Hhom Togan

          Think of this: a multi million company that spends millions of dollars in counter industrial espionage measures to not allow their competitors to get intel on their future products would allow “leaks” to happen? now expand it to every major camera brand, does it seem to you like a practice they would allow?.

          I know the PR world because I work with them often (mostly doing photos of CEO’s and their company stuff for annual reports), you wouldn’t believe the extent of the things they do to create brand awareness.

    • Yes, they are reading this site. Cannot tell if they are taking any feedback.

  • Kuhni

    D4 will start shipping at the end of january und the xqd-card will be shown in february?

    • Hhom Togan

      Cameras in this segment are always bought a lot and the production can barely cover the demand, thus most stores get waiting lists that last months (remember the D700 and the 5D MKII introduction? that kind of waiting list) sooo until then you can wait for the new card specification to hit the market :).

      • Any Anon

        Surely not for HOBOS 🙂

        • Hhom Togan

          You are a smart chap :)!!!

    • Richard

      …and hence the CF Card slot.

      “Late Jan” makes me wonder how many will be at the Super Bowl to showcase the indoor sports capability to the world.

  • sjms

    cast a wide enough net and your bound to catch something.

  • jimmyjonjamjam

    Not impressed.

    • Roger

      Me neither with the D4. But man I’m all over that D800 !!

  • D700guy

    I say bring em. I’m ready

  • broxibear

    Why are so many people concerned about how the D800 and D4 will match up to their Canon equivalent ?…is it just so you can say “My camera’s better than your camera” ?
    If you can afford to do it, and are willing to learn a new system, then it’s not particulary difficult to go from Nikon to Canon or vice versa…if you can’t for those reasons then just accept the situation. Camera manufacturers don’t make bespoke products, they make products that have to serve different types of photographers who work in different ways.
    As soon as Peter/admin posts 100% real images and specs this site will be inundated with complaints. Find the camera that’s right for you and the way you work, there’s never been a greater choice…if you can’t find the right camera then the problem is with you not the manufacturer.
    Reuters recently published their photographs of the year, most of them were take by photographers using the Mark II, some the D700…do you think these photographers were concerned that the dpreview test says the D3s has less noise at high iso ?
    Sometimes you’ve got to take a step back and remember why you love taking images. I know for me it’s got f*** all to do with how far apart the AF points are positioned or whether it has 18mp or 16.
    (sorry, that’s my Christmas rant over lol)
    Merry Christmas !

    • Charlie Martin

      +1 Broxi. I haven’t replaced my D80, rather I’ve spent the money on lenses and other equipment to compliment my camera. Eventually I will need to updgrade my camera and will probably replace it with either the D400 or D7k replacement. Until then, I’m very content to continue using my D80 which still continues to work extremely well.

    • Miguel Reznicek

      I think the main reason is that many of us have a sizable investment in (Nikon) lenses. This precludes switching over to Canon. Thus we are incensed when Canon might have better specifications during the next 3 or 4 years.

      • Yes, that’s the problem for all of us. All these switchers either have oodles of money or no lenses. Also some of us have sold our second camera, in my case the D700 when we thought the price might drop on the D800 announcement and we do need that replacement as we’re vulnerable on important shoots without a back-up. I looked at the D7000. Looks great but not FF and not good enough. Plus I’d sell it soon at a loss.

        • Rob

          So you’re complaining that you took a gamble and it didn’t pay off? And I don’t see how it matters how many lenses you have. They hold their value quite well, and you can simply trade with someone switching the other way. It’s actually amazing how little risk there is in lenses as an investment.

          • Who said I was complaining? And it’s no great gamble and it will pay off.

        • Mike

          So you sold your second camera on rumors that a new one may be available soon and you are now exposed because you don’t have a backup? Where do I start???

      • PeterO

        Incensed? Wow, that’s a pretty strong emotion. OMG, the DxO mark for that Canon is a full point higher than my Nikon. How could Nikon let me down like this?
        This is obviously no longer about taking photos, but measurebating. Yeah, most of us have a lot invested in lenses. Yeah we prefer Nikon’s ergonomics and yeah maybe they don’t communicate as well as they should but to be incensed because the other company has better specifications? We need a little perspective here or a better use of words. Sheesh!
        Broxi, you’re absolutely 100% right.

      • Switching systems is a pita. It’s not just the losses on lenses, or the effort to sell them, but having to adapt to a different camera manufacturer’s system of ergonomics and nuances in IQ. Even each lens has it’s own character.

    • The reason I’m curious to see how things compare is is because BOTH Canon and Nikon have a perfect opportunity here to fill a huge gap.

      Right now, both companies are predicted to be making their next “affordable full-frame” body with incredibly high resolution. The D800 is at 36 megapixels and the 5D mk3 is at 32-34. So for the most part, I’m sure those cameras will be neck-and-neck.

      HOWEVER, hypothetically, let’s say that Nikon were to put the D4 sensor in the D800 body, at $2999. About a year after the D4’s release.

      Or, assume that Canon takes the 1DX sensor and puts it in the 5D mk3, and also ads in the (now “old”) 45-point flagship AF system, for $2999.

      Either of THOSE cameras would be HUGE gap-fillers, if only one were made and the other company decided to ignore that market segment for a generation.

      Bottom line- If Nikon twiddles their thumbs with a “D4 sensor in a D800 body” but Canon makes a KILLER “5DX” type body, I would certainly be shooting with the “5DX” in a heartbeat.

      (I shoot for a studio, and they’d be buying the gear; I certainly would’nt be giving up my D700 for personal use!)

      In a nutshell, that is MY OPINION as to why it is “important” what Canon does in comparison to the D4 / D800.


      • Hhom Togan

        You are complicating things too much…

        Let me put it like this: when the 1D MKIII landed it was a huge fiasco because its AF sucked, pro’s knowing this switched to Nikon and most of them without complaining, they are busy trying to run a business and they don’t have time for BS, today if you absolutely need a high res camera you can grab a 5D MKII or used 1Ds MKII for great prices, this brand fap-fap loyalty is way stupid you see in the comments (except for a few like the bear here)…

        Also if you happened to buy Nikon lenses before the Tsunami you are in good luck because used lenses prices have gone up you are more likely to sell them for more than you bought them new, so switching won’t be a problem at all.

        Mind you that I am one to think that buying a camera to brag about it is just plain silly… professionals buy cameras because they need to work, the rest are the typical Dpreview kind of fellow who will fap looking at the boxes of their gear.

        Cameras are replaceable tools, I wouldn’t mind to switch to any brand as long as they have what I need, the rest of whining an complaining is just BS.

      • Rob

        With the exchange rate, you won’t get any new full frame for $2999 at release. If you are trying to suggest the equivalent of what they did with the D700 following the D3, the cost would be over $4000 for the smaller version (D800). And that applies to Canon as well. No one is going to take their flagship sensor and sell it in any body, no matter how stripped-down, for $2999. That’d be like them releasing the D700 at $1999 in 2008.

        No matter what sensor is in the D800, it WILL NOT be under $3499. I will be very surprised if it’s under $3999. I can’t believe there are still people that think it’s remotely possible for companies to price things based on a 2008 exchange rate. They would LOSE MONEY.

        • Toad

          Exchange rates are not everything – not by a long shot.

          First of all, companies hedge the rates. A Japanese company like Nikon, that has a huge market in the US, is going to protect itself against exchange rate fluctuations in lots of ways.

          Second, lots of Nikon expenses are in dollars, not yen. All their US advertising and distribution costs are paid in dollars, not yen, fopr example. And of course the part of the price that US retailers keep as profit is also in dollars.

          Finally, companies do worry about market share, and will take some amount of beating on exchange rates to keep their customer base. Having a Nikon user switch to Canon is a big loss to them in terms of future sales of bodies, lenses, whatnot.

          • Richard

            How very true, Toad.

            Additionally, everyone knows that increasing prices reduces sales. It’s basic economics. If the sales volume falls, it will cause problems for Nikon because their expenses will be amortized across fewer units if nothing else. It also potentially impacts sales of other items…lenses, flashes and so on, especially if the lost sales are transferred to a competitor.

            Nobody really knows what Nikon’s margins are and so it is very difficult to project just how a pricing change would impact the bottom line. Nikon is a smaller company than Canon and really can not afford a declining user base.

            It seems to me the most unpredictable part of all this is the availability and cost of sensors. It seems that Nikon have been unable to secure a sufficient supply of FX sensors on occasion which would lead to a contrary result on pricing. If demand exceeds supply, the pricing can be radically different. Canon have been able to produce sensors to meet the substantial demand for 5D MK II bodies and appear to be able to do so at lower cost than Nikon’s suppliers. That would indicate a need to change production processes and/or sources.

      • If they put a D4 sensor in a D800 body no one would pay $7K for a D4 when they can get the same IQ out of a $3K D800. Your suggestions just doesn’t make any sense to me, they would absolutely kill their high end market.

        You need to have different cameras at the different price points so you capture more consumers. Nikon and Canon are both going in the same direction. Lower priced, high MP cam and a high priced, fast shooter cam. You pick what you need and go with it, but many people will gravitate one way or another.

        • Any Anon

          But Nikon already did it with D3 & D700. D3 still managed to sell though its sales figures were effected due to D700.

          We could have seen a D700x too, but Nikon was stuck at the video issue. Time passed.

          It’s possible to see a D-something with D4 sensor about a year later.

        • I love it when people are this complacent and they just give up as if the camera companies are the federal government or something.

          As Any Anon mentioned, if it’s so “impossible” for Nikon to put a D4 sensor in a D800 body, then how come Nikon got away with making the D700? How come Canon got away with making the 5D mk2?

          I don’t think either of us knows Nikon’s sales figures or profit margins well enough to make an EDUCATED guess at whether or not it is more profitable for Nikon to go for volume at a lower price point. Unless you have information that I haven’t heard about.

          Neither do I believe the D4 will be $7K. Yeah, Canon’s 1DX is $6800, but the D3 and D3s are ~$5K. I think the D3s was $5500 at MSRP? I’d bet the D4 MSRP’s at $5500-$6500. It sounds like a ridiculous idea for Nikon to under-cut their direct competition when selling a potentially superior camera, but hey Nikon did just fine for YEARS in the pre-FX days when Canon was selling their 1Ds series at $8K and Nikon’s closest was the crop-sensor D2X at the same ~$5K.

          Either way, if the D4 is $6-7K, I wouldn’t be so silly as to expect Nikon to price a D4+D800 at much less than $4k.

          And, as always, they wait a year or so before releasing the camera. Just like Nikon waited a year before releasing the D700, and Canon waited a year before releasing the 5D mk2. Simple business tactic to maximize profits in both the high-dollar *AND* volume arenas.


          • Rob

            Because they DIDN’T do it with the D700. The release price of the D700 in today’s dollar is $4100. Not only that, but they were already getting ready to release the D3x, so the their $4100 camera wasn’t going to have their best sensor for more than a few months (though the D700 marginally beats it in low light, overall the D3x sensor is much better).

            And the D4 MSRP will not be under $6199. Somewhere between $6199-$6999.

            I’m not “giving in” to Nikon. I’m simply aware of reality (and economics). A lot of people here either aren’t aware of it, or think that if they keep hoping that they’ll alter said reality. Those people, including you, are going to be disappointed.

            • Toad

              No. It’s not $4100. It’s about $3150, since inflation has been about 5%, total since 2008.

              The exchange rate is much less important than you think, for reasons I described above.

      • Richard


        Part of what is perplexing is the apparent lack of a coherent product lineup to compete with Canon products across their entire lineup…does Nikon even believe it necessary to do so?

        So far it appears that Nikon has the belief that they do not have to. You might even go so far as to say “this is what we make, take it or leave it” is their attitude.

        Not surprisingly, quite a few people have some of each depending upon which tool does a particular job. I have noticed a number of “Nikon” shooters using Panasonic GH2 or 5D MK II cams for video. Take a memo Nikon.

        Professionals do what they have to do to get the job done. Amateurs tend to have less of a mixed environment and are probably less likely to jump ship when a new model comes out for budgetary reasons. Still, amateurs can be tempted to switch when a particular camera company has a pattern of meeting or not meeting particular needs.

        It is going to be interesting how things look a year from now. It may take that long for there to be clarity to emerge.


  • Is it just me, or, do those shots of the supposed D800, make it look like a crop sensor camera. It just looks so small?

    Could those pic’s be of Nikon’s version of the Sony A77?

    • Steve Knight

      @Ian regarding “Is it just me, or, do those shots of the supposed D800, make it look like a crop sensor camera. It just looks so small? Could those pic’s be of Nikon’s version of the Sony A77?”

      I thought I saw a post by MLammerse a few weeks back implying he thought the “D800” photos were of the D300S replacement. He didn’t come right out and say it that way though. Interesting times!

      I’d love to see on-sensor PDAF too on these new beasts to support continuos video AF like on my Nikon 1 V1, but it doesn’t sound like that is going to happen this go round? Am very interested in the AF improvements (even including face AF for action shooting). Can’t wait to hear more about D4/D800/D400, high ISO quality remains my most watched attribute for all three cameras.

    • Roger

      Is it just me or my PCE 24 will not work with this D800?

      • Anonymous

        Why not?

        • Roger

          I’m just wondering that, cause the Admin reported that it could be smaller than the D700. 24 PCE is sometimes obstructed in use with the D700.

  • Magnus

    What about the recently rumored AF-S DX 24/,8G? I’d consider that a far, far more important lens than just another 85mm. There’s not a single fast (f/2 or better) 24mm Nikon prime for a reasonable price today and that has autofocus. People need wider primes than 35mm on DX!

    This I’m saying despite the fact that I use nothing but FX nowadays…

    • One thing I’ve been saying for a while now is, I’d LOVE to see an FX 24 f/2. It shouldn’t be too much to ask, considering the size, weight and price of the 1977 AIS 24 f/2 that is actually quite sharp.

      Although at 24mm I don’t really need AF that much anyways, I might as well just buy the AIS (manual focus) lens! Classic metal lenses are awesome anyways.

      I’m looking forward to the 85 1.8 AFS-G though. I’ve been using the AF-D forever now and I just don’t care for the focus jitter compared to all the new AFS-G lenses. Hopefully a 135 f/2 AFS-G comes out in 2012 too!


      • 24 f/2 for me too. As for an affordable FX body, if the D800 is $4000, that is not so affordable. Perhaps it will be like the pricing on the SB910 strobe where the US price is less than the Japanese price when converted to $US.

        • If the D800 is $4K, which I think it very well might be, …that just opens the door for AT LEAST something along the lines of a D7000-ish FX body. Unfortunately, the quality and features of such a body probably wouldn’t cut it for me in my professional work situations, but I’m sure the body would still sell well at $2500 or so. Although that doesn’t really fit in with the D300s / D400 / D700 lineup pricing at the moment, but I’m sure something like that could work.


        • Andy

          >As for an affordable FX body, if the D800 is $4000, that is not so affordable.

          Affordable is one of those odd words that tells you a lot about the writer and not so much about the product. I’d but a Ferrari if it were “affordable”. Nikon will charge what the market will bear. Whether that is the price you want is another matter.

          Look at the bright side, it will be about as expensive as a Rolex and not last nearly as long.

  • Art

    A little Christmas song for everyone …..

    All I want for Christmas
    is my Nikon D800
    my D800,
    see my Nikon D800!

    Gee, if I could only
    have my Nikon D800,
    then I could wish you
    “Merry Christmas.”

  • studio460


    I for one, will be totally happy with “only” a 16.2 MP-count in a new D4, if the trade-off rewards me with improved dynamic range and increased sensitivity over the D3s, which I imagine it will. That’s the only likely reason for the modest pixel-count. The D3s is already so good, even a one-stop increase in dynamic range, and a half- to one-stop improvement in noise floor would entice me. I was almost ready to buy a D7o0 as a second body, but would be happy to buy a D4 instead, and relegate my D3s to second-body status.

    • studio460

      But, back to reality . . . of course, if the selling price of the D4 runs in the high-$6,000s (which I assume it will), then I’ll probably have to re-consider the D700 as a second body.

    • Roger

      “I for one, will be totally happy with “only” a 16.2 MP-count in a new D4, if the trade-off rewards me with improved dynamic range and increased sensitivity over the D3s”

      It wont. You dont get any “rewards” for only 16mp. D800 will have better DR (if Sony sensor is inside), just like D3x has better DR than D3 or D700.

      Nikon restricted the resolution to create larger separation between D4 and D800. That’s it.

      • studio460

        Why would you assume no increase in dynamic range in a new FX sensor implementaion by Nikon? Doesn’t the D7000 exhibit greater dynamic range than the D90? I’m not even talking about the D3x or D800–I’m interested in low-light performance, not high-MP count.

  • Carl

    Could some explain to me the advantages and disadvantages of a D800 with or without an antialiasing filter?

    • Roger

      Aliasing and moire without filter, no aliasing or moire with the filter.

    • Landscape Photo

      No-AA version is a wiser choice, since one can any time resort to stopping down more if moire reveals in an image; diffraction will simply work like an anti-aliasing filter in need. Another methods that come to mind are applying deliberate misfocus or slight motion blur, or simply using an AA-filter on Photoshop.

      While with the AA version you are stuck with that softening effect forever. Unless you’re someone that your work mostly consists of repeating human-made textures like fabrics, tiles etc, there’s not much need to consider this version.

      • Landscape Photo

        With 36mp resolution, most lenses under most conditions will hardly come close to nyquist frequency (which causes moire).

        Maybe if you shoot contrasty white fences in front of a dark shadow with a 50mm 1.4 @ f/2.8, yes some chromatic moire may be evident but who cares…

        Why disable some of sharpness & contrast for 100% of the time for something that may happen at 1% of the time in practice.

        • Roger

          And how do you get rid of aliasing that happens 100% of the time ?
          You cant…. No solution for it. No solution for moire.

          That’s why the good guys buy the D800 with AA filter. Is it January already, come on! 🙂

      • jodjac

        About the AA filter: too bad they can’t make it a switchable option in camera, like some cameras have ND filters built in. If A A can be done with software, why can’t it be done in camera on the fly? Then it could be turned off or lowered or dialed down in certain situations. That would be a neat feature. Those Mackey (sp?) lines are a pain. They come into play on the scanner flatbed, the contact print and now the digital negs.

        • Roger

          It cant be done with software, that’s the whole point. Software cant recreate the scene ruined by aliasing artifacts, no referance point, how’s the software supposed to know what the scene really looks like?

      • jodjac

        At Landscape Photo, the problem is that people mostly wear clothes (man made) and are often reluctant to take them off in front of the camera. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and the clothes fly off at the sight of a camera and sometimes they will take their clothes off for money but mostly people want to keep their clothes on when they are being photographed. What can you do? People have norms that you just have to work around. Make the best of it.

      • Carl

        Very helpful. Thanks all.

  • Cesar

    Still no news on the D900? 🙁

    • Any Anon

      Forget it, which is the tweener of D4.

      D800 = not enough improvement in high ISO for too much MP some of to be wasted

      D900 = good ISO but the only 16mp sensor from D4

      D400 = Dirty DX & 24mp with squeezed pixels yielding to noise, diffraction issues

      Yes I’m wating for D1000, the ultimate camera right at sweet spot, 24mp FX D800-shaped camera with ISO characteristics of D4.

  • Andrew T.M.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy D800 New Year! 😀

  • at the 8 thousand dollar range i will pass a bit steep for my pocket but i will enjoy it in my dreams

  • I see that Jessops have dropped the price of D3s and D3x by about £150.

    • studio460

      Interesting. Still holding at $7,999 and $5,199 USD for the D3x and D3s, respectively, here in the US (B+H).

  • ReezKhan

    Any clue the weight difference between D800 & D4?

    • Anonymous

      D800: 950-1000 g. (100g less than D700 due to demand)
      D4: 1500 g. (similar to D3, no demand to be less heavy, people who buy it will already want/accept it as is)

  • ChriSin

    36 x 3 = 12

    So it is one 36 megapixel sensor or three 12 mp sensors optimized for video (like foveon)?

    Im hoping the latter because 12 mp = perfect for possible 4K HD HDMI uncompressed out

    • Rob

      One 36MP sensor. It’s been discussed several times and confirmed by admin.

    • Roger

      Why buy still camera optimized for video? Still camera are supposed to be optimized for still photography and Nikon is doing just that.

  • Ajit

    Admin, do you think there might be an affordable sub-$3K full frame in the future?
    Would the D400 perhaps be what the D700 was in terms of it’s positioning in the hierarchy of models?
    I know it’s early days but just curious…

  • Hi NR – any idea for the D800/D4/D400 whether a new version of Capture, e.g., NX 3.0 will come out (requiring users to upgrade Capture 2 -> 3) or a free update to Capture 2 would come out ?

  • Crimed

    Perhaps you can debate the following because I’d interested in your perspective. I’ve got an investment in FX lenses and a d700. I want a second body, but I see that if you can get a d700, it’s now hitting $3k. Hard to justify that for something that may be looking obsolete, but it also might be the only thing to fill the FX price gap – probably why they’re disappearing in stores. Will something new fill the niche? My ideal camera would be FX, 2 card slots, lighter than a D700 but rugged, better dynamic range, 16mp is OK with a good fps rate (don’t mind using a battery grip because I can save the weight when I don’t need it) and a better menu system not designed by obsessive geeks. I don’t do studio work, and I don’t care a bit about video. Obviously that camera isn’t on the horizon so what would you suggest? I’m not rich and please….no snark!

  • Could someone tell me or predict what battery pack the D800 will use, the MB-D10 or MB-D11

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