Nikon D4 and a new lens announcement on January 6th, 2012

On January 6th, 2012 Nikon will have a major announcement. Expect the Nikon D4 and one new lens (probably AF-S 85mm f/1.8G). Friday is an unusual date for Nikon to introduce new products, but my understanding is that there will be press events scheduled in Las Vegas during the weekend before the PMA show that starts on January 10, 2012.

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  • WB

    O no! My D800!!

    Booo 😉

    • The name D800 is a guess, You are probably more likely to see those specs under the name D4X anyhow

      • fleeop

        nope. No ‘D4x’ would be released without a vertical grip.

      • keik

        Agree. The 800 will be mirorless.

  • kevin

    Nikon updated D3s from D3, soon they will update to D4 from D3s…. However, the D700 had no update for the last 3 years….

    If D4 price really come close to Canon 1Dx , it will be kind pricy. I just hope the D4 and D800 performance will justify the new price!

    • Tony5787

      If the specs for the D4 are correct, it seems like it will be a reasonable update to the D3s so I really can’t see it costing much more than those cameras did unless there are some unknown features driving up the price. The 1DX seems extremely over-priced for what it does and I feel like Nikon has been doing what it does on a smaller scale (due to the time that has passed since the D3s was released) for $2k less. The 1DX has more resolution but that is to be expected for a camera that is brand new versus one that is two years old. It will be interesting to see though what it really costs.

  • Fritz

    Can’t wait for the D4. I’ve been holding my cash for this new full frame body.

    • Franky

      Relax don’t do it. When you want to go to it. Relax don’t do it. When you want to come. Relax don’t do it. When you want to come!!

  • 700geek

    I have the impression that they do not get the 36MP for the D800 under control. Might have been more of a bite than they could chew.

    The D800 was due 12 months ago and now the D4 replacement comes earlier than the D800 …

    • nobody

      Just like the D3 came earlier than the D700…

    • HRGF

      I have the same feeling. People where expecting at least something similar to D700 and D800 cannot keep up to that. So back to the drawing board!

  • Chris

    Now im a happy guy…my daily walk around camera gear is complete. D7000, 24F2.8D, 35mm F1.8G, 50mm F1.8G, and soon hopefully the 85mm F1.8G if it is released…Would love an AF-S 24 F1.8G but that might be awhile. For my studio gear Hasselblad H4D-40:). Anyways hope the majority of everyone gets their wish of a D800 and D4!

    • Any Anon

      How about adding a 10-24mm Nikkor?

      • Chris

        I thought about that but I like primes since they are more compact and lighter for walking around and for me to my eyes they are sharper than zooms. Have you had good experience with the 10-24?

        • Yep. I do. I have 14-24mm f2.8 Nikkor. Really cool lens. Super wide. It nearly sees stuff behind you 🙂

          Sharp and great bokeh etc but can’t beat primes. Thats what I am thinking as well 🙂

  • Admin, ANY word on another lens release? 80-400, that consumer zoom that was supposed to be updated (hopefully 17-55 or 16-85), 70-200/4, etc, etc?


    • Looony

      My vote is for the updated 80-400.

    • Brian

      Nikon just refuses to give a decent 400 mm lens other then 200-400. Canon has 100-400 5/6 400 5/6 Nikon nothing.

      • mikils

        Nikkor 400 F/2.8, the king of the lenses

  • CAT

    Finally! 🙂

  • Rob

    Can we start the D5 speculation now?

    • pabs

      I’ve heard that it’s gonna have 72 megapixls, ISO 214000, 2 more dynamic range , full viewfinder, 5 fps, no built in flash, no GPS

    • D4Xing Ahead

      Wow wow wow! How about the D4x first? If there is such a thing?

    • I would have guessed 36mp, but it seems that number is already taken. 🙂 Let’s multiply by 3 again and the D4 will be 108mp putting Hasselblad out of business. 😛

  • Great job Admin! 🙂

  • Wilson M

    Nikon u are forgiven for being 3 days late for my birthday 🙂 i might need to do some breaking bad shit to raise funds though as im only gonna be 17

    • Tony5787

      Just get a D700…

      • Andy

        Quit being spoiled.

  • yakker

    Seems like perhaps the 36 megapixel D800 sensor is made at the submerged Sony Thai plant, but not the D4’s?

    • Anonymous

      Maybe that explains all.

  • Uslu

    I don’t get the whole no-gps thing.. it’s a stupid antenna even added in 100$ cellphones nowadays.. just do it already and stop trying to rip your customers off.

    • Spooky

      +1 / GPS and Wireless Camera Communication for the win!

    • Calibrator

      The problem with GPS is indeed the “stupid” antenna – or rather: The heavy duty magnesium casings on most Nikon DSLRs. At least to specialists, who claim that – like in cellphones – the antenna has to be either under plastic or be part of the outer shell to get good reception.
      People would complain to no end if their new D4 features a large patch of plastic right on top of it…
      And Nikon certainly didn’t rip me off when I bought an external GPS for my D7000 from a different company…

  • Trent

    Hoping for a new 300 F4 sometime soon…

  • Cesar

    Oh no… a new yummy lens! What to do with my current 85 f1.4D? Hope the 1.8G isn’t better than that (or at least as expensive)!

  • D700guy

    All I can say, is I have my finger on the trigger. When these are available for pre-order, my hammer is comin down baby.

  • According to this woman on TechRadar (who is quoting from Nikon Rumors), she says that the D4 will start shipping in January. I don’t ever remember reading about a release date for the D4 on here.

  • hardline

    will everyone stop moaning that there is no d700 replacement, and that the price of the D4 is too much. Nikon has to satisfy the pros first, and to get the D4 out ready for Olympics and other sporting events this year, it has to happen early next year. If you can’t hold a big camera or afford it then its not for you. Its perfect for what I needed, so will get one ASAP and maybe another later in the year…

    • Anonymous


    • ProsOnly

      That post is only to say to the world how wealthy you are? pathetic… Same speach with cars? funny you.

      • hardline

        well I don’t own a car, haven’t for about 15 years, they have too much negative impact on the environment and don’t agree with the dependence on oil, causes wars etc, I believe the west should reconfigure itself so it can be self-sufficient (in food, water and energy) .

      • hardline

        What you have failed to understand is that I am speaking on behalf of the company that I created and run, a picture library that I also shoot for and prefer to use Nikon products. That’s the problem with this site – most of the users seem to be gear junky amateurs who want pro-level gear for P&S price. Go out and improve your craft to the level where you are then able to set-up and run a successful photographic business, and I’m not talking about a tin-pot weddings and seniors effort, try a B2B set-up selling to high-end ad agencies and magazines. Maybe then you too could sell one image for multiple-tens-of-thousands of dollars and then you might understand how pathetically whiney the majority of people on this site sound.

  • page

    hi Admin: is there any patent file or released for 85mm 1.8G?

    • no, I have not seen any patents for the new 85mm f/1.8G lens

      • page

        so, unless the patent comes out before the product got released, it’s not gonna be 85mm 1.8G?

  • Zoltan

    i’m afraid it will be pink with yelow dots D3100 & brown with green dots 18-55 kit lens…

  • Paulo G

    D400 in March??? Is it a rumor or only a guess? Please Adm., answer my question. D400 would be the perfect body to upgrade from my D200 (it’s like a part of me but has some important limitations…). Sorry about my English but is not my native language…

    • PeterO

      Hi Paulo G
      I believe Admin and Thom have both mentioned that the D400 will come out later in the year, possibly in March. One of the problems was that the plant in Thailand that would have produced it, was flooded. My guess is that it will continue to be a DX sensor and will use the the Sony 24MP that the A77 is using. Wishful thinkers would like to see the D3s sensor in the D400, but there’s no way that such a camera could be produced for that particular price point (around $2K). I also suspect that after seeing the A77 results, Nikon went back into the kitchen to cook up better results.

    • Too early to tell, as we already saw with the D800, Nikon can change their schedule in the last moment.

  • Mourie

    the d4 will be pricey, due to the fact of all the troubles nikon is passing from japan to thailand to world recession

    as pricey is that new ugly mini thingie they came out with

    d4 gonna cost a bank loan
    good luck !

  • Dave

    It seems like there’s a much bigger hole in the lens lineup for a fast 24mm AF-S DX lens than the 85mm. My friends who have all bought D5100’s to take pictures of their kids can’t buy a fast moderately wide lens in anything close to their price range. A 24mm f/1.8 would be the first prime lens I’d recommend they buy. It’s just such a great general use focal length on a DX camera. I love the 24mm 2.8D on my D300, and the only reason I haven’t bought the 1.4 is that I’m holding out for the 35mm f/1.4 if Nikon releases D700s type camera.

  • Steve Starr

    I’d like to see something more revolutionary in lens design like a 6-14mm f/2.8 to go with their current gold-ring FX series.

  • Joel Coulson


    I really do wish people would quit the moaning and just go out and improve their technique and enjoy what gear they have in the mean time. If you can’t enjoy photography until you’ve got a yet to be released camera in your hands, then you need to rethink as why you picked up photography in the first place.

    • Seems like your moaning about people moaning?

  • Quite Frankly I’m excited Nikon is coming out (hopefully) with a couple of new FX bodies. However, I am STILL THRILLED with my two year old D700, and my now four year old D300!
    I have more than enough pixels to shoot and print anything I want, at just about any size. I use the proper discipline whenever possible — tripod, remote, MUP, etc., etc. And, don’t even get me started on the fabulous high ISO capabilities of the D700! Just incredible.
    So, I’m waiting to see what pops out of the oven at Nikon, though I will admire it from afar unless Nikon makes it to difficult to resist. At that point, I sell the D300 and the 18-200VR, and plunk the cash down towards the new whatever — hopefully a 24mp D800 maybe?

  • John Rork

    I am aching for the D800 with a 36 MP sensor and no anti-aliasing filter.

    Why? Because I want to print my digital negatives at the Epson base of 360 DPI, (i.e. no conversion.) I have the 24mm tilt-shift and want to take some near far shots to print on palladium, and perhaps a single gum layer as appropriate. I used to shoot large format, and have missed the movements terribly. With the tilt-shift and resolution I hope to get similar results, but with the flexibility that is afforded through digital via post-processed black and white conversions.

    Am I a pro? No, but I am passionate about creating the most beautiful and powerful images that I can using alternate processes, and for that the D800 appears the perfect camera for me. (If I were either truly wealthy or mad as a hatter, I would go for a Phase One IQ180 and a view camera. Unfortunately, I am not that wealthy, and fortunately, I am not that insane.)

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