Weekly Nikon news flash #141

  • Jessops UK offers "exclusive online discounts" on the Nikon D3x and D700.

  • According to DCWatch, the Nikon D90 is the 2011 #2 top selling product in the electronics and camera category on Amazon Japan with 70,000 units sold (#1 was Apple's iPod).

  • Japanese company introduced several different adapters for Nikon 1, including one for EOS lenses (pictured above).

  • Nikon-Walkley Awards Sport Montage 2011:

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  • dgs

    what’s the ISO range of the watch? And how many Megapixels?

    • +1

      • Not Surprised

        Maybe they use good glass for the crystal.

        • Not Surprised

          I actually would like this watch, if it didn’t have the Nikon logo.

          • Canon troll alert

            Just an FYI for the noobs. “not surprised” is a well known troll. Ignore him. He’s just jelly his Canon can’t autofocus.

            • preston

              @ Canon troll alert

              Why would you feel the need to point this out to a post that was not Nikon bashing in the least? First of all, I’ve read NikonRumors daily for the last 2 years and can name at least 5 or 6 trolls, but this Not Surprised is definitely not one of them. Secondly, I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw that watch. Nice watch, but too bad it says Nikon on it. Sorry I don’t feel the need to give them free advertisement.

  • marco alvarez

    NR Administrator: Can you get a nikon watch on another free giveaway like you have with other items?

    • dgs

      yep. give a watch to marco and a D4 to me.

    • Rob

      Admin doesn’t choose what advertisers offer him. And I don’t think Nikon needs any more advertising on a site that is already a big, free advertisement for them.

    • There is no way for me to buy it from Russia.

      • John Richardson

        For $189. I am not sure it is such a good deal. If it was 1/2 that I would get one for fun.

  • Paul

    I’m surprised that the D90 was still selling that well in Japan this year. No love for the D7000?

    • Worminator

      I’m surprised that there’s four dSLRs in the top 10, (D90, D3100, X4, X5) and no mirrorless. I was just remarking earlier today that most people you see wandering around these days in Japan seem to be carrying MFT cameras rather than dSLRs.

      Still the data is for Amazon.co.jp. Most people buy higher end cameras – or cameras that are new to them – from a camera store like Map, or at least in person at an electronics store like Yodobashi. Amazon is for “known quantity” purchases, so will skew to reliable, well known models like the d90 and Canon X series.

    • wublili

      D90 has been selling on really low price everywhere during the year, maybe that’s the reason ? (don’t know what was the price in japanese amazon)

      I know many people who bough D90 this year because of the nice deals that were offered.

      • Worminator

        D90 + 18-105 was available for 70,000 yen at a couple of points this year, slightly higher now, 90,000 yen at amazon.co.jp today.


    only idiots and poor people still use FILM

    • D-RiSe

      Well… i’m not poor so thanks for calling me an idiot……

    • Rob Ueberfeldt

      Film is more expensive than digital (unless you include disposables).
      People use film because they choose to. Motion film might be changing the subject, Christopher Nolan is neither poor nor an idiot, he chooses film over digital as it’s simpler to operate the cameras meaning less shoots are lost. He used both digital and film for the important stunt scenes that couldn’t be reproduced, he was shooting film as a back up to digital. He quickly realised the film was as usable as the digital shots, when the cost of operating both types of cameras became too much he simply dropped the digital side. I don’t think people stopped using film because it was inferior, increasing costs and lack of support did that.

    • paf

      only the rich and educated make generalizations….

    • Z L

      So now we know who is real fool and idiot is, tsk tsk, it would better if you kept your mouth shut forever and start using yr brain for the first time in your life, thank you. 🙂

      (Best Comment)

    • nah

      yes all the experts detest high resolution and dynamic range

    • Peter B

      Have fun archiving your digital files.

    • Troll Win!

      LOL and all the film guys come out of hiding. Feel their rage at being left behind.

      • Rob Ueberfeldt

        @Troll Win!
        Haven’t used film since I was 20, that was 24 years ago. If that and replying to Wedding Kings comment makes me an enraged film guy so be it. But really, film will always have its uses.

  • broxibear

    Not sure the Jessops “offer” is up to much considering you can buy the D700 cheaper at Mifsuds, Calumet, Amazon, PIXmania and Dixons.
    The D3x is also cheaper at WEX and Calumet http://www.calumetphoto.co.uk/eng/product//355-999A

    • Tiger1050Rider

      since when has Jessops ever been ‘the cheapest in the UK’ for and Nikon SLR/DSLR kit?

      Actually, in 1978, they were the cheapest by a few quid for a Nikkormat FT3. Since then? Nah!

    • SkintBrit

      My thoughts exactly! Sounds like another DFS sale to me.

  • I want the watch! Maybe some Russian with buy a bunch and offer them on eBay.

  • Leon

    Btw this one of Nikon Russia watches quite interesting!

  • Found this while searching for “Nikon Watch”… Not a timepiece.. But damn funny.


  • Where can I buy one of them watches in the US… yes I would like to win one, but I’m never lucky like that…

  • Ron Scubadriver

    Yea I want a watch. I could use one to tell the time from time to time. I wonder if it would fit on a sausage.

    • That’s lewd. It seems that I am as famous as KR now some around here are impersonating me. Help me feed my growing family, LOL.

      • Ron Scubadriver

        What?? I’m pretty sure our names are completely different. I had no idea anyone else shared a name that sort of resembled mine. Don’t assume the whole world revolves around you. It doesn’t. If it bothers you that your name is vaguely like mine, think up another avatar.

        • What is the problem with my avatar? It is just a Victorian style house. Scubadriver, scubahammer, so what? I bet you are too scared to go diving. Let’s go down to 50 meters so I can watch you panic. I know girls with more guts than you have.

          You have elevated me to Ken Rockwell levels, thank you.

          • WoutK89

            pssst, don’t feed the trolls

            • Good idea!

            • Ren Kockwell

              But it was so damn funny! “I wonder if it would fit on a sausage.” I did a spit take!

  • John

    How can you mount a 135L to Nikon J1 ?.

    • say_fuji

      Get J1 + 135 L + four adaptors, namely 5015 +7879 +7923 +7157, set the camera in M mode, then some eye-hand co-ordinations… may be difficult for some people from above though…

      • John

        Where can I buy those adapters ?.

        • John

          Nevermind….saw the link from a Japanese company.

    • Anonymus Maximus

      Agree, I could understand a 17mm shift or something else that is not in the Nikon inventory. But a 135?

      • preston

        Canon doesn’t have mirrorless body. If you already have Canon lenses, then you would use adapters to mount them on your J1 or whatever other mirrorless camera you have.

  • hotubei

    they sell that watch for $200 here, anyone interested? there’s actually a more “descrete” nikkor version [img]http://www.nikonmarket.ru/i/20/920_2006.jpg[/img] for, like, $135 :))

    • hotubei

      image doesn’t show up, but you can manage copy/paste I believe… I’m not scamming here, and not associated with that shop. You can actually send them a question to shop@nikon.ru, maybe they will be able to ship it out of Russia.

  • tharealmb

    i only want a nikon watch, if it has a Diaphragm that actually works. like at 1 o clock its fully open, and at 11 o clock its allmost completely shut

  • iamlucky13

    No price is known yet on the grip for the J1, but they’re going to have to work very hard to convince buyers that a grip that costs less than the fancy $80 Nikon version is anything more than just a lump of plastic sticking off the side of the camera.

    (for the sarcasm impaired, the above was not intended to be taken seriously).

  • Anonymus Maximus

    @ Admin

    I simply love that the news flash started with a flash!

    • lol, did not even think about that 🙂

  • plug

    Love the watch! Nikon UK, are you listening? You never have any Nikon merchandise: T-shirts, watches etc, etc. So when you have your occasional customer surveys why do you bother to ask whether we would be interested if you are just going to disappoint us? 🙁

  • Dweeb

    More like Weekly Nikon Flash News.

  • broxibear

    Behind the scenes Dara Nikon 1 advert http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMxcKr663OE

  • MrJava

    “Nikon branded watches” Ugh! I love my camera but there’s no way in hell I’d wear a Nikon branded watch.

  • @Admin: in the video about the experiment at MIT, the camera in the background is a Canon Rebel of some sort, and the lens shown in close up at around 49 seconds is definitely a Sigma midrange zoom. Either the 28-70/2.8 or a 24-70/2.8. Not Nikon or new.

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