How to lose $1200 in 25 seconds

Yes, we have that too - this is the Nikon version of the 24 seconds 5D Mark II destruction video:

"I was filming on a hot spring in Utah, when a gust of wind pushed my two months old Nikon D7000, that was mounted on a tripod, into the hot sulfur water. The lens broke off immediately so that the water and mud could enter the camera body. Mud and water all over the mirror, the sensor and so on. I destroyed 1250$ in 25 seconds and what I got in exchange was this unique footage with six weird stills after the impact "

Maybe B&H will replace this camera as well?

Via Nikonites

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  • Solenzara

    I very bored about that.

    I saw water…water…water…and after a few seconds nothing. Where is the joke? What´s special?

    Ok…the camera droped down. Its that all? Do you know how often that happens? … times!

    You have made a mistake. Buy another one and shut it into the direction of Mars. This will be a very interesting film.

    • thery

      ? What’s wrong with you

      • maybe hes right and hes bored.
        i dont give a shit about those stupids photographers.

    • real

      i agree with everyone here. what is so funny and so proud to show this clip. i’m not gonna buy it. i just feel sorry about why you make laughing to your belove camera when it died.

  • Jk

    Tell this story to people that have crashed fighter jets, a car or gotten an expensive item stolen etc…

    This situation is far from unique. I dropped my D3 and the repair was $1500, ok maybe I am just an old cynical person… My apologies, I just sometimes people get obsessed with photo equipment and act like it is something unique.

  • !$

    Way too long of a beginning… Ok I get it, pictures of the camera would help make this story legit. For all we know it is a p&s camera and some guy trying to look hardcore

    • John

      There is a pic of the camera posted on the source

  • Dan

    What about the stock market? There is how to lose money quickly if not careful

  • Foo

    In other news:
    “Rice bag fallen over in China. Stock markets seem to remain calm despite of this incident.”

  • joh93

    what a LAME guerrilla marketing JOKE

  • Ken

    pity, I have a D7000 and would hate that to happen. All the folks on here griping about the video…what’s up…it’s not about your precious D800? well why not make it into a D800 thread like all the others? let me start…”new Nikon D800 on test is so light it was blown off a senior Nikon Director’s window ledge into his hot lagoon in his garden…critics that witnessed the accident say it was the new sleek design that made the wind catch it easier….” ….D800 blah blah blah…to fade…ad naseum..blah..
    all all this crap about crashed cars, planes….seriously…wtf…? are you on the planet earth?….to try put your comparison into perspective for your narrow D800 FOV, you gripe about wanting a new D800 or D4 or whatever….what about the wants of those without food..! don’t compare something so small with something so big, it makes you look like an idiot as I do now with that comparison, but just trying to respond to comparing a D7000 falling into water and been destroyed to a fighter plane crash? …lol..! adios.
    Poor guy, unfortunate, I hope it was insured somehow…

  • chris farley

    well I would do an extra ensurance on any things at that price point. this costs about 50-70 euros extra but such self caused things are covered, =)

  • agree with nick


  • Nitpicker

    Me is insured.
    Me rest ezy.

  • lamo

    What tripod was the camera mounted to?
    What brand/model?
    Maybe lightweight carbon-fiber?
    Nice to know, so that I don’t buy it!

  • 103David

    Hey, everybody, lighten up! While it’s true we could do without the way-too-long lead in, it’s still a funny and human thing to do. STUFF, like say a D7000 or a Lotus Elan, is transitory. You use it up and go on to something else.
    HELLO, it’s just STUFF!
    As we write this, I can cite more than one Nikonos camera happily resting at the bottom of the sea. My father used to tease me about tracking me around the world by the trail of swamped Nikonos cameras therein.
    The real-life re-telling of the stories of their loss is worth far more than the value of now obsolete cameras…it’s just stuff.
    Hey, fan-boys. They’re all just tools…get off the computer and get our there and do it!
    Love, David

  • Stanley77

    Maybe a site just for ‘Folks with too Much Money and Very Little Sense.’ I would bookmark it. NOT

  • RondoX

    What!? 25 seconds!? That long… A 60D falls from a tripod in under 15!

    …switching to Canon.

  • Don’t like this post since I own both the D7000 and 5D Mk II.

  • $15 sandbag on tripod would have saved $1200 camera.

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