This is it for 2011, something big is coming in January 2012

Nikon is done with the new products announcements for 2011. Something really big is coming in January 2012 - Nikon has bought space for a LOT of ads in big photography magazines for January 2012. I know they use to advertise a lot, but in this case, the extremely high amount of ads next month is a sign that they plan to reveal something big. Since we are talking about professional photography magazines, I can only think of the D800 and maybe even the D4 and not a consumer level camera. On the lenses front, we are still waiting for a new 18-300mm DX lens and a new AF-S 85mm f/1.8 lens. The Coolpix line will also be upgraded, probably in February, with a replacement for the Nikon Coolpix P300 that will have a new 24-100mm f/1.8-2.6 equivalent lens.

Today the French website published an article called "Des annonces produits Nikon début janvier 2012. Et une dispo en février" which translates to something like "Nikon product announcement at the begining of January, 2012". The post is now removed, but you can still see it when you Google it (unfortunately Google did not cache it):

Announcement at the beginning of January makes sense because the PMA show will take place on January 10-13, 2012 in Las Vegas and Nikon can get a lot of publicity for their new products.

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  • James

    Please, something soon. I’m hoping for a D800 or D700s/x. I’ve been waiting a long time to replace my Polaroid Sun 600. Unfortunately the Polaroid Sun 600s or 700 never came. Same thing happened with my Kodak Instamatic 100 too. The 100s turned out to be another myth. Guess this is life in the camera world… 🙁

  • WB

    D800!!! D800!!! D800!!! D800!!!
    D4!!! D4!!! D4!!! D4!!! D4!!!

    My D700……..GONE!!!

    😀 😀

    • Relax grasshopper. Like my friends asked me: what are you going to do with your D700, if you buy a new body ? R U F***ing kiddin’ me ? D700 is a great camera. I will never give it away. Better then one body, are two, and better then two are 3. Less lens changes, etc.

      So easy up on selling your cameras, generaly speaking…

    • Steve

      Go ahead and sell. You will be luck if the new Nikon D4, D400, D800 is a colouring book and crayons the way Nikon is going.

  • Bey

    Talking with a very respectable dealer, he said they got reliable information that the D800 would be in store April 2012. He did not hear anything of an announcement date.

    My guess is D800 in January/February and D4 a month or two later so it will be available for Olympics 2012.

    • Looking at Nikon history, and i say this regarding the time line from the last, let’s say ten years, I won’t belive they will launch a semi-pro model before the new flagship top of the line.

      I mean D700 is a smaller and cheaper D3. Ok, I understand the rumors of the D800 being a high count MP camera, but it is strange, and I don’t see the point. The new high count MP camera should be the successor of the D3X.

      Anyway, all of us can talk for days and make all the assumptions, but will never know for sure what Nikon is planning, so we must gather all our patience and we’ll see…

      • Samuel

        100% agree to DJ Shell!!

      • Worminator

        Something like the F5 to F6 transition, we come to the point that it’s not absolutely necessary for a top-of-the-line camera to have the built-in grip. Some will prefer it, but from a technology standpoint, the extra volume is no longer required – except to achieve the very last word in fps.

        The high resolution camera will be D700 sized, the high speed camera will be D3 sized, but they are first among equals rather than the former being seen as a derivative of the latter.

        What I’m trying to say it it’s quite likely we’ll see the D4 and D800 released near or at the same time, and the D800 could well come first to give the D4 a clear run in the sun up to the Olympics. The D4 will also be released with some Olympic-scale pro lens updates. Nikon has been saving up the ammunition all through 2011 for this. That’s my bet anyway.

        • If you didn’t notice Nikon is a pretty traditional oriented company.

          Second, not only the grip makes a camera pro or semi pro.

          The extra volume gives the best ergonomics, the best stability, the best weight balance, and the best housing for good battery, thus power etc. Think more when you analyze from the lazy point of view “i want a ferrari in the size of a smart” – COME ON !!!

          I HATE THE NOT 100% viewfinder. I want a 100% viewfinder, like D3, D3s, D300, not the stupid cropped one like in D700. Built in flash is nice for master control, but I so rarely use it. I have enough SB units. So if the built in flash stands between having a 100% viewfinder and a cropped one, I say take out that crappy built in flash.

          Nikon will decide what and when will announce. We are all just waiting…it’s hard, but that’s life…

      • +1

        That’s what I thought too, the D4 is coming for the 2012 London Olympics for sure adn my guess that’s what we are going to see soon.
        What’s next in the pipeline is difficult to say, D800 or D400?

      • +1

        Forgot to mention also the new Canon 1D X is coming soon too so that may be another reason for Nikon to put in a kill blow on Canon around Jan/Feb 2012.

        Further on, Canon do also have to come out with 5D mkIII soon and Nikon may want to wait as the D700 successor would probably lean closer towards and compete with 5D mkIII, eg. high Mp and great video features.

  • sterne29

    I’m surprised that Nikon does not offer anything before Christmas. There are a lot of sales at that time. Nikon will only see the Sony or Sony in the gifts? it might be smart for them to announce something soon?

    • Bey

      To b honest, there will not be that much Sony either. They were also unfortunate enough to be severely harmed by the Thailand situation. I agree that they have a stronger line-up for Christmas than Nikon, but it is not amazing even though their products seem nice enough.

      I think Nikon are happy they were able to release the V1 and J1 models. Though they were met with a lot of skepticism, their performance have been acknowledged by most reviewers. The main problem they have is the slightly too high price as compared to its rivals.

      • PHB

        The Xmas market is all about consumer. D800 will be sold out for most of 2012. Dont expect supply to meet demand for many months.

        The Nikon 1 is this years xmas focus. Nikon were damn lucky that was not harmed.

    • ISP

      Focus is on grand public products this season… The Nikon ONE the main attraction for christmas… Next year will be a diffrent ball game ! 🙂

      • Worminator

        Nikon 1 is this years consumer holiday product, and was a very large effort for Nikon.

        Next year will see incremental refreshes in the consumer dSLR space, most obviously the d7100.

    • Ninpou

      Maybe Pros don’t wait for Xmas for equipment purchases? (^_^)

  • Been there guy

    It’s just the Nikon 2 release, nothing to be excited about!

    • SameOldShit!

      No, no… Nikon will release a point n shoot at 36 MP. That will be the BIG announcement for the coming year. Yawn…

      • Not Surprised

        Its going to be…………. a PRINTER.

        *womp womp wooooomp*

  • Forget the D800, I’ll be patiently waiting for the affordable version of the D4. I hope to see it within 12 months of the D4 announcement, just like the D700 followed the D3.

    Nikon isn’t stupid, they’re not going to let their ONLY affordable DSLR be 36 megapixels and >$3K. The D4 will come next year in time for the summer olympics, and 11-13 months later we’ll see a D700-like version of the D4.

    If not, I’ll be saving up for a used D3s and that’ll be my camera till kingdom come. So I’m not worried either way! Just give me that dang 85 1.8 AFS-G, and maybe a new affordable wide prime too!

    D700 + D3s and 24 f/1.8 (or f/2) + 85 1.8 (or f/1.4 I suppose) = all the new gear I’ll ever need for the rest of my career as a wedding / portrait photographer, unless Nikon does something TRULY awesome eventually.


    • AnoNemo

      The D4 has to be here before june 2012. (Hint: Eurocup)

      • And they must hold their place and their image, and don’t upset a tone of people, by not taking out a big gun competitor for Canon’s 1Dx…

    • Rob

      It might not be 36 MP, but their most affordable full frame will almost CERTAINLY be above $3000. The price of the D700 at announcement ($2999.99) at today’s exchange rate would be $4122.10. If you really think they are going to charge less than 75% what they charged for their previous low-end full frame, you are dreaming.

  • Hoser

    Forget Nikon and their announcement games.
    I am getting a d700 for Christmas I bought 3 months ago before the refurbprice = new cameraprice took effect.

  • Todd

    What would really be “it” is if they FINALLY give us an updated 80-400mm!

    • RG

      Yes please!

    • Sue

      Pretty please! Been waiting a long long time for that lens, or similar such as 100-400 or 120-450.

  • My sentiments exactly.

  • Hmmm… Don’t like having my Christmas present late. 🙁

  • Interesting the new 85mm…. waiting for a price! 😉

    • Ayden

      Price = Expensive

  • I am still waiting for the 40 to 400 replacement. It seems years overdue!

  • broxibear

    As well as CES Jan 10th – 13th in Las vegas there’s the Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) Feb 9th – 12th in Tokyo …Maybe you’ll get the D800 at one and D4 at the other ?
    Should be in an interesting few weeks, Fuji will be announcing their new mirrorless and who knows we might see Canon’s mirrorless too.

    • yes, and the only way to get your new products on those shows is to announce them before…

  • Ric

    That’s it. I’ve had enough!

    I’m switching……

    from Fruit-of-the-Loom to Haines.

  • D700guy

    I’m glad the price of a pro camera IS high. It not only tells me that you are getting something of value, but that not everyone out there will be using one as well.

    • Rob

      Why do you care what other people use? Elitism?

  • juicebox81

    so freaking glad i bought my D700 4 weeks ago.

    I got it.. and told myself that I wouldn’t be upset after the D800 was announced regardless. I haven’t looked back. I’m still excited about the D800 announcement but now I can go to Christmas parties and be that creeper cousin/uncle that takes pictures of everybody and tell them not to mind my big ass camera…. hahahaha.

  • zoetmb

    January photo magazines are already on the stands. Perhaps you means magazines which close the issue in January, which actually means March-April cover dates. Even for a February issue (which hits stands in January), Nikon would have already had to supply the ads, which means whatever was in them would have leaked.

  • The french guy who posted these news, has just said it’s a joke !!!!


    • Malkolm

      “Je suis une blague” means I’m a Joke.

      He posted this for his birthday, to make it funnier!

      • If he was a joke, why did he remove the post? Beginning of January 2012, mark my words.

        • Herve

          He says that he removed the post because even though his close friends on Twitter guessed it was a joke, when his girlfriend found the post she moderately appreciated the joke. They decided that it was better to remove the post.

  • In an earlier post admin told us he had image sampels from the D 800 ( ). I would love to be able to see theese samples as I am very curious about the image quality. Is this possible admin?

    • Cannot publish them.

      • eugene

        Dear Admin,

        Ok, you cannot publish the samples. But, can you say your comments about the image quality. (Except the answer with “no comment” 🙂 )

  • Andrew

    I haven’t read through all the (many) comments, but January issues come out in Decmeber either an announcment is soon or maybe it’s just Christmas?

    Another possibility is that after a clean up in Thailand Nikon needs to get the cash flow going again.

  • photo-Jack

    Hey admin
    must have been a tough year for you too, not only for Nikon. After all getting some bits and bytes and then they pull it away – I guess by just being silent and not replying anymore. I don’t blame you for the constant changes. At least we can have an image and an outlook (the specs you published) to at least have an idea of what we are waiting for.
    I guess you are sure tired of all the complaints from your blog readers and probably also from getting “good advices”. Nevertheless I try to communicate an idea: How about just in general telling your sources that coolpix and Nikon one wouldn’t be considered as “big” announcements by your target group. That verbal differentiation would help you and us too in having a better feeling for what to expect if any event is on the horizon.

    • I want to discuss all this after the camera is announced, now is my rumor against the rest of the world 🙂

      • jodjac

        I think you are doing a great job. Thank you for the spec sheet. I enjoy reading many of the comments in this blog- trolls are a negative and sometimes carry the tune. These days the temperment seems much friendlier. For that, I salute you! Happy Holidays!

      • jb

        Keep up the good work admin.

  • Matias

    here nikon mexico announced for sale nikon D800 in march and D4 in July

    • Ooops

      Can you provide a link to this announcement please, thanks

      • Matias

        not a link in the web site you must go to the headquarters in reforma 222 mexico like me, i go to clean my lenses and i ask for news cameras to come and they tell me that’s all

      • Matias

        i foud the paper i wrote whit the specificacions they told me
        anounced in junuary
        d800 FF
        36.2 MP
        native resolucion 7360×4912
        pixel size 23,9 microns
        3.5″ lcd screen
        1080@30 fps and 24 fps
        720 @60 30 and 24 fps
        1 cf
        1 sd
        6400 native iso
        51,200 max iso
        pop up flash
        .72 x viewfinder

      • Matias

        anounced in march or april
        18 or 20 MP FF
        new af sistem
        3.5″ screen swivel
        new battery
        same video specs d800
        2 cf
        25,600 native iso
        stupid max iso
        no flsh
        better Weather sealed
        and better dinamic range

        • KnightPhoto

          Thanks Matias. All of the specs and prices you indicate for the D800 and D4 have the ring of truth about them.

          I just wish the timing was far sooner…

        • Do you think we belive this ?

          Nikon must stand up to the 1Dx. I don’t think they can’t get the same or higher FPS rate, or iso performance, putting more pixels then Canon on the same area sensor. So Nikon D4 or whatever the name will be, must have or tend to have de 12 FPS and the 51200 native iso. I don’t care about boost steps.

          To do that I don’t think nikon will come with more then Canons 18 MP…

          Maybe Nikon will come with 16 MP.

          D5000 D90 D300 D700 D3 D3s – all 12 MP

          D5100, D7000 – 16 MP…so…why not FF 16 MP, and beat Canon 1dx high iso performance, and be again top lord of darkness as they still are with D3s.

          AND I SAY STILL, cause i haven’t yet seen a fullsize sample of the 1Dx high iso steps…

        • jodjac

          That’s sounds like a really nice camera!

      • Matias

        D800 for 60,000 pesos mexicanos approx. only body
        D4 for 85,000 to 90,000 pesos mexicanos only body
        that’s all

        • jodjac

          So, 7k in american dollars? Not bad for the King of Cameras!

  • Ralph

    Yeah, big announcement…. No D800 is near future….

  • PeterO

    Since there won’t be any more announcements, how about a contest for NR readers? We all guess which camera will come first, D4, D800 or D400. All of those who voted for the specific camera that does come out first get their name in a draw to win that camera! All others win a Coolpix case (sorry AnoNemo).

  • Jc

    This is when FOR SURE Nikon will Start production again…
    And this is the why.
    You can follow the whole story on news.

    4th Notice on the damage from the flood in Thailand
    December 1, 2011

    This is to advise you of the latest situations of Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a consolidated manufacturing subsidiary of Nikon Corporation in the Rojana Industrial Park in Ayutthaya Province located in Central Thailand, which is suffering damages from the flood.

    Latest situations
    Water pumping-out by the Rojana Industrial Park authority around Nikon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has completed on November 26. Following this development, we are putting all our energy into restoring infrastructure and production equipment of the factory aiming for some part of factory operation to resume from January 2012. Alternative and limited production at our partner factories in Thailand has started earlier than expected, and we have started shipment of certain digital SLR cameras and interchangeable lenses since November 30.

    Estimated impact to our business performance
    The impact of the flood to our business performance for the financial period ending March 31, 2012 is estimated, within the scope of our current findings and understanding, to push down net sales by 65 billion yen and operational income by 25 billion yen due to sales opportunity loss. While this estimation remains unchanged from our announcement on November 4, we assure you to immediately advise new findings once it is judged there will be an important change for it. We are continuing our minute investigation on the damage to the buildings and production equipment/tools from the flood.

    We have set up support and recovery system under the Emergency Headquarters for Disaster Control headed by the president and continuing our endeavor for recovery and normalization of production as early as possible. Our plan to resume production of digital SLRs and interchangeable lenses to the normal level of volume by the end of March 2012 remains unchanged.

    We deeply apologize you for any inconvenience cause by the disaster such as short supply of our products.

  • Probably more coolpix cameras on the way.

    I don’t see what is so exciting about an 85 f/1.8, but an f/2 prime (FX) of 35, 28 or 24mm would be nice if it were compact and reasonably priced.

  • ways

    No new Nikon cameras to buy until end of June.
    Just market planning. Cameras are ready long ago…

  • mike

    I am sick of waiting for the last 18 months for a d700 replacement. Whoever is first bringing out their new cam..either the Canon 5dmkiii or the D800, that is going to be my new system.
    (Changing from Pentax)
    I am also ignoring all these sites speculating when they are coming. Look through the previous posts going back two years saying the new d800 is imminent (almost weekly) and you realise all this blog speculation is just that. No-one has a clue.

    • Switching from Pentax I can understand your frustration. Anything from Canon or Nikon will be better then what you used to have.

      But what a bunch of people don’t seem to understand, is what it takes to run a company like Nikon, all the implication and what’s the best policies when you deal with problems like, the nature flooding your factories, nuclear radiations in your country etc.

      So please stop being stupid. Not any of us would do a better job in management for a company like Nikon.

  • I think that if the D4 is coming it will have 4K or even 5K video, considering the specs of the D800, less pix and better ISO perf.
    All we can do now is hope for it to be in the shops by Jan/Feb or like Canon, announce a camera and have everybody waiting for another 6 months till it hits the shops.

    • Stupid interest in stupid video spec. Cut the crap with video. These are photo cameras. You want video, get RED, Aria etc…OOOHHH ? you dream high rez video at low prices, with wide range of lens…ok….DREAM ON !!!

    • Axel

      Hahaha !

      You guys are killing me … They are not announcing anything -> you are whining
      If they announce something earlier than they can produce / deliver -> you are whining

      So I guess they should just have a 6 months release plan with instant availability for their high-end flagship … If not …. You are going to switch to Canon, right ?

    • Rob

      Wanna put money on that? I’ll put 5 figures against you on that one.

  • coco

    nobody buying their p and s, the j1 not in the top 30 in amazon……… stick with dslr nikon

  • Mr Nikon

    Hi [NR] Admin

    Please provide a cue that your source(s) is/are reliable.

    Most blog readers are not angry about Nikon Corporation (since they never made any announcements so far) but they are rather angry about your rumors in bits and pieces. None of your announcements throughout 2011 concerning the D800 have come true so far. Even the technical specifications communicated by you as well as the images of the D800 are not more than plausible assumptions.

    Your rumor is only against approx. 50% of the world (see D800 image poll). 😉 If this is a game: please stop it here!

    Mr Nikon

    • Alex


    • MC


      I completely agree. What about the announced image samples?

      • Barry


        • Nick


          • martinw


            • Mport


              Consider this:

              Who is going to profit from CONCRETE details about a future D800?

              1. Customers: They can reliably plan their future investments.
              2. Nikon: They can preserve its customer base.

              And who is going to profit from endless announcements and UNCONFIRMED details about the D800:

              1. Only [NR]: That produces high traffic on your website and keeps the game running.
              2. Nobody else (with the exception of Nikon’s competitors).

            • Rob

              Why would Nikon want Canon, Sony, and Pentax to know the features of their next full frame camera months before it will be available? So they have time to one-up Nikon before the camera is even out? I’m honestly unsure why Canon released D1X specs for this very reason.

    • NeilG

      +1 Yes, indeed, we need some kind of reliable hint. Most of us are engaged Nikon customers.

  • nuno santacana

    I think most of us do understand that NRadmin has to protect his sources, and thus cannot show the D800 samples.

    But I also think many of us do not understand why he cannot say a word about the image quality of those samples without showing them.

    • Nikonista

      Well may be but i guess that you can at least say that you have reliable information on new DSLRs… Last “Big event” turned into a coolpix joke…

    • Curious George


      And this is my problem as well. Admin as been asked repeatedly to at least share is opinion on what he’s seen in the samples, and he’s flat out ignored those requests. Not even a “hey guys, you all are going to be blown away.. or the images are going to set the bar at another level.. etc. NOTHING!

      Come on admin, don’t tell us that commenting on the images is going to “out” your source. Your silence on this situation is quite peculiar…

      • The Manatee

        My sentiments exactly. First you come out and flaunt that you have sample photos and then completely clam up. If you’re an intelligent and discrete human being you can say something about those photos in a way that gives NOTHING away about the content of said photos so you don’t give your source away. Say something, ANYTHING, about photo quality.

  • IGotSources

    My source says that Nikon will still make dslr cameras and all of them will be released for years to come.

    My other source says that Nikon will still make lenses.

    Legend has it that as long as we get entertained with rumors, this site will be here…at least….for the next three decades.

  • Smudger

    Yep. This just has to be the BIG one.

    I feel it in my bones and the cleaner at the local store is 99% certain; this is not yet another NR empty prediction.

    It’s coming guys; D3100 in BLUE and maybe, just maybe, SB-910 in RED!!!!!!!.

    • Nikonista

      I have forgotten this fantastic announcement : Nikon now in RED 😀 😀

      I think that if NR fails to reserve the words “This is it” for the REAL expected cameras/lensess and thus make the “big thing” for a Coolpix in blue …i predict bloody comments next years.

  • Im sorry Nikon, but Im looking forward to see Sony´s three new FF cameras next year.. I dont have any big investments in nikon glass.. I believe Sony could be the first to make an FF camera that will be smaller and lighter for people who carry their cameras all day to take pictures, instead of just flaunting a BIG gear with BIG lenses without taking pictures..

    • Rob

      Nikon is not reading your post. Perhaps you should send them a letter if you actually wish to address them.

  • nikonikoniko

    This site is a total waste of electrons.

    I don’t know whats worse, NR or Nikon itself.

    BUY SONY!!!

    • Plain stupidity…

    • The Manatee

      Agreed, except about the Sony part. I’m outta here.

  • Nikon_Boy

    I’m so ready to upgrade to a new full frame camera. I don’t care what the letter or number is: [ D4, 700S, 800, 900, 1000, 2012, ABC-123].
    Just have it ready and ship it to me in 2012, Thanks in advance!

  • Steven Krasic

    yehhhh… righttttt… this websites been saying that for so long now its old news no one believes you anymore nikon rumors! get your act together!

  • Kingyo

    Y’all done scared them Nikon folks is what ya did!
    D800 should’ve been announced by now, but since you little brats complained about the 36mp and all these new features that you really knew nothing about.. now Nikon done held off on the d800 till’ at least April..and in the meantime they’re tweaking it to make it even better in low-light than that army-night-vision d700 from 3 posts ago 😀

  • DimSum

    So do we get ready to spend our money in March – or do we just put our orders for D800 in then??
    It’s time to rollover my 6-month Term Deposit at bank. Maybe just 3 months is wise, or go for 6 month Term Deposit again??

  • I am hoping for a PRO camera WITHOUT Fn video.. I am a PHOTOGRAPHER. NOT A VIDEOGRAPHER!! I would like to see a D4, somethingwith over 20+ pixels and under the $8 grand price of the d3x.. The consumer cameras are cheap (literally and physically) compared to the Pro camera.. They spend too much time developing basically glorified point and shoots, like the D5000, etc, and anything that has more than 1 number behind the D is just junk.. The J1 & V1 are just more of the same. Pros want love, F the consumer junk.. You are either a photographer or your not. Get with the program and use REAL equipment!

  • Manuel

    Dear all, quit a bit late, but may be still interesting (D800 etc.):

    “Foto Magazin” (one of the most recognized and high-circulation photo magazines in Germany) write in their January issue, that came out already last weekend:

    “Ursprünglich hatten wir gehofft, Ihnen schon in diesem Heft eine neue Nikon-SLR vorstellen zu können. Die Flutkatastrophe in Thailand, wo Nikon einen großen Teil seiner Spiegelreflexkameras herstellt, hat aber zu Verzögerungen geführt. Die Gerüchteküche handelt eine D700-Nachfolgerin (vermutlich D800) mit deutlich höherer Sensorauflösung, verbessertem Autofokussystem und HD-Videomodus. Außerdem gehen wir davon aus, dass Nikon 2012 auf Canons EOS-1D X reagieren und noch vor den Olympischen Spielen (Beginn 27. Juli) eine neue Sport-SLR vorstellen wird. Auch bei dieser D3s-Nachfolgerin dürfte der SLR-Spezialist auf eine höhere Auflösung und einen verbesserten Autofokus setzen. Im APS-C-Segement könnte auf die D300s eine D400 mit mindestens 16 Megapixeln folgen.”

    Tanslation (on my own, I’m not a native speaker, sorry):

    “We’ve been quite looking forward to introduce a new Nikon DSLR to you in this issue. The flooding in Thailand, where Nikon’s DSLR production takes place in large part, has lead to delays. Rumors tell about a D700-successor (probabely D800) with way better image sensor resolution, improved AF system and HD video mode. Furthermore, we assume that Nikon will have an answer to Canons EOS-1D X in 2012 before the Summer Olympics by introducing a new sports DSLR. With this D3s-successor, the DSLR-specialist may also focus on better resolution and better AF. Within the AF-C segment, a D400 may follof the D300s and provide 16 MP at least.”


    • I wonder where they got their info from?

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