The Nikon Coolpix P300 replacement may have a 24-100mm f/1.8-2.6 lens

Nikon Coolpix P300

Nikon Coolpix P300

Nikon filed patent 2011232502 in Japan for a 24-100mm f/1.8-2.6 lens which will probably be used in the Coolpix P300 replacement:

The current P300 model has a 24-100mm f/1.8-4.9 equivalent lens.

The Nikon P300 was announced on February 8th, 2011 and will probably be up for replacement in February 2012 (Coolpix cameras are usually refreshed in February and August)

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  • first?

  • sirin

    i predict that at least 50 people will comment how they don’t care about Coolpixes.

    • Fubar

      Allow me to be the first one… I don’t really giv a ….

    • Matt B

      Yeah, but with that aperture over such a big zoom range it shows you how far the optical technology is coming.

    • enesunkie

      I predict 100 will comment where’s the D800!

      • enesunkie

        I miss my avatar. Did I miss something?

      • Pete

        Where’s the F7?

        • goose

          nooooo stay away from the liiiight

      • Kostas

        P 310 with J1 sensor (2,7 crop) and RAW !

    • Spooky

      I don’t care about this Coolpix or Nikon 1’s… where are the FX DSLR’s?

      • Thom Who

        Nikon this is boring!
        10 days. If there are not D800 before christmas I’ll buy a 5DII (1600€ is a crazy price).

        My patience ended.

        • Chimphappyhour

          Bye, don’t let the door hit your rear on the way out.

    • soap

      Don’t care about coolpix cameras so long as Canon makes a superior product.

      While this lens option in and of itself would not be enough to sway me, it shows a focus by Nikon on The Right Things™ and would make me look.

    • another anonymous

      cause all coolpix shooters are out and taking pictures ;))))) dslr guys sit here whining for their bad situation hm

    • Mock Kenwell

      Lol. I actually do care. This sounds great. Put a J1 sensor in there and now you’re talking.

  • David G.

    If it turns out to be a competitor to the Canon S100, consider me interested !

    • MJr

      Nikon sensor is smaller, tho the Nikon 1 shows that they can still surprise us with smaller-than-we-were-hoping-for sensor quality.

      • soap

        I’ll admit I’m getting old and my eyes weren’t what they used to be. But I don’t see anyfuckingwhere in that post where sensor size is discussed. Did you read the patent? What is the image circle size?

        • soap

          Ok, read the patent. This lens is for a 1/2.3″ sensor. S95 uses a 1/1.7″ sensor which is ~2/3rds of a stop larger.

  • pooh

    Now if only it shoots RAW.

  • Bigus Dickus

    tagged #notad800post

  • SF_Strider

    I care Coolpix – only if it support RAW file.

    No RAW output. No thanks Nikon. I may buy a Canon S100 instead.

  • Sorry, but I have to disagree.

    Shortcomings of P300 are evident and known but aside from that for certain aspects it’s even more appealing than the more expensive P7100.

    If they can add a shorter and faster lens (as patented), if they can add RAW, a little larger sensor and eventually external flashes capability they might have a keeper here.

    We all agree Nikon is stronger on DSLRs yet we shouldn’t bash a p/s “only because it’s a Coolpix”

    • MJr

      lol, so basically if they would just change it completely, they might have something …

  • great camera!
    Raw ? the average people just shoot JPG and why bother to complicate things making the camera expensive? As long as it takes great pictures in JPG is going to sell well.

    Maybe smooth 1080p 60fps and they might go crazy and throw in 720p 120fps to kill the competition!…. wait forgot is nikon so prolly isnt going to be that good tho.

    Let’s hope the next version of the AW100 comes with wide aperture lens as well, great little camera but have trouble at night… remember this camera is intended to be used outdoors where there is not much available light.

    • butyouforget

      I agree with you.

      p&s are meant for quick photos. why shoot raw? Even in the old negative film days.. One would try to get everything right straight from camera and do the least post production on the negative..

      I now shoot mostly jpeg on my d700.. why because as long as i get everything the way i want straight from camera there is no need for post production.

  • FX DX

    I am so tired of Nikon Coolpix shit that I ended up buying a D700 today. Cannot wait anymore for Nikon to announce something. If D800 ever comes out and it’s something that I want, I will trade my D700 for D800. I dont think most people that buy Nikon Coolpix care or understand what a RAW file is, but maybe I am wrong. If I wouldn’t have so much invested in Nikon gear and Canon wouldn’t feel cheesy and cheap to me, I would have switched to Canon a long time ago.

  • Back to compact camera rumors, not good.

    • It´s Nikon Rumors, not Nikon DSLR Rumors.
      If you want a site with rumors about DSLRs only, then make one yourself or shut the *beep* up

      • butyouforget


      • Andre

        I +1’ed you too. This is a site for all rumors from Nikon. Make your own and stop being such a whiner.

  • Willy

    My D700 still has a long way to go. It will soon be backup for my new d800 or d4, and then as an investment of increasing in value. I think my d700 will keep up with investments in gold :-). The coolpix series of Nikon sucks (atleast i read that somewhere *lol*). My G12 does the job properly for family and fun, especially together with the 270EX II. The best thing about ps is you can change brand easily.

  • Tommy

    24-100 f/1.8-2.6? Really? If it would support RAW, I’d buy that!

    And haters of P&S cameras, not all of photography enthusiasts are pros who shoot only in their neat studios. These cameras ARE useful. Sometimes you need something small and light to fit your already filled backpack, lets say for a trip to Paris for a weekend, for example… “Wait a bit, honey. I need to switch lens and set my 3 SB-900’s properly!” Seriously? World of photography doesn’t end on making money, art and s**t, you know?

    • Bigus Dickus

      point is that those point and shoots offer nothing over mobile phone pics.
      once they make all the effort to make a dedicated camera, they should at least make it worth something. S95/S100 tries, but still lacks a lot. Others? G12 is on border of not being pocketable anymore.
      4Mpixels, wide to medium tele, say 70mm (who needs 860mm eq when it will be mush anyway?!), perfect low light capability, fast startup and write times, tiny optical viewfinder or EVF, remote flash commander over built in tiny flash.
      two aaa bateries. then we will talk.

      • Tommy

        How about the depth of field? Do mobile phone cameras produce a DoF as shallow as in P&S cameras? I don’t think so. How about macro capabilities and signal-to-noise ratio?

        • butyouforget

          the iphone 4 does pretty good at all those things. specially if you use all the fun apps that they provide.

  • Richard

    I’m new to this rumours site, reading the posts here I’m struck by the apparent superiority of the DSLR lovers. Perhaps looking down on Coolpix owners makes them feel better about themselves, compensating for their personal faults?

    I have a P7100, been using it for about 8 weeks. It’s simply a wonderful camera, the best I’ve ever owned (that includes SLRs and compacts). It’s each to his own, one man’s food is another’s poison.

    Respect costs nothing.

    • Anonymus Maximus

      Hey Richard,

      This site is indeed mainly visited by Photo-Tech-Freaks (even though quite a few might still be in denial). It’s like a car news site where people get excited about an AMG SLS but not so much about the newest Kia Rio. I think that has nothing to do with looking down on people who get all the use they need from such a car, it simply does not satisfy our tech lust.

      • Richard

        Fair enough AM, I can see where you’re coming from.

        Thanks for the welcome.

  • AnoNemo

    Where is Jabs? He loves these types gadget cameras 😉

    • Andre

      LOL maybe he`s in a marketing meeting from Canon, probably he works for them.

      • Bjrichus

        If he DOES work as a troll, and is in the USA he won’t have been at work yesterday and may not even be there today (national holiday), so we won’t hear from him until next week.

        Of course, he may be a freelancer… in which case, we might see him again at anytime… LOL!

  • dchng

    If it shoots RAW, and maintain its snappy performance as p300, i want one.

  • JY

    Let’s put nikon 1’s sensor into it, I am sold!

    • bart b


      Please Nikon 🙂

  • cookie

    If the new Coolpix will have some manual functions and will support RAW with
    ecxellent image quality, Nikon is going to have a S100 and X10 “killer”

  • EnPassant

    Why all the hate when Nikon is finally starting to be a serious contender in the advanced campact arena? P7100 can finally compete head to head with Canons G-series. And with this lens and some other small improvements the P300 successor could, especially if the faster lens doesn’t make it too big, be a strong alternative to Canon S100 and, minus the hot-shoe and the ability to add a viewfinder, to Olympus XZ-1 and Panasonic LX-5 as well. And let’s not forget Nikon-1 either. Especially J1 with the 10 mm pancake is sizewise clearly in compact territory.

    • Bjrichus


      At the risk of incurring the wrath of a casually passing troll, the reason is because apart from fitting into you pocket, the quality of the results (yes, I have seen the results and that includes the ‘1’ series too), are not better than a D3100. Those of us with even better cameras than the D3100, and who value the image quality a camera delivers over everything else, are simply unimpressed with them.

      Oh yes, and we know that they are cheaper than our dSLR’s, but when (as a semi-pro shooter), I go through a body in a year and am fed up with the non-availability of replacement full frame bodies anywhere other than the used market.

      At work over the last 12 months, we purchased a dozen D7000 bodies as we needed replacements on a budget. Now we are down to our last D3 body and don’t take it out of the office and it is used for studio work only.

      So I am not a typical amateur photographer or one of what I call the “hello kitty” brigade of young girls that value the stickers, style and color on the case of the device over the results it delivers… Others like me make up the majority of those that post in the NR forum and we also read these blog posts, as the more input we get about the rumors in the trade the more likely we are to be better informed as our income may be affected by at least some of what we read here.

      Instead of cooing over the design or the how our ‘girl friends’ might react to a new product, our concern is more direct – passions run high when it comes to putting dinner on the table = so now you know why the hate.

      • Hi BJ!

        These Coolpix models aren’t made for professionals. They are made for consumers and we must realize that Nikon has to make these cameras and be successful at selling them in order for us to have the expensive pro gear we need and yearn for. The only way Nikon can remain a healthy company is if they continue to develop their compact lines and market /sell them. The Nikon 1 is no different. Nikon MUST sell these cameras to pay for the R&D costs of their pro gear and especially their “halo” gear (I.e. the D4). If people would understand this, there would be no hate. If Nikon stays healthy from the successful r&d, marketing and sale of these “bread and butter” Coolpix and Nikon 1 cameras, you’ll have easier access to the pro gear you and I need do buisness.

        With that said, the pros should be very careful of what they wish for and how they comment on these Coolpix and Nikon 1 cameras. Just because it’s now for you (or me), doesn’t mean it doesn’t help you in an indirect way.

        The fact that Nikon is actually doing a lot to make their compact cameras better and compete better in their markets is a good thing. In some cases, Nikon is taking the lead in performance over their competition in the compact arena.

        There is only one thing you should concern yourself with at this point: The overall health of Nikon. If Nikon is healthy, profitable and able to deliver industry leading pro gear, what’s to hate?

        • Andre

          I second your words and couldn’t have put them any better. The cheap models pay for the R&D of the semi-pro and pro models. So stop whining haters.

        • Bjrichus

          Hey Cary,

          I am aware of what you say about the place of the Coolpix and 1 lines and it’s one of the reasons why after a little thought pretty soon after I got to try a ‘1’ for a few hours the week they were released, I shut up about them. To my eyes, the ‘1’ IQ is comparable to an entry level dSLR (just about the same as a D3100 at low level ISO and good light conditions). No mean feat considering the difference in sensor size and glass differences. These smaller sensor cameras are clearly ways to generate revenue for Nikon to fund higher end product developments. In the end, it is about the balance/mix of features and the cash in your wallet.

          The question was asked “Why the hate?” I think my answer was pretty clear. The target market for the Coolpix/”1″ range is indeed not the same one you or I work in and that is fine, so lets make sure that message is printed loud and clear…

          Oh… Another reason is about disbelief when we are told that the tools we KNOW are the only/best way to produce the results we get are somehow implied as being “no good” anymore by some members of the media, bloggers, pundits (not you, I am sure) and the like. Are you old enough to remember the hype when APS film came out in the mid 1990’s? Ha… Advanced Photo System indeed! Advanced Poop System more like!! 🙂 So yes. I am skeptical when it comes to some of the claims made by product vendors’ marketing folk.

          Next week might see some more interesting products announced to the general public. I think if they DO get released then, they would be a much more interesting set of posts here…

          • Hey BJ,

            Sounds like we’re on the same page. 🙂

            P.s. I am not one of the professional photographer/bloggers that think newly released gear obsoletes tried, trusted and true gear, unless you need the features or specs of this newly released gear to stay competitive in your market. Tech advances are great and I welcome them with open arms (and my open wallet), but they won’t make my beloved D700/D3(s)(x) any less amazing. These will always remain infamous and classic DSLR cameras that will be highly regarded for many years to come. They are STILL the best DSLR’s money can buy……….. for now.

  • Pls can someone who use this Nikon Coolpix P300 tell me more about it performance, because i had a complain about Nikon Coolpix S9100 that it has a lens problem.

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