New firmware update 1.2 for Nikon Coolpix P7000

Nikon released new firmware update 1.2 for Nikon Coolpix P7000 today. I do not remember when was the last time Nikon issued a new firmware for a camera that has already been replaced (by the P7100). The changes include:

  • Autofocus performance has been increased for more reliable focus acquisition on the intended subject, reducing the number of cases in which focus on the subject was not acquired or focus was acquired on the background when the shutter-release button was pressed halfway.
  • Auto bracketing and the self timer can now be enabled at the same time.
  • Aperture settings at or near maximum aperture were grayed out and apparently unavailable for selection (selection was actually possible) when the following procedure was performed.  This issue has been resolved.
    1. An aperture value other than maximum aperture was applied with shooting in [A] (aperture-priority auto) mode.
    2. The camera was turned off .
    3. The camera was turned on again.
    4. The user attempted to adjust the aperture setting (aperture settings at or near maximum aperture grayed out).
  • An issue that prevented operation of the specified function when the shutter-release button was pressed while theFn (function) button was held down in [M] (manual) mode has been resolved.
  • An issue that in some rare cases caused inaccurate shutter speed display in [M] (manual) mode has been resolved.
  • An issue that caused an asterisk (*) to be displayed, and continue to be displayed even when settings were reverted to their default values,  next to the Vivid Picture Control (COOLPIX Picture Control) option when User Setting U3 was enabled has been resolved.
  • The results of adjustments to White balance>Choose color temp. using the P7000's NRW (RAW) processingfunction on NRW (RAW) images were the opposite of those achieved with adjustment of NEF (RAW) images captured with Nikon digital-SLR cameras (higher settings resulted in bluer images while lower settings resulted in redder images).  P7000 settings have been reversed for operation and results similar to that of D-SLR cameras.
  • An issue that in some extremely rare cases caused NRW (RAW) images to become completely black with editing using the camera's NRW (RAW) processing function or with RAW processing using ViewNX 2 has been resolved.
  • An issue that caused borders and outlines in images to appear rough with playback on an HDTV when the camera was connected to the TV via an HDMI cable has been resolved.
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  • Norgate


    • so the Bubba, and Arnold, the only two people on the world who bought that POS can get something somehow different

      • Get your facts right. My name isn’t Bubba. Or Arnold.

      • DugB

        Actually, we’ve had one for a while…didn’t want to take my D3 on a trip to the Philippines, so we snagged one of these. Aside with the autofocus issues, which this update fixed, it’s a very competent little camera, and I like all the override opportunities. It feels cheaper than it should, but I snagged it at a very nice discount.

  • AnoNemo

    NR Admin,
    One more CoolPix post and we’ll start boycotting the site!!!!! 😉

    • ok, at least this is for the “Pro” Coolpix 🙂

      • AnoNemo

        There is no such thing as “Pro” Coolpix!

        I am teasing you. 😉

        • MJr

          In the right hands …

          • AnoNemo

            Remember, Nikon told us that the equipment is the most important! 🙂

      • Dan

        I for one am happy to hear about top-of-the-line point and shoot cameras. Many (or most) of us pros use point and shoots, especially for non-assignment photos. I bought the P7100 recently and have shot many hundreds of photos so far. But if I had a P7000 I would be very happy about the firmware update.

      • Vandyu

        Administrator, don’t let yourself be bullied. No where in the name of this website or forum does it say “For professional photographers only.” I can’t believe some of the drivel and arrogance that is posted by some of these so-call professionals. If it isn’t whining about the lack of instant gratification with the D800 then it’s complaining about anything being posted that isn’t DSLR related. For that matter, anything that isn’t at least a D7000. Frankly, I appreciate your posting information about the P7000 firmware update. It shows that Nikon realizes that it disappointed a lot of people with the performance of that camera and is trying to rectify what it can short of giving a new P7100 to every disgruntled P7000 owner.

        • Roger Dvorak

          Pro’s only use a D3s or a D3x.

          • BartyL

            Rubbish. A real ‘pro’ will use the type and brand of camera that best suits the job at hand, and that includes compact cameras.

            • Roger Dvorak

              There is only one brand of camera and it is spelled NIKON.

        • Jim

          A great photographer could make a great photo using a Brownie box camera. All this automation is for dead heads.

  • Sven

    Don’t listen to trolls. I think that a lot of people care about Coolpix cameras (at least the high end ones like the P7000).

    • nevS

      If there’s a standard sect of people to whom one should listen, it’s those who say “don’t listen to x”. Especially on the internet, anyway, where we’re not supposed to read and not listen. Well, I don’t know – how do you use the internet, Sven? Do you sit with your ear next to your modem waiting for audio updates on the latest Coolpix camera?

      I shall now fart and depart.

    • Worminator

      The question is whether a firmware update notice should be posted on a website devoted to rumors about upcoming Nikon products.

      It’s not technically on-topic, but given that it’s a major revision on a high-end compact camera, I’d be inclined to let it slide. It’s going to be a slow news month anyway.

      • thery

        Ok so how about this. Since there are no rumors to post.. he posts nothing. the site dies off.

        It’s his site and he can do has he pleases with it. if you dont like it.. then sell what little nikon gear you have and buy yourself a canon. ty bye

  • Opinion…

    They’ll need more than that to make it work. I’d like to buy a compact, so I compared Canon s100, Nikon P7100 and Fuji x10. I got older by 7 years when I tried to change p7100 shutter speed from 1s to 1/1000 how slow it was. I can’t imagine how bad p7000 must be. No firmware can help it.

    • Nicole

      It only takes 2 or 3 seconds on the P7000. Even less if you count clicks instead of watching the display. 🙂

      I find my P7000 a very nice and handy little camera for those times when carrying an SLR is not desirable or practical. I for one am very happy to be able to benefit from this firmware update. 🙂

  • ericnl

    exactly what I was waiting for!!!!

    (oh no, that was a FF DSLR…) 🙁

  • T.I.M


    “I do not remember when was the last time Nikon issued a new firmware for a camera that has already been replaced”

    Don’t worry, soon they will start releasing firmwares updates for cameras that does not exist yet.
    I miss my Minox 35 GT-E

  • broxibear

    Canon Cameras Are Most Reliable, Nikon Owners Most Satisfied With Their Cameras’ Features ?…

    • T.I.M

      When it’s about how much reliable a camera is, it is very difficult to quantify because cameras (and lenses) are abused by 90% of users.

      I am very carefull with my cameras/lenses and never had any problems with Nikon for over 20 years.

      Now, give my wife a camera and after 6 months it goes in the trash.
      (Actually, 25 years ago Fuji invented the disposables cameras for women market)

      • Vandyu

        Now which wife was it? Maybe there was a message in her trashing the camera. Was it something you said?

    • PeterO

      Now that’s an interesting statistic: Nikon users judge video quality to be above average and Canon users judge it to be only average. Hmm, perhaps people’s expectations play a big part in this.

    • Andrew

      What the data means?

      Nikon cameras are purchased by a higher number of professionals and also more demanding consumers, so they expect and demand more. Canon buyers are mostly amateurs, so they are happy with whatever you give them.

      • Andrew

        The PCWorld survey – “Nikon Owners Most Satisfied With Their Cameras’ Features”

        Notice how Nikon customers are extremely satisfied with all of the features on their cameras with the exception of the built-in flash. These professionals are so picky…

        …Remember when Nikon brought out the D700, the professionals were complaining about the inclusion of the flash! They were like, “professionals don’t need built-in flash, it will end up making the camera less rugged. If you drop your camera, their goes the flash!” Then they added, “who needs video?”

    • Andrew

      Wait, what is this – Nikon customers are more satisfied with the video quality of their cameras than Canon customers. Interesting!

      • Rob Ueberfeldt

        Probably includes owners of Nikon cameras that don’t have video, some photographers would be very happy with that kind of video performance.

      • PeterO

        That’s what I was talking about Andrew.

  • LGO

    It is always good to see Nikon update the firmware of its products, even if this is already replaced by a newer model. I am however still awaiting Nikon’s firmware update for its current model camera, the D7000.

    Nikon introduced a lot of advanced features in the D7000 but it also crippled some basic features that are essential to making proper use of its camera.

    For example, Nikon disabling the D7000 shutter when the release mode is set to IR-remote is puzzling and frustrating. Nikon should also allow the user to configure the “OK” button during photo review mode to enlarge the image rather than the current setting which brings the user to the Retouch Menu. There is absolutely no excuse for theses lapses.

  • Spooky

    Someone has to say it: D800???

    • Really Spooky Bro

      Awwww, I was gonna say that! 🙁


    • 120-300 os

      When D800 and D400? ¿ quando wanneer

  • Alfonso

    Thank you Admin! This really a great news for me, I’m about to receive my new P7000 bought from Amazon at a deep discount.

    I think it is a good move from Nikon, it gives the message that they support their products even when they don’t get direct profit from them. But they get loyalty, and profit in the long range.

  • Jim

    I’m confused. According to article #50723 at, firmware update 1.2 was released 06/12/2011. ??

    • Thom
    • Darkslide

      Yes – today – what’s confusing about that?

      (Aside from the fact that here in Europe we read DD/MM/YYY – which seemsperfectly logical to me)

      Did you really think it was released on the 12th of June?


    • Jabs

      In certain parts of the world, they put the day of the week before the month.

      6/12 = the 6th of December in this case.
      In America it would be 12/6 or December 6th.

      • Chucky

        I think you’ll find the d/m/y format is used by the vast majority of the world:

        The USA is the odd one out.

        • PeterO

          Ha, that’s hilarious. As usual we Canadians use all methods of indicating date, so as not to offend anyone. I think we should all start using metric time and stardates instead 🙂

          • timarts

            same here in the Philippines, which makes reading expiry dates confusing 🙁

          • Vandyu

            Peter, I thought Canadians already were using metric time while Australians were into stardate time. What do I know? Just a dull American stuck in Eastern Standard Time.

            • PeterO

              Yup, we only have 10 months in every year 🙂

  • paf

    Any chances of getting the firmware upgraded on my Nikon LiteTouch Zoom 80?


  • Who cares?

    Meh. Just give me some proper release nikon.

    I’m getting desperate over here.

    D800?? D4??

    • Anonymous

      What is preventing you from making great images with the existing D3X, D3S or the D700?

      • David Hirsh

        I’m really getting sick of these knee-jerk trollish responses every time someone mentions their excitement/impatience about the D800 and/or D4.

        I’m sure “Who cares?” gets great images out of his current camera, as I do with my D700, and everyone else, too. Does that make it irrational to be interested and anticapatory regarding the upcoming new crop of dSLR bodies? Not at all.

        N0 one is coming on here saying “I just can’t get great images out of my D700/D3 anymore… I am paralyzed and unable to work without the upcoming bodies!”, but you and everyone else with similar replies as yours above are making it seem that’s our intent. No, we just like full-frame end dSLR cameras and are excited about the hype regarding Nikon’s long-awaited new crop of cameras. Grow up.

        • Alfonso

          The same can be said about trolls that cry for an upcoming camera in each post, no matter the topic. Grow up!

        • Anonymous

          David Hirsh… you failed to read the poster’s words to whom I responded. He/she is desperate. I assumed that the current gear is limiting his/her photographic abilities and would like to know the details of those limitations.

          By the way, is your intent just to buy the latest camera/gadget/gizmo or is it to make the best image you can? These two may not necessarily be mutually inclusive.

        • Andrew

          David, don’t get angry – no need to be. This is a blog were people express their views and lecture others. The “proper” thing to do is to express your counter views without berating others. Let us disagree and do so in a friendly way. Cheers.

    • 120-300 os

      D800 D400 D4 D4x D4xs ha time will tell and not willem tell

    • Andrew

      I do not own a D700, but from the responses on Nikon Rumors the D700 is a “proper” Nikon camera for a professional or semi-pro. But of course if you are talking about your personal needs which I assume, then no current Nikon may be proper. But the D3x with its full frame sensor, 24 MP, and video capability can be considered to be proper if you are willing to pay $8,000. I am sure the new D4 will also sell for $8,000.

      For me the proper Nikon camera will have 24 MP full frame sensor with the new back-lighting sensor technology for higher ISO than the D3x, 1080p video at 60 fps, and selling for $2,495. Now talk about a camera being proper!

  • Dweeb

    This site needs more rumours, not software updates. Here’s my Nikon rumour:

    TOKYO – Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce that due to the upcoming end of the world ( December 21, 2012, we are no longer going to develop or manufacture professional grade DSLR cameras.

    We deeply apologize you for any inconvenience cause by our inability to listen to customers and bring new product to market in timely manner.

    • enesunkie

      I would like to buy a new body before 12/12/12. It might get real dark and being able to shoot at ISO 25600 might be useful!

    • JorPet

      Getting the ultimate “End of the World” pic would be killer!

      In more ways than one!


  • Roeder

    “I do not remember when was the last time Nikon issued a new firmware for a camera that has already been replaced”

    That would have been the D70. They upgraded the firmware to make it essentially an identical camera to the D70s (albeit with a smaller LCD)

    My wife has the P7000. I’ve used it several times. It actually takes some fantastic pictures. (which as some seem to forget here, is the most important feature on a camera)

    • Michael Houghton

      Yep, I think you’re right; the D70 is the only time I can recall.

  • Bravo
    I have a P7000 as carry around compact camera and I am pleased that Nikon hasn’t forgotten about me. Good for them.

  • Hans

    I think we all have been coolpixed enough.

  • Done. Including download, unpacking, copying on to SD card the install probably took less than 3 minutes. Camera is still alive and takes pictures.

  • Jabs

    Summing up the year in digital Photography to me:

    Nikon 1 and the disasters both in Japan and Thailand for all of the affected people and Companies.

    Looking forward to 2012 and better days plus better products plus less obnoxious complaints here.

    2 out of 3 ain’t bad – LOL!

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I want a D800!

  • I have a P7000 and actually like it. I use it a lot on location for setup shots as well as some images when the DSLR isn’t with me.

  • P7000 fw 1.2

    If not for this update I would have switched to Canon.

  • simpleguy

    and again nikon , no one cares about your uncoolpix cam’s nor their updates , d800 now !

  • Been there guy

    This is official!

    Next week, Nikon will release a firmware update on Nikon F5. According to the them, it would help with the battary management. Looking forward to that….

  • Wow! Without Truth we have __________. Please fill in the blank, as I am very interested where this discussion will go!

  • Truth

    NIKON would be nowhere without SONY

    • Ren Kockwell

      What’s your point? What they do with Sony sensors is hands down better than what Sony does with the exact same sensors, or Canon does with its sensors. Regardless, a good photographer can make either camera work. But all things being equal, the ergonomics and build quality alone of any Nikon vs the 5D Mk II is laughable. Any pro would favor the Nikon weather sealing and frame tolerance. The Mk II is nowhere near as good as the D700, but they shoot great video in a small footprint. Nikon needs to answer the Mk II.

  • Dave

    I for one am thankful for the news and have already updated my P7000 firmware. Thanks for posting this news!!


    • M35G35


  • cantmakemymindup

    Should i buy a d3s? or wait?????

  • ZakaL

    Note that the new firmware disable the support for 3rd party batteries.

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