Nikon SB-910 Speedlight flash now shipping in Europe

The Nikon SB-910 Speedlight flash is already shipping in Europe - the picture above was taken at Foto Hans Keuzekamp in the Netherlands. Expect the US shipments to start next week.

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  • Xscream

    The weather guards you can use with the SB-910, are they also compatible with the SB-900? I guess so, because not much has changed on the outside.
    Maybe I’m ill informed but I had not heard about these guards before the release of the 910.

  • B2

    that was quick.. Panasonic please learn

    • …hm? I thought Matsushita made all these flash units for everybody else?

  • Well I did pre-order mine with amazon and hope I can get it before xmas… remember the shipping delays with the D7000?

    Still wished they included the radio triggers! I would have paid an extra $200 for that feature alone! And I know many event/wedding shooters would have done it too. Shame on Nikon for not listening the right people 🙁

    • Jack

      Interfit makes a pair of radio triggers that run about $35. Problem solved. Stop complaining.

      • Gary

        yes, but they need extra batteries, they aren’t ITTL, etc etc. Having the feature as part of the flashgun is a definite bonus, because there are 2 less peices of kit to set up, power, worry about, fail, break, etc…..

        • I do have Radiopoppers and they do extend the CLS system flawlessly and worth every penny but would be nice to have it built-in just to avoid the extra gear, think about it and I am sure you would just agree!

          A flash with built-in radio triggers that extend CLS over 50m would sell so faster than they can produce them.

          • NoFunBen

            different countries use different wireless frequencies, so nikon would have to make many versions of the flash, or only sell it in a few places. Like japan only.

            also at the rate nikon comes out with new products, if they had to make 25 versions of a flash it would take them 15 years.

            • how about a PC to radio trigger with CLS support?

              easily they could just sell them according to the frequencies available in the country, thats what radiopopper PX does and works!

            • photo-Jack

              Different countries different frequencies? If a 80 bucks cell-phone allows you to travel around the world, why a flash should not?
              A cell’s radio capacity has to bridge 2 miles and a flash maybe 50 yards. Come on, don’t give us that BS. Quantum has already inbuilt radio, thus there must be a way to do it.

              IMHO the 910 is merely an alibi upgrade to show that Nikon has received the heat-cut off problem. And the solution doesn’t really convince. The Metz CT 45 is stronger for instance (guidenumber 50 at 35mm) though it is almost outdated technology concerning the rest of the specs. However it demonstrates what is possible concerning power and heat.
              And if it are really the batteries in the 900, which trigger the heat cut off as some suspect, well then they got to go for an external power source. However not for such an ridiculous price as the sd9.

            • davidpeter

              They could use the common ISM band, like Bluetooth, ZigBee, ANT, etc. Hell, they could even implement one of them! It’s the matter of decision, like built in time-lapse…

            • BartyL

              Company I work for makes comms and data logging equipment that operates on a particular unlicenced radio frequency. Can’t market it into the United States without re-design as that particular frequency is not licence free there. So yes, different countries have different standards.

            • Radu

              @ photo-Jack

              An 80$ phone allows you to travel around the world because it is compatible with the GSM/3G/4G frequencies in those countries. If not bye bye. And the frequencies for the mobile operators have a standard in Eu, another standard in Asia and of course another in USA. So please don’t talk BS about people that know reality

    • When you get it, check the owner’s manual for reference to wireless triggers. Anyone think they would have put that in there, as a hidden functionality, to be activated by a firmware update when the D800 comes out? If they did, it would mess up the manuals, however.

      Here’s hoping against hope.

  • Johan

    Well I did pree-order, got a confirmation today that my flash is in a postbox on the way to my home right now! maybe got something to play with tomorrow

  • Where is the rumor?

    • Nokin

      the rumor is “Expect the US shipments to start next week”..

      .. or not.

    • WoutK89

      I do not see any problem in an update on stock message on a Nikon site.

      If you are just here for the rumors don’t read the other messages.

      • AnoNemo

        It is called Nikon Rumors if you have not noticed it and the fact is that there are absolutely no rumors! So Ron was correct.

        • WoutK89

          Whatever, I prefer admin to keep us posted on anything Nikon, if you don’t like it, seriously take my advice and just don’t read it. I think admin knows best what to do with HIS website.

          DPReview does news as well, even though their name stands for Digital Photography Review when I last checked.

          • Toecutter

            well said

  • D700guy

    Abstaining from this item. Holding out for the SB-910sx

  • Don

    Until you get yours, it’s a rumor.

  • Don

    We can only hope that the D800 ships as quickly after it’s announcment.

  • Discontinued

    If announcement and shipping of the rumored D800 are going to be equally close to another, hey, I’d be perfectly fine with an announcement in january.

  • T.I.M

    Thank you for the update, we ALL appreciate the great work you’re doing and we ALL enjoy this free and friendly website.

    • Yes, big ups to Admin/Peter for all his hard work. Everybody is going to be happy, very soon. 😉 Let’s all relax and watch how these rumors unfold.

  • Spooky

    wait for it………..
    wait for it………………..
    waaaaait for it…………………………..


    • T.I.M

      By the time it get release, it will be call D900

      • D800 in shops in March, official announcement next month.

        • I agree.

          • So it seems we have same info. This info told me Nikon importer for my country.

  • Zoot

    I’ve got two SB900s and a SB600, for use with a D700. The on-camera flash operates as a radio controller for multiple flash. On the very few occasions that I am using a single SB900, and it overheats, I swap, remove the batteries from the hot gun, let it cool down, and carry on taking pictures with the other SB900.

    If necessary, I can repeat the process an hour later.

    My two SB900s cost not THAT much more than one SB 910.

    Don’t think I’ll be “upgrading”. But I’ll await SB910 test results, with interest, just in case I’m missing out on some astonishing improvement. So far, it escapes me.

  • broxibear

    The SB-910 will be released on December 19th in the UK.

  • Z L

    This is the lousiest reply of all times.

    • BartyL

      Don’t be so hard on yourself.

      Unattached to the comment it was responding to, it’s just a bit puzzling is all.

  • johan

    dear friends,

    anyone can confirm if SD-9 battery pack would 100% works on 910? I am about to get SD-9 for my current sb-900 but thinking to upgrade my flash 😀


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