Nikon SB-910 Speedlight flash now available for pre-order

The new Nikon SB-910 flash is now available for pre-order at:

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  • D7000 Fan

    Oh, forgot to mention, does this definitly mean no D800 before Jan 2012?

    My reoccouring nightmare: D800 hi res FX
    D400 lo res FX

    • Bigus Dickus

      i dont know people why you wont shut up. even if they would announce D800 now, you cannot buy it before summer.
      And until summer it will be available anyway, even if anounced in april. so shut up. you are turning this site into trash

      • random guy

        your name made me laugh

        • Ric

          he has a wife you know.

          • Brian

            Yes, lovely Mrs. Incontinentia Buttocks.

      • henry

        Hey Dickus Maximus, D800 is the reason this site is in business. Hit or miss, people keep coming back for whatever they can get their hands on and keep the traffic up. I wish it was more hit than a miss, but it’s fun either way. Hit me up with more D800 news NR.

      • Rob

        Yet you, on the other hand, are adding so much to the site. Silly troll.

      • Mock Kenwell

        How charming. You just answered your own question. The sooner they announce it, the sooner they’ll release it.

        And FYI, Nikon reads this site. They may not allow the feedback to dictate their release cycles, but cumulatively, the clamor for the D800 is demonstrating a failure to fill a need, and identifying a market ready to buy. There is one easy way to end the whining…

        • PeterO

          @ Mock Kenwell
          I really don’t believe that Nikon reads this site or other similar ones. This has been mentioned by a few people here, but how do they know? If Nikon does, then they know that the hypothetical D800 is like a serious drug that will keep people riveted no matter how long it takes to get to market.

          Here’s a thought (and don’t tell Nikon): let’s en masse stop any and all discussions about future equipment, kind of like we don’t care. We’ll all start talking about how happy we are with our present equipment and that we don’t plan on upgrading anymore. And, as photographers we actually care more about the art than the equipment, and have seen the folly of our never ending lust for more gear. I think this might spur Nikon to start spreading their own rumors.

          • Pete

            OK, let’s start then:
            I am so very happy with my present equipment and I don’t plan on upgrading anymore. And, as a photographer I actually care more about the art than the equipment, and have seen the folly of my never ending lust for more gear.

            • PeterO

              Now doesn’t that feel better? Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…

          • BartyL

            You’re fighting our inner Magpie-lust for ever newer and more shiny things. Good luck.

            • PeterO

              Hey BartyL,
              I need some new gear too (because I actually need it). This is my way of coping with the incessant waiting.

    • Chris Zeller

      Appearently. Not sure Nikon is really committed to FX at all. At the very least it seems destined to be reserved for the very expensive bodies for the forseeable future. I don’t think the D400 will be FX. I think it will be a minimum of one more cycle before FX comes down to that level. Ken Rockwell predicted this in 2007. Chips this large will be very expensive to produce and not get substantially cheaper as quickly asy Moore’s Law would predict.

      That’s why I broke down last month and got the D7000. Not sorry. I captured my son’s choir concert yesterday. High ISOs and video saved the day.

      • Douglas Adams

        Lookie here people,
        Whilst I had been overly convinced that D400 will NEVER be FX (and I still am to some extent), simply because it would mean that DXoo series users could dump all their DX lanses in that way…And DX lens owner wouldnt have pro body to use in his work..and it would mean bigger body to accommodate for bigger sensor and bigger mirror…and many other things – now that I saw D7000, I’m not that sure any more…

        It just seems that Nikon wants to take one level out….maybe even two levels, if they can push 10+ fps from 20-24 MP FX sensor which would eventually rule out D4/D4x combo. But one D4 series instead, like Canon does with 1Dx.

        The logic is clear….With introducing D5000/D5100 series over D3000/3100 series, the entry level arena is filled. That’s the most lucrative one from the profits standpoint. The next one is D7000 which has successfully combined D90 and D300 into one class with improved naturally evolved specs. than the tricky part…weather it starts with d400 which is FX, or goes directly to D800…My opinion is, considering that D800 will be 36MP and cost between 3K and 4K USD, there will be too much of gap between, and tehrefore D400 with FX sensor (probably 24 MP from D3x) will be introduced here..

        Just my two cents…

    • brando

      well im done with the d800 i think nikon really dropped the ball on it….its taking way 2 long there stringing there customers along dunno why they jus wont come out and say this is the date and i heard its gunna be like close to 5000 anyway? so dumb they are…im now selling all my nikon shit and can by the 5d mark ll for only 2500 which is half the price and ill have better lenses now…fuck the 32 mp u can have it could care less if thats why im spending 2500 bucks then i dont want it anyway…gj nikon by forcing nikon customers to go canon…ur canon’s best customer

  • Mock Kenwell

    Thank God—so much better than a D800.

    • James Duffy

      Well…that LumoPro 160 is looking reeeeeeally good now. $550 is just too much moola for a speedlite.

      • Paul H.

        In terms of real value, I think $350.00 would be pushing it. At $550.00 the flash is on an island with Nikon losing a sense of competitive reality. It is as if Nikon were ignorant of the viable alternatives and believes it has some sort of corner on the market. Sad.

        • Mock Kenwell


          • 120-300 os

            +10 but if 10 percent is for rebuilding Japan i except it for this year.Oh wait ill buy 2 sb 700 soon and to Paul H your so right lot of things are overpriced

            • Anonymus Maximus

              The sad reality of the world is that indeed ALL assets are overpriced right now. But that is a different discussion.

        • +2.
          $550,00 on this? no Sense at all.
          Im only wishing the D800 wont be 4k Dolars!!!!

  • You know, its 2011 and for 550 bucks, it should have a color screen, just sayin

    • I’m sure the black and green screen keeps battery use at a minimum. A color screen would eat up those AA batteries, even if they are of a higher mAH.

      • FM2Fan

        if they would use OLED displays, then it could be better …

        • Steve Starr

          On that OLED, that’s the one thing that I think is holding up the newer D800 or D4 and maybe that’s why Nikon is so slow too?

          Sony said they expected their newest OLED screens being made around October this year (2011). They do tend to work much better in the sunlight and far better color too. I have one OLED on their discontinued Mp3 Walkman X1060 series and it really is Wow! (Although ‘any’ screen could be better in the daylight, imho.).

    • For $550, it should have a built-in radio trigger.

      The price won’t discourage many. Besides, at this point I would almost prefer the SB-700 anyway which costs far less.

      • Then buy one and quitcherbitchin! What’s stopped you until now?

        I’m down a 600, which I used as a remote. Maybe this is the thing to replace it. Thanks, Peter!

        • What makes the SB-910 $100 better than the SB-900 it replaces and more than $220 better than the SB-700? I really only see “fixes” to the flawed SB-900 here.

          Personally, I’d rather save a little more and buy a Qflash for on-camera use or the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra RX for off-camera on-location lighting.

  • Been there guy

    I bet it will be better the sunlight or at least re-create it. Woooopy

    • definitely.
      close your eyes, put flash directly in front of them M 1/1
      open your eyes

      Boom headshot!

      you will see a sun upclose

      • Been there guy

        Speaking from experience?

  • Claus

    Thanks Nikon for keeping my D700 such a Good longtime investment. Best of the pack for years and counting!

  • Popol

    Well indeed seems that D800 can nor be expected before next spring and we do not forsee any D400 before 12 months. So better to buy a D700 right now if you need it otherwise you may wait for nothing.. You still have a Nikon 1 for your kids at Xmas :)))

    This blog is more and more “Give me my D800 comments” than rumors..

  • WTF!!!??? Looks like a joke to me.

    We were waiting for a Flash with integrated radio wireless system and LED bulb light, not another SB-900!

    What’s going on with Nikon?!

    • John Richardson

      Well, looking at the general specs, I really don’t see any real changes worth the extra $. I have never had problems with my SB-900s overheating before or after the firmware update. The 910 still only has one I.R. receiver on one side it seems and that was about the only real complaint I had. I will just keep my 900s and use them till they drop. Heck, they were good enough for Joe McNally so they are good enough for me!

  • EvanK

    Double the power, put in a 3″ colour display, add a super-bright video light and put in a radio trigger. 5000 MAh battery anybody?

    • Rob

      That battery + charger would cost as much as this flash, if made to Nikon standards. EN-el4a is 2500mAh and is over $100 plus over $100 for the charger (although technically, 5000 MAh is 2 BILLION times as much energy, but I’ll assume the capital M was a typo and you meant mAh).

  • A side-by-side comparison of the SB-900 and the SB-910 reveals no major changes… *surprise*

    Classic case of “we must announce a ‘new’ product, otherwise the market might think that we do not innovate”.

  • steve

    What a load of garbage

  • So we are supposed to pay $100 more for a flash that is almost identical to the previous version?

    Anyone knows where one can find a new SB-900 online? 🙁

  • Harusuke

    Many here complain about the US price. Yeah it is high, but according to DC Watch in Japan, the MSR in Japan is 68,000!!!!! Doing a quick check on my Mac currency converter, that comes to $871.00. Now that surely will go down after a while, but who knows when.

  • T.I.M

    If the SB-910 was a big improvement compared to the SB-900 then Nikon would sell it for $595 !
    It will sell for $495 in few months.
    I hope we’ll find some SB-900 for cheap, I need one for back-up.

  • broxibear

    The price differences in the UK are pretty big, here are the Jacobs prices (Jacobs is one of the biggest photographic retailers in the UK and is a Nikon Pro dealer)…
    SB-700 £270, SB-900 £326 and SB-910 £450
    There seems to be a lot of SB-900 stock in the UK, there’s still SB-600 flashguns avaialabe ?

  • Erational

    Wake me up when there is some real product news, K ? Fixing your malfunctioning product does not constitute a new model designation number- didn’t Nikon get the memo ?

    • Canon User

      Be careful, the next product is next year 🙂

  • its good to see they have perfected an all ready good flash, but its not enough of an update to make me sell my 900’s to upgrade, just wish they would incorporate radio triggers now that would be a tasty feature, one day maybe!

  • George Lien

    “Nikon SB-910 Speedlight flash now available or pre-order”?

    Come again?

    For or “or”?

  • better than 999 euros

    • bob

      509€ may be better than 999 but considering the US-price for instance (550US$ = 408€) it is still way overpriced.

  • Chris Zeller

    I knew this was comming when I read the spec sheet. The SB900 was way overpriced this one just adds insult to injury. I’m still pretty happy with my SB800s. I guess this will protect their value. I can’t believe they still sell for what I paid 7 years ago, but this shows why. Updating to the D7000 was like gaining a speedlite for off camera CLS too so no need for more expensive speedlites.

    People, you can get an awesome 3 light set of studio strobes for this money and get way better studio shots. Rigging loads of these things together only makes sense for people like McNally who get their gear for free.

  • For the price of this puppy you can get a PCB Einstein!

  • Dweeb

    Wonder if it’s made in China?

  • Mock Kenwell

    Yep. Love the idea of Nikon’s CS, and when it works, it’s a thing of beauty, but there are almost as easy and far more affordable ways of getting there.

  • Shane

    Crazy price are Nikon mad.

    How can the US price be so much cheaper than UK

    Rip off

    • T.I.M

      Because here in US we don’t have a Royal family to feed !

  • AM

    Well, the good news is that I will save my hard earned money this Christmas.
    Looking forward to better new releases in 2012.

  • Opinion…

    This is how they roll now. They added a couple more buttons to p7000 and call it a new product. They fixed their 900 flash and call it a new product. Expect d800 to be the same as d700 but lighter by 1%, smaller by 1% and having one more button that will give you a random setting for fun.

  • Iris Chrome

    Anyone else find the Yen price interesting?

    Nikon is pricing the SB-900 at ¥54600. That should convert to about $704 using current exchange rates.

    If Nikon decides to price the rumored D800 using the same “exchange rate” then we’ll quite possibly look at a US price of about $3000. Not bad.

    • Iris Chrome

      Ok, correction. I just checked the actual Japanese retail price and I believe it’s ¥68250. This is works out even better as it would mean the D800 might be priced near $2400 in the US.

  • the prices are all over the place in europe the vat is a killer

    • T.I.M

      It’s a French guy who invented the taxes on sales (T.V.A in french)
      We’re so dumb

  • Eduardo B.

    I think Nikon must be joking with this “new” release. They are pretty lazy right now.
    I will quote Thom Hogan: “It’s a shame Nikon didn’t use their own patent for head cooling techniques, which would be a more welcome approach.”
    Totaly agreed with that.

  • Kon_head

    Repeat after me……..

    Nikon, we will boycott all products until D400/D800 is out.


  • Been there guy

    Nikon has lost their spirit (making the best camera stuff) when they found the company 90+ years ago.

    Now, they are just another publically traded company. The ONLY thing on their agenda is to try their best to boost corporate’s profit and stock price.

    You may ask what about the consumers? The consumers in this globle economy are just a bunch of ducks in the pond. Someone will pluck thier feather off (their hard earned money). Because there is no niche player on the market that focused on customers by providing them with superior products.

    • T.I.M

      @Been there guy
      I agree with you, I had my first Nikon camera 90 years ago and at that time the quality was better, even if there was already over-heating problems with the flash-bulbs.

      • Been there guy

        Ok granpa, if you said so…

  • tom

    Next they’re going to update neck strap for D 300s and focus on improving lens boxes design…

  • tom

    Next they’re going to update neck strap for D 300s and focus on improving lens boxes design…

  • tom

    Next they’re going to update neck strap for D 300s and focus on improving lens boxes design…

  • bratvlad

    I don’t understand where do ppl come up with the idea that D400 might be a full frame camera. are you kidding me? there is a purpose for like body of D300s for example, where you have DX size sensor for professional use, and also DX lenses like 17-55 2.8! And if you look at Nikon 1 system with that tiny sensor, I dont believe that the will put 35mm sensor in DX pro line. No way, maybe in 10 years.

  • Nikon WTF

    This comes down to one thing… This has been a very horrible year for Nikon in all aspects. From products to facilities to useless ”new” releases…

    Thank God I dropped coin on a D3s 2 months ago. No regrets here.

    • Thery

      Don’t you worry about Nikon. Do you think they have invested so much into the company to just let it fall apart. uhhh no.

      Like the d700/d3s opened everyones eyes to what they can accomplish with time.

      So will these new cameras they release when ever.

      Mean while.. I love my D700

    • Roger

      You made a wise choice on the D3s. I do not need any other camera. How much better can you get.

  • BCal

    A new flash is nice and all, but I’m just waiting for the D400/D800 to be released and hopefully an update for the 85mm 1.8D

    • bratvlad

      The AF-S 85mm 1.8 G would be nice. I didn’t like the D version is because that focusing rotating ring is always in the way of me holding the camera and lens if that makes sense. That is the only complaint I have about that lens.

  • photdog

    Ok, this was it. This was more than one year after the photokina 2010 with not a single Nikon product that I seriously considered to buy. (well it saved my money but not my nerves)
    From the psychological point of view potential customers are frustrated seeing other customer groups being served, while they are not. Independent from all rational arguments, that the competitors as of now don’t have anything better to offer don’t help anymore. They are ready for a large investment (as approx. $4k for a D800) but can’t accept that (despite of the disasters) other products can be developed and launched while their favorite cannot. And judging by the comments over here the step from a SB 900 to SB 910 was the least of what customers wished or expected.
    So Nikon after the disaster year in many concerns get up, hire some good people for day and night shifts and then make 2012 a pro and semi-pro year!!!
    Concerning the market share Canon is still in the pole position and probably try hardest to defend it. Their top of the line is already announced and looking on the specs it seems promising much. True it is not available yet but there is a pal hit into the ground marking the land.

    As for us waiters and commenters could we use the time until serious announcements with some inspiring and useful discussions? I think there are so much interesting things in the world of photography that we could and should use the potential of knowledge that we can put together.

    • thery

      nah. It’s the gear heads that are frustrated.

      Everyone else is fine and happy doing their thing. while Nikon does their thing.

  • If you guys complain about prices, we have been paying $850 AUD for the sb900 in australia, has been before the AUD was lower than the US dollar and now its same as US dollar we don t get any discount here, price for camera gears are still the same. The D3x are still $9000 Aud in the store.

  • PeterO

    What? No red SB910 to match my red D3100?

    I’m switching to Brylcream.

  • Jim99

    No D400, no D800, no D4……..instead, Nikon introduces an upgrade of the SB-900….

    I`m going to change to Canon……

  • Can’t believe how overpriced is this thing.

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