Nikon issues 4th notice on the damage from the flood in Thailand

This is the latest update from Nikon Corporation on the damage from the flood in Thailand:

  • Water was completely pumped out around the Nikon facilities in Thailand on November 26th.
  • Part of the factory operation is expected to resume in January 2012.
  • First shipment of products from the alternative partner factories in Thailand has already started.
  • The flood in Thailand is going "to push down net sales by 65 billion yen and operational income by 25 billion yen due to sales opportunity loss".
  • Normal production capacity is expected to be reached by the end of March 2012.
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  • One More Thought

    I am amazed at how resilient and persistent these people are in these Asian countries that got hit so hard this year with natural disasters. Kudos to everyone for being so heroic in bouncing back.

  • zack


  • Very messy, but amazing they can put the operation back together so fast. It must depend a lot on handwork with very little in the way of proprietary machinery. I am glad the workers can get back to a normal life.

  • Novice

    I’m sure you must have noticed that during this Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, there was not a single deal for Nikon D5100. Very few had deal on D3100. On the other hand for Canon almost all of the big sellers had deals for T2/T2i, T3/T3i, 60D, 5D MkII etc. Not sure why??
    I know at least 4 friends who wanted to buy D5100 but didn’t find any good deal. BJs had deal for D5100 but it was gone in minutes.
    Do you think this flood situation had anything to do with it? Just curious.

    • FX DX

      Nikon was busy pushing Nikon 1. DSLR line didn’t seem like a priority for Nikon this year.

      • Andrew

        You cannot say that. Nikon was hit with two major disasters. Yes, the Nikon 1 release was big for Nikon, but their other product releases were definitely seriously affected by those disasters. The Nikon 1 is a major new product category for Nikon and will potentially target a large consumer base, so from a business standpoint, it makes sense to at least push out these products this year.

        • Rich

          Nikon has always been harder to deal with (as far as maintaining inventory) for camera shops. They don’t produce as high of volume of camera’s, lenses etc, as Canon does. I’ve been told this several times by several local shops, when I have to wait for something to get back in stock. Canon is a bigger company over all. No, Im not trying to bash Nikon, I will always love my Nikons. Just stating a simple fact.

    • PeterO

      It has everything to do with it and Canon continues its big sales here in Canada.

    • Fussy Bob

      Nikon instituted standardized pricing a month or two ago. They now demand basically MSRP and anyone who sells lower can be cut off by Nikon from selling at all . Gone are the big box discounts…

      • @Fussy Bob – Almost 100% right…Although Nikon implemented their standard pricing, it doesn’t prevent a retailer from selling for less money; they just can’t openly advertise that they sell for less money, otherwise they risk reprecussions from Nikon. That is why Adorama, B&H, and other online sales companies have the “Put it in the Shopping Cart to see the savings price!” Additionally, those companies are also permitted to advertise 10% under MSRP if sold as part of a kit. What items that are in the kit, don’t have to be specified nor how much % of the total cost do those items make up in the kit. That is why you see crazy offers with cheap filters, micro fiber cloths, and cheap camera bags being offered with top end equipment. Just go to and you will see what I mean. The smaller shops like the price fixing that Nikon advocates, because it allows them to compete with the big online stores.

  • Second the kudos for a rapid recovery. Very stressful year in Nikon HQ!

  • rod

    I ended up buying a 5d. I would have been glad to wait for nikon to get back on there feet but they just didnt ask or let me know what they had planed so i gave my money to canon.

    • Andrew

      Good for you, if you could not wait, then I guess you made the right decision. I think in the photographic world, people are always switching from one camera brand to another. Now that Nikon has released the D3100, D5100, D7000, and Nikon 1, the next 12 months should see the release of the D800, D400, and D4. So for those that are patient and do not have a pressing need, I am confident that their patience will be rewarded and the next series of cameras from Nikon will be awesome. Some Nikon professionals have decided to purchase the D7000 camera as an interim solution while awaiting the release of their desired camera. I was considering purchasing the D7000 but since I do not have a pressing need, I am waiting.

      • Rich

        Im trying to wait it out myself. As tempting as the 5D mark II has been, the only thing I really like in that camera is the sensor and price. The image quality is amazing but overall Im not sure about it. However if Canon puts the 1Dx into a smaller 5D mark III at $2600. And the D800 is over $3000. I will go over kicking and screaming to Canon (as much as I don’t want to.) I wish I was fortunate enough to not have to worry about the prices but these, days every dollar counts.

  • bratvlad

    Does anyone know whats up with the Nikon D7000 body only price on B&H? 1,299 now?

    • Joel

      Limited stock has pushed the price up. Did you miss the four announcements regarding the flooding of the factories that produces this model?

      • bratvlad

        No, but I guess that must be the reason.

  • brand0o

    who the fuck cares nikon….how many updates you wana give us about the water level but you cant give us one date on the d800? so dune switching to canon…buying the mark ll and ill save a bunch of money anyway

    • PeterO

      Sorry bro but Nikon just shrugged it off as a business loss –
      “to push down net sales by 65 billion yen and operational income by 25 billion yen due to sales opportunity loss”.
      It’s not an emotional thing for them, just business. Do you think that the average Thai and Japanese Nikon worker is losing sleep over your Canon purchase? Sorry to say but they’re just happy to have their jobs back. Mr. Nikonsan also isn’t too worried because he knows that most Nikonians are heavily invested in Nikon glass and just have to wait it out for any new bodies. Besides, Nikon’s insured.
      Sad to say but Nikon is like any other cold business out to make the most profit for its shareholders. If they weren’t, they would have come out and been honest and direct with their “enthusiast/pro customers” and said something like ” As you know, we got kicked to the curb by Mother Nature in 2011, but we are doing our best to bring you the next fantastic generation of products as soon as we can”. Instead we get 4 cold announcements about water levels in the factory. We are the passionate end users, Nikon is the cold business providing the tools to satisfy that passion.
      Nikon PR needs help.

      • Andrew

        Maybe Nikon is as confused about Mother Nature as we are confused about their refusal to furnish us with satisfactory information about their product road map. We are living in the information age, and as a result we have obtained a lot of information about Nikon’s current predicaments – and we are still not satisfied, we want more information. I believe it is hard for Nikon to plan at the moment given the recent events. Nikon is having a hard time manufacturing products to meet current market demands, and here we are requesting that she furnish us with information about future product release dates. It just is not going to happen – and to me, that makes sense.

        • Davix

          Nikon is for sure more concerned to have its facilites returned to normal before starting to announce such a killer camera…They may also so think that keeping us in the grey will maintain the sales of available products for Xmas.

          If you knew for sure that D800/D400 or D4 was coming next April then would you buy a D7000 / D700 or even a D3S (for the lucky big money holders) in December? No.

          So my guess is that they are not in a hurry..ok Canon its new FF but very few can afford it anyway.


          • AnoNemo

            Anyway you cannot buy any FX Nikon as they are not available in most of the retailers.

            Nikon simply sucks when it comes to communicating with its most loyal customers. Look, those FX cameras are expensive and many people plan ahead to make such purchase. By keeping us in the dark Nikon just made a big favor for canon. Yes, because even though the product is not available you know when and for how much it will come. So you can plan ahead but not with Nikon. It is a pain in the butt to put blank lines in next year budget just because Nikon is incompetent to communicate with its valuable base.

            When I look at this year I start to realize that Nikon no longer cares about the FX users. Otherwise they would have said something. I think Nikon is arrogant and blindsided. I really hope Sony will come out some decent FX cameras at reasonable prices so we would have a nice alternative (with some Zeiss lenses). That will change their mind for sure once people start switching. I really hope they will learn the lesson sooner than later.

            • Davix

              This is a bit exagerated, how can you say that Nikon doesn’t care of its customers at least the most important one for its global brand marketing : the professional. Most of the readers are “experienced” amateurs but you forget the pro photographers using D3S and the sharpest you think they will be told by Nikon to knock on Canon’s door for the Olympic Games or the years to come? I think taht we are all irritated by the lack of communication (you are right) but IMHO this is not done on purpose. Without the Thailand disaster the D800 would have been in the stores for Xmas….

              … or not 😉

            • AnoNemo


              There is no excuse for the crap communication Nikon has been displaying. Look at this scenario (as I mentioned above):
              1) D700/D3s/D3x hit it lifespan. Which is normal for an advance user.
              2) Options:
              a) Replace the failing parts
              b) Buy a new unit
              c) Buy a new generation (new) unit which will
              enable you to do a better job
              3) What do we know about the options?
              a) This may not solve to problem for the user because maybe the unit requires extensive work (and will cost a lot)
              b) You cannot really buy D700/D3s/D3x as they are not readily available and besides maybe you need video (for example)
              c) We have no clue about this one! We do not know 3 little details: What? When? And the price?

              Let’s add one important factor. Many companies tend to budget especially right now to ensure that crucial equipments will be available. Because without competitive equipments they lose business.

              Here we are with our problem. Nikon does not give sh*t about those who want to plan ahead. Guess what, if they do not have the budget then they might go with something they can afford. But this product may not be Nikon as we know Nikon will put the price so high ….

              See the problem here? All Nikon has to do is to come out and say that we hear you and here is what we will offer.

              Just a note, Nikon cannot sell the D700 in Japan. No new shipments because they do not comply with their own country’s regulations. BTW, the same is true for the D3s and D3x but they still ship those in Japan. What does this tell you? For me it tells me that Nikon does not give a damn. Just look at this crap SB910. Can these a-hole Nikon engineers think? No! Otherwise you would see at least 1 combo flash/led unit.

            • Ren Kockwell

              I’ve been getting flamed for months now talking of Nikon’s poor level of communication with their loyal base. For someone with a 6-figure annual equipment budget, it doesn’t help me to guess what’s coming. I favor advanced announcements with delayed release. At least I can plan that way. 16 months ago, I bought several 5D MkII bodies for our agency. It was the right move. I would love to have bought D700s models instead, but there was no reliable word. There still isn’t.

              To say that someone will buy a camera they don’t need because they don’t know what’s coming seems a bit silly to me. If I buy a D700 now, I’m not buying the D800 (a higher profit margin body) in the spring. That’s not smart. For me, there is no danger of me purchasing a bunch of older Nikon bodies because they don’t have what I need—a capable, affordable FX body with solid video capability. And frankly, it looks like the D800 will not fill that need either.

          • Jim

            hey Davix
            I don’t think so. As far as I understood from the comments here some will wait with gnashing their teeth, some other will move to another brand and still others will make their mind up, that the existing products fulfill their needs and then skip the upcoming generation. There may only some pros left who need a cam right now and get their money which they’ll loose buying stuff now and resell when the new models are launched back from the orders on hand.
            However, all of them are annoyed by Nikon’s information policy. Thus Nikon will cut into their own business and reputation by continuing this strategy.

            • AnoNemo

              To sum up, Nikon has a bunch of m*r*ns who do not care and understand the consumer especially the loyal consumer. Shame on you Nikon!

  • Kudos !!! Best wishes to them 🙂

  • AnoNemo

    heh heh, happy F-n’ birthday D3x. I hope sony will whoop the fat ass of Nikon with new FX cameras because I no longer believe that nikon is capable of producing a new FX camera. Besides, it will have Sony sensor in it when it comes out in 2013 or 2014. 😉

    • Paul

      So, can I borrow your crystal ball for picking stocks?

      • AnoNemo

        Buy sony. It is low but they have tons new tech coming. 😉

        • mikils

          Sony technology sucks. they haven’t hit a jackpot since walkman.

          • AnoNemo

            but they sell the most sensors. Nikon would be nowhere without sony’s sensor technology.

  • Mr Orchard

    What do we think is the probability and date of the new 85mm 1.8G lens? I’d love to put that beauty on my list to Santa this year….

  • broxibear

    Nikon looks to Vietnam for future manufacturing…
    “Hanoi, Dec 1, 2011 – (ACN Newswire) – MTA HANOI confirms the participation of Nikon, a well-known global manufacturer, who has set its sights to expand to the country’s capital in 2012. Nikon’s presence at MTA HANOI 2012 is strong testament to the show’s growing prominence as Vietnam’s most expansive manufacturing solutions trade event.”

    • PeterO

      Sounds like Nikon has finally got the message. Perhaps their adoption of that French consulting company’s suggestions is bearing fruit.

      • AnoNemo

        I hope you understand that the implementation of that is not even close and with Nikon’s speed it will take forever.

  • Paul

    So, where is my D4…?

    • Davix

      hey wait a minute..D800 first 😛

      • Art

        It is my bet the D4 will be announced at the same time or close to the D800. I have it on very good authority that there are some D4 prototypes out there. (I don’t know anything about specs. )

    • enesunkie

      Am I the only one on this forum waiting for the D400? 🙁

  • Alwyn

    Just a pity there isn’t another player on the market that could give Canon & Nikon some serious competition. Photography could do with another serious competitor to remind both Canon & Nikon of our needs. Instead we are at the mercy of these 2 companies that can fix prices, charge us what they like for products they think we should have instead of offering us what we want in each and every one of their products. You want low light buy this, you want sharp detail buy that. Why can’t we have it all at a reasonable price?

    • AnoNemo

      Hey, there is a third one called Sony. The only problem with sony is that it’s Japanese as well. These 3 (Sony, Nikon, and Canon) are corrupt and their leaders should be in jail. Look at Olympus! It turns out they might even have organized crime associations.

      There is no difference between Olympus and Nikon. I think Nikon is ran by the same type of corrupt greedy people. The evidence is out there. There is no real competition and somehow prices and product releases are fixed. Just compare these rotten gatekeepers (Nikon and Canon) to let’s say the computer segment. In the pc segment you can see how price is dropping and better and better equipments are coming out on regular basis. Or look at the cell phone segment. Ditto.

      I think it would be really beneficial for us to have at least one serious non Japanese player in this sector. Otherwise we should get accustomed to wait for more and more expensive products from these corrupt a-holes.

  • Photdog

    Having seen a Prototype doesn’t mean anything! About 18 Months ago a photog reported that he have seen someone with a D4 prototype in one state-park, even describing the specs. 32MP was one thing he mentioned. Does anybody believe the “standard” D4 will come with 32MP now that Canon has announced their flagship with 18 MP?
    Nikon might have had exact plans for 2011, but I strongly believe it is not just the timetable which have been turned upside down.
    Well, the nature disasters are often sold as reason for delays and changes. But you don’t pull a D4 or D800 just out of the sleeve. If not the production means but they had their design plans ready before or latest during the disasters. And they had and have prototypes out. But for some reason they seem to have started over . As for the glass development it had to step back for the Nikon 1 and some Coolpix. Especially the Nikon 1 is something from which apparently some Nikon Marketing people believed it would put them into a market position like Apple with its iPhone. Thus they made it priority No 1.
    The SB 910 is a step, that I do not understand at all. With the improvements announced the Nikonians would probably have given it priority No 110 or the like.

    Nikon should remember the old marketing wisdom: “You cannot NOT communicate”. And with the products they introduced 2011 plus their silence concerning long expected gear they are sending out a message. A message that enthusiasts and pros don’t like! And the disasters are, after all -as sorry as Iam for them- NOT sufficient to explain this situation.
    The only hope remaining is, that Nikon got back to the learning curve and start a firework in 2012. And if they are well counseled they don’t wait until Photokina or even later.

  • Jabs

    Living in the Land of OZ or Never-Never Land aka Dreamsville.

    Many posters here push Sony as an alternative to Nikon by incessant and illogical complaints here. Who cares?

    Sony does not have the expertise nor the available equipment to compete with Nikon is the Pro DSLR ranks – facts.

    Sony neither has the FX bodies (none) or the lenses, flash and accessories to compete nor the more important PRO performance.

    People confuse technology with functionality and then now claim advances in technology with decreased performance as some advantage – yeah right.

    Dreamers complaining here about waiting for Nikon and then accusing Nikon of all types of wrongs while no replacement is also available for a Sony DSLR in their Pro cameras. You jump from the frying pan to the fire in changing brands because you expect ANY camera Manufacturer to tell you about their upcoming gear and then choose one who tells you something while providing less actual gear right now or NO Pro gear at all and then call yourself intelligent – WOW!

    Real genius!!!

    • AnoNemo

      You said that “Sony does not have the expertise”. I am not sure whether you are aware of the sony sensor technologies. To sum up for you, without them Nikon would be nowhere.

      Jabs, do a little research before you say something like that. A little help for you, take a look at how much Nikon and Sony spent on sensor development.

    • Jabs

      1. Name one Sony Pro body that equals much less outperform one Nikon Pro body.
      2. Nikon often designs sensors which others Fab for them including Sony or they use Sony sensors.
      3. Sony is indeed good at sensors but also lousy at the sensor sub-systems as Nikon users their sensors in cameras that handily beat them.

      Expertise is a demonstrated item and not a claimed item – learn that before you respond to me and others here.

      Enough about your fraudulent claims here that are mere overreaching into your own Fantasy Island.

      Reality does not support any of your claims!

      No product to point to = you are wishing or dreaming – take your pick!

      • AnoNemo


        Be careful here. The quality differences now diminishing between brands. As technology evolves this IQ difference will be less and less.

        I would watch out for sony. They just made the best quality PRO Cinema sensor. Their Pro video department is top class. It is just a matter of time that its pro (aka FX) dslrs will get to that level.

        One suggestion for you. Please avoid the filling comments that don’t add value to the conversation. I am talking about you Fantasy Island rubbish. I am not interested in that so just leave them out for me please. Thanks

      • Jabs


        You could not back up your boastful claims about Sony and perhaps because Nikon maybe has 50 to 100 times the number of real Pro shooters as them and also no Sony body even equals a semi-Pro D7000 much less a D700, D3S or D3X, then it’s valid to call your displayed intellect and assumptions here Fantasy Island.

        Since I doubt that you actually reside in America, let me explain to you what that is. Fantasy Island was a laughable old television show that you went to where they fulfilled YOUR fantasies devoid of any reality – look it up.

        You cannot point to any Sony camera and thus END of this charade from you.

        Show us here the lenses, the flash system and accessories to back up your claims.

        I also expect more differentiation between future Nikon FX bodies and other brands rather than the narrowing of performance, as cameras are more than mere sensors and EVF’s. Performance is an actual merit than can be measured and released bodies, lenses and flashes plus accessories are things that Pros do use, hence the lack of these means that you are NOT catering to the Pro Market whatsoever.

        You like to come here, criticize and then when we tell you that we are also waiting but have no alternative besides Nikon, you go on a memory hunt looking for alternatives which we already know do NOT exist. Not even Canon has had the variety of lenses, flash and accessories as Nikon has produced over the years and thus you need to get real.

        Don’t make comments without facts to back you up, as I have been a Nikon user and buyer for generations. You dream and I point to reality!

  • Jabs

    Being a pushover for elaborate innuendos or phony claims:

    All of us here know that we are all waiting for the next series of FX Pro DSLR’s from Nikon and maybe a few updated lenses.

    We also know that no one else has the range, the depth or breadth of accessories and lenses like Nikon has produced over the years.

    We know that many Companies have tried to introduce competing DSLR’s with various technological advances which often are touted as real advances until of course you use them especially in a ‘Pro setting’ where every shot does count and missed shots taken by your photographic competitor means that someone else got the shot.

    Where are the competitors for Nikon in the Pro ranks and what determines suitability for Pro shooting?

    Is it specs or performance or BOTH? Is it reliability, body and accessory toughness plus reliability in flash performance that makes Nikon stand out from others?

    The problem here to me is that many do not know what a Professional camera body and lens is subjected to and what determines its’ suitability for that role.

    Nikon has earned its’ ‘stripes’ over decades of real performance and has been dragged all over Earth in very harsh environments and thus has earned the respect and admiration plus trust of numerous Pros. Pros need reliability, repeatability and real consistent performance and are NOT stuck on a brand name but more stuck on real performance under duress – just like their profession which requires absolutely that you bring the image back without any excuses.

    Nikon also has a known Professional Product release schedule centered around the Olympics and since the next upcoming Olympics is in 2012, then they have time to release their newest gear. Complaining will not aid this release nor bring it forward, so maybe you learn that yourself.

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