Nikon D800 commercial was filmed in Chicago *updated*

Downtown Chicago (public domain)

Update: see more details on the Nikon D800 commercial here.

A month ago I mentioned that the Nikon D800 promo video was shot in Chicago, but at that time I wasn't really sure . Today I received another confirmation that this was the case. The production is now completed, which is another indication for an upcoming release - usual turnaround for commercial videos is pretty quick.

Update: This Nikon D800 commercial involved motorcycles (motorcycle mount footage). Ten different D800 cameras were used. There was a lot of high speed action and they had to shut down half the city centre.

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  • stephenw

    In the latest Motopod, Professional bike racer Mark Miller talks at length about filming a Nikon camera commercial over six nights in Chicago. As it is a bike podcast they don’t talk much about the camera but there is a lot about the shoot.
    Go to and listen to show 300 from 2h 28m.

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