Nikon D4 may start shipping at the end of January 2012!

Contrary to my initial guess, the latest intel suggests that the Nikon D4 will start shipping at the end of January 2012! Of course availability will be limited for months if not years. I am still trying to confirm/verify this info but if that's the case, I can see that Nikon wants to get their top of the line DSLR available before the Canon 1Dx which will start shipping in March of 2012.

The D4 body wil be similar to the D3s without any major design changes.

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  • Paul

    Where are the leaked photos of the D4 body?
    Someone must have eyes on one.

  • simpleguy

    and what is the final rumored specs again ?

  • Landscape Photo

    So, we may expect the announcement will happen in a couple of weeks, together with the D800.

  • wublili

    I don’t find this surprising at all. If the D3 is already out of production and out of stock like late rumors tells, D4 has to come very soon.

    My guess was Feb/March availability but why not late January, too, if the release is early January. It’s also good marketing strategy to have the camera available right after release, Nikon shows that they don’t do paper releases like Canon does.

  • Man, I just want these new cameras out!

    Been following this for too long. I can’t even afford either.

    But I will say, why does there need to be a D700S? Why can’t the D3S be the new D700s. I am sure a firmware update could update the D3S video to D4 status or at least that 60FPS that most people seem to cream about.

    Either way the only camera I am interested in is the D400 or whatever the high end DX flagship camera will be called. If Nikon drops it’s DX support than I’ll be pissed and it will not bode well for a M1 or whatever which will hopefully be a V1 in a P7100 body.

    • Bob Loveless

      I am sure that there will be a replacement for the D300s. This camera is popular with many professions because of its cropping factor with FX lenses. That is one of the things I love about my D300 … I get more bang for the buck with my lenses. The only negative is with wide angle lenses like my AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8 lens, which why I want to add the D3s to my system (the D4 would be wonderful but it is going to be just too much for my budget).

      • Richard


        Those are also the reasons why the D300S has been popular with the amateur/enthusiast market segment. The crop sensor makes an important difference with telephoto lenses for wildlife photography and such. That is not to say that it is a complete replacement for a D3 or D4 with a supertephoto, but there is money to be made by Nikon in fulfilling the needs of this market segment. I am also aware of a number of people producing fine wedding images with D 200 & D 300 bodies, just as I am aware of any number of people using D 3/D 3S/D 700 bodies to create exemplary wedding & sports images.

        There is a place for both. I know Nikon’s resources must be strained trying to bring out so many new products in a relatively short time frame, but they would do well not to ignore this segment. To do so invites those users to explore other equipment which meets their needs if Nikon will not do so.

  • rhlpetrus

    @Admin: and how about specs? The new intel confirms 16MP or is it 18MP as some say and was the original expectation of many?

  • It turns out 4D is not the expected competitor to 1D X but the 3Ds follow up, adding the 4 MP to reach the long overdue standard. Offering 3Ds ISO capabilitis and body lets me expect it will be priced at 3Ds level hopefully, too.

    Is there any price suggestion?

    • Richard

      Would you care to explain how the 4D is not a direct competitor of the 1D X?

      I would certainly agree that the D4 is the successor to the D3/D3S and it remains to be seen if the rumored D800 actually is the successor to the D3X.

      Whether the Canon users accept the “merger” of the 1D/1DS series which the 1D X is supposed to be also remains to be seen. From what I have seen the is likely to continue to be a great deal of complaining about the loss of the APS-H/1.3 crop factor body. There is a very dedicated APS-H user base which is not pleased with the course Canon have taken. Whether his will translate into an opportunity for Nikon remains to be seen.

  • NikNik

    Great News, but how about my new D400?

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